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full potential!


IN THIS ISSUE: Self publishing secrets.


& how to find inspiration for what to write.

Reach your full potential. . . Write your way to the life of your dreams!

Be a queen. . . how commitment to your individuality and passion can help you reign supreme.

Let 2017 be your year. . . Let the stars guide you to unleash your inner magic!

Decorate with crystals. . . 4 crystals that will enhance your domestic bliss.

Detox rituals. . . Cleansing your body for the new year!

your Full potential


Last year, when I got the vision for this magazine, I really wanted to create a place where women can come to get inspired. Back when I first wandered into the world of entrepreneurship, I had a personal ritual for gaining clarity and inspiration. I would go to the bookstore and find myself a cozy spot. I’d grab a coffee, a stack of magazines and books and stay there for an entire afternoon. This was long before blogs and Pinterest. I would immerse myself in this creative environment where I could dream bigger, be fully lit up by new ideas and full of creative inspiration. The people in books and magazines felt like my friends. It is when I would operate from this inspired state where I was led to creating things that were powerful and successful. Ista Magazine is meant to re-create that very feeling. I wanted to create something that reminded my Unleash Your Ista members that anything is possible. A few pages filled with the high vibration of like minded creatives who are filled with passion and purpose. This year, I am beyond thrilled to continue to grow this magazine with even more inspiring content and my wish is that it propels you to go after your dream. One of my biggest dreams was writing a book and this last year I did it. I can’t even begin to describe life changing magnitude of the journey and experience. I am quite sure that there is a book in everyone, we all have a God given purpose and story to tell. I just know the world is dying to hear more from women who are out to open minds to the potential of opportunity, faith, miracles, magic and more.


Let’s start out 2017 with La Vie en Rose, an outlook with rose colored lenses, as we reach for our full potential. Dive in to your heart to see just what story the world needs for you to share and be brave enough to unleash it! Writing a book on the story in your soul may be just what the world needs.


This issue we will dive into your mind to see just what it takes to find your purpose, a few rituals for you to use to get your body fresh and ready to create new things and hear a few stories that will inspire your soul with the desire to unleash your full potential.

Mind. Body. Soul. XOXO,









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The power of


“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” Lao Tzu

Most of my life I have been an optimist. I typically like to see the beauty in everything, its just who I am. I’ve gotten a fair amount of people who would bash my enthusiasm and effervescence. As I age, I truly realize what a gift it is to have this inherent perspective on the world. That doesn’t mean to say that everyday I am swimming in pools of positivity. I have had my down days. I’ve felt discouraged and depressed. I’ve spent day after day in fear based mindsets. I just always had this unshakeable feeling that I was meant for something really BIG in this world. I literally used to feel inside of me that I was meant for mansions and yachts and royal living. It just came natural for me to dream a bigger vision for myself. While I am far from living the life of the Queen of a country, I’ve learned how to reach for my fullest potential. To walk bravely into a life that I used to dream of and to appreciate the life I do lead and make the absolute most of it. This is what I truly believe is meant for each of us in this world. We all have the potential to lead exceptional lives. So how do we know what our fullest potential is? I’ve come to learn that one of the most powerful ways to find out is to reach inside ourselves for the answers. I’ve been journaling my inner dialogue for years so I am quite proficient in knowing what my gut and intuition is telling me. If you are having a hard time discovering your full potential, here is a list of prompts I encourage you to use to dig deep, journal and discover your best life possible.


1. Take the time to reflect. I typically like to set up my journal spot and sit for about 10-20 just reflecting on things. After you’ve got your tea, candles going and comfortable spot situated, open yourself to analyze, ponder and visualize. Just sit in thought, check in and ask yourself these questions: How am I feeling? What am I needing more of? What is draining me right now? 2. Feel grateful. Think of a couple of things that you are currently really grateful for. I typically will fixate on 1 thing and list several reasons why I am grateful for that one thing. This really gets you deep into feeling yourself at the core. To learning what it is that makes you fall in love with life. More often than not, this practice can move me to tears and help me see what I want more of. 3. Set goals. Ask yourself things like… what am I capable of? What am I naturally good at? Allow these questions to help you set the course for your life. Enhance on your abilities by setting goals for yourself. For example: If you say, “I am good at writing and baking” Set a goal to learn more on those topics and perhaps write a book, make a video or share your expertise in some way. 4. Build your faith. Sometimes it can hard to believe in yourself. The best way for you to grow your faith is through the mind. Write affirmations for yourself and say them daily. You have to continue to grow your faith muscles to ensure that you see your dreams all the way through.

“When you honor the light in your heart, you inspire others to find the light within themselves�


A INSPIRING TALK WITH CARA ALWILL LEYBA Whenever someone finds out that I’ve written and self-published five personal development books, I typically hear an “OMG!” followed by, “How did you do that?” Aside from a heaping plate of divine inspiration, I can tell you that it takes a lot of hustle and even more heart to see a book to completion. "


Ashlina asked me to highlight some of my biggest tips for getting inspired when it comes to writing and I could not be more excited to share them with you. I believe every woman has a book inside of her and a story to tell. It just takes the perfect storm of inspiration, confidence, and magic to bring it out of her. "


My books are all about living your best life. They’re about things like vulnerability, self-worth, and self-expression. I write to inspire, but most importantly, to empower women to believe that they can live a life beyond their wildest dreams – and that they can do it all while preserving their inner-peace and expanding their happiness.



My ideas for my writing generally come from my own life experiences. I live my life with a “teaching lens;” a way of viewing every day and every situation as an opportunity to learn, and then tell a story around it. As a coach, this has become a way of life for me. I love inspiring my readers and clients to live their lives in the same fashion. I don’t believe in successes or failures, or good or bad days. I believe that every single thing we experience during our time here on this planet is meant to shape us into the woman we’re meant to be. And if we pay close attention, and do the work, we can evolve past our biggest and most bold fantasies. This is where my content comes from. This is how I get inspired."



Typically when an idea for a book hits me, I immediately begin scanning my mind for recent experiences that feel relevant to the concept. I also open my mind up to be aware of future circumstances that may apply as well. For example, maybe I’m writing about fear. I’ll think about times in my own life where I had to dig deep to battle my own fears or anxieties, or think back to a time where I helped another woman overcome hers. I will also give myself “assignments” to garner experience. Maybe I’ll step outside of my comfort zone and try a dance class or a new workout class, and then carefully observe how I felt during it. Did this challenge my fear of looking silly? Did this stretch me to do something I wouldn’t normally do? I will document how I felt before and after the experience. Again, viewing every situation with a teaching lens. My end goal is to tell a story, and to inspire. "



I love writing at home in my apartment in New York City. There are a few things that are essential for me when getting set up to write. The first thing I do is queue up some moody music. I love artists like Stan Getz, so I’ll curate a Pandora station that fits that vibe. Incense is always burning and there are a million candles lit. My space needs to be clean, and clutter-free. I fire up my aromatherapy diffuser and diffuse eucalyptus oil, which invigorates and stimulates the brain. I text those closest to me to let them know that I won’t be answering my phone, so if they need me, now is the time before I dive into my words. I find that putting my phone in another room helps me from getting distracted by things like messages, calls, or the obsessive habit of picking it up and scrolling Instagram! It’s also helpful to close out of all other browsers while writing: Facebook, Gmail, etc. The only browsers I ever leave open are Pandora, and, which has become a lifesaver. I need to be distractionfree and laser focused."



The most important tip I’ll leave you with is this: have fun! Writing is my absolute favorite thing to do. Giving yourself the space and time to be creative is a gift, so treat it as such. Take the pressure off, and do your personal best. Your work can only improve and get better as time goes on, but you’ve got to start somewhere. So start now."



At the end of last year, I decided to consult a holistic nutritionist. I shared with her that As an entrepreneuress, I find that working late nights and being in front of the computer all day has become my new normal. Fighting that afternoon fatigue is a little exhausting. I know I have a big purpose and so many dreams that I want to see take flight. So how do we care for our bodies in such a way that we have lasting energy and clarity for the journey?


Here are a few of the ways we can step up our self care game:

! ! ! DETOXIFYING TEAS: No matter what your ailment, tea is sure to help you on your way to holistic health. In the East, teas are considered to be the secret weapon to good health, happiness and wisdom.


INVIGORATING BODY SCRUBS: Traditional Ayurvedic medicine shows that scrubbing is an extremely effective way to purify your body and stimulate your energy flow.


A queen and her tea In the Winter months, not a day goes by when I don’t make myself a cup of tea. It keeps me warm, its comforting, its a perfect drink to pour my guests when they stop by. In addition to that, tea is also a popular method of body detox for the new year. I see so many passionistas incorporate tea into their daily rituals when trying to get slim, healthy and invigorated. I always thought that tea was something that made me feel very . . .British. However, after doing a little bit of reading, I learned that it was actually a Chinese emperor who first discovered tea when some leaves fell into his boiling water. It wasn’t until the 1660’s that tea was introduced to the UK by a Portugese princess, Catherine of Braganza. At the start of her stay at court, Catherine requested tea to comfort her after her long and arduous journey. The princess was denied tea and offered an ale instead. After she fell ill, she was forced to retire to her chambers for most of her stay. In an effort to solve his debts, Prince Charles agreed to marry Catherine and after doing so, her father, the King sent several ships of luxury goods over to court. Included in these ships were chests of tea, Catherines favorite drink. After they married, her soft nature won the hearts of the English court. Over time she established herself as a trend-setter and her passion for tea influenced the entire court and aristocratic societies. Now, tea is wildly popular as the drink of choice in the UK. I found it fitting to share the story of tea’s history in the UK in this magazine as it is a beautiful example of the power of a woman’s influence in the world. Her story was that tea would cure her illness and she kept her devotion to her true passion. I hope that inspires you to stay true to what you know in your heart and even when it seems there is no hope, the commitment to your passion will send ships in of opportunity for you.



ritual for

silky & glowing skin. . .

A Luxurious Ritual To Silky & Glowing Skin by Renata of LDV Nutrition! Imagine your skin smooth, silky and beautifully glowing… Skin that feels and looks fresh, perfectly hydrated and balanced!"


After a few months of too many layers of clothes… heated/air conditioned spaces… and extreme temperatures…our skin may feel dry and dehydrated."


Let’s awaken All Your Senses; Touch, Smell, Sight, Taste, Sound with my favorite ritual that feels selfnurturing, sensual and feminine. This ritual is not just pleasure for your skin…it is food for your soul! For me it is like stepping out from the tired and dull and into new, fresh and beautiful… allowing all that no longer serves us to be washed away… Bringing a fabulous feeling of freedom!"

! ! What you will need? !

2-3 tbs or more of Pink Himalayan Salt 2-3 tbs spoons or more of Raw Coconut Oil A few drops of beautiful and calming essential oils A gorgeous scented candle Your favorite CD with soothing music Plush towels A peaceful space in your bathroom Cozy and beautiful clothes – silk or cashmere A glass of champagne – optional but highly recommended

! ! Your Steps !

Step 1. Awaken your sense of smell! Mix the coconut oil, the Pink Himalayan Salt and The Essential Oils together in a small bowl using a spoon. Close your eyes for a moment – enjoy the beautiful scent of essential oils and the tropical scent of coconut oil."


Step 2. Give yourself a gift of relaxing and uninterrupted time.Whether you are single, married or even if you are a mom, you deserve to this level of luxury! Uninterrupted, relaxing time at least once or twice a week…Trust me, your family will benefit from your experience immensely! When we are doing things that feel self-nurturing and self-loving we naturally feel happier and more relaxed and, as a result, we are a better wife, lover… and a mother."


Step 3. Awaken your sense of touch. Step into the shower, but do not turn the water on, your skin needs to be dry while exfoliating. You will take a shower in the end. Take a small amount of the exfoliant and rub it in the palm of your hands. Apply using small, circular motions starting with your feet and work your way up your legs, tights, belly, chest and then start again with your arms, shoulders, back at all times move towards your heart. The pressure should be gentle and loving but firm (not painful)."


Step 4. Take a relaxing, warm bath.Use a small towel to remove the exfoliant… Your skin should look glowing, lightly pinkish, and feel super soft. Dry your body with soft towel and put comfortable and cozy clothes like cashmere or silk…"


Step 5. Enhance your tastebuds. Have a taste of chilled champagne with a strawberry while listening to your favorite music.I love creating this ritual on a weekend just before going on a romantic dinner date with my husband or in the end of the day just before going to bed.


let it


I grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit, selling lemonade on the corner of my apartment building when I was seven years old and hosting the-most-money-ever-raised bake sales in middle school and high school. I’ve always loved creating delicious and beautiful things for others to enjoy and making money in return.


So when I opened up my first official business (the ilovemecollection jewelry) in 2008, it felt like a natural progression. I also started the business while I had a full-time job. My job gave me the resources to pay for the supplies and licenses that I needed to start up my passion project and business on the side.

For most of my entrepreneurial life, I’ve done everything on my own. For my wellness jewelry business, I designed the collection, sourced the eco-friendly packaging, set up the shipping process, conducted the trunk shows, and provided customer service to clients. I still do. For my wellness business, I create all of the recipes for my cooking shows, I’ve taken (almost) all of the food photos on my blog, I design the graphics for my events, and have even cooked for 40 people!


Now that I’m a mom-to-be (and a full-time entrepreneur), I’m remembering more than ever that asking for support and leaning on friends and family is not only helpful, it is an act of dropping my need to be masculine and embracing my femininity. When I think of people in my work life and personal life that I admire (like my mentors Gabrielle Bernstein and Aimee Raupp), they are really good at asking for support, and in turn, they have a lot of people surrounding them and helping them. I truly believe that that is one of the main qualities that makes them so successful.


EMBRACE YOUR FEMININE. Delegating has never been easy for me. I have high expectations and like things done a certain way, so it often feels easier to do things on my own than to figure out the best person to delegate to. I know I’m not good at everything and I would so rather get help from people who know how to do something so much better than I do.


Recently, I’ve been asking for help from people that have been asking me for help and it’s been working out great! Two fans, Angela and Melissa, expressed interest in learning from me and working with me. After a few conversations about what lights them up – what they love to do and what they want to do – we figured out ways to be mutually beneficial to each other. Both women were elated when I asked for their help. It gave them an opportunity to do what they love, while receiving guidance and exposure. It provided me with more time to do what I love and not spend time on things I don’t love – like researching and writing.


GAIN FULFILLMENT WITH ENTREPRENEURSHIP More than ever, I’m learning that success is made together with family, friends, partners and loved ones. According to the 2016 Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report, the top two reasons people start businesses is to gain independence and self-fulfillment. Only after those two reasons does extra income come into the picture. Interesting, right?


Which of the following aspects appeals to you as reasons to start your business? – better compatibility of family, leisure time and career, – second income prospects, – self-fulfillment; possibility to realize your own ideas, – independence from an employer and being your own boss, or – a return to job market or an alternative to unemployment?

6 tips for


entrepreneurship 1. Connect with people that do what you want to do. Don’t just email them and ask to “pick their brain.” Tell them what you love to do and what your talents are and most importantly, ask how you can help them. All relationships can be mutually beneficial.


2. Find creative talents that naturally differentiate you. People ask me all of the time how I find longevity in my field even while so many people are doing similar things. My answer? I focus on what I’m good at. I love putting on events and all of the details in making it pretty. I love taking super colorful and crisp pictures of food that I create. I’m great with people and love to connect others. Let your passions shine through and people will love you for what you’re doing. Even if other people are in the same field that you want to go into, shine the light on the things that make you and your business unique. And focus not only on what you’re good at, but what you LOVE to do and what brings you joy.


3. Be who you want to attract. I attract happy clients and exciting opportunities that align with my positive energy and relatable approach. What types of clients and customers do you want to attract?


4. Ask for help. It’s not easy but it’s best when you don’t do it all on your own!


5. Start doing what you want to do…NOW! Want to become an author? Start writing now. You don’t even need to show your work to anyone…yet. Want to become a cooking show host? Start taking videos of yourself on your iphone now. Don’t wait! Now is the perfect time to begin.


6. Be your own walking advertisement. When I started my jewelry business, there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t wear my creations. I still wear my i love me ring every day, even to the supermarket and to yoga class! If you are looking to create a wellness business, do whatever it takes to talk the talk and walk the walk. Inspire people to take better care of themselves just by taking good care of yourself. You are your best advertisement, so always try to be the best version of you.

What I’ve learned about feminine success. . . I’ve instinctively been led to focusing more on paying attention to my mentors who preach femininity in business. While its important to set up masculine structures to handle the financial, strategic and analytical aspects of running a business and brand, I feel a strong pull to lean towards a including more femininity to my approach. I’ve learned that the more I delegate what I don’t like to do and freely spend the money on the recourses I need such as courses, hiring coaches and mentors, assistants, photographers, etc, I can grow my business MUCH more effectively and efficiently. Having the freedom to spend a good amount of time in my creative zone has led me to create with more ease and everything seems to just flow. As my creativity flows, my success grows. I’ve always felt a strong ability to handle everything on my own but once I got myself in the mindset of being more of a feminine creator, everything for me. While I finally found the freedom with more time to create, I came up again a very large fear that I hadn’t even realized was there. BEING VISIBLE. BEING SEEN. To be honest, it took me 3 years to get my book, Blissful Living, out of me. I was making myself “busy” almost to hide from the pressure of publishing my dream book. Once I realized that I was hiding behind being too ‘out there’ in the world, I had to push myself past that fear and just go for it. Now, I am even more on a mission to be seen in a MUCH bigger way. . .video. I have started a YouTube chanel like I always said I wanted to. It is quite possibly my biggest fear to be judged in front of camera, but as a feminine entrepreneur who dreams for bigger things, I am going to continue to do things that scare me and just see what happens. Get yourself taken care of, slow down, hire people to handle the things you don’t enjoy doing. Trust that your heart and intuition knows what you should be creating in the world. Don’t listen to the opinions of others and most importantly don’t listen to your fears. Once you allow your inner knowing to flourish and thrive, you will open the floodgates for living to your FULLEST POTENTIAL!





HOW ONE GIRL TURNED HER PASSION INTO HER PURPOSE AND IS CHANGING THE WORLD. Each year, as new members join my Unleash Your Ista academy, I get so excited to collaborate with these amazing business women. They are so incredibly inspiring to me. Because I know they are willing to invest in themselves and do the work, I am always drawn to collaborate with them. I’ve created an online place where I share everything I have learned on my entrepreneurial journey because I know how it feels to walk into what feels like unchartered territory. What began as a way to offer my business advice has turned into a community of passionate and purposeful entrepreneuresses who are daring to live life to their fullest potential. As I mentioned, I am stepping into my zone of femininity and delegating others to do things I don’t like. This issue I want to introduce you to someone who I had the honor of hiring to work with me, Jacqui Walker, copywriter at Jacquijubb. This girl in particular went from being a lawyer to a copywriter and she is loving it! Check out my conversation with this super inspiring girl. . .

! What were you doing before copywriting?" !

I worked as a criminal prosecutor straight out of law school (like the DA in the states). I watched The Client the other night and Reggie Love's old courthouse office really reminded me of my criminal attorney days! Later, I worked in a whole range of legal arenas from human rights to immigration to commercial litigation and corporate law. Although I found many aspects of law rewarding, I always craved a more creative life and I desperately wanted to work for myself. To be honest, being a lawyer is still an intrinsic part of who I am and the fascinating and eye-opening experience working on legal cases from Sydney to Newcastle to London make me a better writer."

! How did you make the transition?" !

I worked as a real estate copywriter at a Sydney advertising agency back in 2006 but then I returned to law. When I turned 31, I made the decision to try writing seriously. I thought if I don't do it now, I never will! So I set out on a path to 'reinvent' myself. I enrolled in 3 online writing courses at the Australian Writers' Centre and just began to write every day. I then rang a gorgeous local bridal magazine (White Magazine) and offered to write for them for free and became a regular contributor. I updated my profile on LinkedIn and I was subsequently contacted by an editor at King Content, a global marketing company. I started working as a freelance writer for King Content and eventually I began to write copy for businesses as well. I now write for companies like Lululemon and LinkedIn and creative entrepreneurs all over the world. The rest is history!"

How did you know copywriting was for you?"


Originally, I thought I wanted to do straight journalism and pictured myself working at a newspaper. I did a brief stint at a regional newspaper but I found the format a little restrictive. Once I began copywriting and working with entrepreneurs, I just loved the variety of the work and the connection between creativity and business. You can really tap into other people's brands and business vision and just go for it. Copywriting wasn't as 'salesy' or boring or formal as I thought it would be. It's fun - there's lots of scope to inject personality into your writing and break the rules. I love it."

! How long were you waiting to start your business?" !

My whole life! I had really been thinking about writing as a career since I was a little girl. I wrote my first book (which my Dad bound in a green manila folder) when I was 7 years old. I have loads of boxes gathering dust at home with unfinished stories from my childhood. Over the years, I dipped my toes in the creative waters a little and never had the guts, knowledge or the tools to make it my full time biz. Unleash my Ista inspired me to give it my all and just dive in."

! What inspired you to invest in Unleash Your Ista?" !

I had read The Secrets of Style Blogging Success. I also read The Decorista regularly and adored your stunning design aesthetic. When I saw the Unleash Your Ista course, something inside of me just knew it was for me. Your passion and commitment to creating a beautiful, fulfilling life and business really resonated with me. I wanted to take my writing career more seriously so it was the perfect time for me to jump in."

! What advice would you give to someone looking to launch a dream career?" !

I would suggest that you start by creating a vision board of what you really want out of life and your career. Vision boards will never go out of date for me - they are the best! And hey, Oprah still does them all the time too so it's worth a shot! Whether you use Pinterest or a big beautiful scrapbook, you really need to map out what your life would look and feel like when you're living your dream life. Once you start to hone that vision, I would then suggest that you do your research. Chat to people who are already working in your dream career and conduct an "information interview". Find out everything you can about what their day to day life looks like so you can see if it is right for you. Also, you may want to volunteer to work for free (at night or on the side while you work in your day job) to start building your profile and experience. Think about updating your social media profiles to attract the right kind of people and work into your life. And start Unleash Your Ista! It’s life changing, Ashlina, thank you so much for creating it. "

! What is your mission statement?" !

I write words that capture hearts and make brands sparkle. I'm on a mission to change the world: one word, one message, one purpose-fuelled business at a time. I envision a world where girls and women everywhere have access to the education, technology and resources to do whatever they want to do and be whatever they want to be. I heard Marie Forleo say recently that a girl with an education is unstoppable and as a mother of two gorgeous girls, I believe that with all my heart too."

! Anything else you want to share?" !

My best advice is this: don't wait until you've got it all figured out. Sometimes it's best to launch into something you're passionate about and see if it sticks. The timing will never be perfect and you'll make mistakes along the way. We all do. As a writer and lawyer with a pretty analytical mind, I used to overthink things a lot. That's why it took me years to start! Don't let analysis paralysis hold you back from chasing your dreams. Press play on those dreams right now and take small steps every day towards your goals. We've only got one life. Go for it!

UNLEASH YOUR ISTA What’s inside the membership. . .



SPIRITUALITY & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Learn how to become the best version of yourself, starting with the mind.


LEARN TO CONNECT TO YOUR INTUITION. Allow your gut to navigate your path instead of what everybody else tells you to do.


LEARN THE ART OF SHARING YOUR STORY. Personalize your unique brand that captures a massive and loyal audience.



IN YOUR SLEEP! So that you can spend your time being the feminine creative that you are.


TRANSFORM YOUR ZONE OF GENIUS. You’ll learn my secrets to change your home into the sanctuary that supports your success.


BUILD A LOYAL AND COMMITTED FOLLOWING. Feel free to lead a heart based business while attracting your dreams to you!


CREATE LASTING FRIENDSHIPS WITH PEOPLE WHO “GET YOU”. Gain the support you need with our Facebook and online community.

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HOME: As we continually walk the path of discovering our best selves and living at our full potential, I want to encourage you to set yourself up for success. . .at home. I fully believe that our home is a reflection of our soul and we have to treat it the same way we treat our bodies. These are our sanctuaries and the place where can should live in bliss. This is what my book, Blissful Living, is all about. Curating a home that inspires you to live life to the fullest.


A few years ago, on a random day in NYC, a few girlfriends I went shopping after brunch. We stopped by a spirituality bookstore with a gorgeous and large gold Buddha out in front. We just felt pulled in to this store. As we walked in, the most enchanting music was playing. It was melodic and warm which made us feel so welcome. The sweet smell of sandalwood incense filled our senses, we just had a sense of inspiration and connection. We perused the books, motivational cards, spiritual trinkets and found ourselves mesmerized in the back of the store by the crystals. We spoke with one of the managers of the store about the energetic power of crystals in the home. These crystals, rocks and stones, come from the earths energy and are physical representation of certain energies that we are inherently attracted to. She encouraged us to see what crystals spoke to us and as we picked them out she told us what energy was associated with the stones. It was pretty powerful for us because it seemed that we were selecting the things that each of us were needing in that moment. That shopping experience was one of my most favorite moments ever. We girls will forever be connected by that experience. In our homes, these crystals and stones continually bring us high vibrations and joyful feelings when we see them. I’m always happy to incorporate crystals into my home. So, I reached out to my friend Ashley of In My Sacred Space to give you a few of her personal recommendations for crystals at home and which ones can help enhance your personal bliss.

4 Crystals for Bringing About Personal Bliss

by: ashley riley



Bliss begins on the inside, HOWEVER, there are a few exterior trappings that can help you balance your inner-badass. Crystals have a vibrational composition that resonates specifically with chakras in your energy system. Each of these little vortices (seven all together) are where universal energy flows through your body and helps keep your emotional system happy and healthy. ENHANCE YOUR HOME WITH THESE CRYSTALS:

OBSIDIAN Obsidian is a volcanic gem that has a glassy, black appearance. It’s grounding and stabilizing capabilities work directly with your root chakra, the base of your energetic system. If the foundation of your house is lopsided, the rest of it will be, too, and that’s why you should start at the bottom.


Obsidian helps release stress and tension, brings mental clarity, and helps dissolve emotional traumas. Using obsidian to balance your root chakra will help you release the most basic and primal fears around issues of safety and abundance. It’s also known to kill white walkers, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan.

Clear Quartz Clear quartz may seem like the most common of all crystals - you see it just about everywhere - but it’s also one of the most powerful, as it has the ability to amplify the energy of any other crystal.


Using clear quartz to form crystal grids around other stones will amp up their vibrational potential. It’s also highly effective at transmuting energy and storing energy. It’s your allpurpose go-to crystal that everybody should have!

ROSE QUARTZ You can’t talk about crystals for bliss without mentioning rose quartz, as it’s probably the most commonly thought of stone for happiness and love.


Rose quartz is for the heart chakra, and it’s comforting, healing energy works on any emotional wounds residing in this energy center. Rose quartz is excellent for helping you release emotional pain, bring in more self love, dissolve sorrows, worry and anxiety.


I keep a nice sized chunk of rose quartz on my nightstand for happy dreams when I’m having trouble releasing tough emotions, I like to sleep with it on my chest.

Amethyst Moving on up top, amethyst is a stone typically associated with your crown chakra - the very top of your energetic system. Amethyst promotes peacefulness and brings the emotional body through loss and grief. It’s an excellent stone for contentment and happiness and brings about emotional stability and inner strength.


Amethyst is also a fabulous stone for abundance as well as a stress reliever, so I like to wear an amethyst necklace, particularly when I’m in high-stress business environments.

mind & body


A fragrance filled journey into wellness for the mind & body

! ! ! ! !

When finding time has become a luxury, one needs to pause and look inward to redefine inner peace and inspire others.

HOROSCOPES: I am always so very excited to share what my girl Tamerri, The Astrofashionista, has to say. She is every bit of an ISTA as we all are. With a huge passion for astrology, she is helping girls everywhere light up their path towards their dreams. Last year, in February 2016, I was at a sort of crossroads in terms of my career, I needed a little bit of guidance. So I reached out to my fabulous ista for a little bit of help from the stars. After reading a few of her articles, I was curious about my birth chart, the planetary alignment and how that affects your life. I learned that by the end of 2016, all things in my life would be coming to a close. I would make a shift in my career, begin to settle in a home and my planets would push for me to finish a communication project, most likely in the form of writing. Hello, my book! I was always wanting to finish my dream project of my book but wasn’t sure when I would finally get it out of me. Long story short, at the end of 2016, It happened! All of it. Knowing what I knew from her reading of my planets, I knew just how to harness the power and tune into my intuition to get the inspiration that I needed to accomplish what I was meant to do. For some it may sound a little Woo-Woo but I will tell you, its pretty helpful knowing my planetary make up. I knew what to harness in my character and personality to really reach for my dreams and goals. I HIGHLY recommend getting your birth chart done for you. She is brilliant at it. For now, I will let her tell you guys what you should be thinking about if you have a written project you want to see come out of you according to your sign. . .




March 21st-April 19th

April 20th- May 20th

May 21st – June 20th

Your 3rd house of communication is

Venus is your ruler, which

Gemini is an air sign, the

ruled by communication sign

means you were probably

communicators of the zodiac;

Gemini so many rams are great

blessed with good taste. With

And your ruler, Mercury was the

orators and can excel at writing.

homebody sign Cancer on the

Roman messenger god. You

Aries are natural leaders so writing

cusp of your 3rd house of

literally were born to

a book about how to be an effective

communication, interior design,

communicate. The challenge

leader could stimulate your mind

cooking and entertaining at

with picking a subject to write

and increase your status. With

home could be hobbies of

about is that you have so many

Sagittarius on the cusp of your 9th

yours. So why not write a book

different interests! Romantic

house of travel, a book on this

about one of these subjects?

sign Leo is on the cusp of your

subject could sell in many different

Taurus rules the 5 senses so

third house of communication

countries around the world!

make sure to include beautiful

so writing about your dating

imagery and use a luxurious

adventures could be both

paper stock.

entertaining and therapeutic for you.




June 21st – July 22nd

July 23rd – August 22nd

August 23rd-September 22nd

Cancers aren’t the most expressive

Fun fact: Harry Potter novelist,

Like Gemini, communication

sign of the zodiac, in fact they are

J.K. Rowling is a Leo! She has

planet Mercury is your ruler but

known for being very guarded. All

the wizard subject covered but

your signs are very different.

the more reason to use writing as a

there will never be enough

Virgo is an earth sign blessed

means to express yourself. Because

books published about

with the skill of paying attention

the Moon is your ruler, you were

relationships! Partnership sign

to details that others miss. With

blessed with a good memory. Tap

Libra rules your 3rd house of

mysterious sign of the

into your feelings and write a

communication so you could be

underworld Scorpio on your

memoir. Even if you don’t publish

gifted in giving relationship

third house cusp of

it, you will forever have the

advice. Plus Leos have big

communication, you could be

memory of your life story on paper.

hearts and have a reputation for

attracted to writing about taboo

being hopeless romantics.

subjects or suspense thrillers like

Spread your love, Lioness.

fellow Virgo Stephen King.




September 23rd – October 22nd

October 23rd – November 21st

November 22nd – December 21st

Libra is an air sign and rules

Scorpios are the natural

Sagittarians are freedom seekers

partnership, which means you love

investigators of the zodiac.

and students of life. Your sign

connecting with people. Like Taurus,

Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto was the

rules higher education and

beauty planet Venus is your ruler

god of the underworld and

spirituality, which may be subjects

and you are likely inspired by art,

many Scorpios enjoy exploring

that you are passionate about.

music, fashion and cuisine. With

taboo subjects and uncovering

With humanitarian sign Aquarius

hidden secrets. If there is any

on your 3rd house cusp of

house cusp of communication, a

sign I would trust to write a

communication, writing about

book that explores the cultural

mystery novel, it would be yours

religion, politics or any subject

nuances of people in a foreign

dear Scorpio. With your vivid

that affects people on a large scale

country could be right up your alley.

memory I’m sure you’ve

(astrology anyone?) could be very

collected a lot of material that

lucrative and spiritually fulfilling

could serve as inspiration for

for you.

travel sign, Sagittarius on your


this type of book!




December 22nd – January 19th

January 20th – February 18th

February 19th – March 20th

Capricorn is often described as a

Like fellow air sign, Gemini,

Emotional water sign Pisces is

Aquarians are interested in a

one of the most creative signs of

wide array of subjects -

the zodiac and writing is

specifically involving people.

something that you are probably

house of communication and Virgo,

You and your Aquarius sister,

very gifted at doing. Dr. Seuss

your 9th house of higher education.

Oprah are humanitarians at

was a Pisces and you can’t get

This means you likely have a vivid

heart so any book you write

more creative than him! Writing

imagination and possibly an interest in

must help people in some way.

about photography, music, and

healing and/or health issues. Writing

With fiery Aries, on the cusp of

films are perfect for you. And

your third house of

because earth sign, Taurus rules

communication you’re not shy

your 3rd house of communication

about expressing your opinions.

you have the stamina and

You could channel this passion

determination to share your gift

into writing a self-help book

with the world.

success obsessed workaholic but what many people don’t know is that this sign can excel at creative pursuits. Dreamer sign Pisces rules your third

about holistic forms of medicine could be fruitful for you. And with Capricorn’s ambition this book will likely turn into a TV show or film one day. Move over Dr. Oz!

that helps the masses.



















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