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I See the World Copyright 2009 by Karen Benedetto & Jean Barlow All rights reserved. In the Flow Music, LLC 333 W. 57th Street, Suite #503 New York, NY 10019 First spiral bound book edition published with braille 2009 Library of Congress Control Number: 2009930528 ISBN 978-1-61584-125-7 The text of this book is expressed in Tempus Sans ITC. Braille translation by National Braille Press, Boston, MA and Amy’s Braille Printing, Redford, MI The original drawings were created in pen and ink, pencil and watercolor. Summary: A glimpse into the world of a child’s own visual limitations and those of others, building confidence, understanding, and acceptance. This “twin vision” book contains braille overlay as an aid to the blind child and a learning opportunity for the sighted one. Included is a CD of the story set to music. Told through the eyes of “Glen” who wears glasses, “Paul” who wears a patch, and “Brenda” who is blind, it is enlivened with upbeat illustrations to complement its text. I See the World is a concept learning package for the individual child and his or her family at home, or in a classroom or library setting. Printed in United States of America

I See The World-Childrens Book  

INTRODUCING AN EXCITING NEW EDUCATIONAL TITLE: I SEE THE WORLD© (The first in our “Teaching Compassion” series…) A glimpse into the world o...

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