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School Supply List/Liste d'effets scolaires École Viscount Alexander 2010-2011 Grade 8/8e année

Please bring $8.00 for the agenda’ on the first day of school. Each item should be labeled with the student's name in black permanent marker prior to arrival.

Chaque item devrait être étiqueté avec le nom de l'élève en marqueur permanent, avant d'être apporté à l'école. Quantity/Quantité

□ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □


Supply/Effet $25 will be collected by each homeroom teacher for various classroom supplies, which includes all of the student’s binders at a tendered cost (this amount can be withdrawn from the student’s account, if you wish) Lined loose-leaf/Feuilles mobiles


Geometry Set/Ensemble de géométrie


Packages Graph Paper/Paquets de papier cadrillé millimétré


Duo-tangs- (3 are for ELA)


Sets of 8 Insertable Tab Dividers/pacquets de 8 séparateurs à onglets à insérer


White Vinyl Erasers/Gommes en vinyle blanches


Hilroy scribblers, 3-hole punched/cahiers Hilroy avec trous


Blue Ballpoint Pens/Stylos-billes à encre bleu


Black Ballpoint Pens/Stylos-billes à encre noir


Red Ballpoint Pens/Stylos-billes à encre rouge


HB Pencils (preferably mechanical)/Crayons HB (préférablement mécaniques)


Sharpie markers (black or blue)/marqueurs Sharpie, noir ou bleu


Package of 24 "Laurentien" Coloured Pencil Crayons/

Boîte de 24 crayons de couleurs "Laurentien"

□ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □


Pencil Case or Box/Etui ou boîte à crayons


Pair of Scissors/Paire de scisseaux


Highlighters (different colours)/Surligneurs de poche (couleurs différentes)


Rolls of Scotch Tape/Rouleaux de ruban adhésif


Glue Sticks/Bâtons de colle


Scientific Calculator/Calculatrice scientifique


30 cm Ruler/Règle de 30 cm


Memory Stick (1 gb)/Bâtonnet de mémoire(1 gb) **please ensure it is labelled!


Boxes of facial tissue/Boîtes de mouchoirs


Dry Correction Product/Ruban correcteur


Basic Combination Lock (no key or lock that can have the combination changed)/

Cadenas à combinaison, simple (sans clé ou de combinaison interchangeable)


Package Non-Toxic Markers/Boîte de feutres non-toxiques

DICTIONARIES/DICTIONNAIRES: (These may be used throughout grades 5-9)/

(Ceux-ci pourront être utlilisés de la 5e année a la 9ieme année) •

English dictionary (eg. Random House, Webster’s New World)/

Un dictionnaire anglais (ex: Random House, Webster’s New World) •

Robert Micro Poche French Dictionary (35,000 to 50,000 words)/

Dictionnaire Robert Micro Poche (35 000 à 50 000 mots) •

Bescherelle l’Art de conjuguer

French-English Dictionary (eg. Robert Collins Mini)/

Dictionnaire français/anglais (ex. Le Robert Collins Mini) The Robert Micro Poche and the Bescherelle, l’Art de conjuguer can both be found at “Librairie à la page” or “Boutique du livre” in St. Boniface.

Le Robert Micro Poche et la Bescherelle, l’Art de conjuguer peuvent être trouvés à la “Librairie à la page” ou la “Boutique du livre” à St. Boniface.

ART SUPPLIES/EFFETS DES ARTS PLASTIQUES: Each student is required to have an art kit with specific supplies. If these supplies run out or are lost, it is the student’s responsibility to replenish or replace during the school year. These supplies include an acrylic paint set, a watercolour set, markers, pencil crayons, artist pencils to name a few of the items. The students can buy their art kits (valued at $100.00) at the school for $50.00. Because of the bulk order, the students pay a reduced price. Most of the students buy their art kits every year. Some students in grade 8 and 9 have used their art kits from previous years and simply replenished them. A list of supplies is available from the art teacher. A cheque made payable to École Viscount Alexander in the amount of $50.00 should be sent in no later than September 17, 2010. It is important that the students all have the same materials in their art kits. Art kits will not be given out until payment is received. The school is willing to accept 3 post-dated cheques, as long as they are submitted by September 17, 2010.


Pupitre à musique (pour la pratique à la maison) 

• • •

Instrument and all related equipment/

Instrument et tout l’équipement nécessaire 


Wire music stand EDUCATION PHYSIQUE: (for home practice)/ • Gym bag/Sac de gym

Box of 10 Pencils/

Boîte de 10 Crayons

• •

T-shirt Gym shorts/Culottes courtes Running shoes (The students will be required to have a pair of wellfitting “indoor” runners which will be worn in class and physical education.)/Espadrilles (Une paire d’espadrilles à leur taille pour l’intérieur

sera requise pour chaque étudiant à porter en classes et en éducation physique.) Towel and deodorant/Serviette et déodorisant Sweat suit (recommended only)/Survêtement (recommandé seulement)

Note: No spray deoderant or spray perfumes. Only stick deoderants as well only t-shirts for Phys. Ed , no sleeveless tops, tank tops, and no short shorts (spankies). They may be worn during volleyball practices and games and only during extra curricular volleyball.

Fournitures scolaires 2010-2011 - 8e année