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Friday, October

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26' 19'79

Ouestion: Do you have an automobile and what do you think about transportat¡on

by Joe Chabala FCC's parking lots have been invaded by




Shrum also explained that another

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-.M#' ñ'ils,n

Pat Monahan:

"l have

a motorcycle. The

City.Bus is no good, so this should be good idea."

reason th'e meters were ¡nstalled was to eliminqte some of the paper work involved in issuing special parking permits- in his ofice as well as in other offices around campus,

Though the spaces were meant mainly for visitor parking, other people may park theircars in the spaces. "Any one can park ín the metered spaces," said Shrum, "as long as they put money in the machines." The meters will be located in parking lots F, B, C and O.

restrict¡ons l¡fted notionol forests



Stephanie Smith:

unidentified specie

money eating machines. - The machines, which are to be called "visitor parking meters," will be unveiled Thursday, Novembgr 1. According to Police Chief Ken Shrum, the reason the meters were installed was to provide visitors who are attending special classes and public events a place to park.

Stacey Smith: "No, I don't have a cár. Well, ltli¡nk the idea is not bad, but thê tax will rise. I get my ride an¡ray, because I hate City Buses."


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ÍCC meler monster of ruork begining J{oY.l

by Mohammad Shariatmadary

RogerZendigard: "l have a',car. yet, I am -in favor of suc_h. a lrogram."




"l don't have an

automobile. Well, I'think that is a good idea, but I doubt if the school does thgt."

By Paul Logan lf you are one of many people who enjoy hiking, camping, wandering around the trees, or just looking at all the little animals, the following will interest you. The fire restrictions imposed on Aug. 24

throughout the forest."

by the Sierrã National Forest have

in the Sierra National Forest.


lifted. (Go to it all you avid arsonists!) Richard L. Stauber, Forest Supervisor, made this statement, "While the fall ¡ains have been sparce, shorter days and higher humidities have reduced the threat of fire

The threat of fire has lessened. but is not nonex¡stant. Even with the coming winter, snows are not expected to put out fires that

start at this time. Campfire permits

Supervisor Stauber expressed his appreciation for the cooperation of the public during the restriclions, and assures us that much thought is given bef ore such restrictions are madê.


Carolyn Nino: "1. have a'car. I think the idea is good, but I prefer to drive my own


Carvel Rice: "Oh yes, I think they should do that. I am in favor, even thougþ I have

my own car." Photos by Jolf



AUtO Homgowners Renteis Life

roo many acc¡defìrs major v¡olations Ask about our good sludent discounts


Ask for Mike or Steve

That is O.K. if you don't have a car."


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79 f 10 oct26