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The word ‘summer’ conjures up a myriad of sensations. At Fonteverde, Bagni di Pisa and Grotta Giusti summer is like nowhere else in the world, filled with so many timeless wonders. Summer in Tuscany is the stuff of dreams, of childhood memories and our grandparents’ stories. There are deep blue skies, golden fields and hillsides dotted with cypress trees. There are roads winding through the countryside, the blue line of the sea on the horizon, the shade of the trees, their leaves whispering in the breeze. There are cool lanes among ancient houses in the Medieval villages, spectacular landscapes seen from the terraces, the enchantment of starlit nights. This year there’s s a further reason to come and visit Tuscany. We celebrate five hundred years since Leonardo da Vinci’s death, the great genius who was born close to Grotta Giusti. Come and discover what we have in store to pay homage to the great artist. Open your heart to Tuscany. She’s waiting.



Umberto Toscano, Executive Chef at Bagni di Pisa, was born into the best Mediterranean culinary tradition. The flavours of the land and our sea are the elements he uses to create his original dishes that are both amazing, and yet somehow always familiar. For spring he has made a pumpkin, lemon and scallop carpaccio risotto. It's a delicate risotto cooked with white wine, vegetable stock, shallot and pumpkin cream and diced pumpkin, and served with thinly sliced scallop, gently marinated with salt, oil and lemon zest.



Our bartender Francesco Iglio has dedicated a cocktail to the most multi-talented genius in history. “Magic Man� is an affectionate homage to the almost superhuman abilities of Leonardo da Vinci. Calvados, Galliano Balsamico liqueur, Solerno liqueur, lime juice, blackcurrant puree and Cape gooseberries all go into creating a delicate, fragrant cocktail which is unique in style.



The biggest awards in the wellness industry voted this year Fonteverde as Worldwide Health & Wellness Destination of the Year. Congratulations!

The Equilibrium programmes are an innovative approach to preventing and treating inflammation based on four pillars: nutrition, thermal treatments, anti-stress techniques, and physical exercise. The Equilibrium method includes treatment that is designed to “switch off” hyperactive stress and inflammation systems. The programme’s therapies and treatments have an immediate and coordinated effect on the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems, which result in weight loss, detox and anti-stress benefits. The Equilibrium Programme offers guests much more than momentary wellbeing. It provides a combination of therapies and learning that are designed to give followers the immediate benefit of treatment with the knowledge they need to begin a healthier new lifestyle with less exposure to stress factors. Discover our tailor made programmes THE EQUILIBRIUM PROGRAMMES



Grotta Giusti lies close to Vinci, birthplace of Leonardo, which this year celebrates five hundred years since the death of the great genius. In honour of Leonardo we have prepared a beauty treatment inspired by the most famous Lady in arts and a tasty dish in perfect Renaissance style.

MONNA LISA FACE TREATMENT Designed to recreate the delicate complexions of Renaissance portraits, this gentle cosmetic lifting treatment for face, neck and décolleté, is relaxing, toning and firming. Claudia, our Spa Manager, combines it with a nourishing, smoothing mask for the hands.


LEONARDO’S WHEELS This Renaissance-inspired recipe uses wheel-shaped pasta, like the magnificent mechanical projects dreamt up by the genius from Vinci, with a pesto of wild salad greens, Parmigiano Reggiano, hazelnuts, pinenuts and almonds, presented with a puree of pulses, garlic, sage and rosemary.


Here in Tuscany the spring and summer evenings are always wonderful. And our celebrations and events for guests make them even more delightful. At Fonteverde We call summer evenings “Spa Nights”: our thermal pool is open every Saturday evening between 7pm and midnight. Swim in the thermal pool, and revel in the Bioaquam and Etruscan circuits with sauna, stove and Turkish bath. At Bagni di Pisa You can savour starry summer evenings at one of our “Spa Night” parties on Thursdays and Saturdays (special themes: artisan beer and ice cream tasting). Between 8pm and midnight, take a dip in our thermal pools and whirlpools and experience the Grand Dukes’ grotto, sauna and Turkish bath. As you relax, enjoy the perfect accompaniment: our aperitifs with music, drinks, canapés and fresh fruit. From 8th June to 24th August you can dine under the stars in the magic corner of the Byron Court Restaurant. All nights à la carte dinner with meat grill and super fresh fish. Don’t miss our Mid-Summer Grand Gala Event at the Byron Court on 15th August with grand buffet and live music. At Grotta Giusti All the warmth of summer awaits you at our new “Spa Night” parties by the pool. Every Friday (21st June to 14th September) between 7pm and midnight, enjoy the restyled events with a swim beneath the stars in our large thermal pool, a bath in the thermal Bioaquam circuit with underwater whirlpool massage, drinks and lounge music. Special themed evenings are planned during the Summer, like the special Open Grotta Spa Nights with the exclusive thermal steam bath in the thermal cave. 7


Summer in Tuscany offers a host of experiences, with festivals featuring international artistes, country fairs, concerts and historic celebrations that take you back to the splendours of Medieval times and the Renaissance.


Bagni di Pisa

Grotta Giusti

The Micat in Vertice concerts In Siena, in the wonderful concert hall of Palazzo Chigi Saracini, the concert season of the Accademia Musicale Chigiana.

Lucca Antiques Market On 18th and 19th May

Leonardo da Vinci. “Alle origini del genio” Exhibition Organised in conjunction with the Uffizi Gallery, this exhibition on the Tuscan genius’s early years runs at the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Vinci until 15th October.

The Val d'Orcia traditional and organic produce market is in Pienza, in Piazza Galletti on the first Sunday of the month. The Crete Naturalia Market takes place in the centre of Asciano on the second Sunday of the month. The local farmers' market is in Siena in Piazza del Mercato every Friday morning until 3 p.m.

Forte dei Marmi Antiques Market In Piazza Dante, on 9th and 10th March and 13th and 14th April, a market with antiques, paintings, glassware. Bosch, Brueghel, Arcimboldo At Arsenali Repubblicani in Pisa until 26th May. The immersive technology provides visitors with a new take on the works of these artists.

Pinocchio's animals At Pisa, at the Graphic Design Antiques Markets Museum in Palazzo Lanfranchi, are held in Chiusi on the first from 1st March to 20th May, Sunday in the month, in Arezzo there is an exhibition of during the first weekend drawings by Filippo Sassoli of the month, in Montepulciano with images of the animals on the second weekend that Pinocchio meets on his of the month. adventures.


Leonardo da Vinci and Florence Until 24th June, Palazzo Vecchio plays host to an exhibition charting the relationship between Florence and Leonardo. Kandinsky color experience Montecatini Terme until 1st May In the Art Nouveau building of Terme Tamerici, an immersive exhibition, with virtual reality, projections and video mapping.


For business, for unforgettable occasions. Our historic residences are architectural jewels set in the lush Tuscan countryside. They were built centuries ago to host glittering occasions for the Grand Dukes of Tuscany and the European nobility. Their rooms and grounds have welcomed, hosted and entertained kings, queens, aristocrats and great artists. Today you can choose these beautiful, historic places for your most memorable occasions, be it for business events or to celebrate the most important day of your life. All the resorts are fully equipped for business meetings and events, with conference rooms and audio-visual technology. When it comes to weddings and special occasions, our hotels will make every single moment unforgettable. We will work with you on every detail of your event and provide you with our finest rooms, filled with frescoed ceilings, stained glass and sumptuous furnishings. We also organise receptions in our grounds, amid the wonders of Tuscan nature. We add our own special touch to true Italian hospitality, turning it from professionalism into passion.



Chia’s coastline has been nominated "Italy’s most beautiful beach" for two consecutive years by the Touring Club and Legambiente’s Guida Blu, a result that is quite simply extraordinary. Chia Laguna offers everything you need for you to enjoy your beautiful surroundings: relaxation and wellness in the natural spa, a wide choice of restaurants to taste traditional Sardinian cuisine, sports facilities for fitness in the open air or by the sea, exclusive after dinner entertainment. For kids and teens we offer the unique chance to learn and have fun in our football academies in collaboration with Juventus FC and the English Premier League, and for our youngest guests - and the young at heart - our friends Masha and the Bear are on hand to liven things up.

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Le Massif is a new concept in hospitality: two wonderful settings together that will show you the very best of Italian hospitality, with a host of services and special treats. It comprises a hotel, just a stone's throw away from Courmayeur's shopping streets, and La Loge du Massif higher up the mountain, right by the ski slopes. Family holidays are perfectly catered for, with all-inclusive formulas for children, with kids clubs and lots of activities. We will tempt your taste buds with the flavours of the mountains and our chefs' creations in the hotel's two restaurants and in the restaurant higher up, which is surrounded by a sea of green in the summer. Then, after a day of sport, you can spend some time relaxing and looking after your wellbeing in the spa, where wisdom from the East meets the ancient culture of thermal baths from our historic hotels located on Tuscan thermal springs.

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CIao Toscana, Spring - Summer 2019  

CIao Toscana, Spring - Summer 2019