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Sales & Channel Loyalty Case Study Engaged Insurance Agents Drive Incremental Sales Audience 12,000 captive and independent insurance agents

Objectives n n

Increase sales of a new insurance product. Raise client’s brand awareness among underperforming agents.

Strategies & Tactics Strategy: Create program momentum and engagement early on to achieve revenue goals. Tactics: A fun and engaging print and electronic communications campaign was developed to educate participants, ensuring that all agents understood the program requirements and the available rewards. Strategy: Build loyalty and increase sales through a rewarding, but challenging, earning opportunity. Tactics: ITA Group created a goal-based points reward system to motivate agents. Upon reaching a “target premium sold” qualifier goal, participants earned a percentage of their award points. As sold premiums increased, participants had the opportunity to earn additional points.

“Selecting ITA Group is still one of the best decisions I have ever made during my career.” - Client Senior Manager, Fortune 100 Manufacturing Company

Strategy: Sustain mindshare and grow brand loyalty among agents. Tactics: Regular communication of program announcements and award point balances ensured that agents were continually informed of the program, their progress and the reward available to them through continued loyalty and participation in the program.

Results First month following program launch saw a 29% increase in sales. By the second month the increase was 63% over the monthly sales average.  n average, enrolled agents sold 61% more riders than those agents not O enrolled in the program.



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