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Dear Parents of ISW, International School Winterthur is celebrating its 10th anniversary on November 16, 2012 The invitations have been sent! We would like to make sure that it is understood that this invitation is for all family members. The event is developing nicely and the planning is well on its way. The anniversary promises to be an exciting event worthy of the important milestone that ISW has reached. The evening will be filled with entertainment for all ages. Even better, ISW students are a vital part of ISW’s anniversary celebration. All students will

participate during the evening in a special and meaningful way. Presently, we are choreographing and designing the entertainment and student performance programs with the assistens of Kate Taylor (music teacher), together with Jo Simpson (grade 4 teacher) and EmmaWickens (drama teacher).

with more instructions and information closer to the date. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Kind regards,

Gabriela Brunner Our special guest is the Swiss and very well-known artist EMEL who also has an international background. EMEL has already visited the school and is delighted to work and to perform with some of our students. As this is a community celebration and a far-reaching event where all students play an important role, their attendance is necessary. We will follow up

Events and PR Coordinator

Highlights of the Start of this School Year Impressions as told by our PYP students and teachers

Please attach the sticker to the outside rear window of your car

ISW PARKING Please find enclosed a parking sticker for your car. As ISW has continued to grow, our allotted parking spaces have become a premium. Often, visitors or non-ISW cars are parked in our spaces resulting in overcrowding. We ask you to display your parking sticker so that we can distinguish between cars that are authorised and those that are not. This will allow us to monitor and manage the parking area. Should you need additional stickers, please contact the office.

EY / KG Christian and Charline loved the trip to the Bruderhaus watching the animals. Ms.Koller and Ms.Spycher enjoyed seeing how quickly the children learn and how they were reviewing the calendar learning the days of the weeks and months of the year, practicing numbers and learning about the weather, “They are so engaged in this activity!” Grade 1 Ana Maria, Uri, Yuzuki and Marijan love maths because they need to learn it to be smart, do fun things as making a passport, see friends and laughing at Mr.Halls jokes! Mr.Halls highlights have been laughing with the children and seeing them learn. Grade 2 Gitte, Annika and Manuel love the DEAR time for reading, maths and making new friends. Ms. Aberley enjoys the small, lovely and enthusiastic group of learners. Grade 3 Cailin and Emmanuel liked to create the “ME” box because they learned about each other. Eliano loves to learn typing. Sofia loved the camp and Charlotte loved doing the class shields. Maia likes each school day because they are fun. “We learn a lot and play a lot.” Grade 4 Lilian liked camp. Tim,William and Nico love how Ms. Simpson does the coolest things and makes learning fun and a mystery until the very last minute. Grade 5 Divyanshu loved camp. Jordan and Shane enjoyed learning about ancient civilizations. Joel loves the football club. Ms.Anstey loved the sight of Ms.Simpson’s classroom on the first school day.

SCHOOL STORE COMING SOON ! We will have: shirts, sweaters, bags pens, mugs, etc..........

Messenger September 2012  
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