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The Home Collect ion 2012

The St-Paul Home collection is inspired by historical models and honours the tradition of Belgian design and craftmanship. Its unique mix of past and present makes it... timeless.

Trestle Table 1 with SCH01 (TA01)

Trestle Table 1 with SCH01 (TA01)

Trestle Table 2 with SCH01 (TA02)

Trestle Table 2 with SCH02 (TA02)

Minimus by Livine (TA14)

Minimus by Livine (TA14)

Maximus by Livine (TA10)

Maximus by Livine (TA10)

The Atelier Chair by Vincent Van Duysen (CH03 – CH03 ARM)

The Atelier Table by Vincent Van Duysen (TA03)

Bench without back (BAN01)

Isaac by Livine (CH05)

Mathilde Sofa (SO01)

Mathilde Bench with upholstery (BEN01)

Mathilde Sofa Capito (SO01CAP)

Mathilde Sofa (SO01)

Leon Bench with upholstery (BEN02)

Leon Bench with upholstery (BEN02)

Leon Sofa (SO02)

Leon Sofa (SO02)

Chloe by Livine (CH02)

Monolith by Livine (TA09)

Arthur by Livine (TA12)

Stool with low back – low and high model (KR03 / KR04)

Bergerac Winetable by Livine (TA08)

Bergerac Winetable by Livine (TA08)

Mathilde Chair (CH04)

Mathilde Bench with upholstery (BEN01)

Trestle Console Table with SCH02 (TA05) (TA51 = model TA01 / TA52 = model TA02)

Mathilde Cross – luggage (SP01)

The Mathilde Family

High Console (TA13)

Bar (TA13BAR)

Bench without back Atelier (BAT01)

Square Coffee Table by Livine (TA11)

Trestle Coffee Table with SCH01 (TA04) - (TA41 = model TA01 / TA42 = model TA02)

Minimus Coffee Table by Livine (TA06)

Versailles Floor Panel (FL01)

Pedestal (TA07)

Big Chair (CH01)

Stool low and high model (KR01 / KR02)

KR01 / KR02

KR03 / KR04

Table Lamp with Shade PlissĂŠ (LA08)

Lamp Outdoor (LA07) / Lamp Indoor (LA06)

Oil Plus (CON01)

Original Marseille Soap (CON02)

St-Paul Home Care Kit (CON03)

BEN01 / TA01 / CH01

Photography by: Yannick Milpas - Jan Liegeois - Layout by 2voor5 /

We like to thank the volunteers and conservators of the two historical brickworks in Boom - Antwerp (B) where we had a very warm welcome. Everyone can visit these well-kept industrial archaeological places where volunteers are more than happy to tell the story of “way back when” and give a guided tour around the site and ovens. Ecomuseum and Archive of the Boom Brickworks / vzw ‘t Geleeg: Steenbakkerijmuseum van de Rupelstreek /

OFF ICES Netestraat 4 | 2280 Grobbendonk | Belgium T +32(0)14 50 64 05 | F +32(0)14 50 16 06 |

St. Paul Home 2012 Collection  

Solid French Oak Furniture from St. Paul Home of Belgium

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