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Passion for development


4D lets you create business solutions that are intelligent, powerful, and ready for the future. We offer an innovative, integrated platform for development and deployment of your applications with speed and ease. We embrace open standards for systems that are compatible and competitive, and ready for whatever may be on the horizon.



“Creating simplified solutions for complex challenges.” Get to know us Creating simplified solutions for complex challenges. This is the objective we share with the small-to-medium businesses, large enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, top-ranked universities, government agencies, independent developers, and vertical solutions vendors who rely on 4D. They trust that not only will we stay on top of current industry standards – with an approach firmly grounded in compatibility and simplicity – but also that we invest

“Leveraging 4D technology, NexancePM is easy to deploy, simple to use, integrates well with existing systems, and offers a competitive total cost of ownership. That’s why companies like Fortis Millennium, Daimler-Chrysler, and the Accor Services group have chosen NexancePM to manage their strategic objectives and business transformation projects throughout the world.” Alexis de Font-Réaulx, Managing Partner, Nexance - France Whether public or private, a SMB or a large multinational, Nexance has helped organizations of all sizes and types manage strategies and transformation programs. Inspired by the Balanced Scorecard methodology and based on 4D technology, NexancePM is their flagship management solution.

heavily in the technologies that shape the business of the future. That we not just excel at what’s now, but that we anticipate what’s next. What started in the nascent years of personal computing as the world’s first graphical database company has emerged as a worldwide leader in giving organizations the tools they need to implement software solutions of every scale, while remaining faithful to their original vision.

“4D has continuously proved to be an excellent platform for developing and deploying business systems. It allows us to quickly and easily deliver technical advantages over our competitors.” Nicholas Lane, Sales & Marketing Director, Synergist Express Ltd - UK With a base of over 10,000 users, Synergist provides the leading solution for job costing, project management, and resource management to creative agencies and consultancies. For over 15 years, Synergist has been delivering best practice solutions to businesses of all sizes – from startups to multi-site consulting firms. On multiple platforms and on the web, and connecting to all leading accounting systems, Synergist uses 4D to offer ubiquity and flexibility in one package.



“we believe we provide the best integrated software platform.”

Share Our Strength

wide open

Organizations of all sizes rely on 4D technology to keep their operations running smoothly. From appliance shops to American Express, drug stores to Dolby, high schools to Hewlett Packard, warehouses to Walt Disney – just to name a few.

We know we’re not the only game in town. You probably have other systems in place, and we’re happy to meet them. 4D embraces technological standards – including those based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) – in a way that they are collaborative, not competitive. We are mindful of your investment in data technologies, so you can trust that the solutions you employ today will be compatible with the trends of tomorrow.

They trust 4D to bring them solutions based not only on our extensive experience in the IT field, but on our ability to quickly turn ideas into marketproven reality.

A Singular Solution

Financially Sound

We provide what we believe is the best integrated software platform to speed up and simplify the process of developing and deploying your business applications, in a unified environment, no matter how diverse your needs. Whether you’re in need of standalone programs, multiplatform client/server applications, or hosted web-based collaborative solutions, 4D covers virtually every scale of implementation in the business world today... and tomorrow.

We save your organization money not by cutting corners, nor by slashing prices, but by scaling to your needs and reducing the time and effort it takes to stay on top of your market. We believe we provide you an incredible value not only because of the quality of our product, but the savings of time and resources used when creating your solutions.

The Fastest Way We strive to be the fastest way to get you from ideas to implementation. By being virtually an all-in-one solution, we can take you from traditional desktop applications to the latest ways of reaching your market in just a few easy steps. Your fundamental data can be maximized to take advantage of the latest trends – such as Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and Software as a Service (SaaS) – with minimum of effort.

“The first catalogue we made with DATAform reduced costs by 50% over any catalogue we had published before. With the 4D-based solution, we can also simultaneously have all the data ready for our electronic publications, from CD-ROMs to the Langenscheidt web shop.” Peter Glaubitz, Data Manager, Langenscheidt KG - Germany Langenscheidt KG – one of the world’s largest publishers of dictionaries, maps, and German language references – uses DATAform, developed entirely with 4D by Gassenhuber Systementwicklung.



“4D’s flagship product is quite simply called... 4D.”

Pure & Simple 4D’s flagship product is quite simply called... 4D. Well supported to maintain the utmost in compatibility, 4D is dedicated to keeping the solutions created with it competitive. While extremely powerful and multi-faceted, 4D’s true strength comes in its streamlined simplicity. We provide an all-in-one, integrated environment for both development and deployment, and the addition of functionality. This means reduced time for support and maintenance, and more time to run your business. With superior database capabilities, an unparalleled development environment, and connectivity to myriad data sources, 4D is designed to connect – quite simply – to your existing and future systems, no matter how complex. Deployment is fast and effortless, whether your business requires standalone programs, client/server applications, or fully interactive Web 2.0 applications and business intelligence tools.

With each new version of 4D, our increased use of open standards makes it quicker and easier to get up and running. We build upon that ease of use with worldclass training – both online and in-person – extensive support, and events geared to make developers and users get the most out of their investment. Wherever you are, support for your 4D solutions are just around the corner. We’re with you every step of the way, not only providing you with the tools and training you need to succeed, but also partnership programs to help you market and sell your solutions and grow your bottom line.

“The short training period required for each employee and the overall ease of use of a 4D-based solution raise our productivity by about 20-30% each year.” Günter Schmid, General Manager & CEO, System Kosmetik - Germany

“4D has the capability of achieving everything we need in one environment. This promotes rapid development flexibility and - most importantly - the ability to make changes quickly.” Antoine Burdett, Systems Group Manager, Queensland Police Service - Australia The Queensland Police Service is entrusted with providing a police response to the four million people who live in this Australia’s State. This response extends across an area of approximately 1.7 million square kilometers, representing almost 25 per cent of Australia’s land mass. The Police Service consists of around 10,000 police officers and 4,000 staff members.

System Kosmetic is a central production facility for many high-end cosmetics labels, who require exacting quality standards. They use VEH:CI, a production planning system designed by Softwareentwicklung & Beratung Delik.

“4D’s dual platform serves client and web from the same box, lowering total cost of ownership for our customers while minimizing overhead.” Kevin Barquinero, President & CEO, Knowledge Sharing Systems - USA Knowledge Sharing Systems’ TechTracS is used by over 50 university labs, government facilities, and private and notfor-profit technology and innovation management operations. KSS’ most recent customer, the US Army, is using KSS TechTracS on its 4D platform to manage their $10 billion research program.



“we Are here for you, worldwide.”

your global partner 4D’s solutions are implemented worldwide. With eight international offices and dozens of international distributors and support centers, 4D is fluent in the language of the global economy, with a presence in 70 countries.

wherever you are, whatever you speak. Sales, technical support, training, and events are available in virtually every time zone, through 4D’s worldwide network of offices or through select international distributors. For a brief overview and to find more information on 4D in your country, please visit:

Regardless of geographic location or language constraints, you can find support for your 4D solutions

4D offices

“One reason for our success has been the tremendously adaptive technology of 4D it gives us the ability to quickly comply with everchanging technology, legal, geographic, and business standards.” Gabriel Álvarez, International Director, Enterprise Software Solutions - Mexico Enterprise Software Solutions of Mexico City, Mexico is the maker of the MBA3 Enterprise Resource Planning solution. MBA3 continues to win new accounts all over Latin America over some of the biggest and most well-known ERP competitors in the market.

Distributors & resellers

“4D is a friendly development tool that is extremely easy to use. The flexible and intuitive nature of 4D enabled us to materialize our cultivated expertise in the field and create a practical application which even the most senior employees can easily handle.” Yasuharu Furushiba, President, Hiraoka Hyper Tools - Japan Hiraoka Hyper Tools is a metal tools manufacturer based in Osaka, Japan, who created Digital Dolphins, a document management system to manage their own production sites. Designed in 4D, Digital Dolphins is now sold as packaged software to fellow small to midsize businesses, as well as large corporations like Panasonic, providing value to Japan’s manufacturing sector which is known for its world-class quality.



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Passion for development

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