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Student Guide 2010 International Winter University of Kassel

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All you need to know about studying and living in Kassel

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Welcome to our International Winter University! Winter Student Guide 2010

Dear Students, we are happy to welcome you to our Winter Program this year! We hope you will enjoy your stay in our city and at our University.

Meet our Team

Ulrike Program Coordinator

Benjamin Program Assistant

Julia Program Assistant

Sepehr Program Assistant

Queenie Senior Advisor

Hoa Intern

Phone: +49 (0) 561 804 1869 Mobile: +49 (0) 178 1692773


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Winter Student Guide 2010

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University of Kassel The University of Kassel, which hosts the IWU program, is a young and modern academic institution. The new campus of the university is considered to be one of the most attractive campuses in Germany, located in the heart of the city. Everything you need is on campus or within walking distance. The internationally oriented openness is the guiding principle of the University of Kassel, valued alongside innovative performance and interdisciplinary co-operation. The number of international students at the University of Kassel has been consistently above the national average for years. Students from 120 different countries come to study at the University of Kassel, whether to start their academic career or to continue their studies after having received their first degree. The University of Kassel is one of Germany’s outstanding universities in the field of environmental education and research. It invites students from all over the world to the 5th Hessen International Winter University (IWU), an interdisciplinary academic winter program that focuses on environmental and intercultural challenges in our globalized world. The IWU offers specially designed seminars concentrating on environmental and technological aspects of Engineering. Furthermore, German History & Politics is considered a vital component of the program.

Hessen International Winter Universities Germany

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I S U s ta f f

Opening Ceremony Receive a warm welcome from the IWU team on January 2nd. You can meet other IWU participants and get to know each other. Enjoy drinks and snacks in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Closing Ceremony

The graduation ceremony will be hold on January 19th and you will receive your certificate in the solemn atmosphere of Kassel’s city hall. Meet representatives of the city council and the University of Kassel. Bring your host family, have a good time and enjoy great food. It is also an opportunity to say goodbye to friends and the IWU team.

Campus Tour The Campus tour on January 4th is the best way to experience what University of Kassel is all about. Find out about our faculties and facilities like the cafeterias, the library, the computer rooms etc. You will get a first glimpse of college life in the University of Kassel and answers to all of your questions.

Winter Student Guide 2010

Meetings At the end of each German class, the IWU group will have a short meeting in the seminar building. We will give you information about events and activities during the week, important things to remember, etc. These meetings are the perfect opportunity to ask questions you might have and to talk about anything concerning your stay in Kassel. However, you are always welcome to come and see us in the IWU office (Arnold-Bode-Str. 10, room 1215).

Attendance In seminars and German classes, regular attendance and active participation are crucial. Students are expected to show an active interest in the chosen subjects. This includes being prepared for each class and completing homework assignments. If you miss class more than two times, you will not receive credits for that course.

Tandem Language Partnerships IWU Kassel participants will have the opportunity to meet local students from the University of Kassel to build ‘Tandem Language & Culture Partnerships’. Tandem is a communicative and intercultural approach to learn a new language and to gain more insight into another culture. Students with different native languages and different cultural backgrounds meet and get to know each other. The IWU team will organize a first meeting on January 4th. There you will find a partner and you are encouraged to arrange your own meetings.

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Homestay Accommodation Our families are carefully selected and we work closely with them to provide quality accommodation and a caring environment.

The IWU Kassel is one of the few winter programs in Germany that offers all participants the unique experience of living with a German host family during their stay in Kassel. The homestay will add immeasurably to your study abroad experience and guarantee a manifold of opportunities to improve your language and intercultural skills. Living with a host family is definitely the best way to adjust to another language and culture. You will learn the language faster and experience the customs and traditions of Germany first hand. Our families live in and around Kassel. Their homes can easily be reached by tram or bus. In your free time, your family will help you discover the best local places. You will get insider information about the best cafés, parks, shops and so on. Enjoy home-cooked meals and rewarding conversations with your hosts. If you are homesick, your family will cheer you up. You will make international friends and can establish relationships that last for a life time. Please communicate with your host family, do not feel uncomfortable to ask questions or say if there is anything that makes you feel uneasy. Try to keep your family informed if you are going to be late home in the evening so they do not worry about you.

Calling Home Calling Centers Using a calling center/Internet cafe is an easy way to call home. They are located everywhere and you can call with or without a calling card. Rates are not uniform and you don’t want to talk too long because the cost adds up quick. Phone Cards Phone cards are available almost everywhere. Look for calling centers/Internet cafes where calling cards are available to all regions. You can then use them with any land line phone and it will have no cost for the owner of the phone. Depending on the country, calling cards can be a cheap way to call home. (For example, a calling card to America, Europe, and Canada costs 5 Euro and lets you call for about 3 hours) Mobile Phones SIM Card – Most mobile phones have SIM cards. You can use your mobile phone here if you buy a German SIM from T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2 etc and the pre-paid cards for your mobile.

Winter Student Guide 2010

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Calling Home “Pay As You Go” Mobile Phones – There is also a possibility to buy a German mobile phone with no set minute limit. You can simply buy one of these phones, it will have a number that anyone can call, and it is free to receive calls. If you want to place calls then you’ll have to buy pre-paid cards which will add money account. O2


Note: To avoid conflicts with your host family, please attend to the following: Before making domestic and international calls from your host family’s phone, please make sure they don’t mind and ask them about any restrictions .

International Calling Codes Afghanistan Australia Brazil Eritrea Kenya

0093 0061 0055 00291 00254

Japan Mexico United Arab Emirates USA and Canada

0081 0052 00971 001

Skype If your host family own a computer with internet and they use Skype, then this is the best way to call home. Skype is a Voice over IP computer program that works just like a telephone. You can call others with the same software for free. Calling a land line phone anywhere in the world costs less than 0.02 € per minute, and calling mobile phones is more expensive (but still cheaper than other solutions). The software is free and all you need is a headset with microphone. Go to check the rates for your country and simply follow the steps how to use the software.

Note: Please ask before downloading anything in the host family‘s computer, make sure that they don’t mind

Emergency Phone Numbers & Safety We hope that you won’t have to use either of these numbers during your time in Kassel, but just in case. Kassel is not a large town and it is safe to live here, but just like all over the world, crime happens in Kassel too. When walking around at night, try to be in a group. If this isn’t possible, keep alert when walking. Spread throughout campus are emergency call poles (green poles with a light on the top). These have a button on them that can be pushed. In case of an emergency on campus, press the button and a police officer will be sent to the location.

To reach the police: dial


For fire department or ambulance: dial


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Note: The insurance is only valid in Germany. Please keep this in mind if you plan to travel outside Germany during the IWU.

Health Insurance and Liability Insurance Your fee covers health and liability insurance for the time of your enrolment in the IWU Kassel. For further detailed information concerning the insurance, please contact the IWU office or take a look a the insurance information sheet in your welcome package. If you need to see a doctor during the IWU Kassel, please ask your host family or someone from the IWU team for addresses and advice. The IWU team can provide a list of doctors who are centrally located and speak English.

Internet on Campus If you brought your own computer from home or just want to use the internet on campus, you need to visit the University Computer Center-Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ). You will be given an IWU account - username and password information. With this account, you have unlimited access to the internet. The Computer Center is located at: Mönchebergstraße 11 (next to the TorCafé)

• Enter in the left set of doors (not the doors to the cafe) and take again the first door on the Left .

• Then walk down the hallway until you see on your right the door for the computer lab, room 190 a Computer Center

• You can use any free computer in this room • You will see a yellow screen. At first you need to hit Strg, Alt and Entf at the same time (Ctrl, Alt, Del on English keyboards)

Open Times: Monday – Friday 9:00 – 22.00 h Saturday – 9:00 – 16,00 h *The lab is closed the first Wednesday of every month from 8am4pm

• Then a screen will come up that will prompt you to enter

your user name (for example iwu11) and your password

• You will be able to use the internet and other programs on • •

these computers. Programs like Skype, Yahoo messenger, and MSN are not available on the computers. If you want to print anything, you will need to buy a special printing card at the TorCafé. For further assistance please ask us

Winter Student Guide 2010

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English-speaking liturgy There are liturgies held every Sunday at 6:00pm in English in the catholic church of St. Familia. Address: Kölnische Str. 55 34117 Kassel Phone: +49 (0) 561 - 15470 For muslim students: Please check the Muslim info flyer for mosques addresses.

Canteens, cafeterias, and restaurants... Cafeterias and canteens or “MENSA” are among the most important facilities at the university. You can find something for large or small appetites or relax over coffee. And....all of that affordably as well. There are the following canteens and cafeterias in the university campus: - Zentralmensa*

- Café ProWiso

- Restaurant Moritz

- Bistro K10

- Cafeteria Pavillon

- CafeteriaTorCafé Zentralmensa

Shopping in Germany Most stores in Germany are open Mondays-Saturdays between 9am and 8pm. On Sunday, almost everything is closed. The only exceptions are bakeries, which are usually open in the mornings, and restaurants which open around noon. Most gas stations are open on Sundays as well as the shops in the train station. Beware, however: the prices there are considerably higher. In Germany, the general rule for grocery shopping is BYOB: bring your own bag. Bags at the grocery store are not offered for free and no one will bag your groceries for you. Whenever you go grocery shopping, bring along your backpack or a cloth tote-bag to put your groceries in. Most other stores - department, clothing, or electronic stores - will bag your purchases for free. Also, in some grocery stores you may have to pay a Euro to use a shopping cart. You get your Euro back when you return the cart.

*See detailed information and the menu for Zentralmensa in the welcome kit

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Paying with credit card Germany is very much a cash-based economy: credit cards are not as commonly used in Germany as in some other countries. Credit cards are hardly ever used to pay for small value items, however most major stores, hotels and restaurants accept all major credit cards.


Your bank will most likely offer you a Visa or Mastercard, which are the most widespread.In many German supermarkets and smaller stores it is impossible to pay by credit card.If you need to get cash, ATMs (cash machines, in German called Geldautomat) can be found anywhere in the city. There is also a cash machine on the campus itself.

Post Office There is a post office located directly across from the Holländischer Platz tram stop. The rates are for: - letters within Germany €0,45 - letters within the EU €0,70. - letters to anywhere else in the world €1,70 - postcards to anywhere else in the world €1,00

Pharmacy There are pharmacies near the University campus. The closest one, Einhorn-Apotheke is located at the tram stop “Am Stern”, which is the next tram stop after the “Holländischer Platz Universität” on the way to city center. Address: Einhorn-Apotheke Untere Königsstr.73-75 34117 Kassel Tel.: 0561/1 28 33

Opening hours are: Monday - Friday 08:00am to 07:00pm Saturday 08:00am to 04:00pm

Winter Student Guide 2010

Cinema in Kassel You can find five movie theaters in Kassel. To see what's playing, check out the website Normally all movies are german dubbed but if the letters 'OV' appear after the title of the film, it means the film will be shown in the original version/language with German subtitles.

Eating out There are many restaurants and cafes, bars and fast food places in the city as well as restaurants offering ethnic food: such as the Turkish dรถner kebabs, Chinese, Mexican, Colombian, Argentine, Russian and many others. And of course there are many places where you can try real German national food. See a list of restaurants in the Kassel A-Z guide. Note: Tipping in Germany is not mandatory. Normally a customer will simply round up to the next Euro to make giving change easier. The tip is handed directly to the waiter or waitress, not simply left on the table. Customers must request the bill when they wish to pay. In general you will pay the waiter or waitress at the table. Late at night, pizza and dรถner shops are almost always open, located near and around the city center.

T AX I Servi ce Minicar Service In case you need a taxi, the cheapest way is to order a minicar which is quite popular and well-known in Kassel. Just call the follwing numbers and tell them your destination: Phone: +49 (0) 561 811081 or +49 (0) 800 7911179

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Public Transportation in Kassel The public transport in Kassel are trams and buses, which are frequently used. There are 9 tram lines and 28 bus lines providing mobility and connections to the regional and national railway systems in and around Kassel.

StraรŸenbahn / Tram

IWU students will get a free ticket for using public transport in and around Kassel (Kassel-Plus area). You always have to keep it with you and your ID when you ride by tram and bus.

Cheapest Way to Travel Around Germany is located right in the middle of Europe; Kassel is practically in the middle of Germany. Could there be a better location for travelling?! There are many cheap options when it comes to travelling around Kassel, throughout Germany, or to other countries in Europe. The German Train System (Deutsche Bahn) has some really great deals for getting around Germany and Europe. For these and general information, including timetables, check out their website at Click on the link "International Guests" for English.

Hessen Ticket and Schรถnes Wochenende Ticket The Hessen Ticket allows you and 4 other people to travel anywhere in Hessen on the RB or RE trains (usually red colored trains) for 30EUR. Included in that price is the use of street cars, trams, and busses anywhere in Hessen. The Hessen Ticket counts for one whole day and can be used as many times as you want! During the week, the ticket can be used from 9am until 3am the following day and on weekends or holidays, from midnight until 3am the following day. The Schรถnes Wochenende Ticket, or Weekend Ticket, is even better. For 37EUR, you and 4 of your friends are able to travel anywhere in Germany on the RE and RB trains. Anywhere in Germany! Weekend tickets are only good on Saturday or Sunday, from midnight until 3am the next morning and the count on the day of purchase.

Winter Student Guide 2010

Garbage The Germans are particularly environmentally conscious when it comes to garbage. That means that your host family usually do not have only one garbage bin but three or more. Here it is normal to divide your trash into five categories: - Plastic and metal packaging material - Paper - Glass - Biological waste (like banana peels or eggshells etc.) - Everything else Plastic and metal are placed in the “Gelber Sack� (yellow bag). Glass is usually divided according to color - one bin for green glass, one for clear, etc.

Deposit Glass and other bottles or beverage cans often have a so-called deposit (in German Pfand) up to 25 Cent. The deposit is paid on these bottles when purchased and refunded when the empty e.g. bottles are brought back. Most soda and juice bottles have deposits as well as some glass jars (yogurt, for example). In most supermarkets there is a special machine where you return the bottles and print your receipt; in other supermarkets you give the empty bottles to the person at the register.

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Cultural Program and Excursions Included in the program fee is a manifold of interesting cultural programs. In addition to opening and closing ceremonies, as well as leisure activities like our German movie night, German cooking evening and German dancing, we offer a number of informative and fun excursions. This way, you will be able to learn about Germany beyond the classroom.

Optional Trip to Berlin 30th December – 01st January Spend some days in the exciting German capital. Join a guided city tour through Berlin. Experience German history and politics “in a nutshell”. See the ‘Reichstag’ building, the unique view over Berlin from the famous cupola and remains of the the Berlin Wall. Celebrate New Year's Eve in thecapital of Germany . Go shopping, visit the famous Christmas Market and try a Berliner Currywurst!

Guided city tour through Kassel

Join a guided city tour through Kassel. Get to know the life and work of the Brothers Grimm, whose fairy tales such as Snow White, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood are well-known all over the world. See the continent's oldest museum and Germany's oldest theater. Enjoy the fascination of many bygone historical ages when you visit the city’s churches.

Winter Student Guide 2010

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E r f u r t J a n u a r y 9 th Explore one of the best preserved medieval city centres in Germany. Enjoy 1260 year old Erfurt and join a guided city tour. See Erfurt’s famous Merchants’ Bridge (Krämerbrücke) with 32 houses built along its 120-metre length and which is Europe’s longest inhabited bridge. Erfurt has preserved an intact medieval city centre.


Erfurt is symbolised by the two churches, the Mariendom and the Severikirche, which stand directly side by side and together form the emblem of the city. Both churches tower above the townscape and are accessible via huge open stairs.

Optional weekend program At weekends the IWU team offers various extracurricular activities like a trip to the college town Göttingen on January 1 6 t h for shopping and sightseeing or an exciting paper chase through Kassels noted places and historic spots on January 9 t h .

Seite 16

Kassel A-Z A B Bar

Caricatura: Bahnhofsplatz 1

Irish Pub: BürgermeisterBrunner-Str. 19– next to the Post Office

Chevy’s: Henschelstr. 15 (near Joe’s Garage: campus) American 50s style diner -- ham- Friedrich-Ebert Str. 60 burgers, fries, etc. Cuba Club/Lounge: Werner-Hilpert-Str. 9

Lolita Bar: Werner-Hilpert Str. 22, Bar

Hallo Bar: Friedrich-Ebert Str. 103

C Café

Cafe Karls: Christophstr. 18, great place to hang out by the water. (Over the “An der Fulda Brücke” bridge)

Xallo Bar: Königstor 47, between FriedrichEbert-Str. and Wilhelmshöher Allee, with a beer garden

For more bars and special events have a look in the Fritz magazin (included in your welcome package)

City Point: Königplatz, 3rd floor Ice Cream cafe Nordpol: Gottschalkstr. 12, good for late breakfasts near university

Winter Student Guide 2010

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Campus Cinema: “Uni-Kino” every Tuesday and Thursday, Hörsaal 1 (8:00 pm) in German

Gloria Kino, Friedrich-Ebert Str. 3, am Ständeplatz ( Documenta Films

Bali-Kinos, Kulturbahnhof (

CineStar Kassel Filmladen Kassel e.V. 34117 Kassel Goethestrasse 31 Untere Karlsstraße 8 ( 34119 Kassel kino/kassel-cinestar)

Protestant: “Evangelische Kirche” ( kassel/) e.g.Martinskirche (Su 10:00 am), Karlskirche (Su 10:00 am), Friedenskirche (Su 10:30 am), Christuskirche (Su 10:00 am), Kaufungen (Su Catholic: “Katholische Kirche” ( gemeinden_gottesdienste.php) e.g. St. Bonifatius (Su 10:30 am), St. Elisabeth (Su 9:30 am), St. Maria (Su 10:00 am), Kaufungen St. Heinrich

Capitol, Wilhelmsstr. 2 (

Jewish: Jüdische Gemeinde Kassel”, Bremer Str. 9 ( Staedtebild/Staedtebild/ Kassel.shtml) Muslim: “Moscheen/ Gebetsstätten” ( staedte_k/kassel.htm) e.g. Bremer Str. 28, 34117 Kassel, Jägerstr. 14, 34117 Kassel,


Church Mosque

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D Discotheque

A7 Musikpark: MiramstraĂ&#x;e 74, ( Biggest club in Kassel. Dresscode: no sport shoes, can only be accessed by car. Music: Techno and Hip-Hop ARM: WernerHilpert Str. 22, small techno and house club


E Emergency Phone Numbers

Club 22: FriedrichEbert-Str. 61a Free entry for ladies on Friday and Saturday before midnight Cuba Club: WernerHilpert-Str. 9 (near Kulturbahnhof) Admission is 1 Euro on Wed. for students. All types of music.

Gleis 1: Hauptbahnhof (http:// programm.html) at the central railway station K19: Moritzstr. 19, student club next to the campus Nachthallen: AngersbachstraĂ&#x;e 10 Music: Rock, House, Punk, Hip-Hop etc.

Kassel hosts the largest and most prestigious exhibition of contemporary art worldwide. You will find several reminents of the Documenta exhibitions from the past years. See the Documenta hall and the Museum Fridericianum and various other locations in the city. Friedrichsplatz 18 and other locations (

Ambulance and Fire Department:


Campus Security:



+49 (0) 561 804 2222

Winter Student Guide 2010

“Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe mit Herkules” (1701-1717): largest hillside park in Europe. Take tram 3 to the end station Druseltal, then Bus 43 to Hercules

You can visit Ice Hockey matches or go Ice skating at Auestadion Ice rink Damaschkestraße 1 Take the tram 7 with destination Baunatal the stop is called Auestadion International Calling Center– Untere Königstrasse (just a few blocks from the University) An international call center located near “Am Stern” tram station. In the same building, there is an internet café with printer access.

K19 A student club next to the campus. There you can join an Erasmus Regulars' table on every Wednesday at 9 pm and meet other international students. “Löwenburg” (1793-1801): neo-Gothic architectural ruin (open TuSu 10:00 am – 5:00 pm) Near Hercules Tram 3 to Brabanterstrasse, then Bus 23 to Löwenburg

Library on campus “Uni-Bibliothek”, Diagonale 10 (open Mo-Th 8:00 am – 9:00 pm, Sa 9:00 am – 6:00 pm)

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F G H Hillside Park & Hercules

I Ice Skating International Call Center

J K K 19

L Löwenburg


Page 20

M Market

Museums N O

For those who prefer regional goodies and home-grown products, we recommend the traditional market in the old Kassel Market Hall called: Markthalle Kassel Wildemannsgasse 1 ( Museum of the Brothers Grimm “Brüder GrimmMuseum”, Palais Bellevue; Schöne Aussicht 2, 34117 Kassel (open 10:00 am – 5:00 pm)

Grimm-Platz 5, 34117 Gallery for Comic Kassel (open Tu-Sun Art “Caricatura”, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm) Kulturbahnhof, 34117 Kassel (open City Museum Kassel Th-Fr 2:00 – 8:00 pm, Sa-Su 12:00 – “Stadtmuseum”, 8:00 pm) Ständeplatz 16, 34117 Kassel (open Museum of Natural Tu-Fr 10:00 am – Picture Gallery Old 5:00 pm, Sa-Su 10:00 History Masters Schloss am – 1:00 pm) “Naturkundemuseu Wilhelmshöhe and m Kassel” Classical Collection, Museum for Sepulch- Steinweg 2 34131 Kassel (open ral Culture “Museum 34117 Kassel (open Tue - Sun 10amTu-Su 10:00 am – für Sepulkralkultur” 5pm, Wednesday Weinbergstr. 25, 5:00 pm) 10am-8pm, Hesse National Mu- 34117 Kassel (open Monday closed Tu-Su 10:00 am – seum “Hessisches Landes- 5:00 pm) museum”, Brüder-

P Palace

Wilhelmshöhe Palace “Schloss Wilhelmshöhe” (1786-98): Housing the picture gallery old masters, a classical collection and the Weissenstein wing

Park & Planetarium

Park Karlsaue A historical city park built in the original floodplains of the Fulda river at Auedamm 18 34121 Kassel “Planetarium im Museum für Astronomie und Technikgeschichte“, Orangerie an der Karlsaue 2c, (regular shows: Tu, Thu, Sa 2:00 pm, Wed+Fr 3:00 pm)

Winter Student Guide 2010

Alex: City Center at Friedrichsplatz Bistro Lehmofen: Magazinstr.19 (near campus, Reasonably priced turkish food) Boys and Girls: Druselplatz 2. Reasonably priced pizza Casa Columbiana: Friedrichstr. 36 Eckstein: Obere Königsstr. 4 across from the Rathaus, next to New York Dance Club El Sol: Hermanstrasse 5 Great cocktails Enchilada: Opernstr. 9. Mexican food, slightly more expensive, cocktails half price during happy hour

City Point: on Königsplatz Kurfürsten Galarie: Neue Fahrt 12 (behind City Point) Königs-Galerie: Königstrasse, between Königsplatz and Friedrichsplatz

Hurricane: Gottschalkstr. 38 (near the university) past Nordpol Limerick: Wilhelmshöher Allee 116. Take tram 1, 3 or 7 to Kirchweg stop McDonalds: Treppenstr. 5, City Center Nordpol: Gottschalkstr. 12 (near university campus) Rossini: An der Garnisonkirche 2, stylish Italian restaurant in a church ruin next to Königsplatz San Marino: Frankfurter Str. 59, huge and yummy pizzas

DEZ Einkaufszentrum Frankfurterstr. 255 NB: Most stores in Germany are open until 8:00 pm (some supermarkets up to 10:00pm). Smaller shops close at 6:00 pm. Stores

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NB: Tipping in Germany is not mandatory. Normally a customer will simply round up to the next Euro to make giving change easier. The tip is handed directly to the waiter or waitress, not simply left on the table. Customers must request the bill when they wish to pay. Normally you will pay the waiter or waitress at the table. Late at night, pizza and döner shops are almost always open, located near and around the city center.

are closed on Sundays, except of some bakeries and gas stations. 19% sales tax (7% on food) is included in the price of all items.

R Restaurants

S Shopping Malls

Page 22

Spa and Swimming Pool

“Stadtbad Mitte“: Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 2. Indoor swimming pool in the middle of the city opening hours and rates at “Kurhessen Therme Kassel”, Wilhelmshöher Allee 361 (open MoSu 9:00 am – 11:00 pm) -- Spa


Functional gymnastics “Fitness und Funktionsgymnastik” Auesporthalle 4-6 Tuesday: 8.45pm-10:00pm Wednesday: 7:30pm-8:45pm Thursday: 6:15pm-7:30pm Recreational gymnastics “Ausgleichsgymnastik” Auesporthalle 5-6 Monday: 6:15pm-7:30pm Weight room ”Kraftraum” Aueparkhalle Monday-Friday: 5:00pm-10:00pm Soccer Auesporthalle 4-6 Monday: 5:00pm-6:15pm Friday: 8:45pm-10:00pm NB: If you want to participate please give notice about your participation at least a day in advance to: Lacrosse Auesporthalle 6 Tuesday: 7:30pm-8:45pm

Supermarket (close to campus)

Aldi: Westring, or in the Kurfürsten-Galerie (cheapest) Lidl: Fuldatalstrasse (300 m from Weserspitze tram stop) Tegut: City Point or Königs-Galerie. Elvan Market (GAZI): Holländischestr. 49 Arabian, Turkish food. NB: Remember to bring along a bag to carry your groceries. Bags are available in the supermarket, but normally cost 10 cents.

Winter Student Guide 2010

Staatstheater Kassel (

Page 23


Theater im Centrum ( Other Theater Possibilities ( For the repertoire schedule and prices have a look at the website.

“Starclub Kassel”, Kleine Rosenstraße 1

U V Variete

also a nice place to have a coffee on a huge balcony (


The IWU Team say thanks to our sponsors:

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