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Beautiful countryside, glamour events and exclusive venues




We selected Michelin Restaurants and local restaurants renown for their traditional cuisine. Courses will be matched with the best Italian wines.

You will access private palaces and historical monuments on private basis – not only for sightseeing but often as dinner venue. Special services have been arranged

SPECIAL EVENT The itinerary blends, Italian excellences with tradition and culture. The performance of Placido Domingo in the Verona Arena will be an exceptional moment. He will perform in Nabucco and Rigoletto.


A period palace with an elaborate Gothic façade, but when you step inside you find yourself projected into a future in which each item of the decor has been designed exclusively for your pleasure. The interiors maintain an historical atmosphere, but pinpointed by modern design furniture.

CENTURION PALACE History and Design

Highlights: The Palace is charming located: on one side the placid waters of the lagoon, and on the other the mysterious alleyways of Venice,  leading to two of  the city’s most stunning modern museums, the Peggy Guggenheim and the new Punta della Dogana. Next to it the magnificent Church “Della Salute”.

Day 1

Private Transfer from Venice Airport or Train Station to the hotel , Vip service with hostess & porters for the luggage . Luxury wooden water taxi with amenities on board: San Pellegrino water, cold or warm towels, Champagne. The transfer will be panoramic via Grand Canal to Centurion Palace. An introductory tour of the city (1h) will be arranged. @Welcome cocktail at the hotel, and lunch arranged in a typical restaurant (Bacaro or in hotel) We may suggest some local artisans atelier for shopping, if requested I*29C2A.:.@8   Venetian Beads & Masks   Antiques & Mirrors   Jewelry   Spectacles


@:)2-2+)<'097-:):-7-83*8,)3+)B7%0%')%7-0-'%3* %-28%6/;-8,46-:%8) '0%77-'%0'32')68 -22)6%8%**) 9%(6- by 0%-13 Transfer back to the hotel by private water taxi

Day 2

@ %-0-2+32%86%(-8-32%0Bragozzo into the Lagoon, %2(092',32&3%6(46)4%6)(&=',)* %963 The Eolo is one of the few remaining bragozzo boats in the world. Its chef blends traditional and historical cuisine with the freshest availability of the day. @ 4)'-%034)2-2+3*%*%1397+0%77*%'836=%2(()132786%8-32;-8,%2%68-78


@32(30%7)6)2%()6-()838,)9++)2,)-1197-'-%2732&3%6(',%14%+2)   "-7-83*8,)9++)2,)-113()62%68197)9146-:%8)%2((-22)6328,)197)91B7 8)66%')  

26)59)7886%27*)683%B")2(6%1-2 %0)6+-%0%')328,)6%2(%2%0*36%7-23

VERONA …noble.

Ground breaking '328)1436%6=%68, audacious -28)6-36()7-+2, and ;360('0%77 ,374-8%0-8=: at =&03768 38)0"-00%1-78? everything has been created to appeal to the style conscious, cosmopolitan traveler. This splendid 16th ')2896=")2)8-%278=0) :-00% has been transformed into a 734,-78-'%8)(09<96= ,38)0: combining the aristocratic elegance of the past with bold references to the present

VILLA AMISTA Byblos Art Luxury Hotel

Highlights: At =&0376838)0"-00%1-78?, precious frescoes vie for attention with the :)6=0%8)78-2-28)6-36()7-+2 which, together with the property's permanent exhibition of artworks, make the hotel a bonafide 197)913* '328)1436%6=%68. Wine connoisseurs will want to pay a visit to the :-00%7 8,')2896=')00%6, where more than three hundred 46)78-+-3978%0-%2;-2)7 are housed, including the areas fabulous Valpolicella.

DAY 3 DAY FIVE !6%27*)683")632%to go to Garda for a visit of the village. Transfer by private roofed motorboat to Punta San Vigilio and Isola del Garda. Isola del Garda is a private island, a place of rare and special beauty, surrounded by the clear waters of the lake: a picturesque rock that has welcomed ancient people from the Romans to the Longobards. At long last it is now possible to admire its trasures: the neogothic-Venetian villa, the artificial caves, but above all the amazing gardens which date back to the 1880. Private lunch in the Villa. If time allows we may visit Il Vittoriale degli Italiani â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a spectacular hillside estate composed by the residence of d'Annunzio called the Prioria (priory), an an amphitheatre, the light cruiser Puglia set into a hillside, a boathouse containing the MAS vessel used by D'Annunzio in 1918 and a circular mausoleum. Its grounds are now part of the Grandi Giardini Italiani. The estate reveals the eccentricity and the genius of this great Italian poet , and represent a unique visit. Dinner in a Villa outside the city â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2*michelin.

Day 4

Transfer to city center and promenade trough the beautiful monuments of the old city with your private guide and personal shopper. Back to the hotel in the afternoon. *-28)6)78)(;)1%=463437) 6-:%8):-7-83*)6*)/8%A%92-59)'314%2=%&0)83'3:)6=396'%6-20)%8,)64=8,3236 38,)61%8)6-%0-27-()%2(3987-()3646-:%8):-7-83*8,)32(%>-32) -7%>>% A%78%8)3* 8,)%68*392(%8-323;2)(&=8,)*%1397-7%>>%37%-'7

DAY DAY 4FIVE In the early afternoon back to the Hotel. Time to rest. At 7pm Private aperitif in Hotel Transfer to the Arena to assist to the Opera. Dinner after the Opera , in a beautiful private palace in the heart of Verona Transfer back to the hotel

Day Day59

Today you will have the emotion to drive a vintage car – an authentic italian jewel – to explore the area. We designed three different options – depending on your attitude of the day: Along hills, vineyard and villages, visiting cellars and beautiful scenarios, or following the Prosecco route, or again heading to the Palladian Villas area.



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During all stay guiding service and private cars (Mercedes Minivan for groups) will be provided. Guides will be English speaking, unless otherwise requested Tailor made options are available, for individuals and groups

We wait your feedback regarding the services proposed and indication about preferred rooms categories. What will be included in the price: all services as per proposal description, VAT included. What is NOT included: International Flights, VISA arrangements and expenses, insurance

If interested in receiving further details please contact us at


or our Beijing Representative at

DETAILS &3986-:%8))87 Â

Private jets that we usually use are Piaggio P180. We directly deal with a company that owns the jets, instead of brokers. Its characteristics are: The '31*368%&0)'%&-2capable of carrying up to 4%77)2+)67is  1high and  1wide and is equipped with spacious and comfortable fully reclining seats. 9++%+)314%681)28 Volume of the baggage compartment 1.25 m Length of the baggage compartment 1.70 x 0.70 x 0.60m #)-+,8-1-87 Maximum load of the baggage compartment  /+/ Maximum of the baggage load

/+1  This Vehicle is very silent, and cabin spacious and designed with detail. A good choice for a small group. In case you would prefer larger jet please let us have your comments.

Caâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Marcello Levada di Piombino Dese ITALIA

By t n e m t n i o p p A  y l n O

Caâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Marcello Levada di Piombino Dese ITALIA

Opera Italia  
Opera Italia  

A summer unmissable Opera event in Verona; and nice suggestion to go with it.