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The history begins in 1929 when the Tessitura Francesco Perego was founded for manufacturing home linen fabrics and garments cloths. More than 70 years later, the third generation of Perego’s continues this textile tradition, in the respect of past experiences but in conjunction with a constant innovation of technology and an attentive care of the quality. Passion and enthusiasm are the engines which drive us in the research of new fabrics and products and stimulate our creativity for new designs and colours. Today, Perego S.p.a. is one of the biggest textile companies in Europe and a leader manufacturer of Laundries and Hotels Linen Collections, Home Linen and Outdoor fabrics.

The quality of our products begins from the production process entirely followed inside our plants, from warping to weaving, pre-treatment and finishing, mercerization and hemming as a guarantee for our clients. The constant growth can be confirmed by more than 2000 customers. Plants, warehouses and offices built in two different units of 27000 m2 covered in a 63000 m2 of area, equipped with high technology system machines for a low environmental impact (UNI EN ISO 9002 certified).


The Hotel Collection has been studied for the International market and is destined to those particular hotels and restaurants who wish to give to their guests a charming hospitality made of style, elegance and quality. Natural fibres of cotton or linen, silky sateen cotton, Jacquard weaving, embroideries. The taste and the refinement of a “Made in Italy� linen collection.

Precious hemming, care of details, embroideries to personalize your linen.

A wide range of colours, fabrics and sizes can be coordinated to set up your tables, to dress your bed or bath rooms. High quality products where Jacquard patterns and precious waves are combined in a harmony of unique style and elegance. All products are tested for industrial washing to grant an excellent long-life performance.


Precious fabrics, all Jacquard woven and yarn dyed, vast range of patterns and colours are the characteristics of our Home Linen Collection. Classic and romantic, modern and with a contemporary interpretation of new tendences, all our weaves are the result of a constant research of style, colours and designs to create an unique line of products. Refined decorations to fully satisfy any need in terms of coordinating and personalising.


The growing demand for outdoor textile products has prompted Perego to commit even more intensely in this field, once again revealing its production skill and the ability to guarantee remarkable versatility in supplies and services.

Fabrics for outdoor awnings, garden furnitures, beach umbrellas and sunshades are realized with Dralon acr ylic fibres, yarn dyed colours, solid, chequered or Jacquard woven. Special finishing treatement, like Teflon of Dupont, give to our products the

guarantee for a correct resistance to atmospheric conditions, stains and mildew while maintaining a good look outdoor, in total compliance of international fire regulations. The elegance of the Italian taste in a large collection of patterns and colours.


For the table and the bed, for bath and kitchen, our Laundry Collection offers a line of products specifically studied and tested for industrial use, in respect of resistance, shrinkage, colourfastness and frequent maintenance. The whole production process made inside our plants, the choice of premium quality yarns, the use of Indanthrene colours and the attentive finishing operations ensure the highest performance standards and reliability. A constant dialogue with our customers allow us to develop new ideas and products, customizing their needs and planning common strategies aimed at optimizing supplies and total satisfaction among end users. A reach collection of colours and Jacquard designs, a careful quality control and a quick delivery service have made of Perego one of the preferred partner of the most important laundries in the world.  

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