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- The Special 'By-Election' Edition Featuring your candidates manifestos

IT Carlow Students' Union By-Election 16/17 On Tuesday 6th of December, Student Rep Council will meet to elect two vacant position on the Executive Committee of IT Carlow Students' Union. The electorate for a by-election is the Student Representative Council members. These are elected representatives for each class. The two vacant part-time positions are Sports Officer and Wexford Campus Officer. Their duties as outlined in IT Carlow Students' Union Constitution are: 4.6 The Sports Officer shall: a. Co-ordinate the activities of all the clubs and all student sporting activities generally. b. Assist Clubs in the preparation of their budgets and assist them in securing sponsorship for events. c. Distribute monies from the clubs section of the Union Budget in consultation with the President. d. Liaise with relevant external bodies. e. Organise in conjunction with Student Services and the Societies Officer events such as clubs/societies training, the activities weekend and the achievements ball. f. Carry out any other duties as may be assigned by the President.

4.9 The Wexford Campus Officer shall: a. Communicate all Student Union information to the Wexford Campus. b. Distribute the Blurb on the Wexford Campus. c. Co-ordinate and direct all Student Union activities, events etc on the Wexford Campus. d. Be the chief representative of the Wexford Campus students and the Union on the Wexford Campus. e. Carry out any other duties as may be assigned to the Wexford Campus Officer by the President.

Candidates for the vacant positions have submitted a manifesto outlining their goals if elected. Please take the time to read these and discuss them with your classmates.

Turn over to read each candidate's manifesto

Candidates for the position of Sports Officer

Lisa Callan Re­open Nominations

Lisa Callan Hi my name is Lisa Callan and I am a third year student in IT Carlow studying sports and exercise in rugby. I have been a part of the college rugby team for the past three years and I am also a part of the  dance society. One of my first aims if elected as sports officer would be to give all clubs equal attention within the college no matter how big or small they are. As well as this I would also try to nurture the smaller clubs within the IT who may need help financially as well as boost their profile within the college.   My aim would be to promote every sport and club within the college equally, encouraging participation and involvement on all levels. Sports should be accessible for all students regardless of their sporting background. I would ensure to co­ordinate along with the college, student union, students and relevant bodies to the highest standard possible to ensure the efficient running of each team. I feel like I am a great candidate for this role as I have excellent communication skills, I am outgoing, friendly and have a great passion for all sports. Thank you    Vote Lisa Callan.

Candidates for the position of Wexford Campus Officer

Michael Doyle Jason O' Neill Kelly Walsh

Michael Doyle Dear Students My name is Michael Doyle (Culture & Heritage BA Honours) and I am running for SU officer for the Wexford Campus.  Two years ago I was the SU officer for the Wexford campus and I had a successful year in sorting issues for students. If you give me your vote for the second running I promises to continue my successful work in dealing with your issues, and as I have had success before it proves my dedication. The students need a voice and I am that voice. I do not make promises that I don’t keep. As students we need to stand together let me be your voice! Kindest Regards Michael Doyle

Jason O' Neill Hi my name is Jason O’ Neill and I am a current second year Business Student. I am running to be the next Student Union Representative in the Wexford campus and I feel that I am a suitable new candidate for this position. I’m a very outgoing  approachable individual with a desire to help peoplewhere I can. But you may be asking, what do I plan on doing if I get elected? In the Wexford Campus, we are a small community, but we are not very close. My plan is to co­ordinate activities with the entertainment officer and student union team and to bring people together through a variety of excursions and days out. Why not meet new people while having a great time doing it? Maybe you just want to have a day out with your friends, well you’re welcome too. Everyone Is! Get out and take your mind off all the assignments you have due next week, even if it is only for a few hours. However, there is also the serious side. Times when you need someone to listen, and give you a helping hand with something, college related or not I’ll be available to help you through the struggle you’re facing! To sum that all up, if elected, I plan on being that person you can come to for help and that person who’ll get you on the right path to achieving great things! Also, organising amazing stress free days out for everyone! If you have any ideas I’d love to hear them, after all I’m here to listen to what you’ve got to say. If you want something different around the college say it to me and I’ll do my very best to see it implemented. Thank you, Jason.

Kelly Walsh Hi I’m Kelly Walsh, in second year Social Care. I am currently running to become the Student Union Officer of Wexford Campus. I would be honoured to represent you, the students. I’m a motivated, enthusiastic person, aiming to improve your  experience at college by expanding the quality of the facilities and social interactions. It is my goal to bring more books to our library, from the main campus. I have been actively involved in social events and societies, such as the film society. I have a passion to improve the social activities for students, including fun outings suitable for all. Last year, I helped organise an ice­skating night, monthly visits to the cinema and weekly movie screenings. I organised fresher’s night in Carlow to welcome new students to the college, it was very successful, over 40 students attended. I would like to press for more joint events with the main campus. The end of year ball is the highlight of the year, I aim to make it the biggest, most successful one yet, with a great theme and music to match. We all know college can be a very stressful environment. I would like to get ISPCA to bring dogs and puppies to the campus to lighten the mood promoting a stress free campus. Wexford is experiencing an accommodation shortage, I will create a house share Facebook page linking students with each other to find comfortable and affordable accommodation. This page will reduce the stress of finding housing. I have made lifelong friends and love college here. I hope other students have the same experience and help them achieve that. I am available to all students and I am flexible, approachable and work hard to solve any problems you may encounter. If you want something done Kelly is the one!

Student Rep Council will take place on Tuesday 6th of December. Wexford Campus: 12:30 - 13:30 Carlow Campus: 16:00 - 17:00

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The College Knowledge 'By-Election' Edition  

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