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Silicone Baby Teething Jewellery

A new industry has emerged in the mums with young children field, and now it has arrived it seems to make so much sense. Any mum will tell you that it is a given that a young toddler will grab on to a necklace or jewellery at some point. From there, the child is likely to begin chewing. Luckily, this does not mean that mothers must choose to simply not wear any jewellery, as new products are available that are designed to be safe for children to chew on. Perhaps even better is the fact that they still look great as well. While lots of jewellery will not actually be damaged if the child chews on it, you need to be careful and make sure that the jewellery is not harming the child. What to Look for in Teething Jewellery Lots of jewellery, especially that on the cheaper end, is actually covered in toxic paint that is harmful if swallowed. Furthermore, much of it is actually breakable. While you might not notice it, it is quite possible for the jewellery to break off inside the child’s mouth and be swallowed. This is where the idea behind teething jewellery comes into place. This industry sprouted up around this idea, and gives mums the choice to wear great looking jewellery that will actually be ok and safe for children to chew on. Many of the pieces look just like normal jewellery, and the trend has even caught on with celebrities that have young children. Chewing is actually good for young children, as it allows them to ease the discomfort they feel when the new teeth are coming into place. Silicone teething jewellery has now made a big splash into the mainstream. Silicone Jewellery The jewellery is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned with ease. Furthermore, they do not contain any lead, BPA, latex or PVC. Many mums reported problems with children pulling on their jewellery and causing harm to the jewellery and to themselves. This problem is resolved with a breakaway clasp. If the baby pulls too hard, the jewellery will simply snap off. At that point, the mum will need to reattach it. Many of the pieces are made from silicone. Silicone teething jewellery is thought to be ideal, as it is both odourless and tasteless. It gives the children the opportunity to chew on something, but it will not encourage them to chew based on the smell or taste. It should be noted that although the jewellery is safe, children should still not be left unattended with the jewellery, and it is intended to be used only when being worn by a mother. This is sure to be a product that is quickly adopted throughout the world, as mothers can finally feel safe about what they wear and what their children are chewing on.

Silicone baby teething jewellery  

A new industry has emerged in the mums with young children field, and now it has arrived it seems to make so much sense.