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Mission, Methods and Activity

The Adriano Olivetti Institute was founded in 1967 by Giorgio Fuà on the initiative of the Social Science Research Council of the United States and the A. Olivetti Foundation. It is a non profit institution. It is one of the oldest Management Schools in Italy and has over the years become a focal point for spreading industrial culture and the philosophy of entrepreneurship. The name is intended as a reminder of the far-sighted intuitions of Adriano Olivetti regarding the corporate social responsibilities and the relations between industry and community. The Institute is supported by numerous companies, banks and foundations in addition to the collaboration of the Steering Committee consisting of university teachers and other personalities from the spheres of economics and culture. The current Presidential Committee is composed of Adolfo Guzzini (Chairman), Valeriano Balloni (Vice Chairman), Sabino Cassese and Paolo Pettenati (honorary chairmen).

• OBJECTIVES AND TEACHING METHOD Since 1967 Istao is dedicated to the preparation of young entrepreneurs and managers with an innovative course of study. To date has trained over 1600 students with an educational model based largely in the training inside the companies in the belief that the best way to learn is to have a confrontation with the real and professional work. The educational proposals include an active teaching training in classroom and experiences in the company, with the cooperation of important and influential operators of the industrial and cultural world. The goal is to train people with a broad vision of the company, the industry and macro-economic scenario, people who know how to coordinate the resources under a unified plan, identify problems and provide quick responses. To achieve this goal each Istao course involves three main activities: • Classroom Training: lessons on the principal tools and techniques of business analysis, alternated with case studies and simulations, updating seminars and research activity.

In-house company Projects: team working on projects proposed by companies. Students can put theoretical skills in practice working inside a company and in contact with managers. Internship: each course ends with an individual 4-months internship which completes the student’s training programme and prepares him/her for entering the world of work.

• MASTER PROGRAMMES ISTAO organizes four main courses designed for young and bright graduates who wish to embark on a managerial or business career. The Master in Business Strategy and Management, is a general management course in which have been developed over time some areas of study such as bank and enterprise, fashion industries and house system. The Master in International Management, is a highly specialised programme designed to provide Italian students with the ability and confidence to successfully promote products and services on a global scale. The master is held in collaboration with the ICE (National Institute for Foreign Trade), Marche Region and the Faculty of Economics of Università Politecnica delle Marche. The Master in Corporate Finance, which began in 2007, is aimed at

graduates in economics who, having achieved the Degree, intend to develop managerial skills in finance. The Master consists on a project in a company combined with a training course in classroom and partly online. The Master in Technology and Innovation Management, aims to provide students with the methods of management and the most advanced best practices in the fields of technological innovation and business organization. The Master consists of a project in a company combined with a training course in the classroom and partly online.

• SPECIAL PROGRAMMES Center for Innovation and Enterprise Networking (CINIm). Among services to companies, was established in 2007 this center, which aims to accelerate the process of scouting and adoption of innovations in technology and organization by the companies. CESAV - Experimental center for analysis and economic evaluation of small businesses companies. The center, built with the support of banks, is also a subsidiary to serve small and medium companies to enable them to develop and / or redesign their industrial projects, thus making easier relations with financial institutions.

Centre for Monitoring of Shipping. The Centre gathers information on maritime trade and transport data and policies relating to major ports of the Adriatic-Ionian. The initiative is promoted and supported by the Chamber of Commerce of Ancona. The goal is to provide technical and studies for public and private analysis tools to support the development of institutional policies. eCapital - Business Plan Competition. It is a competition among innovative business provides the tools necessary to turn ideas into enterprise projects. The competition is promoted by the support of Marche Capital Spa, Marche Region, Chamber of Commerce of Ancona and Polytechnic University of Marche.

• OTHER ACTIVITIES Istao also offers training programmes for owners and managers of small enterprises, for top executives of the Public Sector and for employees of bank and other financial institutions: • Executive Programmes: highly specialised lessons for entrepreneurs and executives; • Seminars on Urban Transformation; • Training for young executives of banks; • Summer Course on “Nanotechnologies and innovative development of materials” Istao is also engaged in applied research for both the business sector and Public Administration in particular on matters concerning the competitiveness and growth of companies and local territories.

• COMPANIES SUPPORTING AND COOPERATING IN ISTAO’S ACTIVITIES A C R A F Spa A E A Srl Alpidorica Spa ARCA SGR Spa Ariston Thermo Spa B.A.G. Spa – Nero Giardini Banca dell'Adriatico Banca di Credito Cooperativo Picena

Banca d'Italia Banca Marche Banca Popolare di Ancona Benelli Armi Spa Biesse Spa Brandoni Solare Spa C S I L Scrl Cagnoni Carlo Spa Calzaturificio Falc Spa Camera di Commercio di Ancona Cassa di Risparmio di Fano Clementoni Spa Collegio Costruttori della Provincia di Ancona Comune di Ancona Confartigianato Imprese Marche Confindustria Ancona Confindustria Ascoli Piceno Confindustria Fermo Confindustria Macerata Confindustria Pesaro E. Bora Srl ECOSTAR Srl Enereco Spa F.lli Guzzini Spa Faam Spa Fabi Spa Fileni Simar Srl FIAM Italia Spa FIMAG Spa Fondazione "Alessio Altini" Onlus Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio della Provincia di Macerata Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ascoli Piceno Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Fano Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Jesi Fornari Spa Frittelli Maritime Group Spa G.I & E. Spa I C A Spa I.A.R.M. Srl IFI Spa iGuzzini Illuminazione Spa Indesit Company Spa ISA Spa Istituto Banco di Napoli - Fondazione Marche Capital Spa Meccanica H7 Srl Nuova Maip Spa Nuova Simonelli Spa Piginigroup Spa Poltrona Frau Srl Prefabbricati Foresi Srl Provincia di Ancona Provincia di Macerata Rainbow Spa Regione Marche Renco Spa Restart Scarl Santarelli Costruzioni Spa Scavolini Spa Schnell Spa Selettra Srl

SI – Società Internazionale Spa SO.MA.CI.S. Spa Somigroup Spa Teuco Guzzini Spa TOD'S TVS Spa Unioncamere delle Marche Università degli Studi di Camerino Università degli Studi di Macerata Università degli Studi di Urbino Università Politecnica delle Marche Vitale Novello Srl Zannini Spa Zipa Spa

• MEMBERS OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS Adolfo Guzzini (President) Valeriano Balloni (Vice President) Paolo Pettenati (Honorary President) Sabino Cassese (Honorarry President) Giuliano Bianchi ,Massimo Bianconi, Giovanni Bogliolo, Luciano Brandoni, Patrizia Clementoni, Marco Crivellini, Graziano Di Battista, Francesco Foresi, Lino Fornari, Salvatore Giordano, Giuseppe Losco, Corrado Mariotti, Andrea Merloni, Marco Morbidelli, Marco Pacetti, Salvatore Rossi, Simone Rupoli, Felice Santarelli, Gian Mario Spacca, Adolfo Vannucci.

Villa Favorita - Via Zuccarini 15, 60131 Ancona (Italy) tel. (0039) 071 2137011 - fax (0039) 071 2901017 / 071 2900953 -

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Mission, Methods and Activity

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