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Iphone Advice Everyone Needs To Know About There are things on an iPhone that a young child or an elderly adult could find useful and entertaining. Go through this article to learn more about the iPhone and the different features it holds. To hang onto the draft of a message, you have started typing, just tap the "Cancel" button. Options will be displayed to either save, don't save or cancel. The message will be moved tot he Drafts folder when it is saved. If you have no Drafts folder, one will be created. There are many features available on an iPhone including the ability to make up shortcuts and add dictionary entries. The diction of the iPhone can accurately predict your typing. You can make shortcuts (and custom dictionary entries) for words, phrases, and terms you use repeatedly, too. When you type words and phrases the keyboard autocorrects what you have typed. Wouldn't a larger keyboard make it easier to enter messages and surf the Internet on your iPhone? However, you do not have to purchase a larger keyboard. Simply rotate the phone and double tap on the address bar in Safari. You'll see you have a much larger keyboard for you to use that is much more effective when it comes to typing. To navigate to web pages faster without typing "www" You can also leave out the .com. In Google, just type the title of the page without the address beginning and ending, and it will take you to the correct site. It's pretty easy to take a screencap on your iPhone. Just hold down the home and sleep buttons for a couple seconds. Your screenshot is saved when the screen is white. Consider purchasing a battery management app. Many such apps already exist and when getting the absolute maximum performance for your dollar is a goal, you'll want to invest in one or the other. Calibration comes often, but with due reminders; which will help you save quite a bit on your battery's life. Your iPhone will also you to very quickly retrieve your iPod and other favored features. Do this by going to the settings, general and then home. Any option that you want to customize can be modified if you tap on it twice and change the settings that appear. As long as you follow the proper steps, this is something you can do in a matter of seconds. One neat little trick you learn with your iPhone is to know how to rid yourself of unwanted emails. You can accomplish this by simply swiping your finger. When in the incoming mailbox, swiping a finger over a message causes a delete option to appear. It is possible to create your own dictionary, complete with shortcuts, using your iPhone. You

dictation app will be able to know what you are saying when you use words or phrases specific to you. You also have the option of adding in your own words. If you are typing, the keyboard will activate it's auto correct feature to assist you. You should be sure to update your iPhone each time a new update is available. If you are diligent about doing this, you can be more secure in the fact that your phone will not be subject to glitches and viruses. To find out more Easy IPhone Tips To Simplify Your Life, Simple Tips For Pushing Your IPhone Beyond Its Limits, Check Out These Great Iphone Tips Today!

Iphone Advice Everyone Needs To Know About  

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