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ZIGOZAGO2009…..Aworldoffabulousaccessories Zigozago is one of the new names in the world of kids’apparel and is specialized exclusively in children accessories. For children from 0 to 5 years Zigozago offers a wide range of highly original products, all truly unique in design and made with the greatest care. Central to all the Zigozago designs, be it the hats, scarves, bibs, carpets or sheets, is that every single item is created in Italy, with great love and attention and with the aim to make children smile. All objects are highly practical and made with first class materials but what really makes them stand out is their design. Simple, useful and playful … Simply beautiful!!

Collectionlook The emotions that Zigozago wants to trigger are happiness and amazement. This collection’s freshness is visible at the first glance, the items mould fantasy with creations that seem to be coming out from an imaginary world, making a lot of the daily objects really “special”. The collection is composed by 5 themes: BIBS - Bibs, beyond any doubt, are the heart of the Zigozago collection and embody everything that Zigozago stands for: great quality, first class materials, fantastic and highly original design, practicality but all that with a big smile!! SWEET DREAMS - To provide children with the right company during their sweetest and most beautiful dreams, Zigozago has developed a fabulous and playful line of bed-time accessories: sheets, blankets, sleeping bags, pyjamas, etc. BUBBLES - Bathing time is probably one of the most precious times with and for a child and what better way to make this even more enjoyable then with Zigozago’ s special line of bath and bathing accessories: children’s towels, robes in a variety of shapes and designs, bath objects organizers, etc… ONESIES & ROMPERS: Zigozago The BIDI BODI series of rompers has hidden under a t-shirt and the fantastic ply gorgeous.

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ACCESSORIES: Beautiful, funny and practical. The accessories of the collection use unique and funny shapes combined with bright and cheerful colours, with a high level practicality and always made of high quality materials. A must to have includes bags with changing pad, diapers’cases, baby wrappers, and many more ideas… ... ZIGOZAGO –Via Girardi, 4 – 27029 VIGEVANO (PV) –tel: 348-8515495 Fax: 0381-88875 WWW.ZIGOZAGO.IT

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