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Boom! The car’s door slammed and the sound echoed, fading away. “Ahggg these days I can’t even get a proper sleep. I am not going to be late only because I slept in,” Joe mumbled before getting into the car. He was not about to be late on the first day of his new school. “Hit the gas pedal mum!” Joe said. “Rttttt,” the car’s engine roared, bellowed in the garage and started. They were at last off! His mom had a Smart car which had a reddish color. It went with ultra power because sometimes Joe’s mum had absolutely no idea of which gas to put in it. When it ran out she possibly put the one that said: “Only on your own risk!” Their apartment, which was orange and white, was a high building in the city center of London. Joe’s mum had wanted an apartment because it would be warm and cosy. The apartment house they lived in was a pretty big apartment but it didn’t cost as much as they thought it would. Joe’s dad nearly always was off to another country because of business. He rarely came home so Joe hardly ever saw him. If his dad came back from one of his trips the next day he would be off to another one. As if it were yesterday Joe still remembered when he saw his dad, when Joe was very young. “Hey there Joi” he used to call Joe. There now in the car Joe still remembered it. Joe was a small, handsome and clever boy. He was always kind. He usually wore a reddish and brownish shirt with black trousers and black shoes. He wanted to look the coolest in school especially in the new school he was going to go to but that would possibly never happen because he had no idea what it was like to dress as cool. He always slept with a teddy bear who’s name was Mr Muffin. He had problems sleeping in the night and so that is why he slept with a teddy bear and he didn’t want anyone to know about it. They had just moved from Canada which he wasn’t so happy about because he really liked his friends especially one of them who’s name was Gungu. He liked him because they used to go to each others houses and played together with Lego and board games. Also he liked him because he cared about other people not just himself. He was very unhappy when he had to leave him behind and his mother said that they could visit him only sometimes because they didn’t have so much money. He didn’t know if he was going to find any friends there. Also the second reason Joe didn’t like the move was that he didn’t know how his other school would look like. His old school was small but at least the teachers were kind to the students. It took about 15 minutes till they arrived at the school. Luckily, there wasn’t any traffic or he would have been late, very late. It wasn’t difficult to find the school because his mother had a map of where the school was. When they arrived at the school Joe gazed at it with wonder. He had never been to such a big school before. As he saw they took security way too seriously. His mum parked in a pretty small parking spot but that did not matter because they had a really small car. He didn’t have to walk far because the parking spot was close to the main doors and also the gate which they came through. Once he was out of the car Joe’s mom gave Joe a kiss. Joe got his bags and

scurried. “Bye Joe I’ll pick you up at four o'clock, just as I promised,” she told him. Curiously, Joe began to walk to the main doors of the school. He wasn’t sure if they were the main doors. Then he had to find out were he was supposed to go. He hurried to were it was written INFORMATION DESK. In capital letters. “I am, sorry do you know were 6th grade has to go?” Joe asked politely. “Down the hall left then left again,” the woman replied in a very kind voice. “Thank you,”Joe thanked. He was already on the second left turn when the lady glanced up again. All Joe wanted was to find where he had to go. Joe took the turns, the lady told him. At last he came upon a wide area of lockers. He stopped when he saw a group of loud speaking students gathered around at the end of the hallway. Silently, Joe entered the room. At that moment the teacher glanced up at him. “Oh, you might Joe Golg?” the blond haired woman asked. “Yes,” Joe replied. In a voice that made hair on Joe’s back stand up, the blond haired teacher began to speak again. “Would you sit down Joe because we haven’t got much time before we have to start our classes and we have to get done with the assembly.” The talks she made were of the boring sort: not to run in the hallways, not to talk on the lessons and so on and on she pushed on. The same usual stuff when you go to a different school you always have to go through the same old thing. Joe was actually very happy when she stopped talking and they had to go to class. He had been afraid of classes and the teachers but then no way. At break, Joe walked to the cafeteria to have a little snack. He got a bit bored on class and he needed a break. The cafeteria was a huge and colorful room full of plastic chairs and tables. At the back there was another room Joe guessed that was where he could buy some snacks. So he started to trot to the cafeteria. He discovered a wide variety of yogurts and other yummy things such as: biscuits, chips and gummy bears. He liked all of those things, especially the gummy bears. After he had bought a few gummy bears and sat down by a table and began to chew on them, the bell rang. It was 10:30 and it was time to go to class. He walked back the same way as he came. He moved to the locker he was given and took out all his math stuff. He knew he had math but he didn’t know were he had to go. A girl about his own age walked right past him. “Sorry, do you know were math class is for 6th grade?” Joe asked. “I am heading there myself. Follow me!” she replied with a gentle tone in her voice. Slowly, they walked through a wide corridor upstairs. Joe had never been at that part of the school and he was glad he could see it because he wanted to know as much of the school as he could. As they were walking he saw lockers on both sides and he thought that maybe those were the 8th graders lockers. Finally they arrived at a a door that lead to a classroom. That was of medium size and had posters stuck all around in

it. There also was a projector on the ceiling of the room. On the other side of the room there was a desk. Joe guessed that was the teachers desk. There was a woman standing in the front of the classroom and she was yelling. “Come in everybody, we don’t have all day!” The teacher was dressed in a reddish shirt, with blue jeans and had long brownish hair. Her name was Mrs. Yock and she didn’t seem to be the kindest of teachers. Math wasn’t Joe’s strongest subject. He had difficulties with multiplying and dividing. After math, which he had survived thanks to the boy sitting next to him, he followed the same girl to language class. He found out that he had every lesson with her. But then it occurred to him, that he had to find a friend and it couldn’t be a girl because that wouldn’t fit. As quick as a flash, Joe was running, because he didn’t want to be the last in the lunch line. Then he would have to wait a long time and today he was very hungry. He desperately wanted something good for lunch. After Joe had bought his lunch, he sat down by a circular table, which was in the corner of the cafeteria. He chose that table because he didn’t really have anyone to talk to and he didn’t want to get into other peoples businesses. He was just finishing his meal when a gang of about five or six people walked up to him. They wore shabby t-shirts, black jeans and black boots. The kid in the front, who looked like the leader, stepped forward. “Hey you little kid were are you from?” the strange boy asked. “From Canada,” Joe replied quietly. “Look at his clothes! They are certainly from the last century! What are they made from? From dirt?” he asked in a mocking tone. Then they walked away happily that they had done something awful.

After Lunch Joe had his last lesson of the day: French. His French teacher was called Mr Donhond. He turned out to be an excellent teacher. He was very kind, polite and didn’t give much homework. Maybe it was because it was the first day of school. The whole French class Joe kept wandering about the bullies in the cafeteria. He didn’t know if they were a threat to him or not. The next day he started with science. His science teacher Mr Goodshoes, who was an old, tall and grumpy man. He seemed to be in his 80s. The Science room was a big Square room. In the sides of the room there were huge tables. Mr Goodshoes informed everyone were they would sit. He was lucky because he sat next to a boy not a girl. The class started “Open your books to page 4,” Mr Goodshoes bellowed. On page 4 the title of the experiment was: How To dissect A Frog. It turned out that he liked science.

He had never ever done something more disgusting then dissecting a frog but he liked it. It also turned out that Mr Goodshoes was a very nice man. He let the class out five minutes early, which was good because then Joe could get to the cafeteria first. When he got to the cafeteria he looked at the menu. He saw that there was Salmon with pasta. Salmon was one of his favorite foods. His mother used to say that it was healthy. After he had got his food he got going to sit at the same place as the day before. The cleaner was just cleaning the table so he had to wait a few seconds till he could sit down and eat his lunch. He had just taken his first mouthful of his food, which was delicious when he spotted the same boys, who had tormented him the day before. Looking at him, before he could leave his table, the bullies came up to his table. “Nice food, Mr.Fancy Pants!” bellowed the same boy who had done the talking the day before. “Are you going to eat healthy?” he continued awfully. “Its Salmon, my favorite,” Joe replied hesitatingly. “Salmon, disgusting thing,” he replied with cruelness in his voice. “My mom told me, that salmon is good for me,” Joe replied scared. “Your mom! Did you hear that, boys? Mr. Fancy Pants only eats that disgusting fish, because his mother tells him to,” he replied. “Do you do everything, what your mother tells you too?” he asked. “Yes,” Joe sighed. “Hah you do everything your mom tells you too! Did you ever lie? Or do you even know what that word means?” he asked furiously. “Only because I love her,” he replied. At this point all the kids start to laugh with a tormenting laugh, that gave Joe a head ache. Although he wanted them to go away and let him be, he did not dare say that because they might hurt him in other ways. He was just about to continue eating his food and not paying attention to the bullies when a boy about his age came and sat down next to him. He was neither taller nor stronger than him. He wore a smart white shirt with markings on it, black trousers and black shoes. “I am sorry to be bothering you but are those kids getting on you nerve?” he asked kindly. “yes,” Joe replied. Joe was surprised to see him stand up. He didn’t think the boy dared go up against the bullies. The boy walked up to were the bullies were standing. ‘Oh dear god no,’ Joe thought. After a moments the boy shouted “get out of here now!” The bullies scurried from him like mice from a cat. Joe could see that they were afraid of the boy. Suddenly they

were out of sight and nowhere to be seen. “I don’t know how to thank you for saving me from those miscreants,” Joe thanked him relieved. “Oh forget it it was nothing,” he replied. “Whats your name?” Joe asked him. “Nick Rort” he announced. “I am Joe Gulg” Joe introduced himself. From then on they met up in the cafeteria each day at lunch time. Nick shared his secret about the bullies. “Ok so the secret is that I saw them go into the girls toilet,” Nick said. “Really what happened? Did they find out that you saw them?” Joe asked. “Yes they saw. I struck a bargain with them that if they did as I would say then I won’t tell anyone about it,” he explained. “Nice, so they won’t bother me again?” Joe asked. “Nope,” Nick replied. Most of the other days and weeks went by very quickly. Joe was happy to have a friend. Not any of the other new boys really had one. Some of the classes he had were with Nick but if Nick wasn’t there he still enjoyed the lessons. The bullies never dared to speak or look at him ever again. He liked the new school. It was bigger than the old one back in Canada. Also in Canada he didn’t have such a good friend as Nick. They stayed friends until Joe left.

Comment [1]: 17zyndul_j: Istvan, at times it's a little hard to gramatically understand your writing so can you please try and fix that.

New school  

A boy going to a new school. what dificulties will he find?

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