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Curriculum vitae

Itai Cohen (B.1982) Koornmarkt 9, 2611EA Delft, Netherlands +31639504241 Web: e.mail:

Education MSc. Building Technology Engineering –Green Building Innovation


Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands


Specialization Green building innovation/computational performance B. Arch. Ed (Magna Cum Laude) - Bachelor of Architecture and Education


Neri Bloomfield WIZO School of Design, Haifa, Israel Cumulative GPA – 91.8, First in class. H igh School Diploma (with excellence) 0B


WIZO High School for the Arts, Haifa, Israel Major in still photography. Awards and Publications Competitions: 1B

Delft Innovation Awards for most innovative research project at the Delft


University of Technology – Finalist (As part of the ReVolt House core team) •

Azrieli Awards for nation’s best B.arch graduation project – Finalist


The New Kuip stadium design – shortlisted


(With P. Papanastazis, M. van Meijeren and L. Birznieks) •

Solar Decathlon TU Delft internal competition for design of a sustainable solar


house – 1 prize winner (with E. Duijn, E. Kapedani and B. Linares) st

Haifa’s City Square, Haifa Municipality, shortlisted.


Mobile sustainable market stall, Jerusalem Seminar of Architecture student


competition - 2 prize winner (With O.Fish) nd

Community V2.0, AI magazine's Project of the Year awards - Un-built


category, shortlisted. •

Design of a temporary installation, Beth HaTfutzot Museum of Jewish


Diaspora, 1 prize winner st

Exhibitions: 2B

‘Seeds of Israeli architecture’ Azrieli award finalist exhibition, Beit Hadrichal


Gallery, Tel Aviv-Yaffo / Technion, Haifa, Israel •

XXL Digital Design Workshop stadium design exhibition, FC Feyenoord Kuip


stadium, Rotterdam, Netherlands •

'The Future of Hadar HaCarmel', exhibition of selected student projects at


the Municipal Council Building, Haifa, Israel. •

'Ze Israel 2', exhibition of winners and shortlisted entries of AI magazine's


Project of the Year award competition, ZeZeZe Gallery of Architecture, Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Israel.


Publications: 3B

Archiblender – Author and Co-founder 'Archiblender' – a nonprofit


architecture blog in Hebrew. web: •

Cohen, Itai and Zhang, Shuai Min, “T4 Barajas Airport” , Rumoer – Issue 52;


pages 8-12. Bout Building Technology student association magazine. •

Ben Aharon, Rachel, “Competition and news review”, Ai: Architecture of Israel – Issue 82; pages 36-38.


Mor, Avital, "Stepping up", Bait VeNoi architecture magazine, vol.73 (Oct 2007); pages 134-137 – Design of a staircase for an Apple store was featured


there. •

Maor, Sarah and Verner, Igor, "Mathematical Aspects in an Architectural Design Course: The Concept, Design Assignments and Follow-up" , Nexus Journal of Architecture and Mathematics, vol.9 (2007); 363-376 – Several projects done on Mathematics for Designers course were featured there.

Professional Experience Title: Climate team leader


ReVolt House – TU Delft’s Solar Decathlon 2012 Entry, Delft, Netherlands •

Core Team member and climate team leader since the conceptual design until pre-fabrication phase (project terminated unexpectedly due to lack of funding)

Work included: o

Bioclimatic design – Developing the house’s energetic balance, using passive, semi-passive and advance active systems.


Simulation, calculation and analysis – developing a methodology for analyzing the special circumstances of the house, modeling the house using thermal analysis software, daylight calculations, wind and ventilation simulations (CFD), Daylight analysis and artificial light design. Consultation and meetings with industry specialists from the fields of building physics, heat pump optimization, adiabatic cooling and physical simulation specialists.


System design – Mechanical ventilation design, including tailor made system modification with manufacturers according to the design needs. Advance domestic hot water system design.


Design coordination and integration – as team leader was responsible for a team of 5-8 building technologists, mechanical engineers and control engineers. In charge of design integration with architectural design, envelope, energy and logistics teams.


Sponsoring and funding – Presentations to potential investors and deliberations with manufacturers in the field of bioclimatic design.


Title: Architecture Apprentice


Yoram Popper Architects, Haifa, Israel •

Hired after completion of 2nd year of architecture school

Simultaneous Work on several projects, e.g.: o

Industry – Taking part in the design of a 60,000 sq. m, 3 factory complex at different stages of the design process.


Residential – Taking part in the design of several single and dual family houses


Public buildings – Taking part in the design of a museum expansion and the design of a college Competitions –Developing competitions entries as part of the


office team Title: Photographer & Post-production artist


Keren Or Photography Studio, Haifa, Israel


After graduation from photography high school, was hired as a photographer's assistant and post-production artist. Worked there during my pre-military voluntary year until drafted and after discharged for two more years. Work included: o

Composition, lighting and photography


Photo editing, fixing and proofing for print


Managing the studio's archives

Teaching Experience Title: Guest Lecturer


Delft University of Technology - TBM Faculty, Delft, The Netherlands Guest lecture to maters students a serious game design course by Dr. Ivo Wenzler, in regard to ongoing Master’s thesis. (scheduled, June ’12) Title: Guest Lecturer


Neri Bloomfield WIZO School of Design, Haifa, Israel Guest lecturer in ‘Windows to Architecture’ lecture series. Lecture regarding the design and fabrication of the ReVolt house project, from concept to reality. Title: Guest Lecturer and workshop instructor

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (External studies unit),


Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Israel Attended as lecturer and contributor for 3 days at the initiation workshop of the Israeli Solar Decathlon 2013 group with Dr. Joseph Cory and Chen Shalita. Title: Architecture Tutor assistant


Neri Bloomfield WIZO School of Design, Haifa, Israel


Served as an architectural design studio assistant in both second and fourth year of architecture school. Course coordinator: Dr. Raquel Rapaport.

Title: Sketchup and Photoshop Instructor


'Cavim' Institute for Architecture and Design, Haifa, Israel •

Prepared the syllabus and taught 6 weekly hours semester Sketchup and Photoshop course for architecture practical engineers.

Title: High-school Photoshop Instructor


WIZO High School for the Arts, Haifa, Israel •

Photoshop Course for Fashion Design high school students.


Voluntary Work Bout student association board member, TU Delft. •


Acted as board member of the building technology student association.

Pre-Military volunteer Shnat Sheirut program, Dor Shalom movement. •

Postponed my military service in a year to take part in a volunteer program in which


I lived in an autonomous commune with 5 other volunteers and took part in several volunteer projects simultaneously: o

In-house photographer at the Shabtay Levi orphanage of children from birth to five years old


Youth guide and tutor for middle school pupils


Computer Teacher for elderly people

Military Service Life Support Technical Instructor, Israeli Air Force. •


Have taught and supervised technical personnel training in the field of pilot and air crew life support, rescue and survival.

Was in charge of transforming conventional teaching methods to E-Learning computerized systems

Constructed new training courses from scratch

Awarded for excellence in teaching (Colonel Award).

Honorably discharged at the rank of Sergeant First Class.

Computer skills •

Professional level – Autodesk Autocad, McNeel Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Google Sketchup, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, Desgin Builder (Energy+ UI), Autodesk Ecotect Weather Tool Adobe Lightroom, Nextlimit Maxwell Render, MS office, WinOS

Intermediate level – Autodesk Revit, Autodesk 3DSmax, Adobe Illustrator, Dialux, Autodesk Ecotect, Oasys GSA, MacOS.

Special skills •

Sustainable Design - Climatic analysis, passive design, solar design, comfort design, dynamic thermal calculation, weather data manipulation,

Parametric and Computational Design – Generative design, parametric methodology, genetic optimization, intermediate scripting abilities, advance analysis skills.

Teaching and Presentation – Highly experienced in delivering presentations, classes and lectures in both English and Hebrew.

*Recommendations available upon request


Itai Cohen CV 2012  

CV may 2012

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