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MAKING THE MOST by CIARA MCNELEY In a town full of go-getting Cyclones, there’s more options to get involved than anyone could fit into a single college experience. The more time you spend learning about the opportunities, the more easier you get to gain those new





Sorority Fraternity Community, It can be tough to decide what the best options for you are. Here are some of my helpful hints to figure out what works for you:

Here at Iowa State, with new activities to try, hundreds of clubs, thousands of excited college students, and so many potential passions to explore, there’s no way you can experience them all. Going to the Club Fest is one way to learn about more options, but also going to a meetings

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activities are like, or learning about what





current members will give you more of a hint to what you’re getting into. If you have questions about an activity, make the move to reach out to someone involved. They may give you the answers you need to make a commitment that will change your life!

This is something that’s always gotten to me. I am a serial over-committer. With 3 credits too many,








schedule that keeps me consistently on the move, I had to choose to do things that made me tick, not just what I was expected to do by others. It’s always great to start looking for activities through people you know, but if your interests don’t align with theirs, keep looking

1. Explore your options


2. Decide what you’re passionate about

for something new! There is bound to be something that ticks the boxes of everything you’re trying to accomplish, so don’t settle for something that you’re not going to want to give your time to. 3. Take the opportunities that are handed to you

I can’t picture another point in life where you will have so many opportunities put in front of you to reach out and grab like we do now. There are still steps to take, but if you’re willing to put your best foot forward, you’ll find spaces for you wherever you look. The first step is an important one to make, but it’s the one that makes the most difference. The most life changing first step I took was signing up for Primary Recruitment, and I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t have done that.

HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY PLAN YOUR ACADEMIC SUCCESS BY PATRICK ALLEN With summer coming to an end, the fall semester is now underway, and that means that tens of thousands of Cyclones are back in class. At some point this semester, you might find that you’re struggling with one of your classes. Fortunately enough, Iowa State provides to its students plenty of support.

Right by Richardson Court, the ASC provides help and support for a wide variety of issues, such as test anxiety, motivation, stress, time management, and more. If you don't have time to visit the ASC, its website is also a resource. It's filled with a plethora of services that are usually free to students.

One of the most complete resources here on campus is the Academic Success Center (ASC).

Supplemental Instruction Another opportunity provided to you at Iowa State is supplementary instruction, or SI for short. SI sessions meet regularly through the semester.

They are completely free to students. These sessions are usually offered for tough general education courses and are led by an undergraduate student that previously completed the course. According to the ASC, students who go to SI sessions have an average of over a half-letter grade higher than those who don't. It is recommended that you attend at least one SI session per week. SI session schedules can be found of the ASC's website as well as the syllabus for any course that offers such SI.


Group Tutoring The ASC also offers group tutoring services. Tutoring groups are usually composed of 2-5 students and are led by a student that has previously earned a "B" or higher in the course. These groups meet twice per week during the fall and spring semesters. Each tutoring session costs $5, but you can check with your chapter's scholarship chair to see if any tutoring reimbursement is offered. Academic Coaching Yet another amazing tool offered here at Iowa State is academic coaching, which provides one-on-one meetings with a graduate student that is trained to help you in areas such as test preparation, procrastination, and note-taking skills. Meetings with coaches are typically held three or four times per semester, where your strengths and weaknesses as a student are assessed, and a personalized improvement plan is created.

One of the easiest tools to help you succeed academically are your fellow brothers, sisters, and siblings. Members of your chapter and the Sorority and Fraternity Community are always there for you and more than willing to help you with any difficulties you might run into. Having such a large community here at Iowa State, you're bound to run into somebody in your major. They can help you study, offer advice, or even serve as a mentor for you. While classes can be difficult and stressful, we're all fortunate enough that Iowa State gives us resources to utilize. You can also find such support with our own community. If you find yourself struggling with classes at any point this semester, make sure to take advantage of these resources.








This school year, if you squint really hard at the planes passing by high in the sky, you might be able to see Iowa State alumna Sydney Swanson traveling for Alpha Delta Pi as a Leadership Consultant. I asked her a few questions about her role, her journey there, and advice she has for our Iowa State University Sorority and Fraternity Community members.

What do you do in your position as a Leadership Consultant?

In this role, I will be traveling every 5 to 6 days to visit a new ADPi chapter across the country. On visits, I’ll have the opportunity to empower my sisters, develop relationships with collegiate and alumnae members, work on areas of improvement, and support the chapters as they work to achieve personal and organizational goals. What motivated you to apply for this position?

Throughout my time as an undergraduate, I had incredible mentors who always guided and pushed me to become the best version of myself. These men and women taught me valuable life lessons. I knew when I graduated, I wanted to mentor younger women to show them that they can overcome difficulties with poise and courage. I also had the opportunity to intern for Alpha Delta Pi in 2017. This opened my eyes to seeing ADPi as an organization outside of just my chapter. I met so many people who were changing their corners of the world and I knew that I had to continue to stay involved in ADPi after I graduated as much as I could. Applying to be an LC was the easiest choice I’ve ever made! How did your experiences in your chapter and at


Iowa State help prepare you for this role?

undergraduates in our community?

Alpha Delta Pi’s open motto is “We live for each other” and my chapter showed me this every day. Whether it was staying up late going over flash cards with me before a big test, driving around for hours when I just need to vent about life, or celebrating wins big and small with lots of cookie dough (thanks Chef Ken!), my sisters prepared me for this position by instilling in me a confidence of who I am.

I'm sure that college students have heard this a million times, but your four (or five) years at Iowa State go by so much faster than you will expect. Take every experience you can get and pursue it with your whole heart. You might not remember all the important stuff you learned in class, but you are going to remember the times with your brothers, sisters, or siblings.

Another experience  at ISU that prepared me for this position was my involvement in Fraternal Values Society. My views were frequently challenged in this group, and I grew to be a stronger leader with more insight on other councils,  my personal and organizational  values, and a drive to push our SFE community forward. No matter what ADPi chapter I am on, I will share the same values of sisterhood, academics, personal development, and loyalty.








I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the Sorority and Fraternity Community at Iowa State. From the office staff, to council leaders, to chapter members, so many people have shaped me into the leader that I am today. I wouldn't be in the spot I am today without you all, even if you don't know it.



FOOTBALL, FRATERNITY, AND DEREK by OLIVER DIES Our community is a place that helps dreams come true: from being involved with student government, to leading various clubs, to getting your dream job. This happens not only through active brothers, sisters, and siblings, but also connections with alumni. By being in the community, we are able to network with people from other chapters and other parts of the nation.

Networking helps us set up events while in college and helps us create connections for after we graduate as well. Everyone grows up with an idea of what they want to do when they are older, a dream. Very few get to live that out, much less when they are still in college. One member of our community, Derek Van Roekel, is living out that dream already. He is Beta Sigma Psi's recruitment chair, a member of EFLC, and is active in Homecoming and Greek Week. Derek is employed by the Iowa State football Team as a Student Recruitment Assistant, which is setting him on the path to potentially become a college coach one day. What this position entails is tracking high school players, facilitating behind the scenes on recruiting visits, and updating recruiting boards. He has even gotten to meet head coach, Matt Campbell. Our community can stimulate involvement around campus, networking with lifelong friends, and much more. When asked what his favorite part of his job was, Derek said, "I love being able to be part of something as special and as successful as Iowa State Football."


by SHARONÂ LI In my chapter, a line jacket is given by the big sister to her little sister in recognition of her work in the sorority. This semester, I was surprised with my own line jacket! I can only imagine how much effort my big put in to design this jacket and make sure every detail of it was perfect. Since joining my sorority three years ago, this journey has changed me in many ways. In all those confusing days after first moving to the U.S. by myself, my sisters are the ones who were always there to listen to me. They accepted me and gave me something from the very beginning that I only find more precious over time.

The meaning behind the jacket: Wolf is my class animal, and the moon represents my big who is someone I always look up to. Although separated by distance, our reflections in the lake would remind us of each other, and we will look out for each other.

To me, the meaning of sorority has changed a lot as I continue to grow. At first, it was just another place to practice public speaking and socialize. Now, it's my support system and place to speak up confidently. Every detail of this line jacket will continue to remind me of the endless support I received from my sisters over the past few years. Now I am excited to start new adventures with my sisters as a new semeseter begins!

EFLC WELCOMES YOU TO ISU by JOSIE PATE We are so excited you are here at Iowa State and decided to join this community! We, the members of Emerging Fraternal Leadership Council (EFLC), were just in your shoes last year and are excited for you to discover the endless opportunities this community and campus has to offer you. In EFLC, we want to find other emerging leaders throughout the Sorority and Fraternity Community, and that just might be you!

Each member of EFLC has their own activities outside of our council, but what makes us emerging leaders is our drive and determination to help those who also want to be leaders and grow here within the Sorority and Fraternity Community, as well as within Iowa State.

At EFLC, we love hosting events ourselves, from selfdefense courses to writing cards for children who are sick in the hospital. It's all about making an impact while growing as leaders and individuals.

As an active member of EFLC, I love being involved. One major organization that I have fallen in love with here at Iowa State University is Dance Marathon! It is a great opportunity to be apart of something that touches so many lives. All of our members within EFLC are so great, that we have to take time to show them off. Maddie Mueller went on a mission trip with her youth group to Pennsylvania. When they arrived to the camp that they were staying at, they were split into fifty teams with six people per team. These were teams of strangers, but Maddie and her team got the opportunity to help out a couple that needed help building a deck onto their trailer-home.

They only had four days to complete this project. It seemed overwhelming, but Maddie and her team accomplished it in no time. Not only did Maddie finish her project, but she was able to connect and form great relationships with her team. Something Maddie said she learned from her trip is she "has the power to impact the lives of others. Something that is small to me could be big for someone else."







Hello! My name is Emma Plum, and I am the editor for LETTERS! I am a sophomore studying marketing and minoring in apparel merchandising and economics. I am from Naperville, Illinois, and I'm a member of Alpha Delta Pi. I am involved around campus with Dance Marathon, Sorority and Fraternity Community Ambassadors, and STARS. As the editor of LETTERS, I am responsible for coordinating and designing each issue of the publication, delegating tasks and stories to other ambassadors, and sorting through the plethora of story-worthy individuals, chapters, and events in our community. LETTERS is the Sorority and Fraternity Community's official student publication, which highlights things our community is accomplishing here, near, and far. Our stories revolve around our five core values: academics, civic engagement, friendship, leadership, and social justice.

You might be wondering how I am going to manage this newsletter all by myself, and the answer is that I won't be! My fellow Sorority and Fraternity Community Ambassadors (SFCA) are my backbone and lifeline on this project and will be helping me gather content, write stories, and find resources to make LETTERS the best for you. When we're not working on LETTERS, SFCA is responsible for giving information about our community to current and prospective Iowa State students through daily presentations, Experience Iowa State days, and helping out with events throughout the year. We would love some extra hands, so if you want to play a bigger role in our community's growth, our applications are open: I'm so excited for this project, and I can't wait to see where this year takes both me and LETTERS!

Profile for ISU Sorority and Fraternity Engagement

LETTERS September 2019  

A student publication for the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Engagement.

LETTERS September 2019  

A student publication for the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Engagement.