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Italian Products Srl was established in Bologna in 1994 by developer Stefano Frascari as

Italian Products USA, Inc.

a way to share extraordinary culinary delicacies with his friends in New York. The compa-

758 Lidgerwood Avenue, Elizabeth NJ 07202

ny expanded from a casual idea to a lifeline for several small, artisanal manufacturers around Italy, eager to sell their products in the U.S.


Italian Products USA, Inc. opened formal offices and a warehouse in New Jersey in 2000,

Tel: +1 (201) 770-9130 Fax: +1 (201) 770-1551 For information: To order: Web:

to serve more efficiently its nationwide customers, offering an exclusive selection of Italian artisan specialties. More than 17 years after its founding, Italian Products USA has developed an important presence in the gourmet market around North America. Customers range from large foodservice distributors to retail chains as well as independent gourmet markets. We have developed a vast knowledge and expertise in selecting authentic ingredients and riding new product trends. We will share valuable information explaining the uniqueness of our production technique, along with tips, recipes and new features. We personally know each family business we bring, their stories and their beautiful products: we bring them with pride and respect, striving to provide our valued Customers nothing but the best Italy has to offer. Programs for our valued Customers include sourcing and product development, private labels and distribution along with sales support, training and travel projects. Our consulting services include training, B2B projects, label design, FDA regulations, product compliance and much more. Each project is tailored to different needs and audiences: just ask and we will prove to be your one-stop resource for anything Italian. Our testimonial is the Neptune statue, a symbol of the city of Bologna, a gastronomic capital of the world and the city where Italian Products was first established in 1994 2

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Denominazione D’Origine Protetta Products whose ingredients and preparation are specific to a geographical region.


Protected Geographical Indication

Agricoltura Biologica

(European) Organic Certification

USDA Organic certification

All Natural product. No artificial additives

Product contains no GMO

Kosher Product

Naturally Gluten Free Product




Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI

Balsamic Vinegar Condiment

“Vigna Oro” 8.5 fl oz — 312 - 1 3.4 fl oz — 301 - 0

“Oro Nero” 8.5 fl oz — 313 - 1 3.4 fl oz — 313 - 0

“Vigna Bordo“ 8.5 fl oz — 302 - 1

“Trentasette” 8.8 fl oz — 315 - 1

Vigna Oro PGI

Oro Nero PGI

Vigna Bordo PGI


Vigna Bianca PGI

Compagnia del Montale’s Vigna Oro (Golden Vine) is simply the best commercial balsamic (PGI) the market has to offer: rich and thick, it presents a beautiful balance between sweet and tart. Great served over parmesan cheese, drizzled over grilled vegetables, meats and fresh mozzarella, in finishing sauces or over strawberries & ice cream! Winner of 2012 , 13 & 14 International Taste Awards!

Oro Nero is a versatile and well rounded balsamic vinegar. Its perfect harmony of acidity and sweetness, while offering more bite than the Vigna Oro, is sure to please every palate.

Vigna Bordo’s bright acidity and great value makes it a perfect option for everyday use. Wonderful in salad dressings, marinades for grilled vegetables and great for pan reductions.

This product has a particular harmony attributed to its high percentage of cooked grape must. The reduced grape must, gives it a thick body and a lower acidity than a regular balsamic vinegar. It is a pure product with no additives. It maintains the density of a traditional balsamic vinegar and can be used as an all natural, rich tasting glaze.

The Vigna Bianca is a good balsamic with medium dense consistency and a beautiful harmony between sweetness and acidity. It is versatile enough for all uses and kitchens.


“Vigna Bianca”

17 fl oz — 303 - 2 5 liters — 303 - 3


“Affinato” - aged a minimum of 12 years.

“Extra Vecchio” - aged a minimum of 25 years.

3.4 fl oz — 305 - 0

3.4 fl oz — 306 - 0

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar PDO "Extra Vecchio"

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar PDO "Affinato"

This EXTRA special balsamic is aged a minimum of 25 years (there could even be 100 year old vinegar in your bottle!), and has passed vigorous testing by the Consortium of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, where it must receive a near perfect score before its available on the market with the coveted title “Extra Vecchio”. CdM’s Extra Vecchio won 1st place in the 2014 Spilamberto awards, beating out 1400 other contestants!

This very special "Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale" from Compagnia del Montale only receives the distinction of “Affinato” after passing with the highest tasting scores from the PDO Consortium of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena! With nothing younger than 12 years old in this bottle, this is the quintessential Balsamic. 5




“SPECIAL EDITION” IGP BALSAMIC VINEGAR Special Edition Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI 8.8 fl oz — 316 - 1 2 Liters — 316 - 3

Celebrating partnership between Italian Products USA and Compagnia del Montale: a special Edition of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena! Compagnia del Montale, our remarkable producer of Balsamic Vinegars, has an outstanding profile. After their Extra Vecchio won 1st place both in the 2012 Spilamberto awards (a competition among traditional balsamic DOP producers), as well the 2011 British Great Taste awards, Compagnia del Montale’s Vigna Oro won the highest score ever for their PGI (commercial level) balsamic vinegar at the 2012/2013/2014 International Taste Awards. To celebrate these successes, as well as our longstanding relationship with Compagnia del Montale, we created this precious bottle of aged balsamic vinegar in a gift bottle, which symbolizes the true gift of an exceptional partnership between two companies working together to bring you the best product Italy has to offer.




Saba 8.5 fl oz — 320 - 1

Balsamic pearls made from "special Edition” 1.76 oz — 319 - 1

Balsamic Jelly (for cheese) made from "special Edition” 4.05 oz — 318 - 1


Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI 8.5 fl oz— TD10006

FRESH ITALIAN TRUFFLES Black Summer/Fall Truffle

Tuber Aestivum Tuber Aestivum Uncinatum (Burgundy)

What Exactly Are Truffles? Truffles are the fruit of a subterranean mushroom. They grow only in symbiosis with the roots of certain trees. The tree provides sugars to the truffle mushroom, which it cannot produce by itself as it does not carry chlorophyll. In return, the truffle transfers dissociated mineral salts to the tree since the tree is unable to assimilate them by itself. Truffle availability depends heavily on season and conditions. See the descriptions to the right for information on various truffles and their availability.

Tuber Aestivum Availability: June – September The most plentifully harvested truffle. The fruity body ranges from the size of a hazelnut to that of an orange. The skin is black and has a pleasant and delicate odor that resembles to the one of hazelnuts.

Similar to Tuber Aestivum with a more pleasing and intense odor. The name of this truffle is derived from its hook shaped spores. The fruity body is large and ranges in size. The skin is black and its odor resembles that of a hazelnut . The Black Summer Truffle has a pleasant and subtle aroma, and it is very versatile in the kitchen. It should be shaved thinly over fresh pastas and bruschetta, used to garnish meats and fish, and stirred into cream sauces. 7


Tuber Aestivum Uncinatum. (Burgundy) Availability: September – December


Black Winter Truffle

Spring White Truffle

Availability: October – December

Availability: November – March

Availability: January – April

The most prized among the edible truffles. The fruity body is usually a lobed, spherical or oval shape. These truffles vary in size. The skin is smooth and has an ochre or olive-yellow color, that sometimes could exhibit a rusty brown, cracked area or bright red spots.

The fruity body can vary in size from that of a hazelnut to an orange. The skin is black, sometimes with dark red or rust colored patches.

The various Italian names attributed to this truffle are due to its color, the period in which it ripens and the habitat in which it is found. The skin is smooth, variable in color, ranging from ochre-yellow to rust-brown or orange brown, and is often spotted.


Tuber Magnatum Pico Vitt. (White Alba)

The flavor of White Truffles is intense, yet elegant with lingering garlic undertones. It is best savored raw and served simply; shave over fresh pastas, panseared fish, all kinds of risotto, omelets and even chocolaty desserts.

Tuber Melanosporum Vitt. (Perigord/ Dolce di Norcia)

Different from the White truffle, the nutty, earthy flavor of the Black Winter Truffle is most appreciated when the truffle is slightly heated. Very versatile, black winter truffles are delicious shaved into sauces for pasta or pizza, into omelets and egg dishes, and stirred into risottos. Perfect for any potato dish.


Tuber Borchi Vitt. (Bianchetto)

In Romagna and Marche, where an ancient tradition is still alive, the Bianchetto truffle is used raw and appears on the menus of the best restaurants. However, its optimal use is in spreads, butter or in the mixture of tortellini or ravioli filled pasta.

TRUFFLES PRODUCTS Did you know that there is actually no truffle in truffle oil?

Those bits of the rare mushroom you see inside a bottle of truffle oil do not add anything other than visual pleasure and the excuse to list truffle as an ingredient. Truffles are not like olives. They cannot be pressed for flavor. The flavor molecules in a truffle are too volatile to be harvested as an aromatic substance. Instead we need to infuse flavors into the oil to make a truffle oil. As for everything else, there are good and bad options for flavors and the difference is shown in the end result. Will you have a smooth, round truffle flavor or a strong, aggressive, petroleum-like aroma that lingers (sharply) in your throat long after the meal is over? It’s up to each manufacturer and their choice of quality – which for us and our producers is always the highest possible level. From the Appennini mountains, we offer our “Selezione Tartufi” line of truffle & porcini oils, as well as our “D Dalla Terra” and “Trentasette” lines, perfect for both retail and foodservice, and accessible to all truffle lovers. All of our truffle and porcini oils can be used as finishing oils, as well as in the final moments of cooking.

Black Truffle Olive Oil

Porcini Oil

White Truffle Sunflower Oil

White Alba truffles are esteemed by many to be the best of any available truffle. This aromatic truffle flavor has been naturally infused into our high -quality olive oil for a unique truffle taste you can enjoy with almost any dish. This oil enhances all truffle dishes and can be used directly in place of fresh white truffles. It is highly recommended by chefs and gourmet lovers around the world for its tremendous quality.

This velvety and luxurious oil is made with the aroma of black winter truffles and it’s a perfect match for bringing all your foods up to the next level of gourmet. When infused into a traditional olive oil from Umbria, the essence of these truffles is captured in the perfect symbiosis ideally suited to enhance the taste of main dishes, appetizers and garnishes. A more round and earthy flavor than the bolder white truffle.

Our porcini oil is made from high quality olive oil and is naturally infused with the flavorful aroma of only the highest quality porcini mushrooms. Used to enhance mushroom sauces or as a perfect addition to rice and risotto dishes, pastas, and roasted meats.

This truffle oil is made by combining the smooth taste of sunflower seed oil and the bold flavor of white truffles. The end result is a light oil with an intense flavor and rich truffle aroma. Fantastic drizzled over pasta or risotto dishes, fish, popcorn, meats or in dressings where olive oil can be too overpowering.


White Truffle Olive Oil


TRUFFLE PRODUCTS What began as a small artisanal laboratory, Appennino Funghi e Tartufi recently reached an important milestone. Relocating to a new, modern building and changing their name to Appennino Food S.p.A., they are now one of the leading suppliers of truffle and mushroom products. From the heart of Bologna’s hills, one of the most renowned truffle zones, Appennino Food S.p.A. distributes top quality fresh truffles in Italy and around the world. The care in selecting and processing the best raw materials, the love and respect for the territory and the passion and experience in the “world” of truffles has made Appennino Food S.p.A. a reference point in the most renowned national and international restaurants and the food industry.

Truffle Salt Genuine black truffles are used in both our 5% and 10% concentration in our Italian truffle salts. Once in


contact with any moisture, the flavor blooms! You’ll quickly find yourself using it in all of your dishes and it is sure to become a staple in any pantry. Available in 3.5 oz, 2.2 Lb & 27.5 Lb.

“Selezione Tartufi”

“Selezione Tartufi”

“Selezione Tartufi”

“D Dalla Terra”

Black Truffle Salt 10%

Black Truffle Salt 5%

White Truffle Salt

Black Truffle Salt 5%

3.5 oz — 257 - 0

3.5 oz — 256 - 0

3.5 oz — 255 - 0

3.5 oz — 258 - 0

2.2 lb — 257 - 2

2.2 lb — 256 - 2

2.2 lb — 255 - 2

2.2 Lb — 258 - 2

27.5 lb — 257 - 3

27.5 lb — 256 - 3

27.5 lb — 255 - 3

27.5 lb — 258 - 3


All our truffle salts are KOSHER


“Selezione Tartufi”

Truffles Sauce

Black Truffle Paste 3.2 oz — 233 - 0

3.2 oz — 203 - 0

“Selezione Tartufi”

6.35 0z — 203 - 1 1.1 Lb — 203 - 2

This truffle sauce, made from black Aestivum truffles, champignon mushrooms and a hint of olives, holds a luscious mouthfeel and perfectly subtle truffle flavor. Cost effective way to add some exclusivity to any dish. In 3.2 oz, 6.35 oz & 1.1 Lb jars.

A black truffle paste containing black summer truffles, the finest olive oil, salt and spices blended in a soft, creamy feast of delicious truffles.

“Selezione Tartufi”

Artichoke and Truffles Spread

Truffle Acacia Honey 3.5 oz — 215 - 0 8.1 oz — 215 - 1

Our Acacia Truffle Honey is a harmonious blend of Black summer truffle flavor and Sicilian Acacia honey. In 3.2 oz and 8.1 oz jars.

3.2 oz — 209 - 0

“Selezione Tartufi”

Black Truffle Slices 3.2 oz — 223 - 0

This wonderful ‘cream’ combines the refreshing taste of artichokes with the wonderful flavor of truffles.

“Selezione Tartufi”

Truffle Flour

6.4 oz — 254 - 1

Thinly sliced black summer truffles are packed in olive oil to preserve freshness and flavor, to be enjoyed all year round. In 3.2 oz and 6.35 oz jars.

“Selezione Tartufi”

Whole Preserved Black Truffles 1.4 oz — 208- 1

Black summer truffles, preserved in their own juice. In 1.4 oz jars. 11

For making pasta, bread and any other baked goods you need truffle flavor for, here is a perfectly balanced truffle flour.


6.35 oz — 223 - 1

TRUFFLE PRODUCTS FOODSERVICE Every day, thousands of people go hunt for a culinary quest, to bring out zesty treasures to light. Our Italian partners started as a two brothers' small artisan laboratory. After years of dedication and excellence, Appennino Funghi e Tartufi made the important decision of relocating into a new, modern building, rebranding themselves as Appennino Food S.p.A.. Today, as yesterday, the two brothers are committed to their leading truffle and mushroom-based line, amongst other new products. Deep within the heart of Bologna's hills, one of the world's most renowned truffle zones, Appennino Food S.p.A. distributes top quality fresh truffles to Italy and to eager patrons around the world. Their care in the selection and processing the best raw materials, their love and respect for their territory and their passionate experience in the “world” of truffles has made Appennino Food S.p.A. a reference point in the international food industry and a go-to for the most renowned Italian and international restaurants around the world.


Truffle Salt Black truffles are used in both our 5% and 10% concentration Italian truffle salts. Once this product comes in contact with any moisture, the flavor blooms! You’ll quickly find yourself using it in all of your dishes and it will surely become a staple in your pantry. Available in both Black and White truffle flavor. Available in 3.5 oz, 2.2 Lb & 27.5 Lb.

Black Truffle Salt

Black Truffle Salt

2.2 Lb in 5% — 256 - 2

5% Bucket 27.5 Lb — 256 - 3

2.2 Lb in 10% — 257 - 2

10% Bucket 27.5 Lb — 257 - 3

Black/White Truffle Salt

Black/White Truffle Salt

2.2 Lb — 258 - 2

27.5 Lb — 258 - 3

2.2 Lb — 255 - 2

27.5 Lb — 255 - 3


All our truffle salts are KOSHER

X SELEZIONE TARTUFI & D DALLA TERRA Truffle Juice, Truffle Peelings & Truffle Carpaccio Perfect for foodservice needs, made with quality Italian Aestivum truffles. The carpaccio comes in sunflower seed oil while the peelings come in brine. Also available are Italian whole black summer truffles (all around 1 oz size and only Italian summer truffles). Dash it on pasta, sprinkle it on prosciutto, or garnish on soups.

The possibilities are endless!

“Selezione Tartufi”

“Selezione Tartufi”

“Selezione Tartufi”

“D Dalla Terra”

“D Dalla Terra”

“D Dalla Terra”

12.3 oz — 251 - X

12.3 oz — 243 - X

12.3 oz — 241 - X

12.3 oz — 272 - X

12.3 oz — 273 - X

12.3 oz — 271 - X

Truffle Carpaccio

Truffle Peelings

Truffle Carpaccio

Truffle Peelings

Ask us for our special DEMO PROGRAMS, B2B projects, label design and private labels, train the trainer and educational trips to Italy! 13


Truffle Juice

Truffle Juice



“Selezione Tartufi” 8.8 fl oz

“D Dalla Terra” 8.8 fl oz

“Trentasette Collection” 8.8 fl oz

White Truffle Oil — 201 - 1

White Truffle Oil — 210 - 1

White Truffle Oil — 261 - 1

Black Truffle Oil — 205 - 1

Black Truffle Oil — 211 - 1

Black Truffle Oil — 265 - 1

White Truffle Sunflower Seed Oil — 204 - 1

White Truffle Sunflower Seed Oil — 213 - 1

Porcini Oil — 202 - 1

Porcini Oil — 212 - 1

“Selezione Tartufi” 2.1 fl oz

“D Dalla Terra” 2.1 fl oz

White Truffle Oil — 201 - 0

White Truffle Oil — 210 - 0

Black Truffle Oil — 205 - 0

Black Truffle Oil — 211 - 0

White Truffle Sunflower Seed Oil — 204 - 0

White Truffle Sunflower Seed Oil — 213 - 0

Porcini Oil — 202 - 0

Porcini Oil — 212 - 0 14

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Olive oil, a cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet, offers essential nutritional benefits. It is rich in fatty acids and its consumption is associated with a better cardiovascular system and less risk of certain illnesses. Under a culinary point of view, olive oil can enhance any dish, from beginning to end. You can chose it to sautĂŠ or marinade, brown, fry, stirfry, or you can add it as a finishing touch to any meal. To maximize the result of most fresh recipes, the key to elevating the flavor is using a very distinct finishing oil with characteristics that will enhance and complement the dish you are preparing. Olive oil should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place, away from light and heat.








The bountiful Planeta olive grove covers an estate of 98 hectares in the Caparrina district in Menfi, Sicily. Planeta’s decision to dedicate this land to olives was an homage to tradition and vocation of the territory, to carefully preserve the fertile landscape while creating employment opportunities. The olive harvest takes place in early October: the olives are picked manually and processed within a few hours at the press right in the center of the grove to ensure the best results in terms of taste and acidity. Planeta’s continuous research into quality is consistently recognized with important prizes won in important international contests, emerging in a short time as one of the benchmarks of quality for extra virgin olive oil.



Extra Virgin Olive Oil D.O.P. Val Di Mazara

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tradizionale D.O.P. Val Di Mazara

5 liters — 510 - 3

16.9 fl oz — 510 - 1 16

SANTA TEA Outstanding extra virgin olive oil from green or black olives. Produced in a Tuscan mill since the XV century, in an area well known since the Etruscan age for its wonderful microclimate, leading to a mild and noble olive oil. The original mill was built in 1426, under Cosimo de' Medici, the grandfather of Lorenzo the Magnificent. The Oil Mill is named after the adjacent chapel dedicated to St. Tea, whose cult has spread through many parts of the early Christian world and has expanded in our area since the Byzantine-Gothic period. Today, the Santa Téa is recognized for its quality and impeccable production process.

“Santa Tea”

“Santa Tea” EVOO Green Olives C PZAF500 — 6x17 fl oz


EVOO Black Olives C PZAD500 — 6x17 fl oz



ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25.4 fl oz—516 - 1


Over thousands of years, olive oil has been a subject of passion and intrigue. There are many different olive varieties or olives, each with a particular flavor, texture, and shelf life that make them more or less suitable for different uses. Our special selection of Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers the USDA organic certification as well as a Kosher certification. Bottled right outside of Florence, Trentasette Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a testament to Italy’s beautiful rustic cuisine. Its full flavor and wonderful balance are characteristics you will find year after year. This consistency is due to the meticulous growing and selection of organic olives. Its beautiful rustic bottle also comes with an extra spout attached to it for perfect pouring every time. Use this fruity, yet bold olive oil in dressings, over roasted vegetables, meats, richer fish and stirred into bean or other hearty soups.

ART Organic

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Reusable ceramic bottle. 17 fl oz – 521 - 1

Who says that good can’t also be fun? This unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil is fruity with hints of herbs and a slightly bitter finish. It was developed with our trusted artisan producers from Southern Italy. Excellent drizzled over roasted vegetables, grilled meats and soups. The beauty of the bottle, both inside and out, will surely be a conversation starter at any table.




Italian Products is committed to explore all the corners of Italy to discover the most distinctive manufacturers. Gradassi comes from Umbria, a land appreciated for its mild olive oils and the production of truffles, farro and cold cuts. A genuine, healthy, wholesome and delicious produce, this oil is not only a condiment but a precious ally for our health. Rich in anti-oxidants, extra virgin olive oil ought to be used daily in order to contrast the free radicals and hence ageing. The collection we present is high quality: bring out 400 years of history in a bottle!

From the sunny region of Apulia, come delicious fruits, aromatic herbs and flavorful olive oils. Award winning Galantino, crushes each aroma of oil with its fresh ingredients, for an amazing selection of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Sorella Luna - 6x17 fl oz — 587-1

A Beautiful Oil for Beautiful People 12x17 fl oz — 589-1

Fratello Sole - 6x17 fl oz — 588-1




12x8.5 fl oz — 1807

12x8.5 fl oz — 1810



12x8.5 fl oz — 1808

12x8.5 fl oz — 1813



12x8.5 fl oz — 1812

12x8.5 fl oz — 1814


Terre Francescane Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For a complete list of flavors, please see price list



Riso Vignola is a manufacturer of fine Italian rices, recognized on a global scale and appreciated in all markets. Established in 1880 this small family business processed cereal crops in Balzola, a lovely village situated in the Po Valley, bordering the provinces of Alessandria and Vercelli. Over the years, five generations of the Vignola family gradually transformed their old mill into a modern facility, refining the finest varieties of rice. Now, after more than a century, Giovanni Vignola, the current heir to the Vignola name, continues the family's quest for perfection, managing the delicate balance of traditional rice refining and modern techniques. He ensures that all varieties of Vignola Rice are selected with care and kept perfectly fresh, retaining their natural fragrance and unmistakable quality as a first-class, 100% genuine Italian product.

About Rice: Arborio, Carnaroli and Vialone Nano are short-grain rices with a high starch content, native to the Piedmont and Lombardy regions in Northern Italy. Carnaroli grows nearly twice as tall as either Arborio or Vialone Nano, making it extremely difficult to harvest (it must be collected as soon as it matures, before the heavy grain falls over from its own weight!) and is therefore very expensive. Vialone Nano is every Venetian chef's choice for risotto, probably since it is widely grown in that area and also produces the desirable all'onda (wavy) texture.

Arborio Rice

Carnaroli Rice

Arborio is an Italian short-grain rice named after the city of Arborio, where it is still grown. These rounded grains present a pronounced indentation and when cooked offer a firm, creamy, and chewy texture, due to their high starch content. A classic element in Italian cuisine, it is superb as risotto and useful for all your Arborio Rice cooking needs.

Carnaroli, the “King of Italian rices” is a short-grain rice, grown in the Pavia, Novara and Vercelli areas of Italy. It has a small pearl in the middle and has a higher starch content than Arborio, resulting in a lush, velvety risotto. It has a high-absorption capacity, calling for a longer cooking process, naturally making it quite creamy and flavorful.

Arborio Rice

Arborio Rice

Carnaroli Rice

Carnaroli Rice

2.2 Lb — 604 - X

2.2 Lb — 604 - 1

2.2 Lb — 605 - X

2.2 Lb — 605- 1


TRENTASETTE COLLECTION AND ANTICA RISERIA VIGNOLA Vialone Nano Rice Variety developed from a hybridization between Vialone and Nano rice, so named for the reduced height of the plant (nano means dwarf in Italian). It presents a darker round and medium grain that is pearly in the middle with a pronounced indentation. It is grown around the romantic Verona area. With its high absorption capacity, it releases the most starch for creaminess, making it a perfect base for a sophisticated risotto or any rice dish you wish to prepare.

Organic Arborio & Carnaroli Rice

Arborio Organic Biochicco Rice

Carnaroli Organic Biochicco Rice

2.2 Lb — 604 - OR

2.2 Lb — 605 - OR

Vialone Nano Rice

Black Venere Rice

Farro Grains

The prized Black Venere Rice is known for its beautiful, deep purple-black color and delicate nutty flavor. It is rich in essential amino acids, fiber, Phosphorus and Vitamin B5. It is also full of minerals like calcium, iron, zinc and selenium. Named after the Goddess of Love, it was considered to be a potent aphrodisiac. It is a wonderful base in rice salads, soups and as an accompaniment to meats and seafood.

Farro is a delicious and nutritious wheat grain, as well as incredibly easy to cook! This hearty grain was a mainstay in the daily diet of ancient Romans. Packed with vitamins, Farro has fewer calories per serving than brown rice or quinoa, is higher in fiber than both, and has about as much protein as quinoa. Delicious either hot or cold. Also Kosher. Black Venere Rice

Farro Grains

2.2 Lb — 610 - X

2.2 Lb — 613 - 1 11 Lb — 613 - 2 21


2.2 Lb — 606 - X



Filotea Egg Pasta

Lasagne Vincigrassi

Filotea Egg Pasta

Filotea Egg Pasta


Senatore Cappelli

8.8 oz — 6002

8.8 oz — 6010



Spaghetti length pasta, flat in shape. Ideally used for fish sauces or with “Trentasette” pesto sauces.

Durum wheat semolina with a low content of gluten, but rich in minerals and vitamins. Ideal with meat sauces.

Filotea Egg Pasta

Special Flours Line


Whole Wheat Fettuccine

8.8 oz — 6009

LASAGNA just like freshly made from scratch! Making a lasagna was never this easy and delicious. No need to pre-cook!

8.8 oz — 6003

8.8 oz — 6012

Flat pasta, less than 0.04 inches thick. Goes well with a cream sauces as well as fish or seafood.

Filotea Egg Pasta

Spaghetti alla Chitarra 8.8 oz — 6001 COOKING TIME 3 min


Square type pasta. Goes well with meat or fish sauces.




Whole-wheat pasta, excellent source of fiber, it perfectly matches with white sauces.

Filotea Egg Pasta

Special Flours Line


Farro Fettuccine

8.8 oz — 6004

8.8 oz — 6011



A pasta almost double the width of the Tagliatelle. The “wildest” of the cuts and pairs excellently with game meats.

Pasta made with spelt flour, source of fiber. It goes well with homemade meat or vegetable sauces.

Filotea Egg Pasta

Filotea Egg Pasta

Fettuccine with Spinach

Spaghetti Black Squid Ink

8.8 oz — 6005

8.8 oz — 6006



This cut has real spinach in the dough for a beautiful color and wonderful taste. Delicious with vegetable sauces or just olive oil and Parmigiano Reggiano. As the spinach is natural, color can fade slightly if exposed to light for a long time.

The Spaghetti dough is colored and flavored by squid ink which gives it a beautiful, deep black color and the flavor of the sea. Ideal for seafood or fish sauces or just with olive oil and grated bottarga.

Filotea Egg Pasta Nests*

Filotea Egg Pasta Nests*

Filotea Egg Nests*

Filotea Egg Pasta Nests*


Spaghetti alla Chitarra



8.8 oz — 6020

8.8 oz — 6021

8.8 oz — 6022

8.8 oz — 6023





Spaghetti length pasta, flat in shape. Ideally used for fish sauces or with “Trentasette” pesto sauces.

Square type pasta. Goes well with meat or fish sauces.

Flat pasta, less than 0.04 inches thick. Goes well with cream sauces as well as fish or seafood.

A pasta almost double the width of the Tagliatella. The “wildest” of the cuts and pairs excellently with game.

*Rough texture and folded into 4 nests, about 2 oz each.




PASTA SBIROLI Zest for life? Then Pasta Sbiroli for your table! Traditional and special cuts will add a panache to any shelf. Manufactured in Apulia region, made only with local genuine ingredients, this gourmet pasta features durum wheat flour shaped in high quality bronze die cuts. Enjoy short, long and colorful collections!

Paccheri Rigati

Eliche Giganti

Conchiglioni Giganti

12x1.1 Lb — 1790

12x1.1 Lb — 1791

12x1.1 Lb — 1793

Orecchiette Arso Grains


12x1.1 Lb — 1792


Riccia cm 52

Zitoni cm 52

Vermicelloni cm 52

12x1.1 Lb — 1794

12x1.1 Lb — 1795

12x1.1 Lb — 1796

PASTA SBIROLI Sbiroli naturally flavored pasta comes from Bari, the capital of Puglia region. Preserving the secrets of a noble culinary traditions, this beautiful pasta is pleasing to all of your senses, providing a gourmet experience for any palate and any plate! AVAILABLE PRODUCTS: Squid Ink Linguine 12x8.8 oz— 1780

Garlic & Basil Linguine 12x8.8 oz — 1781

Lemon & Pepper Linguine 12x8.8 oz — 1782

Truffle Linguine 12x8.8 oz — 1783

12x8.8 oz — 1784

Peperoncino Linguine 12x8.8 oz — 1785

Olives Linguine 12x8.8 oz — 1786

25 25


Porcini Mushroom Linguine

PASTA LIGUORI Pasta Liguori is the first IGP in Europe, with unmatched quality features, awarded with the name of Pasta di Gragnano IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) in 2013, the first plant to obtain this certification. Hailing from the Campania region of Italy, the Liguori pasta factory was founded in 1795. The flavor cannot be explained: taste it. We guarantee love at first bite.


Paccheri di Gragnano

12 x 1.1 Lb — 11005

12 x 1.1 Lb — 11000

12 x 1.1 Lb — 11007


Nidi Fettuccine




In the Apulian Region, this crunchy bread snack is a must-have for every pantry, for the expert entertainer as well as the sophisticated snacker craving for the best flavor! Our manufacturer of choice uses only local ingredients and the result is a perfectly crunchy, flavorful Taralli.

Faithful to an ancient recipe of Piemonte Region, these traditional light and flavorful grissini are made by hand, using all natural ingredients with absolutely no additives. Light, crisp and addictive! These long beautiful breadsticks are gorgeous on any tablescape and just so good! A must have! Available selections: EVOO & Olive

Tarallini Classic C PZ50 — 24x8.1 oz Fennel Seeds C PZ51 — 24x8.1 oz Pesto Taste C PZ54 — 24x8.1 oz Onion C PZ55 — 24x8.1 oz

Bulk Taralli Amazing baked product, flaky and genuine! Made using 30% extra virgin olive oil and wine, according to the most authentic Apulian recipe.




6.6 Lb per case — 25051

6.6 Lb per case — 25050

12x7.05 oz — 25061


EVOO 12x7.05 oz — 25060


Chocoralli C PZ66 — 20x2.8 oz

CASTELLINO ANTIPASTO & OLIVES The Castellino story began in 1963 when the Sicilian Vincenzo Lombardo, started to produce liqueurs in the basement of his home in Rome. In 1979, when Vincenzo was asked by a childhood friend if he wanted to start selling olives with him. Vincenzo was an expert agronomist, which benefited his new traditional antipasto plant, converted from his previous factory. Soon, the new burgeoning Castellino offered high quality olive and vegetable products while adhering to traditional Italian cuisine. After Vincenzo’s retirement, his son Francesco took the reins, and developed their production to include new unique antipasti, improved the packaging and adopted modern technologies.

Cipolline 6.5 oz— TD2234

Grilled Borettane Onions. These tasty small onions come from Northern Italy. They are first roasted and then grilled, to bring out the distinctive sweet flavor and crunchy texture, which makes them a perfect pairing for meat dishes or cheese.


Today the Castellino brand includes more than 100 Italian recipes, created by their chef, who constantly develops new ideas together with their partners all over the world. Bell Pepper Bruschetta

Olive Bruschetta

6.5 oz— TD2233

6.5 oz— TD2232

First cut and then blended into a thick consistency, the fresh peppers are carefully harvested and selected as the cream of their crop. Rich in flavor ideal for any bread, focaccia and pizza topping.

Made from green and black Leccino olives. First cut and then blended into a thick consistency. Rich in flavor ideal for any bread, focaccia and pizza topping.



“Mix Italia” Olives

Grilled Olives

Grilled Artichoke Halves

6.5 oz— TD2230

6.5 oz— TD2229

6.5 oz— TD2228

A fine selection of Italian green and black Leccino olives marinated with flavorful red and yellow pepper. Mixed with rosemary and garlic, this ready to serve dish is ideal as an appetizer or an ingredient to any recipe.

Selected and desalted, these pitted large green olives are slowly oven -roasted and grilled according to traditional Italian cuisine. Once grilled, the olives are marinated with pepper cubes and a touch of parsley, giving a perfect blend of harmonized flavors.

Harvested from the sunny countryside of the southern Italian region of Apulia, these violetto artichokes are immediately hand defoliated and briefly boiled to give a firm consistency. The cooking procedes into a slow roast, which allows the artichokes to lose the excess moisture and reach a crunchy texture. Lastly they are grilled with the typical Italian grill method which leaves a characteristic black line on their leaves. The final result is a rustic smoky flavor.






“Our culinary philosophy is to give the greatest care to the selection of raw materials, rigorously chosen with special attention given to fresh vegetables, herbs and spices. The same consideration is given to the preservation of our products; no colorings or chemical preservatives are ever used. We have also chosen to pursue the path of renewable energy in order to support and strengthen the production. At the beginning of 2009, we installed a clean power plant that supplies our production system. This enables us to be nearly self-sufficient energy-wise, especially during the summer months, under the bountiful sun. We will soon be feeding clean energy back into the national grid”.

Italian Basil Pesto (Genovese Pesto) 6.35 oz— 0116

A classic staple in the Italian pantry, the Genovese pesto is made with delicious basil and olive oil. Serving Suggestions: Toss this aromatic sauce with our Filotea Egg Linguine or Spaghetti alla Chitarra, use as a base for pizza or flatbread, or brush over grilled chicken or shrimp. The options are endless!

Our Trentasette Collections Producer


Black Olive Pâté 6.35 oz — 0055

6.35 oz — 0109

Made from Sicilian sundried tomatoes and one of our most popular sauces, this pesto is now enhanced with black truffles, giving an instant success! Serving Suggestions: Perfect as a bruschetta mix, for tapenades, pasta sauce, on vegetables, topping meats, carpaccio and even for fish. Also a great addition to your fondue sauce selections. This pesto is simply perfect for anything!

Made from the highest quality of Tuscan black olives, this smooth pâté comes from a famous family recipe. Serving Suggestions: Use this slightly sweet, rich, black olive pâté on crostini with fresh mozzarella, as a spread for panini or in a dressing for caprese. Also great for bread filling, stuffed chicken breast and for fish.

Cream of Peppers & Eggplant

Truffle Pesto (Genovese Pesto with Truffles)

6.35 oz — 0093

6.35 oz — 0079

Made from the finest red bell peppers and eggplant found under the Sicilian sun, this smooth and creamy pâté makes a perfect pasta sauce, tapenade or bruschetta spread. One of our best sellers and you will discover why! Serving Suggestions: Use it on pastas, bruschetta, and grilled meats. Perfect on crackers for a snack or serve 30 with cheese as an appetizer.

How do you make a classic even better? Add truffles. This savory favorite has been made even more perfect by the addition of black summer truffles to create one of our tastiest and best selling products. Serving Suggestions: Simply perfect for pastas, bruschetta, meat or fish. This sauce will make your taste buds go wild and have you coming back for more!



Red Pesto Sauce with Truffles



Traditional organic and vegan sauces from Sicily. Made from the sweetest Sicilian Cherry tomatos and prepared with the local ingredients, these typical Italian “sughi” are ideal for any pasta! Ready to use, “Piccantello” presents a lightly spiced and unique profile, with a mix of sweetness and peperoncino. The Capers and Olive Sauce brings out a typical Mediterranean flavor and the Cherry Tomato sauce “Cigliegino” is a rare delight for any cooking enthusiast.

“Alicos” Organic Cherry Tomato Sauce

“Alicos” Organic Tomato & Peperoncino

“Alicos” Tomato Sauce Cappers & Olives

11.64 oz — PZ-3700

12.35 oz — PZ-7920

12.35 oz — PZ-8310



Tomato & basil sauce Single Portion

Arrabbiata sauce Single Portion

Napoletana sauce Single Portion

4.2 oz — TD909

4.2 oz — TD908

4.2 oz — TD910

The simple recipe made from tomatoes, onion, basil and extra virgin olive oil, where the fragrance of basil transports you to an Italian summer garden!

Onion, garlic, parsley, and a pinch of hot pepper; these are the simple ingredients used in this sauce, that give a spicy expression to juicy red tomatoes.

From the Vesuvius to your table, an explosion of tomato, garlic, olive oil, and oregano! All the “Dolce Vita” in a jar.



Althea was established in 1932 by two brothers from the well-known Bertozzi family of Parma. Legend says the company was named after a wild flower called "Althea Officinalis" that was picked by Carlo Bertozzi. The name and the symbol of Althea became the two cornerstones of the new company's philosophy. Althea was the first to launch a “ready-to-use” sauce in Italian cooking in 1937, soon becoming a household name all over the nation. Holder of many quality certifications, Althea is committed to use the fresh ingredients available, delivering consistent, delicious results to its commercial partners.Our single portion amphoras of Althea sauces, present a unique and distinctive taste as smooth as the packaging they come with! For individuals looking just for the right amount or for families with different preferences, there is an Althea for all...



Finagricola is a cooperative made up of 12 partners and a production capacity of 24 farms situated near the Neapolitan gulf. It represents one of the most important realities of the national produce sector and thanks to its crops, it has a leadership position in this field. The estate extends for 300 hectares. From sowing to harvesting, each plant is treated with care and passion in the best of processing conditions in order to guarantee the optimal taste. Situated in a particularly favorable geographical position (Piana del Sole - province of Salerno), Finagricola produces and packs these delicious and unique or one of a kind date shaped tomatoes.

Yellow Datterino Jarred Date Tomatoes, whole, peeled, in juice

Red Datterino Jarred Date Tomatoes, whole, peeled, in juice

12.35 oz — 531 - 1

12.35 oz — 533 - 1

Yellow / Red Datterino Packed in Datterino Juice

Reviewed by The Wall Street Journal/ as the most “fresh and bright”. Finalist of the 2014 Edition of the Sofi Awards

“Datterino” is a small oblong tomato, appreciated for its natural exclusive sweet taste. Vertically grown, it is harvested by hand and packed within 24 hours time in order to ensure quality. These yellow, and red datterinos are packed whole with their own juice. The most sophisticated consumer's expectations will be met and surpassed by these flavorful products. 34

COSÌ COM’È Get ready to be wowed! Our Yellow Ketchup and sweet BBQ sauce will add an Italian twist on an American classic. Only 100% Italian sweet, sun ripe yellow datterino tomatoes (SOFI silver award in 2014) from the Campania region: a new distinctive taste for your international gourmet pantry.



6x13.05 oz — 590-0

6x13.05 oz — 591-0

The same red datterino tomato quality in a more resistant and economical package. Ideal solution for food establishments.

Red Datterino Tomatoes Tin can

Yellow Datterino Tomatoes Tin can

14.10 oz — 535 - 2

14.10 oz — 536 - 2

Whole Red Datterino Tomatoes in juice


Whole Yellow Datterino Tomatoes in juice


Red & Yellow Datterino—Tin can

ITALIAN MEAT SAUCES In 1934, Amerigo and Agnese opened the doors of their trattoria in the Samoggia Valley (nestled between Bologna and Modena), taking the path to become the quintessence of Italian cuisine and inspiration. In the steamy kitchen, Agnese would prepare culinary delights with fresh ingredients that Amerigo was able to procure for her. A simple yet tasty cuisine has characterized the trattoria, even today where, after three generations, they are awarded by many customers and gastronomic guides alike. More than 70 years later, our jars deliver to American palates the genuine experience of Amerigo and Agnese and their delicious, authentic sauces. Driven by passion, respect for seasonal products and local raw materials, Amerigo Sauces brings the antique taste of Emilia-Romagna farmhouses to your table: flavors of old good, healthy and scrumptous sauces.



This sauce is made according to the traditional recipe of Bologna. This traditional recipe for the most famous Italian sauce in the world is, for sure, the favorite of all Bolognese families. Its richness is the result of a long cooking process which gives this sauce a distinctive and unique taste.



Tomato sauce with Porcini Mushrooms

7.05 oz — TD10009

7.05 oz — TD10024

This is a sauce made with tomatoes from Emilia Romagna region and a selection of Emilian ham. To add an unmistakable touch, Amerigo incorporated the famous golden onion from Medicina (a small village near Bologna), which is a source of pride for the region. The light spicy flavor of the onion evens out the taste of the meat. The sweet and balanced Cervia sea salt completes the preparation and symbolizes the traditional Emilian cuisine.

The woods and forest around Bologna have an abundance ot tasty porcini mushrooms. Amerigo captured their flavors in this earthy pasta sauce.

Pancetta & Onion Tomato Sauce

Sausage & Onion Tomato sauce

7.05 oz — TD10004

7.05 oz— TD10020

This sauce is a creation of tomatoes from Emilia, some pancetta (Italian bacon) from Modena and once again the Medicina golden onion: a local variety coming together into this Bolognese dish. The result is a balanced, rich and savory sauce, and of course consistent with our cooking traditions.

This sauce is prepared with the local tomato puree “passata” and characterized by a balance between acidity and sweetness. The presence of the Medicina golden onion adds to the sauce spice and personality. The recipe is completed by the smooth Romagna extra virgin olive oil and Cervia sea salt: two exquisite local ingredients for a product tightly linked to Emilia Romagna region's spirit.

Friggione Bolognese Tomato and Onion Sauce Classic Recipe 9.52 oz — TD10023

This is a sauce made from tomatoes, onions and extra virgin olive oil. The sauce has always been present on the tables of Bolognese farmers and landowners. The tradition says that there should always be a pot of “Frigione” boiling on the stove. 37


Prosciutto & Onion Tomato sauce

SOSALT Sea Salt is rich in minerals, excellent for all cooking uses and perfect for table use. Fine and Coarse sea salts are rich in valuable elements such as magnesium, iodine and potassium which give them a great taste. It also provides good skin care, improved dental health, relief from muscle cramps, and plays a key role in maintaining acid and alkaline ratio within the body.





Coarse — 267 - 2

Fine — 268 - 2

Fine Ionized — 269 - 2

Sea Salt Crystal — 264 - 2

Natural Sea Salt in 2.2 Lb Box

Natural Sea Salt in 2.2 Lb Box

Natural Sea Salt in 2.2 Lb Box

Natural Sea Salt Crystals in 2.2 Lb Box

Fine & Coarse Sea Salt

Salt Tablet

This salt has the perfect amount of brininess, balanced with the flavor of minerals naturally imparted from the Mediterranean. Perfect for seasoning cooking water or adding flavor to your favorite dish, the coarse version can be used in a grinder or in the naturally large crystals for decoration and the fine as your everyday salt.

1 tablet per 1 quart of water for perfect saltiness. Finally there is no problem with under or over-salting, anyone can achieve the perfect balance! Both for restaurant and home chefs.


Fine Iodized Sea Salt Iodized Sea Salt is crucial for the most important functions of the body, such as enabling the thyroid to operate more efficiently. Iodine is an essential mineral to the human body and using sea salt enriched with Iodine for your cooking needs assists in filling your body’s daily need for this necessary and extremely beneficial element.


Salt tablets for perfect measuring 22 Lb — 263 - 3 38

IL MONDO DI LAURA An experienced globetrotter and pastry connoisseur, Laura Raccah created a selection
 of handmade cookies with first class ingredients from all over the world. Creative flavors
is what defines these natural kosher treats. Il Mondo di Laura (Laura’s world) is the perfect synthesis of our motto: artisan tradition and epicurean innovation!

“Giuly” Cookies Chocolate & Vanilla

“Candy Spice” Cookies Cinnamon & Sugar Cane

12x4.6 oz — 25012

“Raggi di Sole” Cookies Oatmeal & Raisin

“Pepita” Cookies Cocoa, Chocolate & Himalayan Salt

12x4.6 oz — 25013

12x4.6 oz — 25011



12x4.6 oz — 25010


PANFORTE Panforte is a dense, sweet cake from Siena, with origins dating back to the Age of Crusades. Knights and men-at-arms, on their arduous journey to the East, relied on these nutritious cakes full of nuts and honey for their survival. These cakes were so delicious that they have since then been produced as a mouth-watering treat, perfect as a finishing dessert or as a special, elegant gift. Panforte is made from all-natural, healthy ingredients such as dried fruit, honey and nuts. Many variations of the original recipe have been established, although debates continue as to which type is the tastiest! They are easily paired with a dessert wine or with a sharp cheese. However, a new trend is incorporating this sweet into a multitude of dishes, salads, cheese trays, filets, and even bacon-wrapped chicken. We also recommend eating them on their own!

FEATURED IN 2015 Oprah’s Favorite Things! TRIO PANFORTE MARABISSI 1.54 lb — 120 - 0

fig & walnut 3.5 oz, torta cioccolato 8.8 oz, margherita 12.35 oz

Panforte is now available in tasting size and perfect cheese pairings! 12x7.05 oz 117-0 Margherita, 118-0 Fig & Walnut, 119-0 Cherries & peperoncino



Torta di Siena al Cioccolato

Panforte Margherita

Panforte Fig & Walnuts

8.8 oz — 104 - 0

12.35 oz — 102 - 1/2

3.5 oz — 106

12.35 oz — 104 - 1/2

11 Lb — 102 - 2

12.35 oz — 106 - 1/2 11 Lb — 106 - 2

11 Lb — 104 - 2

Named after the Queen of Italy, the Margherita is one of the most traditional types of panforte. One bite and your taste buds will be transported to historical Siena! Great for cheese platters & desserts. Ingredients: Almonds, sugar, candied citron, candied orange, flour, honey, spices.

Featuring Italy’s finest figs, walnuts, honey & spices. It is a perfect addition to cheese platters, toasted in salads or with meats. Great for desserts! Ingredients: Dried figs, walnuts, sugar, flour, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg.


Enriched with cocoa, candied cherries, citron and finished with a thick layer of dark chocolate. Wonderful for decadent desserts or as an elegant side to ice cream or sorbet. Ingredients: Almonds, sugar, hazelnuts, candied fruit, wheat flour, honey, cocoa powder, spices.

Also available on special order:

Panforte Nero, Panpepato, Dates & Almonds, Cherry & Peperoncino 41



Try the amazing fruits of Sicily! Scyavuru is a young company with a passion for tradional recipes and authentic taste. The name is a dialect term referring to sensing the smell, the flavor, and the essence of fruits, captured by the manufacturers from their island for your customers’ table. An elegant packaging matches the tasteful quality of the products.

Sicilian Apricot Jam

Black Fig Jam

Sicilian Onion Jam

12x8.8 oz — 550 - 1

12x8.8 oz — 551 - 1

12x8.8 oz — 552 - 1

Sicilian White Peach Jam

Sicilian Strawberry Jam

Sicilian Orange Marmalade

12x8.8 oz — 554 - 1

12x8.8 oz — 555 - 1

Green Tomato

12x8.8 oz — 553 - 1

12x8.8 oz — 557-1

Actual labels are in English and in accordance with FDA regulations.



Red Tomato 12x8.8 oz — 556-1

SCYAVURU ORGANIC We are pleased to expand the line of Scyavuru jams, now to incude an in demand organic selection. What can we say? A success story for our Sicilian team, able to jar the amazing flavors of their enchanted island!

Organic Peach Jam

12x8.8 oz — 590-1

12x8.8 oz — 592-1

Organic Blueberry Jam

Organic Cherry Jam

12x8.8 oz — 597-1

12x8.8 oz — 594-1


Organic Strawberry Jam


VINCENTE NUT CREAMS Go nuts! Made from the highest quality ingredients from Bronte, a PDO area for Pistachios in Sicily, we proudly present the most amazing line of nut creams. So smooth, so lush in texture and so amazingly good, they will excite any breakfast or tea time. Made in the three versatile flavors of almonds, pistachios, & hazelnuts.


From the PDO area for Pistachios in Sicily, Bronte, we get the most amazing line of creams. So smooth, so lush in texture and so amazingly good - you just cannot stop eating them. Almonds, pistachios & hazelnuts, three of the most versatile creams you can have. Don’t be surprised if you end up finishing the jar straight off a spoon!

Sicilian Almond Cream

Sicilian Pistachio Cream

Sicilian Hazelnut Cream

6x7.05 oz — 573 - 1

6x7.05 oz — 574 - 1

6x7.05 oz — 575 - 1


CAFFÈ CORSINI Caffe Corsini is located in Tuscany, but its blends are sourced fromall over the world, to secure the best coffee experience! The compatible capsules offer all the pleasure of an exotic coffee in an instant.

All Nespresso® compatible.

Caffé Columbia

Caffé Kenya

Caffé Brasil

10x1.8 oz — 0733

10x1.8 oz — 0732

10x1.8 oz — 0731

10x1.8 — 0730


Caffé San Salvador


CAFFÈ DEL FARO Caffè del Faro is an innovative company founded by Angelo Sgariglia. Based in Marche Region of Italy, Caffè del Faro uses unparalleled quality beans, both Arabica and Robusta from different parts of the world. Gold Extra Bar A blend made up of the finest Arabica beans from central America, mixed with the most precious Robusta beans. A true connoisseurs’ product, it brews into a delicate, chocolateflavored, aromatic, full bodied and velvety espresso. Beans Origin: India, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala & Costa Rica

Ground Coffee


8.8 oz — 703 - 0

Espresso Italiano Made up of the best Brazilian Arabica and Indian Robusta, this blend which enriches your espresso with an exceptionally full-bodied taste and a long lasting foam. Beans Origin: Colombia, India & Brazil

Ground Coffee

Whole Beans

8.8 oz — 702 - 0

8.8 oz — 706 - 0

Suprema 100% Arabica A pure blend of the finest Arabica beans, gathered from different locations to give the best result: a unique espresso with an harmonious and flavorful taste with fragrant aroma. Beans Origin: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala & Ethiopia

Whole Beans

Ground Coffee

Whole Beans

8.8 oz — 707 - 0

8.8 oz — 704 - 0

8.8 oz — 705 - 0



“Coli Ceramic”

“Coli Ceramic”

“Coli Ceramic”

“Coli Ceramic”






Handle Pan with lid



Handle Bowl with lid


A perfect meal requires a perfect pot. Our new collection of hand-made, traditional ceramic cookware comes from Apulia, with designs dating back to the 1600s! Using an exclusive process, this pots are made of lead-free crystals ideal for a healthy cooking of the food, while preserving an amazing taste. They are suitable for cooking on flame, electric plate, oven, microwave.

Italian Products USA, Inc. 758 Lidgerwood Avenue Elizabeth, NJ 07202 O: +1 (201) 770-9130 F: +1 (201) 770-1551 E:

ITALIAN PRODUCTS 2017 General Catalog  
ITALIAN PRODUCTS 2017 General Catalog