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ACM Material Machining

ACM MATERIAL MACHINING At ITC we understand the constant pressure our customers are under to be price competitive, often involving using less expensive ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) sheet material. This can cause real issues for the customer, as they may find their usual tools aren’t lasting as long as they have previously. Sometimes less expensive ACM sheets use recycled substrates in their composition which result in poor surface finish and reduced tool life. ITC work continuously to evolve and improve our range of ACM tooling to address the issues facing our customers worldwide by working with ACM manufacturers and suppliers to establish which grades machine most satisfactorily. This means that customers can make more informed choices when purchasing materials for jobs and also have their expectations more realistically managed. This research has resulted in the extremely comprehensive range of router cutting and folding tools being offered to our customers, with new coatings and geometries for use on all grades of materials including virgin material ACM, recycled material ACM, fire retardant mineral core panels A2 and steel faced composite sheet. All of these tools are available balanced for high speed frequency spindle and with stop rings for ATC systems. * To further assist customers with extended tool life we offer a re-sharpening service involving chopping off the worn part of the tool, usually the bottom 3mm, and re-end cutting the tool enabling it to perform as new.

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Tel: +44 (0) 1827 304500 / Email: sales@itc-ltd.co.uk / Website: www.itc-ltd.co.uk

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ITC Folio Catalogue Issue 6  

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