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Sustainable Bulgaria – Chances for industry, tourism and agriculture 090514 GBE-Factory congress Albena, Bulgaria

Scope of work: ecomotive • Consulting: innovation, productdevelopment, service-development, new products implementation • Trainings: inhouse, specific • Biomass and other renewable energy systems: multi-feedstock, modular, integrated, flexible, competitive

projects: ecomotive • • • • • • •

Renewable energy concepts Regional development concepts Public lighting Training concepts + trainings EU-projects Tourism, agriculture, metal industry, etc. Political advisory

projects: ecomotive

Sustainability • • • • • • •

Decentralized – not small Integrated and connected knowledge-based cooperation-based Decarbonization: huge market Tourism: very important factor General motto for this century



Bulgaria's advantages • • • • • • •

Strong agricultural sector Strong tourism industry No fixed competitive structures Price is most important factor Huge savings of investments possible Very low material efficiency Well educated staff

Region Varna – Albena – Dobrich

Bulgaria's challenges • • • • • •

Not so many cooperative structures Sustainability knowledge missing Slow political decision making Slow law enforcement Low security of investment Conservative, one-sided view of sustainability

Chances in industry • • • • • • •

Lower energy cost Lower investment cost Lower dependency on energy imports More jobs New product developments Higher material and energy efficiency Better educated staff

Chances in industry

Chances in tourism • • • • • •

Lower energy cost Lower investment cost Higher value for customers, higher prices New product developments Better educated staff Higher ecological quality (sea, landscape, noise, emmissions)

Chances in tourism

Chances in agriculture • Integrated value chain with tourism, local and regional customers etc. • Higher value for customers, higher prices, higher quality • New product developments • Higher ecological quality (fertile grounds forever, no risk of invasive species, etc.) • High independency, lower costs

Chances in agriculture

presentation multi-biomasssystem • Low investment – no buildings • Possible use of different kinds of dry biomass (wood, straw, grass, etc.) multifeedstock • Fully automatic process • Small footprint/need in area

Presentation mechanical dryer-grinder • • • • •

Drying and grinding in one step Mechanical process – no external heat Combination of different physical processes Dust as a product Can be burned without emissions in dust burners

Possibilities of use for both systems • • • • •

Industry and manufacturing District heating Combined electricity production /CHP waste etc.

Thank you for your interest!

Sustainable Bulgaria - Chances for industry, tourism and agriculture  

Mag. Christian Hochstöger, Ecomotive - Enterprises for Green Tourism Development, Albena, 9th May 2014

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