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Tibetan singing bowls are ancient instruments, simple in appearance - they look like humble metal bowls - but capable of captivating sounds and having profound effects on the body and spirit. They are the instruments of monks, of meditation and of wellbeing. Their sounds replicate “om� vibrations and frequencies similar to those of our brain. They induce deep meditation, relaxation, a state of peace, clarity of mind, and insight. At Grotta Giusti you can discover their power and their effects in the unique surroundings of our grand natural thermal grotto. Your guide will be Professor Iuri Ricci, music therapist, multiinstrumentalist, composer, and master of these unique instruments, who has been studying the therapeutic benefits of sound for over twenty years. In the half-light and in the peace of the grotto, swathed in the warmth of the thermal lake, the sounds of the singing bowls make for a unique and captivating experience, as if you are listening to the voice of the earth itself. .

A group experience in the subterranean chambers of Grotta Giusti. In the warm embrace of the grotto’s thermal steam our Tibetan singing bowl concert will relax your body and mind as profoundly as possible. The sound of these ancient instruments, accompanied by the voice of the bowl master, will generate relaxation and stimulate the body's energy processes, freeing the mind from thoughts and relieving tension. The vaults in the rock amplify the effects of the sounds and vibrations and stimulate the body and mind.

Group session (min 4 persons)

40 mins â‚Ź 50,00 per person

Our Sound Bath is a group experience in the enchanting setting of our grand natural thermal grotto. As you lie down comfortably in the cocooning warmth of the thermal steam, you'll feel yourself relaxing more and more as you listen to the voice of the bowl master, before being enveloped in the sounds and vibrations of these ancient instruments. The effect of the richly harmonious sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls is one of wellbeing and relaxation, and you’ll feel stress and tension slipping away. Your legs will feel lighter, tension from the stomach and solar plexus will be released, your breathing will become deeper, stiffness in the shoulders and neck will be relieved, and your mind will be free from thoughts and stress.

Group session (min 4 persons)

40 mins â‚Ź 30,00 per person

Vibrating sounds that reach the heart: meditation with Tibetan singing bowls can be enjoyed as a group activity or in private sessions in the silence of the grotto, where the sound harmonises with the resonating chambers in the rock. The voice of the bowl master, accompanied by the sound emanating from the bowls, will guide you through visualisations and simple breathing exercises, helping you get in touch with your body and emotions. Through sound, meditation and deep breathing, energy is channelled to the chakras, our energy centres. The final part of this experience induces deep relaxation, to the sound of the Tibetan singing bowls.

Group session (min 4 persons) Individual session

40 mins â‚Ź 30,00 per person 40 mins â‚Ź 90,00 per person

A sound massage with Tibetan singing bowls is an individual treatment based on ancient rituals. In the muffled silence of the natural thermal grotto, the singing bowls are placed on the body on the chakras and are then gently played. They transmit vibrations and sound through the body, inducing deep relaxation and restoring your energy balance to a perfect state. Through the harmony of their sounds, they create a profound connection with your innermost being, keeping thoughts at bay, synchronising the cerebral hemispheres, and rebalancing your energy flow.

Individual session Couple session

40 mins â‚Ź 90,00 40 mins â‚Ź 150,00

Grotta Giusti is an historic spa hotel, housed in the 19th century villa of the family of the poet Giuseppe Giusti. It has been returned to its former splendour with restoration work that was both meticulous and respectful, preserving its beauty and making it shine once again with a new light. Its spectacular setting is a magnificent green and majestic park.

But the real jewel in Grotta Giusti's crown is its natural thermal grotto, the largest in Europe. Its rooms, carved out by water over thousands of years, contain natural thermal pools at different temperatures. Deep in the grotto is a subterranean thermal lake, motionless, warm and deep. In the spa, we have devised special circuits and some truly unique treatments for you.

ACCOMMODATION ✓ 3 Nights in Junior Suite ✓ 3 À la carte dinners ✓ Transfer EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCES ✓ Meditation with Tibetan bells in the thermal grotto ✓ Sound massage with Tibetan bells in the thermal grotto ✓ Thermal Yoga: yoga session in the thermal grotto ✓ Thermal heaven ritual: a specific work on head and feet stimulates peripheral nervous system and rebalances the whole organism PAMPERING AT THE NATURAL SPA ✓ Thermal pool at 34° C with waterfall ✓ Thermal Bioaquam Circuit with hydro massages ✓ Fitness walk with fitness trainer (Monday to Saturday) ✓ Fitness centre

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Spiritual sounds deep in the grotto  

Spiritual sounds deep in the grotto