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2017 Holiday Catalog

Fratelli Motta

Two young brothers from Paternò creative and dedicated to the elegant art of Sicilian pastry, are out latest find! Exciting and colorful packaging hide a precious addition: the filling in a separate jar, for you to decide the best use on your preferred holiday treat! Available in boxes and wrapped with bow.


Glazed Panettone

With Lemon Cream Jar C M64A - 12x1.1 Lb

With Raisins and Zibibbo C M44A - 6x1.65 Lb C M44B - 6x1.1 Lb C M44 - 6x2.2 Lb

With Tangerine Cream Jar C M65A - 12x1.1 Lb With Orange Cream Jar C M66A - 12x1.1 Lb

With Chocolate Chips C M41A – 6x1.65 Lb C M41B – 6x1.1 Lb C M41 – 6x2.2 Lb

With Pistachio Cream Jar C M67A - 12x1.1 Lb 2

ď Œ

Fratelli Motta

ď ‹

Presented in exquisite packaging, second only to the quality of the Panettone itself, Fratelli Motta have created the Gift of the Season: luscious Panettone with a jar of their own creams!

Panettone With Lemon Cream Jar C M644 - 4x1.65 Lb With Tangerine Cream Jar C M655 - 4x1.65 Lb With Orange Cream Jar C M666 - 4x1.65 Lb With Pistachio Cream Jar C M677 - 4x1.65 Lb


 Panettone Flamigni Selections  Flamigni Panettone is one of our classics. Since 1930, it is an Italian sweet passion featuring different, tempting flavors in elegant and creative packaging. Use of only Mother Yeast and natural ingredients makes them one of the top producers in Italy. Classic Panettone Milano C 1576 - 12x1.1 Lb C 1565 - 12x1.65 Lb

Fig & Chocolate Panettone C 1577 - 12x1.1 Lb (beige pack) C 1568 - 12x2.2 Lb

Pear & Chocolate Panettone C 1596 - 12x2.2 Lb

Panettone with Moscato without candied fruits C 1567 - 12x1.65 Lb

“Special Edition” Panettone in retro packaging C 1558 - 12x1.1 Lb C 1570 - 9x2.2 Lb


ď Œ

The Flamigni Jumbo and Maxi

ď ‹

Panettone never ceases to amaze and will make any holiday table a memorable one, at home or at the office. A perfect gift or a statement piece!

We offer them in an elegant silver bag for the 11 Lb version (flowers not included) and a silver liner for the 22 Lb which also requires 3 days to make and 3 hours to bake. Maxi Panettone Flamigni C 1587 - 11 Lb C 1590 - 22 Lb


ď Œ Panettone Flamigni Selections ď ‹ Artisan Panettone in wooden display wrap

Classic Panettone Milano (green bow)


C 1572 - 12x12.3 oz

C 1574 - 36x2.8 oz

Panettoncino in display case

Whole Wheat Panettone (white bow)

C 1575 - 36x2.8 oz

C 1573 - 12x12.3 oz

Moscato Raisin w/out candid fruits (red bow) C 1571 - 12x12.3 oz

Panettone filled with cream of chestnuts (brown bow) C 1582 - 12x12.3 oz 6

ď Œ

Panettone Quacquarini

ď ‹

Panettone classic or with glaze. Indulge in pure artisan sweet and baked creations that combine traditional recipes with unexpected variations in an ongoing quest for amazing flavors and wonderful packaging.

Classic Panettone with raisins and candied fruits

Glazed Panettone with candied fruits

C P002 - 6x1.65 Lb

C P003 - 6x1.65 Lb


Panettone Bonifanti

The pride of Bonifanti and the base of their outstanding quality of Panettone, is the original “Mother Yeast”, used continuosly since the original batch in 1938. The candied fruits used are made with whole pieces of fruit peel with the aromatic and flavorful oils still inside, giving an amazing natural aroma of citrus, orange and raisins. Made completely of butter and dried upside down to lock in the flavor and maintain its fluffy texture!

Bonifanti Gran Milanese Panettone in Corolla Box Blue/White

Bonifanti Glazed Panettone in Corolla Box Red/White

C C03 - 6x2.2 Lb

C C01 - 6x2.2 Lb

Bonifanti Classic Panettone

Bonifanti Glazed Panettone

C F09 - 12x1.1 Lb

C F36 - 12x1.65 Lb


Panettone Bonifanti

NEW, elegant options from amazing Bonifanti brand.

Pandoro C I50 – 6x2.2 Lb

Tin “Musical” box

Tin “Snowflake” box

C L10 - 3x2.2 Lb

C L09 - 4x2.2 LB

Bonifanti Private Label Options (min.: 500 units)

Pacchetto Red C C01 - 6x1.65 Lb

Pacchetto Gold

Pacchetto Blue

C C01 - 6x1.65 Lb

C C01 - 6x1.65 Lb


Private Label Galore! Our newest find in Italian gourmet is this Panettone line from Veneto region. A large assortment of decadent flavors, fluffy and moist‌ it just has to be tasted! To please not only every flavor requested but also a fashion statement for each personality, we will offer a range of packaging for your company to choose from. Private Label available for those looking to stand out and diversify while keeping consistent with their brand. A touch of personalization available for all our “single users.â€? Ask for the variety of paper and ribbons to fit. Same amazing quality for all inside. You have longed for this!


ď Œ

ď ‹

Personalize your choice!

Request our catalog for samples of the wrap paper and bows: a wild selection to make this gourmet experience even more memorable! 1000 units minimum with personalized ribbon and colored paper

Choose a wrap

Cream Wrap and Red Bow

White Box and Red Bow

Rustic Wrap and Golden Bow

Choose a Panettone

Panettone with Prosecco Cream

Classic Panettone


Chocolate Pralines Panettone

Cream of Limoncello Panettone

ď Œ

Gluten Free Panettone

ď ‹

Finally everyone with gluten intolerance or celiac disease can enjoy this traditional cake during the holidays! With the highest gluten free certification available, we offer you and your customers a completely GLUTEN FREE, Italian panettone and panettoncino. Now also available in 1.1 Lb and with either chocolate or lemon cream. Make sure to warm it up before serving! NEW, LARGER GLUTEN FREE PANETTONE IN GIFT BOX Lemon Cream filled C GF03 - 6x1.1 Lb

Chocolate Cream filled C GF02 - 6x1.1 Lb

Classic C GF01 - 6x1.1 Lb

Pandoro C GFPD - 6x1.1 Lb

Gluten Free Panettone C 1552 - 6x8.5 oz

Gluten Free Panettoncino C 1551 - 12x3.5 oz 12

Gubana Dolce

Gubana is a traditional cake of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region of Italy. A leavened sweet dough, it presents a flavorful rich and dense filling made of dried fruits (hazelnuts, walnut, almond, pine nuts and raisins). Gubana is a symbol of good luck and hospitality in the Valleys of Natisone. Our selection is an artisanal production made without preservatives or artificial colors and a true a genuine, soft delight. A new “must” for your holiday table!

Gubana Cake C 1601 - 10x1 Lb C 1602 - 8x1.9 Lb


ď Œ

Artisan Torrone Cakes

ď ‹

Our torrone is as genuine as it gets! Handmade, from a small production with only the freshest local ingredients: sweet organic honey, plump almonds, and cage-free eggs all from the local producers and friends. Our torrone continues to be made using the same love and care that the founder, Grandma Anna, started with over one hundred years ago! Her family proudly continues her tradition. Now we have selected this little company to be our front line supplier for torrone as we believe it is the absolutely best torrone you can find! All cakes are available with each slice single wrapped OR just with divider.


Exotic Fruits with Chocolate Chocolate Pralines

Available flavors:

Cherry, Amaretti & chocolate, Orange, White with almonds, Chocolate torrone w orange, Chocolate torrone with white chocolate, Cream caramel, Cremino of balsamic vinegar, Strawberry, Exotic fruits, Forest fruits, Gianduia, Raspberries, Limoncello, Limoncello & Chocolate, Mixed nuts, Mixed Nuts & Chocolate, Hazelnuts, Nutella, Nutella & Chocolate, Nutella &Pistachio, Pistachio & Chocolate and more... Please see price list 14

ď Œ

Artisan Torrone Cakes


ď ‹


Salted Butter & Caramel

Pistachio & Chocolate

Forest Fruits Tender (or classic) torrone cakes in blocks or squares. Choose from the following list of flavors in these sizes: 22 Lb, 11 Lb, 5.5 Lb, 2.2 Lb

Round Cake 8.8 Lb (20 SLICES) Rectangle of 5.5 Lb (16 SLICES) Both available with wrapped individual slices or dividers To be stored in cool temperatures. Weight of each slice may vary slightly. 15

 Chocolate, Torrone & Croccante  From the same artisan factory that makes our beautiful torrone cakes, we offer a vast collection of pre-sliced (single wrapped or not) chocolate cakes, torrone cakes and croccante (nuts and honey) cakes. Chocolate cakes of 8.8 Lb in 28 slices, torrone cakes of 6.6 Lb in 28 slices and croccante (brittle cake) of 4.4 Lb (3 x case) in 16 slices. Croccante also available in SUGAR FREE. Chocolate Cake Tiramisu

Chocolate Cake Cremino Pistachio

1x8.8 Lb

1x8.8 Lb

Classic Almond Croccante

Mixed Nuts Croccante

3x4.4 Lb

3x4.4 Lb

Torrone Cake with Tropical Fruits

Torrone Cake with Forest Fruits

1x6.6 Lb

1x6.6 Lb

PLEASE SEE PRICE LIST FOR ALL AVAILABLE FLAVOR OPTIONS To be stored in cool temperatures. Weight of each slice may vary slightly. 16

 Quacquarini Torrone Bars  Wonderful of coated nougats, wrapped with cheerful colors for this selection of Torrone, a traditional nougat made with toasted almonds, honey and other ingredients including egg whites. It is a “must” to complete the holiday meals!

Tender Chocolate Covered Chocolate Torrone w/ Hazelnuts

Tender Chocolate Covered Pistachio Torrone w/ Pistachios

C T399 - 12x5.3 oz

C T401 - 12x5.3 oz

Brittle Chocolate Covered Classic Torrone w/ Almonds

Tender Chocolate Covered Coffee Torrone w/ Hazelnuts

C T400 - 12x5.3 oz

C T402 - 12x5.3 oz 17

ď Œ Torrone Bars in Display ď ‹ Our wonderful Torrone Bars These torrone are handcrafted and made using only the finest ingredients. They are made with nuts and fruits, displayed in beautiful packaging, perfect eye candy for the counter of any store or as a holiday gift for the restaurant customer!

Torrone Nougat with Almonds in Display Case

Torrone Nougat with Almonds in Display Case

Strawberry, Exotic Fruit, Lemon, Pistachio, Forest Fruits C 713/A - Fruit Flavors - 25x2.8 oz

Orange & Chocolate, Coffee, Almond, Amaretto, Stracciatella


C 714/B - Cream Flavors - 25x2.8 oz

 Artisan Torrone Wedges & Cubes  In their facility in Forli, Flamigni continues the tradition of torrone production. With classic recipes and the experience of the market, their line of torrone is innovative, chic and beautiful as well as of course outstanding and delicious. A perfect addition to all the holiday displays and to all your customers’ holiday feasts! Whimsical cheese shapes - so fun!

“Brie” shaped torrone with pistachios C 1580 -12x5.2 oz

“Brie” shaped torrone with hazelnuts C 1581 -12x5.2 oz

Torrone squares

“Brie” shaped torrone with almonds

C 1578 -18x7.05 oz

C 1579 -12x5.2 oz


 Loriano Paolini Biscotti  After 40 years as a business man, Loriano Paolini shifted his focus to his true passion – all that is sweets, crafting the most amazing cookies with his wife Anna Maria. Their creations are luxurious testimonies of Tuscan sweet artistry.

Golosoni Cookies C P541 - 12x7.05 oz

Noccioloni Cookies C P540 - 12x7.05 oz

Cioccolotti Cookies C P556 - 12x7.05 oz

Mandorloni Cookies C P557 - 12x7.05 oz


ď Œ Vincente Sicilian Specialty Cookies ď ‹ Simple, elegant tin boxes to bring you scrumptious Sicilian cookies by our trusted manufacturer Vincente. Good for any occasion and time of the year to indulge in rich and decadent delicacies. Please note: 6 months shelf life. Exp around 3/10/18

Sicilian Specialty Cookies Tin Box C 1751 - 6x14.1 oz

Sicilian Specialty Cookies Tin Cube C 1750 - 4x1.1 Lb


ď Œ

Mondo di Laura Cookies

ď ‹

An experienced pastry globetrotter, Laura Raccah created a selection of handmade cookies with first class ingredients. Four creative flavors for these kosher treats, which now come in large, refillable jars! Please note: 6 months shelf life

Candy Spice

Giuly Cookie

C 25010JAR - 1x7.7 Lb

C 25012JAR - 1x7.7 Lb


Raggi di Sole

C 25011JAR - 1x7.7 Lb

C 25013JAR - 1x7.7 Lb


 Marabissi Panforte & Beyond  From our trusted manufacturer, we are pleased to introduce new and exciting cookie collections in beautiful and fun packaging. For three generations and more than sixty years, Marabissi’s specialties delighted the most discriminating palates with their assortments of authentic Tuscan recipes.

Dark Chocolate & Seasalt Cookies C 20200 - 12x7.05 oz

Ricciarelli C 20201 - 12x7.05 oz

Chocolate Cantucci in Tin C 137 - 6x5.3 oz

Marabissi Amaretti Trio

Almond Cantucci in Tin

C 2211TRIO – 4x(3x6.7) oz

C 139 - 6x5.3 oz

Marabissi Amaretti Duo

Tuscan Butter Cookies in Tin

C 2211DUO - 6x(2x6.7) oz

C 138 - 6x7 oz


Available flavors: Classic - Lemon - Cappuccino Orange - Chocolate

Panforte Nero

Filled with almonds candied melon and orange, honey and cocoa, panforte nero makes for a delicious treat!

Panforte Margherita

Named after the Queen of Italy, one bite of traditional Margherita and you will be transported to Siena! Great for cheese platters & desserts.

C 101 - 15x3.5 oz C 101-1/2 - 12x12.35 oz C 101-2 - 1x11 Lb

C 102 - 15x3.5 oz C 102-1/2 - 12x12.35 oz C 102-2 - 1x11 Lb

Ingredients: Almonds, sugar, candied melon and orange, flour “00�, honey, Tuscan spices, cocoa, natural flavoring, starch wafer.

Ingredients: Almonds, sugar, candied citron, candied orange, flour, honey, spices.

Panforte Panpepato

One of the most famous recipes: a blast of spices! It is named for one of its most distinctive ingredients: pepper!

Panforte Dates & Almonds

Dates, almonds, honey and spices, this is a wonderful addition to a cheese platter or delightful on its own.

C 103 - 15x3.5 oz C 103-1/2 - 12x12.35 oz C 103-2 - 1x11 Lb

C 107 - 15x3.5 oz C 107-1/2 - 12x12.35 oz C 107-2 - 1x11 Lb

Ingredients: Almonds, sugar, candied melon, candied orange, flour, honey, spices, natural flavoring.

Ingredients: Dates, almonds, sugar, flour, honey, spices.

Panforte Fig & Walnuts

Torta al Cioccolato

A rich mix of cocoa, candied cherries, citron and finished with a Featuring Italy’s finest figs, walnuts, honey & spices: A perfect addition to cheese platters, or toasted in salads and side comple- thick layer of dark chocolate. Wonderful for decadent desserts or as an elegant side to ice cream. ment to meat and desserts! C 106 - 15x3.5 oz C 106-1/2 - 12x12.35 oz C 106-2 - 1x11 Lb

C 104 - 15x3.5 oz C 104-1/2 - 12x12.35 oz C 104-2 - 1x11 Lb

Ingredients: Dried figs, walnuts, sugar, flour, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg.

Ingredients: Almonds, sugar, hazelnuts, candied fruit , wheat flour, honey, cocoa powder, spices. 24

Panforte Cherry & Peperoncino

A combination of sweet cherries and a bit of bold, spicy peperoncino, this panforte will satisfy any pallet! Great toasted and crumbled on top of vanilla ice cream for a decadent treat. C 108 - 15x3.5 oz C 108-1/2 - 12x12.35 oz C 108-2 - 1x11 Lb

“Nonna Jole” Fig & Walnut Panforte

“Nonna Jole” Panforte Margherita

Ingredients: Cherry, almonds, wheat our, sugar, honey, cocoa powder, peperoncino (Italian chili pepper), wafer

C 109-1/2 - 12x12.35 oz

C 111-1/2 - 12x12.35 oz

“Nonna Jole” Torta al Cioccolato

C 110-1/2 - 12x12.35 oz

Panforte is now available in tasting size and perfect cheese pairings! 12x7.05 oz C 117-0 Margherita C 118-0 Fig & Walnuts C 119-0 Cherries & peperoncino

Flavors of Panforte


Panforte Margherita

Panforte Nero

Fig & Walnut 25

Cherry & Peperoncino Date & Almonds

Torta Cioccolato

 Bodrato Chocolate  After Bodrato picks the juicy "Vignola” cherries, they are soaked in grappa for six months to a year before they are coated with a layer of cane sugar and then covered in dark, milk, or white chocolate. (Note: “Boeri” Cherries contain pit)

Box w Chocolate Covered Grappa Dipped Cherries C A04 - 6x7.05 oz (dark chocolate) C A05 - 6x7.05 oz (mixed chocolate)

Chocolate Covered Grappa Dipped Cherries C A01 - 2x64 units (in display case)

Chocolate Covered Grappa Dipped Cherries

Now also available WITHOUT pit!

C A18 - 4x5.9 oz

30 26

ď Œ Chocolate from Piedmont ď ‹ Massive size for our new favorite! Hailing from Piedmont, the Italian capital of hazelnuts and chocolatiers, comes an amazing artisanal delish: a best kept secret to fall in love with....

Extra Dark Chocolate


C 21226 - 10x1.1 Lb

Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts

Dark Chocolate 70%

C 21332 - 10x1.05 Lb

C 21257 - 10x1.1 Lb

Milk Chocolate C 21219 - 10x1.1 Lb

Hazelnut Gianduia Chocolate C 21240 - 10x1.05 Lb 27

 Vannucci Chocolate  Vannucci has an amazing selection of both bite-size Neapolitan chocolates in assorted flavors as well as different chocolate bars. All for a chocolate lover’s pleasures. Choose from fine bars as well as thin bars of different flavors. All in beautiful packaging and in display boxes. Also try the 100% cocoa mass with no sugar or sweeteners at all. All pure cocoa! Gift box with assorted Neapolitans gourmet C I-077 Assorted Neapolitans (12x6.35 oz) C I-079 Extra Dark Neapolitans (12x6.35 oz)

Bar of 100% cacao paste without sugar or other sweeteners C I-056 - 20x3.5 oz

“Sfogliatine” of extra dark chocolate with a subtle mouse of Hazelnut, Coffee,

Banana, Zuppa Inglese, Mint, Coconut or Licorice. Packed 15x1.23 oz C I-059 Peperoncino C I-061 Cinnamon C I-060 Milk Chocolate C I-051 Extra Dark Chocolate 60% C I-054 Extra Dark Chocolate 73% C I-058 Milk C I-066 Gianduia

C I-012 Hazelnuts (Nocciola) C I-013 Coffee C I-014 Banana C I-016 Zuppa Inglese C I-017 Coconut C I-018 Mint C I-037 Liquorice (Liquirizia) 28

Sweet Sicily

Delectible marzipan called Frutta Martorana. Legend says that, toward the XII Century, the nuns of the Martorana monastery decorated empty fruit trees with marzipan fruit to impress an archbishop during a visit. Since then, they became a traditional treat associated with holidays and children finds them next to their bedsides on AllSaint’s Day (November 1). In addition to the Frutta Martorana, we offer a delectable selection of Marzipan and candied orange, quintessence of Sicily. Almond Marzipan Paste C M18A - 36x3.5 oz C M18 - 24x7.5oz

Pistachio Marzipan Paste C M19A - 36x3.5 oz C M19 - 24x7.5 oz

Toasted Almond Marzipan Paste C M17A – 36x3.5 oz C M17 – 24x7.5 oz

Frutta Martorana Marzipan C M21 - 21x5.3 oz C M21C - 1x1.1 Lb (packed on trays) C M21D - 1x2.2 Lb (packed on trays)

Candied Sicilian Orange Peel

Candied Sicilian Lemon Peel

C M60 -18x5.8 oz

C M61 - 18x5.8 oz 29

ď Œ Alfa Miele ď ‹ A yummy addition to our collection: honey from Abruzzo! Award-winning products from a local producer, proud beekeeper for three generations.

Sulla Honey

Chestnut Blossom Honey

Multi-Flower Honey

C AM05 - 12x8.8 oz

C AM17 - 12x8.8 oz

C AM15 - 12x8.8 oz

Orange Blossom Honey

Coriander Blossom Honey

C AM09 - 12x8.8 oz

C AM11 - 12x8.8 oz


Basket Fillers

Fun and unique items to add glamour and delight to any basket. Choose from an historic balsamic mini-bottle, olive oil tasters from Umbria, wild flavors of Apulian taralli, and fragrant jams from Sicily!

Balsamic Vinegar C PZ300 - 12x1.76 fl oz

Gradassi Trio Flavored Oil C H560 - 8x(3.3.5) fl oz

Tarallini Classic C PZ50 - 24x8.1 oz Fennel Seeds C PZ51 - 24x8.1 oz Pesto Taste C PZ54 - 24x8.1 oz Onion C PZ55 - 24x8.1 oz Chocoralli C PZ66 - 20x2.8 oz

Sicilian Orange Marmalade C MA100 – 20x3.5 oz

Sicilian Lemon Marmalade C ML100 – 20x3.5 oz

Sicilian Prickly Pear Jam C CI100 – 20x3.5 oz 31

Scyavuru Marmalade Trio C MA120 - 10x(3x1.4 oz)

Santa Tea Olio

Outstanding extra virgin olive oil from green or black olives. Produced in a Tuscan mill since the XV century, in an area well known for its wonderful microclimate, leading to anoble olive oil. Special for the holidays and for the olive oil enthusiasts, we propose a precious packaging, perfect for any occasion.

“Perfume” Extra Virgin Olive Oil C PZ501-1 - 4x17 fl oz C PZ501-0 - 6x7 fl oz


EVOO Black Olives

EVOO Green Olives

C PZAD500 – 6x17 fl oz

C PZAF500 - 6x17 fl oz

 Olearia del Chianti  On the rolling hills between Florence and Siena, in a landscape famous worldwide for its groves and vineyards, we found an amazing organic extra virgin olive oil. The Company has implemented numerous high quality system. The valuable and exquisite product is presented in a wooden casket, for a lasting impression! Choose individual flavors or an exquisite collection.

Marca Oro 100% Italian EVOO C PZ502 - 6x17 fl oz

Box of Extra Virgin Olive Oils Selection Toscano IGP Tuscan EVOO

1. DOP Chianti EVOO 2. IGP Toscano EVOO 3. 100% Italian EVOO

C PZ503 - 6x17 fl oz

4. Organic EVOO 5. European Blend EVOO

Chianti Classico Chianti EVOO DOP C PZ506BOX – 1x(5x17 fl oz)

C PZ505 - 6x17 fl oz


ď Œ Legumes and Gluten Free Pasta ď ‹ Delicious, nutritious and... fun! Bring a little jazz to the table: pasta made with exceptional raw ingredients. Choose from: 30% Green or Red Lentils, 8% Quinoa, 3 Cereals, and gluten free Corn or Rice pasta!

Red Lentil Fusilli

Three Cereals Maccheroni

Quinoa Pasta

C DC100 - 12x14.1 oz

C DC102 - 12x14.1 oz

C DC105 - 12x14.1 oz

Green Lentil Fusilli C DC101 - 12x14.1 oz

Rice Pasta Gluten Free C DC103 - 16x8.8 oz

Corn Pasta Gluten Free C DC104 - 16x8.8 oz 34

Pasta La Montanara

Traditional artisan pasta from Campania, the way your Italian Grandmother made it! Recently established in Irpinia, this pasta is a personal tribute to a time-honored passion for the territory. Only premium local materials to produce an outstanding product. Love at first bite….

Fusilli Pasta

Penne Rigate Pasta


C PZ805 - 16x1.1 Lb

C PZ827 - 16x1.1 Lb

C PZ823 - 10x1.1 Lb


ď Œ Gift Items Section ď ‹ A fun addition to our catalog just in time for the Holiday Season! Italian Products is proud to introduce handmade traditional pottery and artistic ceramics from the splendid Apulia region! Capturing the quintessence of Mediterranean hospitality traditions, this pieces will make an amazing addition to your collection and move more products while adding an unmistakable touch of authentic Made in Italy!

Add your brand name to personalize this amazing cookware!

Oven Cooker

Potato Pot

Soup Pot

Oven Roaster





Choose a color:






 Branca Ceramiche  Bring the sun to the table, in any season of the year! Maestro Agostino Branca has been working with pottery for decades, finding inspirations from old local classic craft, but with a modern twist. This “Mediterranean Treasures” have been the protagonists of many international exhibitions: Spain, Morocco, Canada, Germany, Hungary, and Croatia. More recently, his collection was part of special project with Italian Products, called Piazza Italia.

Plates C P2-30 cm 30 C P2-15 with handles cm 34

Salad Bowl C P2-13 cm 22 C P2-12 cm 28 37

 San Valentino  To continue the season with love, we have put together a sweet selection also for Valentine’s Day. Order now for less worries later. You can receive the products right after the New Year and continue the celebration in the sign of Cupid! Marabissi

Classic Amaretti

Orange Amaretti

C 22112SV - 12x6.7 oz

C 22132SV - 12x6.7 oz

Lemon Amaretti

Chocolate Amaretti

C 22122SV - 12x6.7 oz

C 22193SV - 12x6.7 oz

Cappuccino Amaretti C 22182SV - 12x6.7 oz


Dark Chocolate & Seasalt Cookies C 20200SV - 12x7.05 oz

Ricciarelli C 20201SV - 12x7.05 oz


 Very important holiday order info  All orders must be placed AND CONFIRMED by August 17, 2017. Orders cannot be canceled or modified after the deadline date. No order is considered valid and complete until you have it signed and sent back our order confirmation. Please check that your order is correct - we bring it in just for you!

 Early Bird Special 

All wholesale orders with products from this catalog, that are received, confirmed and PAID IN FULL by August 17, 2017 will receive a 5% discount* on the order. Please note that only holiday products, not regular items and not shipping will be discounted. *please note that orders paid by credit card will only receive a 2.5% discount according to our credit card payment policy 39

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2017 Holiday Catalog - Italian Products  

Ready to dive in a new, unapologetic deliciousness that will wake up all senses? Here you go: the 2017 Holiday Catalog by Italian Products!

2017 Holiday Catalog - Italian Products  

Ready to dive in a new, unapologetic deliciousness that will wake up all senses? Here you go: the 2017 Holiday Catalog by Italian Products!