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16 MARCH 2018

Karibu - New Staff Welcome to the International School of Tanganyika

Karibu IST! A place where incredibly talented individuals are empowered to put their best work into the hands of a number of students. The information in this pack is designed to help you in your first few weeks. After that you’ll find more detailed information about everything in this pack and more on the school website- links are provided throughout this booklet.

I do hope you will take some time to review the important information contained within this new starter pack. It is intended to provide a “kick-start” to your induction at IST.

It is a pleasure to welcome you to IST You join the School at what is a very exciting and potentially highly rewarding time as we make progress towards our challenging goal of becoming a global leader in the education for mobile young people.

With best wishes for your future with us. Mark Hardeman

I am delighted that you will now be contributing to these endeavors. We aim not only to foster a thriving academic community, but to provide the very best career opportunities for everyone within the School, where aspirations can be met and opportunities for personal development are given priority. I am committed to engendering a culture where staff at all levels can feel proud of this institution, of its achievements, and of their own contribution to its success.




Introduction to IST IST is an independent, private, not-for-profit day school located on two campuses in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. IST offers rigorous academic programmes coupled with a wide range of extra-curricular activities serving students from age 3 to Grade 12. Founded in 1963 by a group of parents led by Dr. Michael Latham (Chair) and Sir Andy Chande (Treasurer and Secretary). Our name, the International School of Tanganyika, reflects the fact that we were founded before the union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar which became Tanzania.

Year Programme was introduced at IST:

Two campuses, Elementary (3.2 hectares) and Secondary (4.5 hectares), located in the Upanga and Masaki/Msasani Peninsula (respectively) residential areas of Dar es Salaam.







To say the least, IST's history is rich and vibrant. For example, IST's first school chair, Dr. Michael Latham, was awarded OBE by HM Queen Elizabeth II for the work he had done in setting up the school. In addition, Sir Andy Chande, the school's first treasurer of the Board, was made an Honorary Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

Learn more about IST’s history at







At IST, we act responsibly, positively and constructively, towards ourselves and other people. We learn from our mistakes and accept the consequences of our action.

We show curiosity, perseverance and open-mindedness in seeking to understand and solve problems. We persevere in the face of difficulties and we embrace the learning that comes through failure as well as the joy of success.

We empathise with others and act with care, kindness and courage. In our interactions, we behave with patience, generosity and integrity.

We believe in a broad education for our students, seeing the value of participation in a varied curriculum.

We treasure the diversity within the IST community, using the rich opportunities for deeper understanding that come from our differences.


Facts and Figures



During your employment you are required to inform the School of any changes to your personal details (e.g.) change of name, address, equality information, emergency contact details, etc.

Before you start work you need to visit HR Services in the Admin Building to complete all the necessary documentation and employment checks. HR Services will issue you with a staff ID card. This is used as a security measure to identify you as a member of staff. You will need to wear it at all times when you are in campus.

During the first day, your line manager will have linked you with a Buddy that will assist you as you settle into the new environment. At any point, please feel free to contact HR department if you require any assistance. HR are available on Extensions: 204/206/207/208. Contacts for key school staff are available through the New Hire Portal >> https:// istnewhiresportal/home.

IT ACCESS IT department will issue you with: • laptop, charger • information of access to log in/email/


• orientation to google app




If you are joining during the start of the school year, there is a comprehensive week of orientation that you are strongly encouraged to attend. You will receive details of the sessions which you are required to attend.

All new staff are subject to a probationary period, during which your manager will meet with you to review your progress. Your induction is a vital part of this probationary period.



This is where you will get an opportunity to meet IST key personnel and have an introduction to different departments and be give a wider understanding of the School and what it means to work here.

A great source of information to help you settle in to your new role – not just practical information about your environment but also about your role and our expectations of you, the roles of the team around you and how you can contribute to the strategic goals and values of IST - are the respective Elementary and Secondary Campus portals:

COMPLETE THE SECURITY AND SAFETY INDUCTION TRAINING This provides an introduction to IST’s arrangements for the management of Security and Safety shows that we all have a part to play when it comes to keeping people safe at work. istsecondary/


Employment Policies Human Resources are responsible for a range of policies which set out the School’s expectations of you and the support provided to enable you to fulfil your role. They reflect the culture and values of the School. Policies are regularly amended and new policies developed, as we review their impact on our school and as new legislation is implemented.

However, using these facilities to view unsuitable internet sites or to send or receive inappropriate emails or inappropriate messages via social media at any time is considered a serious disciplinary offence.

ESSENTIAL POLICIES WHICH YOU NEED TO BE AWARE OF AS A NEW MEMBER OF STAFF It is very important that you read your contract of employment carefully as it contains essential information about standards of behaviour which you will be expected to meet. In addition, the following policies outline some core behaviours which are central to the way we work. You will need to read and adhere to these policies and others that are available on School Policy Manual through

Drug and Alcohol Abuse – staff must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at anytime during working hours. Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures - if you have a grievance the initial step is to discuss this with your immediate supervisor or manager. It is important that you are aware of behaviours which are likely to be considered gross misconduct and may result in summary dismissal. Examples are listed in the Disciplinary Policy.

Section 5: Personnel

Code of Conduct – IST is fully committed to the protection of children and their educational wellbeing, along with the reputation of the School.

Outside Work and Consulting Policy - all work for outside bodies must be disclosed and may require written approval, this includes paid, unpaid and voluntary work for any other organistation.

Child Protection – IST has a moral as well as a legal duty to safeguard the welfare of our students, as well as those children using our facilities or involved with our programmes and activities.

Healthy Security and Safety - we are highly committed in ensuring we provide a healthy and safe work environment for our employees by establishing guidelines and safety standards.

Workplace Harassment and Bullying –we do not tolerate bullying or harassment and expect all staff and students to treat each other with dignity and respect.

Section 4: Finance

Equality and Diversity - we are proud of our diverse population and promotes equality of opportunity for all staff and students irrespective of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, religion, belief or sexual orientation.

Financial Regulations & Procedures - compliance is essential, a handy guide summarizes these financial controls.


Performance Assessment - annually be assessed to promote continuous professional growth and improved performance outcomes.

Section 6: Curriculum and Instruction

The Curriculum and Instruction Policy – provides instructional guidelines and objectives.

Acceptable use of IT Facilities and Services Procedure – IT facilities are provided for work purposes, although personal use is permitted


Supporting Information We hope you’ll agree IST is a great place to work the following pages highlight some of the benefits and support available to you as a member of staff.

Reach out to staff with general questions and referrals



For Managers • Leadership/Development Programme

IST is committed to enabling you to fulfil your potential in your role. To this end all staff are offered an annual Performance and Development Review which should result in a personal development plan. Here is some of the development offered:

• Core Competencies for skill development • Policy Training

Family Friendly

The school has generous maternity, paternity, adoption and parental leave policies to support staff.

For Individuals • An open programme for training covering:

Medical Insurance Scheme

• Personal development

The school provide medical insurance for all its staff including their dependents. For more information about medical insurance and regulations, please visit

• Personal effectiveness • Skill enhancement • Health and Safety


• Bitesize sessions - i.e. introductory taster topics

Help can be arranged through hiring of local ayahs and some staff share ayahs arrangement within

• One to one coaching



their housing department. For opportunities to share ayah, please write to all of us through our social email address -

The School is committed to reducing its environmental impact and actively encourages sustainable travel.


We understand that you may have demands and caring responsibilities outside of the workplace. Our flexible working policy is there to support work life balance. We also provide special leave to support you in emergency situation. For more information visit school-policy-manual.

Your Commute – here’s a flavour of what’s on offer: Public Transport The School is well served by public transport commonly refereed to as Dalladallas (minibuses and 30-seater buses) as well as DART. Ask your Buddy for more information


Uber is in Dar es Salaam and you can pay cash. Download the App or continue to use your existing account.

The school offers pension scheme to provide great benefits for you and your family. You will receive information on your options with your appointment letter. For more information visit istnewhiresportal/home.

Taxi Services Taxis are available across Dar es Salaam. Taxis don’t have meters. Short rides within the city centre cost from Tsh5000.

Housing Information

The Bus The School supports a high quality shuttle bus service from campuses and housing facilities. Staff and their dependents can travel free across campus.

At IST, all our overseas hired faculty members are provided with furnished housing accommodation. The apartments are located within the Elementary campus and some outside of the campus. Housing Allocation is done annually depending on the Housing Allocation Procedure. For information about housing maintenance, inventory, electricity, cooking gas and security alarm as well the Housing Allocation Procedure and housing portfolio, please visit istnewhiresportal/home.

Cycling/Biking We have an active cycling community. Walking/Running A run-commute group exists to support staff wishing to fit a run into their journeys. Car travel Staff car parking is available on both campuses.


Terms and Conditions of employment

At IST, we review our payscale every year to match the cost of living in Tanzania. The rest of our terms and conditions are unique to our school – we offer quite a number leave options. Your employment contract provides details of your package as well as summary of your benefits, for more information please visit

There are two outlets at both campuses – FoodLovers and Staff Canteen. Bringing your own lunch, your buddy can show you best places to sit. New to Dar? Explore places to venture all around the city. If you are looking for a particular cuisine or have dietary restrictions, drop an email to to ask others for references of restaurants or grocery stores.

Wellbeing Its not all work! We all need to take care of our own wellbeing - to take steps to recognize and reduce stress-to find balance in our daily lives.



Your life in Tanzania


Wildlife, beaches, friendly people, fascinating cultures, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Mt Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar Archipelago – Tanzania has all these and more wrapped up in one adventurous, welcoming package. Wherever you go in Tanzania, opportunities abound for getting to know the country's people and cultures. Meet red-cloaked Maasai warriors. Spend time with semi-nomadic Barabaig near Mt Hanang.

Our team of professional counsellors offer confidential help with any personal issues affecting work, self-esteem, relationships, mental health and general wellbeing. Through MetLife, IST offers its international staff an online wide range of help, for further information, please contact counselling office at both campuses.


For more information visit:

IST aims to take a pro-active approach to tackling bullying and harassment by creating a culture of respect and trust. If you need to report bullying or harassment, use the same mechanism to report Grievance. For further information, please contact your line manager or HR.

• •

HUMAN RESOURCES For general HR and payroll queries, please go to istnewhiresportal/home. If you need further help you can call Ext 204/206/207/208. In addition an HR representative is available at your campus and works alongside your line manager providing support.

TRADE UNIONS/ASSOCIATION TAE/RAAWU are recognized campus union/ association for staff. You may be approached directly by one or more of the union representatives.

LINE MANAGER Your manager is your key contact for information and can guide you through your tenure @ IST. Speak to them.

STAFF NETWORK GROUPS The school facilitates a number of network groups to enable you to meet and gain support from colleagues with similar interests. Any questions, write an email to OneschoolTalk and you will get a swift response.


IST Karibu Book 2018  
IST Karibu Book 2018  

We are looking forward to working with you!