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MARCH 2021


THE CALLING PROJECT BY PATRICK ALLEN With the spring semester underway, many incoming students are looking forward to their futures, and in the process, making decisions that will make a large impact on their lives. Among these students, many are either committed to or deciding whether they want to attend Iowa State. In addition, numerous incoming students have expressed interest in joining a fraternity or sorority and joining our community. To connect with these incoming students, the Sorority and Fraternity Community has relied on our own members to contact those who have expressed interest. The callers are trained on how to facilitate these conversations The Calling Project, as it’s called, is a collaborative outreach effort between and are also prepared to speak with family members about the the Sorority and Fraternity Community’s four councils. During the months prospect of their student coming to Iowa State and joining the of February and March, volunteers from the community reach out to over Sorority and Fraternity Community. Although this can be a tough 3,000 incoming students that have expressed interest in joining a sorority task at times as parents or guardians may not know what their or fraternity at Iowa State. The Calling Project is a crucial aspect of the student wants, the callers make sure to focus the conversation community’s recruitment efforts, as it shows incoming students that their on providing resources to the family to further explore the interest in the community is reciprocated by our chapters. Through these conversations, potential new members are able to learn more about the community on their own time. Family members are also informed wide range of experiences the community’s chapters provide. In past years, of events that their incoming students can attend, both virtually the Calling Project has been conducted inside the Office of Sorority and and in-person, to connect with chapters and explore the options Fraternity Engagement in the Memorial Union. This year, however, the available at Iowa State. Connecting with potential students has format was adjusted due to safety guidelines in respect to the pandemic. been increasingly difficult over the past year as campus tours and Rather than calling from phones in the Memorial Union, the volunteers presentations revolving around sororities and fraternities at Iowa have been able to help out from the comfort of their own homes. The State were moved online for a large portion of the year. members who are participating as “Callers” are given a script to further Nevertheless, hundreds of our community members have come determine the student’s interest in attending Iowa State, as well as joining a together to face these new obstacles head-on. The new Calling sorority or a fraternity here. From there, the callers are able to educate Project format is just one unique example of the many ways those who show interest in the community using additional resources to chapters have tried to engage with potential new members learn more about our four councils. Among these resources is information during these stressful times, and those efforts are a crucial asset about upcoming recruitment events, council guides, websites, and social in continuing to make the sorority and fraternity community at media accounts for each council.

Iowa State a place for incoming students to call home.


Sorority and Fraternity Community Ambassadors organization is an organization which gives all councils within the Sorority and Fraternity Community the opportunity to represent the community to prospective incoming freshmen here at Iowa State University. This organization promotes collaboration and community between councils and chapters. Sorority and Fraternity Community Ambassadors is a volunteer organization with the mission to create awareness and positively promote and represent the Iowa State University Sorority and Fraternity community. The specific role of members of this organization is to educate prospective students, families, and stakeholders about Iowa State University Sorority and Fraternity Community at events like Office of Admissions visit days, Experience Iowa State, Destination Iowa State, and ClubFest.


Good news! SFCA is currently recruiting new members through their application process. If you are interested please follow this link: app: https://iastate.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV _1RqsXeZcWYC7tL8



MARCH 2021

TOP TEN WAYS YOU CAN EXPERIENCE SPRING BREAK WITHOUT ONE by CIARA MCNELEY Spa day with friends or siblings - Grab a couple face masks from Walmart (or order online) and a little yoga routine to both relax your body and your mind. Plan a picnic for the park - Head over to Brookside park with a picnic basket or some food to grill. With the walking and biking trails and the open basketball courts and baseball fields, you’ll find something for anyone to do. Go for a walk at Reimann Gardens - To see something you might not typically find in Ames, Iowa, the experience you have at Reimann Gardens will make you forget that you couldn’t take a week away. Spend a few hours learning about nature, or simply appreciating the beauty that is set up for you. Take a day where you have nothing planned- Take your rest day. We all need one eventually, and sometimes it can be the perfect reset we need for a break. Take any schoolwork outside for the day- If you can’t necessarily get away from schoolwork, you can still find a way to spend some time outside. If you have any textbook reading to get done, or just some problem set to get through, find a nice place to sit outside with little distractions. Then, you’ll get your much-needed time away from your place and get a little sun in the meantime. Have a weekend trip to a nearby city- Even if you can’t find time to go on a longer trip, there is always an opportunity to take a road trip to Minneapolis, Omaha, or Kansas City. All of these places have options of things to do outdoors, where you can still remain safe and distanced from others. Check out a couple new restaurants in the area- Choose a cuisine for the night and explore a new restaurant in the Des Moines area. If you feel safer without dine in, set the mood at home and put in a pick-up order to get that new experience. Go on a hike- Head over to Ledges for a nice walk or hike with some friends. You’ll break your pattern of the average week and get a quick work out from it. Read a new book- Whether it’s about a place you want to be, or something you want to be doing, you can choose any escape you want. Pick up the book you’ve been waiting to have time for and make the time for a new story in your life. Spend time with people who are around but you haven’t reached out to in a while- Even though we can’t go on a big trip, take the opportunity we have while we’re here together. Reach out to a couple of old friends you haven’t seen in a while, or a couple new friends you haven’t made enough time to get to know yet. You might even find someone to go on Spring Break with next year.





It is that time of year again, Sorority and Fraternity Community! With Greek Week being just around the corner, this year the Day of Service was held this year March 13th from 10-2:30. This year, the event will be held to help support the Bridge Home (formally known as the Ames Emergency Residence Project.) The event was a little different this year due to COVID-19, but that did not mean that the day wouldn’t be just as fun! The group of over 70 sorority and fraternity members had an educational meeting. The group decided to attend the in-person event and then went to serve at the Bridge Home. Those who decided to attend virtually wrote letters to the elderly members of the community. This year was different from the annual Destination Indy Alternative spring break, which afforded members the unique and powerful opportunity to help fight homelessness and poverty right here in Ames, Iowa. Thank you so much to the members that participated!

TRIVIA TIME by MEREDITH OESCH How many years has the greek week been a tradition at Iowa State? a. 57 years b. 38 years c. 78 years d. 69 years What philanthropy does Polar Bear Plunge raise money for? a. Make-A-Wish b. Special Olympics Iowa c. St. Jude d. Habitat for Humanity

How many points are possible to be earned from greek week activities for a team? a. 100 points b. 1,000 points c. 5,000 points What is the award called for the team that raises the most money per person for Polar Bear Plunge? a. Golden Plunger Award b. Polar Bear Plunge Award c. Polar Award d. Plunging Award Check our next edition for trivia answers!