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Tuscany’s nature during Autumn and Winter is particularly appealing, when the weather and the landscapes gradually and gently change. Autumn arrives amid bright, blue days, with the first rain that leaves the countryside a brilliant new shade of green and pleasantly refreshes the air. Autumn is a time for walks in the countryside, with the scents of leaves and mushrooms lingering in the air, and relaxing in the spas with the regenerating power of water. The air and the light in the mornings make days out exploring Tuscany’s historic cities and medieval hamlets a marvellous experience. The shops selling traditional goods entice you inside, the Tuscan cuisine tickles your taste buds, and the autumn air invites you to chat over a glass of Vinsanto with cantucci, or nurse a glass of exquisite Brunello. Explore the magic of Tuscany in autumn and winter. Open your heart to Tuscany. She’s waiting.



" THE FAMOUS TUSCAN SPECIALITY Salvatore Quarto is the chef at Fonteverde, he creates extremely sophisticated dishes and breathes new life into traditional Tuscan greats, with love and total respect. Ribollita is perhaps the most famous of these: a farmhouse recipe, made with humble yet extremely exquisite ingredients. Celery, carrots, courgettes and leeks, white onion and cavolo nero are mixed with cannellini beans to make a fragrant hot soup, to be enjoyed with the best country bread cooked in a wood burning oven.



«SHELLEY», A COCKTAIL FOR A POET Fabio Serra is the barman and cocktail expert at Bagni di Pisa. He works in the delightful Shelley bar, named after the English poet who stayed in these rooms in the early 19th century. His Shelley drink has a brilliant colour, a fresh taste enhancing the flavours of Cointreau and Vodka. It’s served chilled, in a stemware and decored with fruits. Fabio awaits you tonight before dinner!



EQUILIBRIUM. DIET. BODY. SOUL. What is Equilibrium? Equilibrium is our wellness philosophy. Grown in places where the purest spa water gushes from our springs, it dates back to millennia of Italian spa culture. What are the benefits of Equilibrium? Equilibrium incorporates both physical and mental wellness. With its tailormade medical spa programmes it teaches how to improve our lifestyle creating balance and harmony.

Whom are the Equilibrium programmes suitable to? Everybody. They help lose wait when needed or keep your perfect shape with the innovative microbiotic diet, anti-inflammatory and rebalancing of microbiota (commonly known as bacterial flora). The Equilibrium philosophy offers our guests much more than just a wellbeing experience. It provides the benefits of spa treatments, along with the knowledge of how to kick-start a new lifestyle and become more healthy, serene and aware.



WE TAKE CARE OF YOU There are hundreds of factors that can affect our health: one of the most important is oxidative stress, in other words the level of harmful oxidising substances. Our bodies have ways of keeping these substances in check and eliminating them naturally, but there are many everyday factors that interfere with these processes. We care deeply about your wellbeing and look forward to seeing you at our spa, where our specialists will offer you a free FORT test (Free Oxygen Radicals Test) to measure your oxidative stress and provide you with personalised lifestyle advice. Just a few precious minutes of your time and you'll learn more about how your body, your health and your diet work. Book a complimentary test at reception or directly at the spa.



SPIRITUAL SOUNDS DEEP IN THE GROTTO. Tibetan singing bowls are ancient instruments, simple in appearance - they . look like humble metal bowls - but capable of captivating sounds and having profound effects on the body and spirit. They are the instruments of monks, of meditation and of wellbeing. Their sounds replicate “om� vibrations and frequencies similar to those of our brain. They induce deep meditation, relaxation, a state of peace, clarity of mind, and insight. At Grotta Giusti you can discover their power and their effects in the unique surroundings of our grand natural thermal grotto. Your guide will be Professor Iuri Ricci, music therapist, multiinstrumentalist, composer, and master of these unique instruments, who has been studying the therapeutic benefits of sound for over twenty years. In the half-light and in the peace of the grotto, swathed in the warmth of the thermal lake, the sounds of the singing bowls make for a unique and captivating experience, as if you are listening to the voice of the earth itself.




EVENTS IN OUR HOTELS The days are getting shorter and dusk turns the landscape into a fairytale dotted with lights and stars: in Tuscany autumn and winter evenings have a magic all of their own. We have organised lots of events to make all these moments. At Fonteverde In winter the Spa Nights parties by the pool continue: on the first Saturday of every month, from 7 p.m. to midnight. You can swim in the thermal pool, and revel in the Bioaquam and Etruscan circuits with sauna, stove and Turkish bath. For the end of year celebrations we organise a New Year’s Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch, a New Year’s Eve gala event and even traditional Italian bingo. All this and live music, tastings and presentations of the best Italian labels. And entertainment and surprises for children too. At Bagni di Pisa To make your evenings special, we’ve organised Christmas Eve parties, a New Year’s Eve dinner, and a New Year party in the Shelley Bar. We want to make every moment special, with themed dinners, tastings and piano bar events. Every Thursday and Saturday you can enjoy our magical Spa Nights: from 8 p.m. to midnight the spa will open for drinks, snacks and music, with the spa pools with jacuzzis, the sauna and the Turkish bath.


At Grotta Giusti We call our special evening events Saturday Night Spa: on one Saturday a month from 8 p.m. to midnight you can enjoy a dip in the thermal pools with underwater jets, buffet dinner with drinks and the wonderful thermal grotto. And don’t miss out on our unique spa events: we’ll be opening the spa specially for Christmas and for New Year on 31 December, with a special pool party with bath in the thermal pools at night, DJ Set, open grotta and buffet dinner. It will be a totally original way to see in the New Year.


EVENTS NEAR OUR HOTELS Autumn and winter in Tuscany are when people start preparing for the Christmas and New Year celebrations, and each town and village has its own special history and traditions. They are the perfect seasons for visiting all the region’s museums, going for walks through the old town centres and for exploring all the culinary delights and artistic treasures. Fonteverde

Bagni di Pisa

Grotta Giusti


”Futurism” Exhibition

Festa della castagna

Perugia, 18-27 October Pisa, Palazzo Blu This year is the 26th edition of the 11 October - 9 February prestigious festival that took place for The exhibition shows how the first time in Perugia on 23 Futurist artists were able to October 1993. remain faithful to the theoretical reflections, translating them into Il Crastatone disruptive, innovative happy Piancastagnaio, October images on the artistic level. The most ancient fair celebrating chestnuts from Mount Amiata, Terre di Pisa Food&Wine originally born to welcome chestnut Festival harvest and the new winter season. Pisa, 18-20 October

Christmas traditional markets Montepulciano 16 November – 6 January Live magical Christmas atmosphere with the whole family together with Santa Claus, his slade and the Christmas lights.


Simply the best of wine and produce from this amazing land.

Vellano, October Taste the Tuscan specialities made with chestnuts: "frugiate", the local name for chestnuts, and delicious "necci", chestnut flour rolls stuffed with lots of sweet fillings.

Lucca Comics & Games Lucca, 30 ottobre–3 novembre The most famous festival in Italy for comics, animation, illustration and games.

Living nativiy scene National White Truflle Exhibition San Miniato, 9-24 November An open-air exhibition of the wonderful flavours of Tuscany, starring white truffles.

Pescia, 26 December and 6 January A beautiful historical reenactment of the 13th-century.


WHEN EVERYTHING IS SPECIAL For business, for unforgettable occasions. Our historic residences are architectural jewels set in the lush Tuscan countryside. They were built centuries ago to host glittering occasions for the Grand Dukes of Tuscany and the European nobility. Their rooms and grounds have welcomed, hosted and entertained kings, queens, aristocrats and great artists. Today you can choose these beautiful, historic places for your most memorable occasions, be it for business events or to celebrate the most important day of your life. All the resorts are fully equipped for business meetings and events, with conference rooms and audio-visual technology. When it comes to weddings and special occasions, our hotels will make every single moment unforgettable. We will work with you on every detail of your event and provide you with our finest rooms, filled with frescoed ceilings, stained glass and sumptuous furnishings. We also organise receptions in our grounds, amid the wonders of Tuscan nature. We add our own special touch to true Italian hospitality, turning it from professionalism into passion.



THE PROMISE OF A DREAM SUMMER If you’re already dreaming about next summer, then you should come to Chia Laguna. Chia’s coastline has been nominated, again in 2019, "Italy’s most beautiful beach” by the Touring Club and Legambiente’s Guida Blu, a result that is quite simply extraordinary. Chia Laguna offers everything you need for you to enjoy your beautiful surroundings: relaxation and wellness in the natural spa, the beautiful and spacious rooms designed to reflect the Mediterranean nature all around you, fashionable restaurants and outdoor swimming pools where you can relax or play sport. For kids and teens we offer the unique chance to learn and have fun in our football and dance academies.

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It is with great honour that we announce Le Massif has become member of the prestigious American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts lodging programme, the most coveted quality recognition in the hospitality business.

TOP CLASS HOSPITALITY AT THE FOOT OF MONT BLANC Le Massif is a new concept in hospitality: two wonderful settings together that will show you the very best of Italian hospitality. The hotel is just a stone's throw away from Courmayeur's shopping streets and in front of the cable car; La Loge du Massif chalet is higher up the mountain, right by the ski slopes. Family holidays are perfectly catered for with all-inclusive formulas for children. Epicureans are tempted with the flavours of the mountains in the hotel's two restaurants and in the restaurant at the ski lodge. The elegant spa offers a heaven of peace and relaxation after a day of sport or shopping.


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