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Out with Al Assad, No to imperialist intervention! For the triumph of the Syrian revolution! IN THIS ISSUE: Workers’ Voice Foundational Congress A Step Back in Women’s Reproductive Rights It's not only the NSA... It's the Capitalist State Immigration Reform... is it just Another Business? Brooklyn’s Workers Fight-back Against Hospital Closures Save CCSF! Out with Bashar al-Assad! No to Imperialist Intervention!

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No. 14 September-October


Foundational Congress: Workers’ Voice and the challenges of the socialist left in the U.S By Henry Melo - from Workers` Voice National Leadership

Workers’ Voice foundational Congress, held June 15th & 16th of this year, established our position on the main issues of the national situation, the political principles of our organization, and our internal structure

For socialists, the most important challenge of the national

situation is how to overcome workers` illusions in the Obama administration. Even after the natural wear and tear of a turbulent first term, Obama still enjoys a great deal of popularity. Most workers believe Obama is doing the best he can to defend America´s role worldwide, recover the economy, create jobs and improve wages. This is especially true if we are talking about blacks, Latinos, LGBT and other oppressed communities.

Obama rules for the rich The reality, though, is way different. While talking about the American dream, economic recovery, affordable health care, and other popular issues, what Obama is doing is increasing the exploitation of workers and the people, in order to ensure a profitable recovery for American companies[1]. Every single act of the government is guided towards that.

A false democratic face to U.S Imperialism abroad Internationally, Obama talks about democracy, but imple-


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ments an imperialist project: imposing IMF deals and a free trade agreement in Europe[2]; establishing and supporting puppet regimes in Iraq and Afghanistan[3]; financing assassin armies in Egypt[4] and Israel, all to ensure economic and political control over strategic regions.

At home, Austerity and double-edged reforms Internally, Obama opts for austerity, imposing budget cuts, downsizing, and even threatening to close basic public service units, such as Community College of San Francisco, in California, and Interfaith Hospital in NYC. In the private sector, the government pushes for concessionary labor contracts, attacking workers’ wages, healthcare and pensions. Reforms that seem to be progressive, as Immigration, include reactionary measures such as E-Verify, border enforcement, Visa control, and guest-worker programs, with the long-term intent of recreating the infamous “bracero”.

Domesticated Labor leadership The labor movement leadership is bureaucratized and corrupt. It got used to receiving immorally high wages skimmed from the dues of rank and file workers, lobbying instead of fighting, and accepting concessionary contracts instead of defending workers´ rights. Most union leaderships are controlled by the Democratic Party.

A fragile left So far, most left organizations have not been able to confront this situation. They are afraid that to directly oppose Obama

No. 14 Septiembre-Octubre 2013

would increase their isolation. They have trouble fighting for leadership of strikes against the bureaucracy, and most of the times remain spectators that do mainly propaganda. Many are succumbing either to opportunism or sectarianism.

Where does Workers’ Voice stand? Workers´ Voice main goal is to help workers understand that Obama is not a government of the working class, but of bankers and big business.

CONGRESS king class towards its emancipation, you'll need a revolutionary party[6]. This is the kind of organization Workers´Voice is willing to build: a revolutionary party, deeply democratic in its internal functioning, united, and disciplined in its actions.

The principles approved in our foundational congress are: 1. The fight for a Socialist Revolution[7] against capitalism, as the only way to end exploitation and oppression;

We oppose Obama´s imperialist policy abroad, as well as his austerity measures at home, and we fight to build a working class movement that is independent of the government.

2. The strategy of Permanent Mobilization of the Working Class[8] as the subject of the revolution we want to achieve;

We stand for democratic, fighting, and independent unions that defend workers´rights instead of selling them out.

3. The fight against all forms of Oppression[9], such as racism, sexism and xenophobia;

We believe it is necessary for unionists, activists, progressives, and the left in general to break with the Democratic Party and the Republicans and build their own independent workers´ party.

4. The fight against Imperialism[10], which is the domination by advanced capitalist countries and multinationals over the entire world;

We propose a broad unity in action with all left groups willing to fight for workers´rights and against the government attacks. But we also want to build a different left organization, deeply rooted in the working class and its struggles.

Why be part of a political organization? A lot of activists agree with most of what we say about the government, the unions, and the struggles that we should be involved in. They join opposition caucuses, immigrant, women, black or environmental movements, and coalitions of all types. They call themselves left wing, progressives, anti-capitalists or even socialists. But most of the time they do not want to join a political organization. And when they do, they want it to be very democratic, horizontal and non-hierarchical, which is interpreted in practice to mean a very fluid multi-tendency organization. The first question every worker and activist that is fighting for their rights should ask themselves is: what is my strategy? If your strategy is to put an end to exploitation, oppression, sexism, racism, war, and environmental destruction, the only way to do that is by fighting against capitalism as a whole. There is no way to do that within capitalism, because it can't be transformed into a humanitarian system[5].

5. Internationalism - understanding working class struggle worldwide as part of the same fight against capitalism, and building an international socialist organization, the International Workers League; 6. For Revolutionary Morals[11], as opposed to the degenerated and corrupt morality naturalized in capitalism. If you agree with these ideas, get to know us better! Join Workers´Voice! _______________________________________________ [1] The New York Times - [2] [2] [3] Revolt,%20Afghanistan,%20Iraq,%20Pakistan%20and%20the%20United%20States%20By%20 James%20Petras.htm [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]

And then you could ask yourself a second question: if I want to fight against capitalism, what kind of organization do I need? And you will find out that a lot of organizations may seem very democratic and plural, but they are impotent when it comes to class struggle. If you want to help lead the wor-

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No. 14 September-October

A Step Back in Women’s Reproductive Rights

by Workers' Voice Women's Comission

Despite the victory of Roe v. Wade in 1973, women’s full control of their bodies and reproductive lives, the crux of the abortion movement of the 1970s, was never completely realized. The implementation of the ruling has been left to the state by state case which have codified and many times limited women’s access to abortion. Row v. Wade has been a federal law since 1973 and has not been officially repealed. However, there has been the longstanding illusions that women have had the right to choose since it was signed in. Choice has not been a reality for most women, this de jure does not guarantee democracy since there has always been a lack of access for working class women. While it is calculated that one in three women will have an abortion in their life, the restriction on this fundamental right continues to grow: from particular hospital requirements, gestational limits and restrictions on public funding to the establishment of a mandatory waiting period (26 states), requirement of mandated psychological counseling (17 states) or parental consent for minors (it is the case now in 46 states) and above all refusal of procedure (in 46 states an individual health care provider can refuse to perform an abortion). Up to today, 87% counties, where 35% of women live, lack an abortion provider!

New Attacks on Abortion In the last two years, and in the midst of this economic crisis, the attacks on women’s reproductive rights have skyrocketed: in 2011, according to the Guttmacher Institute 92, restrictions were passed, and in 2012, 19 states passed 43 additional restrictions. And, unfortunately, 2013 is following the same path. In the last


LA VOZ de los trabajadores

months, there have been extreme attacks (that are already in effect) in Arizona, Kansas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Wisconsin. The attacks include: restrictions on where and when to take “abortion pills,” mandatory ultrasound before receiving an abortion(which may be a form of rape as rape is yet to be properly defined), information of the fetus’ father, ban on abortion at 20 weeks, mandatory waiting period, and a ban on abortion providers from lecturing on sex education programs in schools. In early July, Texas passed House Bill 2, which requires that abortion only be legally performed in surgical centers, including the abortion-inducing pill that women can safely take at home and a ban on abortions after 20 weeks, including cases of rape and incest. In Texas, only 5 out of the 42 abortion clinics meet the requirements of ambulatory surgical center standards, putting women who live in the outskirts of these hospitals out of reach from the necessary services. North Carolina's state Senate passed a provision without any public awareness or hearing. Similar to the restrictions passed in Texas, these restrictions are aimed at closing clinics that provide abortions, among other health care services, to poor women. The sneak attack on abortion continues in North Carolina, as the House of Representatives has attached a new set of antichoice restrictions with a motorcycle safety law.

Two faces of the same coin: Unfit to Procreate? In California, the Center For Investigative Reporting(CIR) said in July that between 2006 and 2010, the California Institution for Women in Corona and Valley State Prison for women in Chowchilla coerced female inmates into getting tubal ligation surgeries. It is believed that number may exceed the original reported 148 women illegally sterilized.

No. 14 Septiembre-Octubre 2013

Dr. James Heinrich defended the operations and his compensation, saying that “Over a 10-year period, that isn’t a huge amount of money compared to what you save in welfare paying for these unwanted children- as they procreated more.” But the women coming forward say they were coerced. Selective coerce sterilization in America can be traced back to the 1930s. When the program started, it was usually done on men, women, and children with mental illnesses and disabilities and continued to ultimately being an attack on the poor, working class women and women of color who are deemed “unfit to procreate.” The United States has not only targeted poor women of color in the US, they have extended eugenic practices of selective coercive sterilization on women, men, and children in poor countries around the world.

Women’s situation under capitalism At first glance, these two recent events seem to contradict each other, and restrictions on abortion and forced sterilization are in fact two faces of the same coin. There is no contradiction; women are undermined in their abilities to make decisions and to have absolute control of their bodies. Yet, despite all the gains made by the anti-abortion crusade, most women continue to support Roe v. Wade. As revolutionaries, we are at the forefront of the struggle for abortion rights as an essential right for all women, and an element necessary for their liberation. First, these attacks are not felt equally by all women. The truth is that bourgeois women have never had attacks on their reproductive lives like poor working-class women have. 42% of women seeking an abortion are under the poverty line and 57% pay for it out of their own pocket, either because their health plan does not cover it, or because they want to keep it secret from their partners. And the abortion procedure is not cheap: in 2009, the average cost was $470 for a first-trimester abortion and $1,629 for a second-trimester abortion; this is assuming it all goes well, without complications or medical problems. But this actual economic restriction does not affect the women who belong to the 1%. They for sure will never be sterilised nor will they ever have a problem with affordability and access to doctors that perform abortions. Second, we also understand that the restrictions on abortion are not the only or are an isolated problem, they are just the tip of the iceberg of women’s oppression under capitalism. Women’s oppression is rooted in the rise of a class society, as all other oppressions are. However, for working class women, their objectification came through the seizure of their bodies to reproduce the working class, the army of labor that will in turn also become simultaneously oppressed and uniformly exploited. This is why we, socialists, do not separate the liberation of women from the liberation of the working class. We, women and men, must fight for their liberation as we understand it as the larger capitalist scheme. Concretely, this means that when fighting for the full right to abortion we know there is a fork on the road: as working class

WOMEN women, being the most discriminated, will also have to continue the fight to their complete liberation from the total burden capitalism puts over them: the double shift, wage inequality, workplace harassment and discrimination, sexist ideology, etc. And they will have to do so alongside their working class brothers; many of them are also fighting other forms of oppressions, as they all share the same class interest: that of the dismantling of the capitalist system.

Free Access To Abortion on Demand and Socialized Healthcare Because we fight for abortion rights from a working class point of view, it is important to defend not only the “right to choose” for women, reinforcing their independence as political subjects, but also the concrete implementations of these rights. As we have shown, it is in the real access to abortion that the discrimination is still active, and growing. We should demand free access to abortion on demand, with no mandatory and dissuasive counseling, with no requirement of parental consent, with no mandatory waiting period, etc. Also, we should demand that all hospitals should be by law forced to perform abortions if women desire so. But the key issue is the affordability of abortion. In the overall, we should defend full reproductive freedom. But the fight for full and free abortion is also inseparable with the struggle to win free, quality universal health care. In fact, since its origins, abortion rights in the US have been tied to health care issues. Four years after Roe Vs Wade, Republican Congressman Henry Hyde proposed an amendment to prohibit federal funding to go to abortion (in particular through Medicaid). The amendment was passed by a Democrat-controlled Congress and signed by Democratic President Jimmy Carter. And it was not repealed by the Obamacare Act. Without a free quality health care system that puts reproductive rights at the center, there will be no real right of abortion in the US. But in the road to win universal health care stand several multinational corporations (medical insurers, private healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies) and their allies in Congress. The structural limitations of the Obamacare Act already have showed so.

Women Cannot Trust The Bipartisan System to Advance Their Rights One third of women in the United States will have an abortion before the age of forty. Why is it then that we do not hear about a big fight going on for abortion? The movement has been taken off the streets and behind official doors, where people are under the illusion that Democrats are for abortion and women’s rights. While organization such as NARAL Pro-Choice America are now fighting the recent attacks on the streets, they too have succumbed and lead the support for such candidates. There have been just as many drawbacks on abortion and women’s rights laws under Democratic presidency and with Democratic majority in Congress as Republicans. In Clinton’s 1992 campaign run, he promised to pass a Freedom of Choice Act but it never made it to Congress once he was president. Congress under Clinton’s presidency signed the Hyde Amendment,

LA VOZ de los trabajadores


WOMEN a federal law banning Medicaid for abortion and many states passed the “partial birth abortion” ban. Yet support for Clinton continued. Today in North Carolina, hopes on Governor Pat McCrory(R) are shattered as he signed the anti-abortion bill into law. During his 2012 campaign, McCrory promised to not pass any restriction abortions. Today, under the first black Democratic president, we are seeing the attacks on working class women and poor women of color continue with full force. The much needed shatter of illusions on representatives is starting to happen. Across the country, women have come out to protest the new attacks on abortion, but the working class women are not stoping there, they are also taking part in protesting the other attacks on working class people. In North Carolina, ongoing demonstrations against the GOP agenda, the attacks on teachers and education, the voter ID legislation, etc. are happening every Monday. On the 11th week of protest, 100 people, mostly women were arrested after the House sneaked in the new attack on abortion. After three months of protest and demonstrations, there has been over 900 arrests, yet this has not stopped the thousands of women and men from flooding the streets. We support the thousands of people coming out to the streets in protest to contest all these attacks on women and working class people. Women need to organize independently of capitalist parties that inherently produce and uphold exploitation and oppressions. And they need to organize along class lines, leading their campaign for equal rights whenever possible through their class organizations, such as unions. Women of today must be part of a movement much larger than the waves seen in the past, and this larger movement is the independent working class movement for liberation of all exploited and oppressed people. Worker’s Voice calls for women and men to organize against the attacks on abortion, and likewise, the attacks on the working class. Furthermore, we place the right and access to abortion as being essential elemental rights of the working class that both women and men must take on to liberate women from this oppression and exploitation. So long as women are bound to reproduce the class that is oppressed and exploited, there will be no liberation of women and the working class as a whole. This is why we call on all for the permanent and undisturbed fight for women to re-appropriate their bodies and have all control of decisions over their reproductive lives.

Why Do Socialists Defend the Right to Abortion? The criminalization of abortion is an attack on a fundamental right of women: the right to decide on our bodies and on the course of our life. And this right belongs to women, not to their husbands, their families, the Church or the State. The restrictions on abortion which are still in place in the US are therefore intolerable restrictions on women’s social rights. In this sense, they are an expression of the efforts of class society to undermine women, based on the idea that women are not able to decide by themselves, and this diminishes their confidence and


LA VOZ de los trabajadores

No. 14 September-October

freedom. The right wing arguments against abortion deceitfully frame the issue as an issue for “life”. The so-called “ProLife” sector argues that a fetus should have the same status of a human being, and that abortion is a criminal act, a murder. What they are in fact implying is that a fetus, which does not have a consciousness of its own, nor any agency (a possible human being), has more rights than a women (an actual human being). They use the this argument to negate the right of women to choose to either to keep the baby or have an abortion. But the fetus is part of the woman's body, it could not live without it, so there is not a separate life and yet it could negate the one of the woman. In fact, what bigots are doing is not defending life, but limiting human freedom, particularly women’s freedom, which is an essential part of life. And they also put women’s material life at risk: as for poor women, abortion can save them from increased poverty, and in case of medical complication, it can save them from death; and for women who have been victims of rape or incest, it can save them from an unbearable torturing life. Sexist ideologies are spread through different institutions (like the Catholic Church, the Evangelists, the Republican Party, etc.), stating false claims regarding the superiority of men over women, the “natural” obligation for women to procreate, the “natural” impulse of women for domestic life, etc. All of them are lies- nature nor God have chosen a different “destiny” for women, and all that the sexist ideology does is to undermine women, making society believe they are “inferior” so they can be more exploited and politically controlled. Sexist ideology benefits only the ruling class, the 1%, while hurting our class. This is why as socialists we must explain how they are founded on deceitful arguments, where they come from, and what they achieve politically.

No. 14 Septiembre-Octubre 2013


It's not only the NSA... It's the Capitalist State a Workers' Voice Editorial

There has been a popular outrage about the recent NSA (National Security Agency) revelations. Many are saying that the U.S. government has overstepped its boundaries by infringing on "democratic rights”, whose role it is to preserve. But are the spying, surveillance and curtailment of rights just a matter of bad policy? What is the social and political context in which our government is attacking our rights?

Since the economic crisis burst, we have seen in the U.S. a reduction of public services, like education, healthcare or the postal system, and also of democratic rights. And this is not a trend here but in the whole world since the economic recession/depression that started in 2008. Instead of funding social programs to help people, the US and other countries’ regimes have resorted to repression, surveillance, and policing. This year alone, the U.S. government spent $52 billion in spying intelligence ! The new data storage facility in Utah alone will cost almost $2 billion! In the meantime, Obama is proposing a budget for this year that will have devastating effects for Medicare and Medicaid: $401 billion cut for the next 10 years , so around $40 billion a year. If Obama chose to care for the people, he could not only preserve the existing social safety net, but expand it! Furthermore, these social cuts that affect the working class and oppressed also happen in a context after where banks have been bailed out, and - after some tax cuts and legislation- the corporations are making profits again while average wage declines. The ruling rich are becoming richer. And if that was not enough, the Obama administration pushes for wars and imperialist interventions in other countries (e.g. the Arab region, Africa, and Latin America). We can add to this the current (as of this article’s wri-

ting) assault on Syria that Obama’s administration and his allies are imposing through the “democratic” institutions of the U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate. This is why we in Workers’ Voice see the importance of fighting austerity and policing in the U.S. in the context of this larger political trend. As Marxists, we think there is a connection between the deep economic and political crisis and the increase of surveillance and restriction of liberties. The NSA revelation is just another example that we can add to the pile of other attacks to our democratic rights in the last years: the overturning of the Voting Rights Act by the Supreme Court, the so-called immigrant “reform plan” , and the attack on women's’ rights . It is not an accident that now, with the true nature of our economic system being so widely exposed with its contradictions, its destruction and its tyranny, that the government wants to protect those who have and make profit from those who can threaten it, like the Wisconsin uprising, the Occupy movement or the Chicago teachers. Many people who voted for Obama thought he would put an end to the Bush restriction on civil liberties and Democratic rights. The truth is that not only has Obama kept the Patriot Act and Guantanamo open, but he has added more measures of restriction, policing and internal repression. For us, this is no surprise, as we do not think there is a fundamental difference between the two capitalist parties: in the time of crisis they have the same policies, and want to preserve the economic and political power of the 1%, the ruling class, by all means. The state apparatus is not neutral; it is ultimately a tool of the ruling class to maintain power over the oppressed classes. Snowden is not unveiling just a matter of “bad policy”; we are seeing the real policy- the class character of our state and democracy exposed. The surveillance/police state has expanded as a neces-

LA VOZ de los trabajadores


No. 14 September-October

NSA sary response to the crisis in order to prevent, discourage and crush any internal political resistance, to discourage it in the first place.

The NSA Revelations & “Democracy” in Capitalism The recent NSA fiasco, which was revealed by Glenn Greenwald (Guardian reporter) thanks to paper leaks by former private surveillance company employee Edward Snowden (who’s still in a Russian airport trying to get away safely)- exposed to the public that the US has been running a massive surveillance program on all US peoples and also of other nation's government and peoples in the guise of defending the US against possible terrorists. This revelation, along with the Supreme Court strike down of the Civil Rights Voting Act of 1965 and the attack on women’s abortion rights (See “A Step Back In Women’s Reproductive Rights” in this newspaper issue for more), brings about core questions: Is capitalist democracy really democratic? Are we in a path of "democratic progress", as liberals believe? The NSA revelations really show how the capitalist state uses all its tools and resources in order to police and keep an eye out on its citizenry, especially in the context of a continued attack on the conditions of workers and people of color. Though the NSA apparatus is being sold as being “legal”, it doesn’t mean it’s not tyrannical and dangerous in nature. It’s a continuation of the same legislation objective as the Patriot Act, the Protect America Act, the Military Commissions Act and the FISA Amendments Act - all which fall into the general policies & propaganda of “the war on terror” that Bush and his continuator Obama have been waging since 2001. Even Democratic Party politicians have to admit these laws and policies being used to spy on Americans and to have the American people normalize that policing and state surveillance so they don’t mobilize and protest against the building of an infrastructure that will be used to attack and repress them if they dare to resist . Another thing that the NSA revelations show is the concrete alliance and linking of the U.S. government’s institutions (the FBI, NSA, CIA, and city police departments) with the multinational technology corporations, such as Google, Microsoft, phone & communication companies such as Verizon, At&T, Facebook and Skype, and other surveillance companies like the one Edward Snowden was contracted by.This linkage between the U.S. administrations offices and multinationals illustrates how both institutions work together and share the same interests in the policing of the American and world’s working class and peoples.

The Repeal of the Voting Rights Act is an attack on Blacks, Latinos, and Immigrants The recent gutting of a key section of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 by the US Supreme Court is a clear attack on people of color in the U.S., especially in the context of racist killings by police and wannabe police like George Zimmerman, and in-


LA VOZ de los trabajadores

creased poverty and joblessness among Blacks and Latinos. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 is a landmark piece of national legislation in the U.S. that prohibits discrimination in voting and was won through the Civil Rights movement of the 1950-1960s by the massive outpouring the African Americans and the working class. It was Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, the provision of the landmark civil rights law that designates which parts of the country must have changes to their voting laws cleared by the federal government or in federal court that was cut . This recent move by the ruling class should make us bring the question again: are we living in an equal and democratic society, specifically from the racial point of view? Even if as socialists we see the limitations and illusions of “democracy” in bourgeois, capitalist society, this legislative offensive by a few Supreme Court justices is still an attack on socialists, workers and people of color should highlight as another offensive to Blacks, Latinos and immigrants - who are still facing job and economic discrimination and specifically for immigrants, a strong xenophobia. The Supreme Court’s view that “the very success of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act demands its [Section 4] dormancy" is ridiculous as the recent passing of voter ID laws in recent years in more than 30 states show that the opposite is true.

A Marxist analysis of capitalist democracy What can we conclude from this, beyond the fact that surveillance, repression, cuts and unemployment is the capitalist’s way out to the crisis? That, in fact, our current democracy is an economic dictatorship of the 1% (aka the big corporations and investors) over the working class, with formal “democratic” rights that are not guaranteed in practice. We say they are formal, because as we explained in the article on abortion, workers have them “in theory” but they cannot afford them anymore, they are limited, of bad quality, and under constant threat of disappearance. Or like in the case of voting, it is a right for everyone in theory, but not in practice… especially when those in power are less interested in hearing the opinion of Black folks. More specifically, it is a capitalist democracy where workers cannot democratically discuss and decide the political economy of

No. 14 Septiembre-Octubre 2013

the country, because economics (how and what we produce, exchange, etc.) are a private business not even discussed in the parliament. But even worse than that: with the current bi-partisan system, workers are in practice are excluded from having a direct representation in parliament. The current system of party formation, and the fact that campaigns are more and more expensive to run, excludes non-capitalist parties from real political participation in the state and federal electoral disputes. In the last century, only two parties really have had the chance to make it into the political decision-making spaces- those financed and controlled by the corporations. As the Indignados movement chanted in Spain: “Lo llaman democracia y no lo es”, “They call it democracy but it is not one”.

Let's defend our democratic rights and build a workers alternative to the crisis!

NSA under Obama’s administration is proof of that. These include the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), and other recent elimination of civil rights. To add to that, there has been minimal resistance by the masses on these legislations and repressive offensives. In sum, the bourgeois democracy that the US masquerades as “democracy” is not a democracy for the working class, neither an economic nor a political one. It is a democracy for the ruling class and its representatives and it uses its state institutions (i.e. NSA, CIA, police, etc.) and its connections to multinational companies (i.e. Google, Microsoft, etc.) to reinforce its policing and supervise its economic and political interests of the people. The multinationals and its allies are also there to supervise the people and function as “middle-man” and “foreman” to make sure workers and people of color are marginalized and kept out of the “democratic” system and kept in poverty and ignorance and in danger of policing.

The current US regime has been in place now for decades, but since Bush’s government’s terms (2000-2008), we think the ruling class has showed its need to restrict the democratic freedoms and civil rights, including anti-democratic policies that have persisted under Obama. This is why we think that under the current regime, the fight for democratic rights and civil liberties should be an important axis of our program .

Thus, we see the importance of workers, their organizations and the oppressed of raising a fight against the massive surveillance and police of the capitalist state’s institutions. We need to work on informing & educating on the dangers of these surveillance programs and how they are used and will be used to repress and attack workers and oppressed that resist and fight back.

As outlined before, Obama’s administration has been a continuation of Bush’s regime in many facets, and this has been quite clear on Obama’s attack on democratic rights/civil liberties. The attack on civil liberties is part of the US state’s reconfiguration of its tools of repression - the courts, legislation, police, the media, and its various state apparatus. It's getting ready to use its entire means to squash any future mass resistance it sees, and the repression of the Occupy movement and other demonstrations

At the same time, we must acknowledge that this current “democracy” cannot be simply reformed, and instead, we need to challenge its economic foundations and the state that enforces the exploitation of its people. Thus, we must link the fight for real democratic rights to demands and a movement that also questions the core tenets of the capitalist state and that real democracy of the workers and oppressed is only possible with the transformation to a government by the workers and for the workers.

LA VOZ de los trabajadores


No. 14 September-October


Immigration Reform: Does it help immigrants or is it just another business?

By Workers’ Voice, Los Angeles

An immigration reform bill has gone into the U.S. Senate and

now travels to the House of Representatives. The initiative has created many illusions in the immigrant community that has been, at the same time, under a siege of raids, deportations and discrimination for all these years. Unfortunately, the ones who are proposing the immigration reform are the same people that have been at the head of the government, authorizing and leading the nightmare that immigrants have had to live until today. In that sense, we warn the community to not have false illusions that these same politicians, Democrats and Republicans, are able to elaborate a just and humane immigration reform, because so much hate and contempt cannot disappear overnight. That entire political maneuver is disguising itself as an “immigration reform” so that the public falls once again into a trap, and they intend to take economic advantage for another 10, 15, or 20 years. This is despite all who manage to qualify and the supposedly 4 or 5 million eligible people. Nonetheless, this will create a division amongst immigrants. In reality, this new immigration bill is a plan to sharpen the repression, to have more control, & to legalize discrimination. It is not solely an attack against immigrants, but it is also a repressive plan against the American people, particularly people of color and the vast mass of the working poor.

27 years later, we remain stagnant in the same point! When these politicians refer to the problem of immigration, they have never been honest; they’ve always used lies and blackmail. When Democrats and Republicans propelled and approved the immigration bill Simpson-Rodino in 86’, they did so feeling obligated by the mass mobilizations that not only demanded a solution to the immigration issue but also sympathized with the Central-American revolution that was heated/sizzling in those years. Also, because there existed the possibility that such process would influence the Mexican public to also confront their own crisis- that is why they approved the immigration trap to appease and silence their spirits. What the immigration community did not see in that immigration bill was the trap- that through means of that bill helped hide it’s harm and its inability to solve the real problems of the immense majority of immigrants. The immigration bill, Simpson-Rodino, was a Democrat-Republican bill (like that of today), & was presented and approved to suppo-


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sedly solve the immigration crisis of 20 million immigrants, of whom only approximately 4 to 5 million benefited from. In reality, what happened was that the government, once again, disguised the immigration bill, the implementation of more repressive laws, more discrimination and attacks against immigrants; this is the origin of the ban of work to whoever did not have a work permit, criminalizing those who would work in the country, incidentally called “the most free and democratic country in the world”. In that sense, we must be very careful so that we don’t fall in the political trap that the Democrats and Republicans are creating in the new immigration bill. We must realize that there are many more obstacles than opportunities to qualify, and that the sentiment expressed in this bill is of hatred, and blame, without content of justice or humanism.

Who benefits from the new immigration reform? We must always remember that when Democrats and Republicans talk about solving a determine problem, they are speaking for private corporations and always look for what benefits them; they don’t speak at all on how to really help those affected, in this case, immigrant workers. By raising military funds to militarize the border, what is being created is the consolidation of the already existing war zone- where many immigrants are assassinated- & it is a new war zone, now in American soil, where there will be given more strength to the guerilla mentality that has made so much damage. We can now see this with the increase of people killed by the police, the sheriff and the border patrol and the intensification of the police state, that is not only aimed at immigrants, but also to anyone whom the government considers to be a dangerous political element. This immigration proposal is also favoring the private corporations of prisons, of documentation and data, & also the legal defense industry, like lawyer corporations, and agencies of legal services, the construction industry, the weapons industry with drones, and other sophisticated war teams and surveillance. Of course, this would all be made possible with money that their supporters contributed with their taxes and once again will be given an inappropriate use, and will all be in favor of private corporations that have a lot of influence in the government. This is why it is a repressive law against all, and not only immigrants. It is a repressive plan

No. 14 Septiembre-Octubre 2013

disguised as an immigration reform and it is the disguised excuse for a reform that economically favors a diverse number of private corporations, that Democrats and Republicans represent in the government, and we must oppose it and all corporate corruption.

The imperialist relation with the countries of origin of immigrants The government’s proposal is to completely ignore its foreign policy - one that is creating mass migration and illegal interference in developing countries, and one that continues to deepen the unbearable economic crisis they are facing. They're stealing oil in Mexico (among many other things) and are trying to implement control of sectors of transportation like airports, ports, water, health and education in El Salvador and Central America by transnational corporations. That is, in advance to what the Obama government knows- that with the continuation of the foreign policy of unlawful interference, looting and privatization of resources in our countries of origin- the massive migration stream continues and deepens, and does so by preparing to toughen immigration laws and border militarization. It is totally unacceptable to treat any human being that way just for the sake of being immigrants and needing to work, particularly when multinational corporations arrive in the countries of origin of immigrants. There they are given many privileges, like working hands to help them install their companies, they live in privileged areas of the country, they provide cheap labor, a whole army of workers have no guarantee or union organization, and they even have the right to abuse the workers and also to save costs and increase profits. They pay no taxes, have no obligation to invest part of their earnings in the country they are exploiting, & all their pay is the ‘bite’ that gives corrupt governments that allow them to do all this. These same corrupt governments persecute, torture and kill captured workers, whom, tired from abuse and starvation wages, organize and fight. Though, when they get tired or fear for their lives, they choose to emigrate. The other much more obscure part of the foreign policy of the United States has been the imposition of corrupt governments, incapable and submissive to it, that were and still are unable to resolve the most urgent needs of the people. The government, along with the CIA, the Pentagon, and different types of organizations, have implemented government coups on governments that have tried to do something different than what is imposed by the imperialist master. The United States of North America supported, financed and provided all kinds of support for military dictatorships throughout Latin America, causing repression, disappearances, torture, massacres and assassinations and even sold children and girls who were prisoners in captivity. In a separate article, we will be giving more detail of all that this country has done to foreign policy against all these nations, violating the sovereignty and the most fundamental human elements, for whom today we point to such genocide & that immigrants should immediately receive full rights and without any cost.

What to do before the new Democratic and Republican Party lie?

IMMIGRANTS to the immigrant community for having suppressed them much more than the Bush administration . This is because his attacks have involved more human hunting, more surprise operations in workplaces and homes, with a large number of agents and extreme violence. This is as if it were terrorist raids, in which not only people without documents were arrested, but also anyone they wanted, including people with legal or resolved status. Given that reality, we call upon the immigrant community, in particular, and the working class, in general, to increase their level of independence, and political formation, to better cope with the current situation and what is to come, in regards to migration policy, among other things, and as we see, to understand and respond to the new government's immigration proposal, in spite of not being sure when it will even be approved. These days, immigrants are the modern slaves that the masters have sent, to bring them by force and be chained. But this time, the chains are not metal, but are made ​​of poverty, unemployment, humiliation, repression and death, and have the Democratic and Republican foremen, Obama in particular, to impose all kinds of abuse and ensure that more slaves are produced for multinational corporate masters. These multinational corporate masters, with their millions, dominate at will, in this country and abroad. And so we have to fight, we have to raise our voices, and demand to not only give them full rights, but give them immediately, without cost and without restrictions! This is because we’re dealing with human beings that are forced to emigrate, and the least that the government should do is to receive and guarantee their rightsthat is what is just and humane.

Our demands to the United States! 1. Full rights, immediately and free of cost for all immigrants, including the family members of deportees. 2. A law that promotes, explains, and guarantees a national level of respect and dignity for all immigrants. Not one human being is illegal! 3. No more raids, no more persecution, it is a harm to all. That the government give a public apology for all the atrocities committed against immigrants. 4. We demand that the government prioritize real solutions to human needs and not for the necessities of corporate businesses. Solutions for education, health, better wages, housing issue, respect to all people of color, reinforce union rights, a stop to wars and an immediate solution to immigrant demands.

For the just fight of immigrants in the U.S and worldwide! • Unity of struggle of immigrants with the struggles of other workers at a national and international level! • Workers’ struggles do not have borders! • No to the political trap that is being proposed as an immigration reform because it does not solve immigrant problems & only favors corporate business! • Don’t let yourself be fooled, join the struggle!

If Obama had a little dignity, he would begin by apologizing

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No. 14 September-October


Brooklyn’s Workers Fight-back against Hospital Closures Protest in August over the planned closing of Long Island College Hospital

By Alvin Blanco, NYC Workers’ Voice In the last few months, health workers and community members have been fighting against the closure of hospitals in Brooklyn, NY. Last August 16th, local activists, staff and patients of the Long Island College Hospital (LICH), a 155-yearold hospital in Cobble Hill, won a small battle against SUNY Downstate and the state Department of Health (DOH) who moved to shut it down. A court order stated that SUNY and the DOH must restore LICH’s medical services, including the active Emergency Department, the Intensive Care Unit, inpatient medical beds, as well as the laboratories, the radiology, & the social assistance and pharmacy services. This order assures these services until the final results of the legal litigation concerning the Hospital, but LICH is still under a guillotine. Another battle is being fought, now against the Interfaith Medical Center’s closure. This hospital is located in BedfordStuyvesant, a neighborhood mostly composed by Afro-American and Caribbean workers. Interfaith, formed by a merger of Brooklyn Jewish Medical Center and St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, operates in this neighborhood for more than a century. This hospital has 120 inpatient psychiatric beds and is one of New York’s largest providers of acute mental health care. Other hospitals in the area are also in bad shape. Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Bushwick is functioning in a precarious condition and can be the next in line. This hospital has a very difficult financial situation and it has been resisting the deficits for years. For September, Wyckoff announced the end of the family residency program, in spite of the fact this is a teaching hospital, and will give the family chirurgic clinics to private doctors’ groups. The situation in Wyckoff could become worse if Interfaith is closed. Interfaith is the only pro-


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vider of inpatient behavioral health that accepted Wyckoff's patients. Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) announced a plan to downsize the roster of mental hospitals to 15 from 24. The main reason are the cuts made in the Medicaid budget by the Obama administration. According to the Governor’s office, more outpatient services and supportive housing to prevent mental health crises are less expensive than hospitalization. But, the fact is that the hospitals have been closed without providing even these kind of precarious services. Brooklyn is experiencing a deep health emergency.

How to fight back? Every Tuesday, hundreds of health workers and community members have been marching on Brooklyn's streets demanding to keep Interfaith open. On August 27th, more than one hundred hands were tied symbolically around its main building. After that, nearly half-a- hundred workers marched to the hospital's emergency door. While near the entrance, a community activist spoke and announced that she will picket the door alone. Candidly, the cops moved and arrested her without any resistance. The people were astonished, and spontaneously dispersed. The scene repeated what happened some months before when public advocate Bill de Blasio, Democratic Party candidate in mayor elections supported by 1199 SEIU, was arrested at the door of LICH and gained the news. New hands around the hospitals and marches on Brooklyn are planned for next weeks. But for how long are the workers going to be able to resist without a visible effect on public opinion and a real impact on governments? Keeping the Brooklyn health structure is a very hard struggle. It is a fight against the

No. 14 Septiembre-Octubre 2013

austerity promoted by Barack Obama and Andrew Cuomo. It's a fight against real estate speculation supported by Michael Bloomberg, who wants to transform hospitals into condos. It is a fight against financial markets and private speculators who transformed people’s health in a lucrative business. To win this war it is necessary to unite the health workers and the community members that depend on them. At the rallies people chant “people united never be defeated” but unfortunately the hospital fight back is not united in the present moment. There are not workers of LINCH involved with the struggles of Interfaith’s and vice versa. There is not a united movement of all health workers against hospitals closures. On contrary, until now the leadership of United Healthcare Workers East (1199 SEIU) managed to separate and dived one struggle from the other. The first step in order to advance would be promoting unified spaces among these workers and communities on a battle in defense of the health structure of Brooklyn and that could demand a good, public an popular health system in general. This would signify criticizing, not only the local Democrats and Republicans representatives, but also the Obama’s unpopular health policy. The second step would be to adopt more effective ways of struggle, like true pickets, common hospital workers' demonstrations, stoppages and even strikes. It is an imperative to broke the vicious circle of ineffective marches and alleged individual pickets. This could not produce even headlines in the New York newspapers. As an Interfaith worker said, “we need to be more aggressive and persistent”.

BROOKLYN Build a new democratic leadership After the marches in Brooklyn, Interfaith workers and community members went to a community hall in a nearby church. At first they patiently listened to union and community leaderships. Now, as the primaries for mayor in New York become closer, council members, candidates and even a congressman spoke in the pulpit. But common people, the union rank and file that marched every week, never spoke. The microphone was only open to officials and figures of authority. Some people are not satisfied with this situation. As Interfaith workers said to Workers' Voice, “when it's time to run for office, the politicians come to us for support. We pay a political action fund and SEIU 1199 puts money in support of their choice of political organization. But after the election, they became blind to us; even the union”. Health workers need to build a new democratic leadership, independent from capitalist parties and union bosses. Unfortunately, most New York leftist groups have renounced the struggle for this. In the same way as the union bosses and Democratic Party representatives, these groups have been also blind to the struggle around Brooklyn's hospitals. No one but the few Workers' Voice members crossed the bridge that separates Brooklyn from the rest of the city to reach this popular fight. It’s time to open their eyes and to start to support workers' struggles, as well as to improve the rank and file's autonomous organization against bosses and bureaucrats.

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No. 14 September-October


Save CCSF! By Henry Melo

The steps forward defending City College of San Francisco and the challenges ahead for students, faculty, staff and community City College under attack City College of San Francisco (CCSF) is one of the country´s largest Community Colleges, with 85,000 students. It offers a wide variety of classes, both credit or noncredit programs, including free classes and professional improvement courses. It is (or was) a democratically-run institution, open to faculty participation in decision making. It has met all the education quality standards over the past 77 years that it’s been serving the community, helping immigrants, low-income students, mostly Black and Latinos, not only get a degree, but also acquire a general education and improve professionally. City College has now been under attack for more than a year, when ACCJC - Accreditation Commission for Community and Junior Colleges - decided first to sanction it with “show cause” in July 2012, and recently to revoke its accreditation, forcing CCSF to shut down. The deadline to terminate accreditation is July 31st 2014, and the clock is ticking.

What is ACCJC and its goal? ACCJC is a private commission that represents the interests of big corporate groups who want to make more and more money out of education. It is funded by the Lumina and Gates foundations, and its goal is to reshape higher education according to business management models. ACCJC stands for Privatization. According to this view, higher education should not be a universal right, offered to everyone irrespective of their income, ethnicity or immigration status. On the contrary, it should be a


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privilege reserved for a minority, aimed to provide highly qualified professionals to big companies and government. In other words, it should not be for the working class, but for the upper middle-class and the rich. Therefore, ACCJC and these powerful business groups are doing everything they can to reshape public education. Instead of free public institutions, funded by the government and open to community, they want privately-run institutions, open to those who can afford the increasing fees and provide a “good outcome” in their statistics. This means students and institutions should be constantly tested, ranked, and compared to others, to prove they deserve to be funded. If not, institutions should be downsized or even shut down, and the remaining students should be transferred to junior colleges or online education programs. That is why ACCJC decided to start an attack against CCSF. They want to destroy the model of education CCSF stands for, where community can play an active and influential role in defining education programs, and struggling students can still find affordable education and make their way to a better future. Unfortunately, this is the commission in charge of overseeing CCSF´s accreditation, as well as of dozens of other Colleges in California. If they manage to defeat CCSF, they will feel stronger to go after other community colleges, and push them towards budget cuts, downsizing and privatization as well.

Dictatorship inside CCSF Chancellor Brice Harris and the California Community College Board of Governors have decided to shut down CCSF´s elected board of trustees, with the justification that they were not able to meet ACCJC´s requirements to maintain CCSF´s accreditation. They appointed a special trustee, Robert Agrella, to run city college at least until 2014, supposedly to make an effort to avoid the accreditation termination.

No. 14 Septiembre-Octubre 2013

In reality, Bob Agrella was appointed with dictatorial powers to bring CCSF to its knees before ACCJC and make the dirty work from within: implement budget cuts, close classes and programs, consolidate an authoritarian management style, focus learning process on results. In other words: downsizing and privatizing. Their goal with this move is clear: even if CCSF remains open and accredited after July 31st 2014, it will no longer be a community college, but a downsized and privately managed institution, in accordance with ACCJC´s view.

Government sides with ACCJC National, State and local authorities have been accomplices of ACCJC´s attacks throughout the past year, since they have either been standing idly letting CCSF struggle on its own, or even worse: actively implementing privatization policies. ACCJC has been operating in accordance with Obama´s Department of Education (DOE) and Jerry Brown´s Board of Governors for Community and Junior Colleges. These two administrative bodies have maintained ACCJC´s ruling, complied with its sanctions, and appointed the special trustee to make sure its policies were implemented. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has not spoken against ACCJC´s sanctions against CCSF even once. On the contrary, he has agreed to the imposition of Agrella, and has been refusing to meet students and faculty leaders to discuss the issue. In the latest CCSF rallies and demonstrations, the question “Where is Ed Lee??” is constantly heard. This attitude shows that the government agrees to reshape public education in accordance with private interests, even if that means downsizing or even shutting down community colleges that disagree. The reason for that, is that a private model would allow government to cut public funding and expenses, in order to save their own budgets affected by the economic crisis. But they do not want to appear as the villains. If possible, it’s better to have ACCJC do the dirty work, in order to avoid a direct fight of the community against the government. That way, they can always frame the attacks against CCSF as an “accreditation issue” between two institutions (CCSF vs. ACCJC) and the government as a well-intentioned mediator to resolve the dispute. In the end, they can always justify that they were “forced” to agree with budget cuts and downsizing in order to “save CCSF”. What hypocrisy! The consequences of having the government siding with ACCJC in these attacks have already showed up: CCSF has already 3,000 less students, due to the fear of shutting down, and will have to struggle for funding, in order to keep its programs open.

Fight back leads to partial victories This saint-alliance against City College has apparently started to break, as the fight to save CCSF increases.

SAVE CCSF Since the beginning of the struggle between CCSF and ACCJC, students, faculty, staff and community have been actively fighting back to defend City College. Dozens of activities, such as teachins, rallies, sit-ins, assemblies and meetings with San Francisco officials have taken place. An important number of activists, including union members and left groups, decided to form a coalition to defend CCSF: the Save CCSF coalition. The Save CCSF coalition has been the most important initiative to unite students, faculty, staff and community to stand up against ACCJC, and it has now accomplished some important partial victories through mobilization. The Department of Education, after months of standing idly, sent a letter to ACCJC affirming that: 1. The commission lacks a clear policy on conflicts of interest, as it is funded and composed by private groups and in charge of public accreditation at the same time; 2. The commission lacks a policy on who evaluates colleges (educators or "business administrators") ; 3. The commission uses unclear language to explain what colleges must do to stay in business versus what they may do to improve; 4. The commission fails to require colleges to fix problems within the necessary two years. The consequence of this letter is that the DOE might not recognize ACCJC as an accreditation commission by December this year, if they fail to resolve these issues. If that happens, it will be an important argument in favor of CCSF: it's being attacked by an illegitimate commission. The second piece of good news is that ACCJC is going to be audited for 6-7 months by a legislative committee that recognizes that ACCJC might have acted in an improper way when evaluating City College and putting it under sanction. If the audit finds ACCJC has acted in an improper way, it might be legally questioned, which would be a step forward to save CCSF. But more important than the audit itself, is the fact that assembly members will now be forced to take a position: for or against CCSF. The third important fact is that San Francisco city attorney Dennis Herrera decided to file a lawsuit against ACCJC for conflicts of interest and retaliation against CCSF. He also accuses the Board of Governors of “unlawful delegation of public duties” to an “unaccountable private agency”, since the board should be the one responsible to oversee California Community Colleges, not ACCJC. If the lawsuit wins, ACCJC would no longer be in charge of accreditation for California Community Colleges.

Negotiation or Mobilization? What strategy should the Save CCSF coalition follow? If the recent partial victories have encouraged the movement and all those who want to save CCSF, they have also made explicit the need to deepen the discussion around what strategy to follow. The Save CCSF Coalition has been pushing for important direct actions and demonstrations, such as the rallies in front of the City Hall and the Department of Education, the City Hall

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No. 14 September-October

SAVE CCSF occupation and sit-in, the student general assemblies and several others, that have played an important role to build solidarity around CCSF and put pressure against the government and ACCJC. They should continue and become stronger. However, several sectors of the movement have had a completely different strategy. Most members of the Board of Trustees, for instance, have been working essentially to implement ACCJC´s demands inside CCSF, and several trustees actually found themselves “surprised” when, even with their “efforts”, the commission decided to shut down CCSF. These trustees have to be accountable to the movement, and agree to follow the majority´s decisions at all times, otherwise, they will be pressured to be agents of downsizing CCSF. The staff union leadership of SEIU 1021 has also been playing a shameful role. They have totally neglected any kind of mobilization, while giving decisive importance to negotiations with administrators on how to meet ACCJC´s demands. As reality is showing day after day, the only way to meet ACCJC´s demands is accepting and implementing privatization. This is the sad role the SEIU leadership seems to be willing to play so far. It is urgent that rank and file SEIU members and staff activists demand that their union change this position and join the fight to save CCSF! Teachers´ unions such as the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) and AFT local 2121 are an important part of the struggle, and have been in the coalition and the movement to Save CCSF from the beginning. However, they have been clearly prioritizing filing complaints and lawsuits against ACCJC, instead of mobilizing their rank and file to stand up and fight for City College. They haven't even considered the possibility of a strike to force the government to take a position. Even if not explicit, the rationale behind this acting is that the mobilizations are only a secondary element to put pressure on the government and fight against ACCJC, while the real path to save CCSF is through legal measures and negotiation with government officials. Of course the Save CCSF coalition cannot abstain from lobbying, negotiating, and taking legal action, that´s part of the struggle. However, lobbying should always be subordinated to direct action as the main strategy to win this fight, otherwise the movement is likely to be co-opted and deviated to legal procedures, such as assembly law projects or ACCJC´s own legal appeals. The consequence of that approach would be to accept the bad to prevent the worse: accept downsizing to prevent a shutdown. The Save CCSF coalition must chose to follow a different path. Our strategy must be to build increasing direct action and mobilization to defeat ACCJC and force the government to keep CCSF open and fully accredited as a public community college.

The strike as an alternative Every direct action that has been done so far was important, but in order to defeat ACCJC and force the government to back off from budget cuts, it is necessary to build a mass movement inside


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and outside CCSF. It is necessary to have thousands of students, faculty, staff and community on the streets. The best way to build this mass movement is to build a strike in CCSF. The main argument against a strike right now is that it would ruin CCSF´s academic work: disrupt classes, compromise the school year, jeopardize CCSF´s image in the community, expose students, faculty and staff as radicals. But isn't that the main argument against all strikes? Isn't that exactly what government and bosses say when workers walk out their jobs? Isn't that what they said against the BART strike? We believe any negative consequence a strike might have would be better than having CCSF downsized or shut down. Yes, students would be out of classes, but they would have their college back after that. Yes, faculty and staff would be attacked as radicals, but they would have an incredibly larger audience to expose their arguments, and much more solidarity from unions and community. As a positive consequence, a successful strike would change the relation of forces in all negotiations. It would be our conditions to go back to classes, not ACCJC´s conditions to keep CCSF accredited. And any victory that comes from that would be a victory for the years to come. That is a shot that is really worth trying! It would be very important that the issues of this strategy be discussed in the Save CCSF coalition meetings, in the students assemblies, and specially within union members, so that they can push their unions to take action towards that.

All to CASU Conference! As part of the efforts to save CCSF, students are organizing an important statewide Student Conference on October 19-20th. The conference is being organized by the California Student Union (CASU), an organization that intends to unite students from all California Junior Colleges, Community Colleges and Universities to organize and fight to defend public education. The challenge for this conference is to build a statewide campaign to defend public education against austerity measures that are being implemented all over California. The fight to Save CCSF and defeat ACCJC would be the main focus of this campaign, that would also include other local struggles. “We want to build solidarity around the CCSF struggle, as the main fight going on in California right now, and expose that as an example that every attack that is going on in other campuses, such as the nomination of Janet Napolitano in UC, are part of the same privatization process”, says Honest Chung, student activist from UC Berkeley and one of the conference organizers. For more information on the Student Conference, contact Honest at or CASU at

No. 14 Septiembre-Octubre 2013


Out with Bashar al-Assad! No to Imperialist Intervention! Written by International Secretariat (IWL-FI) August 31st, 2013

The governments of the main imperialist powers [i.e. U.S.

and Western European nations], as well as Turkey, are preparing a military attack on Syria. Despite the British Parliament’s rejection of military intervention, the Obama administration stated that it was prepared to launch a unilateral American military action, perhaps with the support of France. Using the chemical weapons attack on the outskirts of Damascus, which killed roughly 1,400 people, as a pretext, the U.S. says that armed intervention will achieve "humanitarian" goals and that it would aimed towards "protecting Syrian civilians.” According to the Washington Post, the U.S. is considering a limited, tailored military intervention in terms of time and targets. The proposed military operation, in conjunction with other willing imperialist powers, would consist of a few days of missile bombardment from the sea against military targets, which are not necessarily only restricted to sites related to chemical weapons. The presence and growth of U.S. Navy warships in the Eastern Mediterranean armed with cruise missiles, in addition to others from the UK and France, reinforces this hypothesis. The military operation, as it is currently designed, would not be an action intended to obliterate the al-Assad regime, but rather to weaken him and force the regime to accept an agreement on the basis of a transitional government without Assad, a policy that has been preferred by imperialism. The White House has confirmed through this its spokesman, Josh Earnest, when he said to the U.S. Congress that the action

will be "very discreet and limited" and not an “open-ended conflict aimed at regime change." Hollande, the French president, also said that the purpose would to be to "stop" the use of chemical weapons and that "it is not about overthrowing" Assad. In regards to military options, imperialist powers are trying to find options with the least political cost, especially in the midst of a powerful process of peoples' revolutions that shake the Syria and the Arab region as a whole. In this context, the current proposed military intervention would be less risky for the imperialism, which has no domestic political conditions only 25% of the population supports armed intervention - to consider a boots-on-the-ground approach, which would mean a long-term ground campaign. Even a no-fly zone is being planned very carefully, since the Assad regime's are defenses do pose a credible threat. We know that many rebels are fighting to bring an end to a tyrannical regime, which has ruled the country for 40 years, and has committed the most terrible atrocities against its people throughout this civil war. And many rebels, as a result, may see this possible intervention by imperialist forces as a "helping hand" or "protection,” in their struggle against Assad, whose forces are better equipped to handle a war. We support the struggle of the Syrian people to overthrow Assad, but any imperialist intervention will not be designed to help the rebels down the road, and thus, such intervention must be thoroughly opposed. Imperialist intervention will not be "humane." It will not "save lives" or "defend human rights," nor aid "the triumph of the revolution." If the U.S. really wanted to help the Syrian rebels to topple Assad, it would have unconditionally provided them

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SYRIA - a long time ago - with heavy weapons, such as airplanes, tanks and anti-aircraft missiles. Through military intervention, the U.S. imperialist interests are seeking to gain direct influence over the new government that would replace Assad and ensure an agreement that meets its current and potential interests. Imperialism always intervenes to defend its own objectives, which are the direct domination of the economy and politics of the subjected territory. That was the reason for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. It's also why it supports Israel in the usurpation of territories and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people, and why it supports the ultra-reactionary monarchy of Saudi Arabia and their intervention in Bahrain to end an uprising against the Bahraini government, which is another country deep in the pockets of the U.S. This is also its goal in Syria. The discourse on alleged humanitarian motives, as "protecting civilians" is a siren song that should not fool the Syrian fighters, nor the world left. Proof of this is the own role of the imperialism until now in the civil war in Syria. Obama's policy, soon after the start of the popular uprising against the Syrian dictatorship, was to support al-Assad, since he has provided valuable services in relation to Israel's security and the stabilization of the region. Imperialism's hypocrisy has no limits. While al-Assad was able to ensure stability, Obama and the key European powers always closed their eyes to all the repression and crimes of his bloody dictatorship. It withdrew its support to the dictator - and not to the regime itself - only after realizing that keeping it against the armed struggle of the Syrian people had became unsustainable from the point of view of the main interest of the U.S. right now: stabilize the country and defeat the revolution throughout the region. However, even though U.S. imperialism agrees on the departure of Bashar al-Assad, that does not mean it has abandoned the policy of negotiating a way out, as far as possible, between the regime and the pro-imperialist sectors of the opposition, as the Syrian National Council (CNS). In this context, in the face of a situation where there is an undefined civil war that has destabilized the region, and the firmness of Assad to refuse negotiations, the U.S. is trying to defeat the revolution with a military intervention to ensure the control of the region, even without Bashar. Their goal, then, is not to "liberate" the Syrian people, but rather try to become the new masters, aiming to impose colonial rulers as they did in many other countries. It will try to prevent the Syrian people and the rebels, who were the ones on the frontline of the fight and whose martyrs gave their sweat and blood for the revolution, from governing after the defeat of the tyrant.


LA VOZ de los trabajadores

No. 14 September-October

Instead, they will impose the disarmament of all revolutionaries in order to hold the military monopoly and to "stabilize" the country towards their interests, using, if necessary, puppet governments. But nothing shows that the fulfillment of these plans will be an easy task for imperialism, as it is not in Libya, given that a great revolution is taking place in Syria and all over the region.

What are the reasons of intervention?

the possible

It is important to understand why the U.S. wants to militarily interfere now when it has largely tried to avoid this option for the vast majority of the Syrian conflict. Over the last months, the Assad regime made ​​great advances, recovering strategic positions which had gone into rebel hands. But these victories were sustained mainly by the superiority of armaments and material assistance it received from the external help of Hezbollah, Iran and Russia. Without this military superiority and foreign aid, it would be very difficult for these advances happen. This is demonstrated in the difficulty the regime has had in carrying out large-scale ground operations with its own troops, since many among Assad’s rank have lost morale. Therefore, they make systematic use of sieges supported by airstrikes or missiles, which do not require direct combat. There are reports that the regime has a lot of difficulties and must resort to internal repression, to avoid mass desertions of its soldiers and officers. This explains why, despite the last advances and success of troops loyal to Assad on the Lebanon border and in Homs, the different forces of resistance continue to control a significant part of the country. The Free Syrian Army (ESL), despite recent and costly setbacks, still control whole districts in the outskirts of the capital, Damascus. What this means is that even the Assad regime does not have the ability to crush the revolution entirely, even in Damascus. The same in other major cities such as Aleppo, where rebels recently took one of the main air bases of the regime. It is in this situation of tactical victories, but worsening strategic conditions, which led the dictatorship to begin a systematic and devastating bombing raid on the outskirts of Damascus, and as has, according to some accusations, used its chemical weapons arsenal on a scale that until then it had not had employed. The aim of this escalation of attacks, including poisonous gas, can not be other than the extermination, i.e. cleansing of rebels from Damascus, and the imposition of a stark terror on the entire population. Imperialism, facing these dynamics of unpredictable consequences, tries to solve in its favor a situation marked by an

No. 14 Septiembre-Octubre 2013

entrenched civil war, which has dragged on for two years in a strategic región. It will interfere to demonstrate its military presence in the region and force a negotiation with Al Assad, to a "transition" that tends to stabilize the country and the region, an important condition for further imperialist plunder. If negotiation is not possible, it will try to impose a new government without Assad, under the direct control of Imperialism. Supporters of Castro-Chavez, using the threats of imperialist intervention to further justify their support to the Assad regime - just as they supported Gaddafi - state that the U.S. wants to bring down Assad because he is a "leading anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist." And they are making an appeal to the people and to left in order to support and unite with al-Assad, for his alleged role in the "resistance" to imperialism. But, this analysis is false. Assad’s regime is not “anti-imperialist.” It has been an important part of the scheme of the Zionist imperialist domination in the region, and especially in the last few years, as it has been a faithful dispenser of the neoliberal policies of the IMF and a guarantor of the boundaries of the Zionist state, against whom there has not been a single shot fired in 40 years. According to the supporters of Castro and Chavez, Assad would also be a radical opponent of Israel and protector of the Palestinians. But the reality is that over the course of the civil war, of all the crimes he committed against humanity, Al Assad systematically bombed the Palestinian camps, when a sector of these turned to the opposition, which is the case of Yarmouk in Damascus, which has been under siege preventing the camp from receiving food and medicine. We are totally against imperialist intervention, but this can not lead us to support the bloody dictatorship of Al Assad. This

SYRIA is what the supporters of Castro Chavism do, and therefore, they have become accomplices of the horrendous crimes made by these dictators. The working class and the peoples of the world must be, more than ever, on the side of the Syrian revolution against the Assad dictatorship, and at the same time, repudiate the imperialist interference in that country. It is necessary that in imperialist countries we fight the campaigns they are waging in order to justify military intervention, and that we mobilize against governments that prepare plans for armed intervention. We must denounce the possible intervention under the guise of "humanitarian" aid and reveal its true purpose to impose new masters on the Syrian people. We must also lend our support to the rebels and their right to topple a hardline dictatorship. That means sending, unconditionally and immediately, heavy weapons, and all kinds of materials, such as [medical] drugs and equipment for resistance in Syria, and the opening of national borders to the passage of aid and of those fighters who are willing to fight against Assad. At the same time, we demand, in all countries, the immediate breaking of diplomatic and trade relations with the Syrian dictatorship.

Out with Al Assad, No to imperialist intervention! Mobilize all countries to support the revolution in Syria and against the imperialist invasion plans! We demand the breaking of diplomatic and trade relations with the Syrian dictatorship! That the governments of the world send weapons and medicine to the Syrian rebels! For the triumph of the Syrian revolution!

LA VOZ de los trabajadores


SIRIA visibles, intenta resolver a su favor una situación marcada por una guerra civil enquistada y que se arrastra por dos años y medio en una región estratégica. Intervendrá para demostrar presencia militar en esa región y forzar una negociación con Al Assad para una “transición” que tienda a estabilizar el país y la región, condición importante para continuar el saqueo imperialista. Si la negociación no es posible, intentarán imponer un nuevo gobierno, sin Assad, bajo el control directo del imperialismo. El castro chavismo, usa las amenazas de intervención imperialista para justificar aún más su apoyo nefasto al dictador genocida de Siria -como apoyaron al sanguinario Gadafi-, afirmando que si lo atacan es porque Al Assad sería un “líder antiimperialista y antisionista”. Ya están haciendo un llamado para que los pueblos y la izquierda apoyemos y nos unamos con Al Assad por su supuesto papel en la “resistencia” al imperialismo. Pero la realidad es contraria al discurso castro chavista. El régimen del clan Assad no tiene nada de “antiimperialista”. Ha sido pieza importante en el esquema de dominación imperialista y sionista en la región, siendo, sobre todo en los últimos años, fiel aplicador de las recetas neoliberales del FMI y garante de las fronteras del Estado nazi-sionista de Israel, contra el cual no ha disparado una bala en 40 años, mientras masacra a su propio pueblo. Según el cuento de ficción que nos narran los castro-chavistas, Al Assad también sería un opositor radical a Israel y protector de los palestinos. Pero la realidad demuestra que durante el curso de la guerra civil, entre todos los crímenes de lesa humanidad que cometió, Al Assad se apuntó el de bombardear sistemáticamente campos de refugiados palestinos, cuando un sector de estos se pasaron a la oposición, como es el caso de Yarmuk, en Damasco, hoy bajo un cerco que les impide recibir alimentos y medicinas.

No. 14 September-October

Estamos completamente en contra de la intervención del imperialismo, pero esto no nos puede llevar a apoyar a la sanguinaria dictadura de Al Assad, que masacra a su pueblo sin ningún miramiento, un pueblo que lucha denodadamente por acabar con su régimen. Esto es lo que hace el castro chavismo y por eso se ha transformado en cómplice de los horrendos crímenes de esos dictadores. La clase trabajadora y pueblos del mundo debemos estar más que nunca al lado de la revolución siria en contra la dictadura de Al Assad y, al mismo tiempo, repudiar que el imperialismo pueda intervenir en este país. Es necesario que en los países imperialistas desmontemos la campaña que están haciendo para justificar su intervención militar, movilizándonos contra los gobiernos que preparan los planes de intervención armada. Debemos denunciar que la posible intervención, aunque se la pretenda cubrir de un manto “humanitario” apartir de las horrorosas masacres de Al Assad, pues su objetivo real es imponer nuevos amos al pueblo sirio. La salida es otra: el apoyo total a los rebeldes. Esto significa el envío, sin condiciones y de forma inmediata, de armas pesadas y todo tipo de suministros, como medicinas y equipamientos para la resistencia siria, así la abertura de las fronteras de los países para el paso de esta ayuda y de los aquellos luchadores que estén dispuestos a combatir contra Assad. Al mismo tiempo, exigimos, en todos los países, la inmediata ruptura de relaciones diplomáticas y comerciales con la dictadura siria.

¡Fuera Al Assad; No a la intervención imperialista! ¡Movilicémonos en todos los países apoyo a la revolución siria y contra los planes de invasión imperialistas. ¡Exijamos la ruptura de relaciones diplomáticas y comerciales con la dictadura siria! ¡Que los gobiernos del mundo envíen armas y medicinas para los rebeldes sirios! ¡Por el triunfo de la revolución siria!


LA VOZ de los trabajadores

No. 14 Septiembre-Octubre 2013

como aviones, tanques y misiles antiaéreos. El imperialismo se mete para intentar imponer su peso militar y ser el eje del nuevo poder que reemplace a Assad, para influir directamente y garantizar un acuerdo que contemple sus intereses actuales y potenciales tras una posible caída de Al Assad. El imperialismo siempre interviene con sus propios objetivos, que invariablemente pasan por sus afanes de dominar directamente la economía y la política del país que agrede. Fue ese el motivo de la invasión a Irak y Afganistán. También esa es la razón por la cual apoya a Israel en la usurpación del territorio y la limpieza étnica contra el pueblo palestino y por el cual sostiene a la ultra reaccionaria monarquía de Arabia Saudita, de la cual se valió para reprimir la justa lucha del pueblo de Bahréin contra su gobierno, otra monarquía títere del imperialismo. Y este es el objetivo también en Siria. El discurso sobre supuestas motivaciones humanitarias como la “proteger civiles” es un canto de sirena que no debe engañar a los combatientes sirios ni a la izquierda mundial. Prueba de ello es la propia actuación del imperialismo en lo que va de la guerra civil en Siria. La política del propio Obama, incluso hasta un tiempo después de haber comenzado el levantamiento popular contra la dictadura siria, fue de apoyo a Al Assad, quien le prestó valiosos servicios en cuanto a la seguridad de Israel y la estabilización de la región. La hipocresía del imperialismo no tiene límites. Mientras Al Assad era capaz de garantizarles estabilidad, Obama y las principales potencias europeas siempre cerraron los ojos ante toda la represión y crímenes de su cruenta dictadura. El imperialismo retiró su apoyo al dictador –no al régimen en sí- solamente cuando cayó en la cuenta de que mantenerlo, ante la lucha armada del pueblo sirio, se hizo insostenible desde el punto de vista del principal interés de EEUU en este momento: estabilizar el país y derrotar a la revolución en toda la región. Sin embargo, la posición del imperialismo a favor de la salida de Bashar Al Assad, no significa que haya abandonado la política de negociar una salida, hasta donde sea posible, entre el régimen y los sectores pro imperialistas de la oposición, como el Consejo Nacional Sirio (CNS). En ese marco, frente a una situación de guerra civil, que desestabiliza toda la región y se arrastra sin salida a corto plazo y delante de la negativa a negociar de la dictadura de Al Assad, EEUU trata de intervenir para poder derrotar a la revolución y garantizar su dominio, aunque sea sin Bashar. Su objetivo, entonces, no es “liberar” al pueblo sirio sino intentar convertirse en los nuevos señores y buscar imponer un dominio colonial, como hicieron tantos otros países. El imperialismo busca el control directo.Entrará para intentar impedir que sea el pueblo sirio o los rebeldes que estuvieron al frente de la lucha y pusieron el dolor, el sudor y la sangre de sus

SIRIA mártires los que gobiernen después de la derrota del tirano. Al contrario, exigirán el desarme de todos los revolucionarios para que ellos – o sus títeres, que no faltan ni faltarán- detenten el monopolio militar, y así tratar de “estabilizar” el país en el sentido de sus intereses. Pero nada indica que cumplir estos planes será una tarea fácil para el imperialismo, como no lo está siendo, por ejemplo, en Libia, debido a que una grandiosa revolución está en curso en Siria y toda la región.

¿Por qué la posible intervención? Para entender porqué el imperialismo intervendría militarmente ahora, siendo que durante casi todo el conflicto evitó hacerlo, es necesario analizar la situación militar en Siria. En estos últimos meses, el régimen obtuvo avances militares importantes, recuperando posiciones estratégicas que habían pasado a manos rebeldes. Pero estas victorias estuvieron asentadas, fundamentalmente, en la superioridad armamentista y en la ayuda material externa que recibe de Hezbolá, Irán y Rusia. Sin esta superioridad militar y la ayuda externa, sería muy difícil que existiesen estos avances. Esto se demuestra en la evidente dificultad que tiene el régimen para hacer operaciones terrestres de gran envergadura con sus propias tropas, unas tropas que no tienen la moral que tienen los rebeldes. Por eso recurre sistemáticamente a cercos apoyados en ataques aéreos o al lanzamiento de misiles, que no exigen el combate directo. Hay informes de que el régimen tiene muchas dificultades y debe apelar a duras represiones internas para evitar deserciones masivas de sus soldados y oficiales. Eso explica por qué, a pesar de los últimos avances assadistas en la frontera de Líbano o en Homs, las distintas fuerzas de la resistencia continúan controlando una parte importante del territorio de ese país. El Ejército Libre de Siria (ESL), a pesar de la contraofensiva de los últimos meses, que le costó tremendas pérdidas en vidas y material militar, aún controla barrios enteros en la periferia de la propia capital, Damasco. Es decir, a pesar de las victorias militares, el régimen no tiene la capacidad para aplastar definitivamente a la revolución, ni siquiera en Damasco. Lo mismo en otras ciudades importantes, como en Alepo, donde recientemente los rebeldes tomaron una de las principales bases aéreas del régimen. Es esta situación, de victorias tácticas pero en el marco de un panorama a largo plazo más desalentador, que hizo que la dictadura deflagrase un sistemático y devastador bombardeo sobre los suburbios de Damasco y, como apuntan las denuncias, recurriera a su arsenal químico en una escala que hasta ahora no había empleado. Su objetivo con esta escalada de ataques, incluso con gases venenosos, no puede ser otro que el exterminio, es decir, limpiar Damasco de rebeldes e infundir el terror más completo en toda la población. El imperialismo, ante esta dinámica de consecuencias impre-

LA VOZ de los trabajadores



No. 14 September-October

¡Fuera Bashar Al Assad! ¡NO a la intervención imperialista! Escrito por Secretariado Internacional LIT-CI 30 de Agosto de 2013


os gobiernos de las principales potencias imperialistas, además de Turquía, están preparando un ataque militar en Siria. Incluso después de la derrota de Cameron en el parlamento británico, que votó contra la participación inglesa en el conflicto, el gobierno de Obama declaró que está preparado para actuar en solitario, a lo sumo con el apoyo de Francia. El imperialismo, cínicamente, afirma que esta intervención armada tendría objetivos “humanitarios” y sería para “proteger civiles” sirios, usando como pretexto el brutal y repudiable ataque con armas químicas en los suburbios de Damasco, en el cual murieron al menos 1.400 personas. Según informó el Washington Post, EEUU está considerando una intervención militar limitada en cuanto a su duración y objetivos. El operativo militar, en conjunto con otras potencias, consistiría en el lanzamiento de misiles –durante pocos días- desde el mar contra blancos militares, no restringiéndose necesariamente a aquellos relacionados a armamento químico. La presencia en la zona del Mediterráneo Oriental de varios buques de guerra de la marina estadounidense, armados con misiles crucero y en posición de combate, además de otros pertenecientes al Reino Unido y Francia, refuerzan esta hipótesis. De concretarse esta modalidad, no sería una acción que busque derrocar directamente a Al Assad, sino más bien debilitarlo y forzar al régimen a aceptar una salida y transición negociadas, política que hasta ahora está privilegiando el imperialismo. La propia Casa Blanca confirmó, a través de su portavoz Josh Earnest, cuando éste afirmó ante el Congreso estadounidense


que la acción será “limitada” y que en “este caso ni se busca una invasión ni el cambio de régimen”. También Hollande, presidente de Francia, declaró que el objetivo sería “frenar” el uso de armas químicas y que “no se trata de derrocar” a Al Assad. Dentro del abanico de posibilidades militares, el imperialismo está barajando aquellas opciones con el menor costo político, en medio de un país y una región sacudida por un poderoso proceso de revoluciones populares. En este marco, esta alternativa sería la menos arriesgada para el imperialismo, que carece de condiciones políticas –sólo 25% de la población aprueba involucrarse en otro conflicto armado- para poner sus botas en Siria a través de un ataque terrestre. Incluso una zona de exclusión aérea está siendo sopesada con el mayor de los cuidados, pues las defensas antiaéreas del régimen de Al Assad no son despreciables. Sabemos que muchos combatientes rebeldes, que luchan de forma heroica para liquidar a una tiranía monstruosa que controla el país hace 40 años y que desde el comienzo de la revolución ha cometido las peores atrocidades contra la población civil, pueden ver esta posible intervención del imperialismo como una “ayuda” o una “protección” en su lucha desigual contra el déspota de Damasco. En el marco de nuestro completo e incondicional apoyo a la lucha de ese pueblo para derrocar a Al Assad, afirmamos que ninguna intervención del imperialismo tiene ni tendrá ese fin. Su intervención no será “humanitaria”. No será para “salvar vidas” o para “defender derechos humanos”. Mucho menos para que “triunfe la revolución”; pues si EEUU hubiera deseado ayudar realmente a los rebeldes sirios para que derroquen a Al Assad, hace mucho tiempo y vidas les hubiera suministrado, sin condiciones, las armas pesadas que tanto necesitan,

LA VOZ de los trabajadores

No. 14 Septiembre-Octubre 2013


-La Voz de los Trabajadores: Eduardo, un principio que la oposición defiende en su programa de lucha es la independencia del sindicato de los patrones, el gobierno y la burocracia sindical. Como usted luchara por un sindicato así?

Los Candidatos y el Programa de Janitors Unidos del Norte:

Entrevista a Eduardo Fernández.

mantener el poder del sindicato. Pero trabajadores que tomaron conciencia iniciaron una lucha de oposición a la dirección sindical que ya lleva más de 5 años y han logrado construir un grupo llamado Janitors Unidos del Norte. Este grupo de oposición ha luchado contra los despidos, los recortes de beneficios, la congelación de los salarios y contra la discriminación y la opresión de los inmigrantes y la mujer trabajadora que es acosada y abusada sexualmente por los representantes de las compañías y sus servidores. Pero lo más importante es que esta oposición llama a los trabajadores a adelantar una lucha por sacar a los dirigentes sindicales patronales y burocráticos y poner dirigentes que defiendan los intereses de los trabajadores, especialmente de la mujer trabajadora por ser la mayoría en el sindicato, la más explotada y la más oprimida. La trayectoria de lucha de Los Janitors Unidos del Norte empieza a ser reconocida por muchos trabajadores en el sur del Área de la Bahía y continuando con la lucha iniciada hace 5 años están presentando candidatos en las próximas elecciones. Los candidatos de los Janitors Unidos del Norte aspiran a posiciones en la Mesa Ejecutiva. La represión que ha desencadenado Mike García y su equipo con la ayuda de los patrones contra la oposición la ha logrado debilitar pero no destruir y en las próximas elecciones parece que el inconformismo y el cansancio de los janitors con los dirigentes burocráticos puede arrastrar un respaldo significativo a estos candidatos de oposición en el área del sur de la Bahía.

José García, Cecilia Fernández y Eduardo Fernández son los candidatos de la oposición por Janitors Unidos del Norte que buscaran la representación de los janitors en la Mesa Ejecutiva para las áreas que van desde la ciudad de San José hasta de San Francisco. Ellos defienden un programa de lucha sindical clasista con el cual aspiran a impulsar la lucha de los janitors contra las compañías, contra las políticas del gobierno que lastima a los trabajadores inmigrantes y contra los dirigentes sindicales corruptos, patronales y burocráticos. Este es el Programa de Lucha de Janitors Unidos del Norte:

1. Por un sindicato independiente de los patrones, el gobierno y la burocracia sindical 2. Por la movilización permanente de los trabajadores y la solidaridad de clase 3. Por la democracia sindical 4. La lucha contra la opresión y la defensa de la mujer trabajadora. Seguidamente presentamos extractos de una entrevista realizada a José García y Eduardo Fernández candidatos de la oposición:

Entrevista a José García -La Voz de los Trabajadores: José, en el programa de la oposición ustedes dicen que están por movilizar a los trabajadores y por un sindicato solidario, Como lo impulsaras si llegas a ser elegido a la Mesa Ejecutiva?

-J. G.- Si, nosotros defendemos unos principios que creemos que son básicos para garantizar la defensa de los intereses de los trabajadores. Poner en práctica la Movilización de los Trabajadores y la Solidaridad en nuestro sindicato es muy importante para tener más poder contra los patrones. Es necesario brindar apoyo a otras luchas que están pasando al lado de nosotros porque son las mismas que nosotros adelantamos. Si miramos otras luchas te darás cuenta que ellos también luchan por mejores beneficios y contra los patrones y la burocracia sindical igual que nosotros. Aquí en Estados Unidos el principio de Solidaridad no se practica y eso debilita a la clase trabajadora y afecta su avance. Si yo llego a ser elegido a la Mesa Ejecutiva de USWW, yo tendré como objetivo que este principio se cumpla, por ejemplo, hoy estamos dispuestos a apoyar a los janitors de los mercados y los guardias de seguridad. No entiendo cómo siendo luchas del mismo sindicato que tiene 40.000 miembros no se les brinde el apoyo y ellos solo movilizan entre 50 a 100 trabajadores. Aquí podemos ver la falta de solidaridad y esto es responsabilidad es de los dirigentes actuales del sindicato que no llaman a todos los miembros a la movilización y enfocar todas las fuerzas en esas luchas que es donde se necesita. Asi se lograrían mejores contratos para los trabajadores.

- E. F.- Miremos que paso en la unión de los janitors- USWW. La última negociación del contrato del 2012 demostró claramente que los dirigentes de la unión se subordinaron a los intereses de las compañías contratistas. Como resultado de esto el seguro médico para los trabajadores se encareció y ahora los jantors tienen un plan médico de menor calidad. El aumento del salario de $0.84 centavos en 4 años es una vergüenza. Muchos dirigentes del sindicato son miembros del partido demócrata y llevan los destinos del sindicato en función de los planes del partido demócrata. Deben los sindicatos ser anexos de los partidos demócrata y republicano donde los empresarios los manejan a sus intereses? No! Los sindicatos son frentes amplios de trabajadores cuya misión principal es defender sus intereses. Pueden y deben estar todos los trabajadores independientemente de sus preferencias políticas. La política valida de los sindicatos es defender los intereses de los trabajadores. El señor Mike García tiene más de 25 años de ser presidente, igual que su camarilla. Ha mejorado la situación de los janitors con esta camarilla burocrática? Esta el sindicato más fuerte para hacerle frente a los abusos de las compañías contratistas como los despidos, la recarga de trabajo, etc? La respuesta en NO! A ellos, los trabajadores es lo último que les interesa. Destinan el presupuesto del sindicato en función de los intereses de la burocracia: sueldos altos, muchos gastos para la actividad partidaria y acomodar amigos en cargos burocráticos como el nombramiento últimamente de 4 vicepresidentes en la unión. Esto debe cambiar. Los Janitors Unidos del Norte están peleando para hacer conciencia a los trabajadores para transformar el sindicato.

LA VOZ de los trabajadores



No. 14 September-October

Los Janitors y las Primeras Elecciones en SEIU-USWW por La Voz de los Trabajadores, San Jose


os trabajadores de USWW sostendrán elecciones sindicales el día 19 de Septiembre. Mike García, que lleva más de 25 años como presidente y todos sus colaboradores, espera mantener sus posiciones. La confianza de los actuales dirigentes en la reelección descansa en las maniobras que los dirigentes burocráticos acostumbran hacer para mantener el control del sindicato. Esto significa manejar los dineros de las cuotas de los miembros, recortar la democracia sindical para alejar a los trabajadores del sindicato y mantener buenas relaciones con los patrones. Pero los abusos y las traiciones que han sufrido los trabajadores han venido despertando la conciencia en los trabajadores y en las próximas elecciones una alternativa independiente y de lucha empieza a surgir.

Como Nació USWW? Después de un largo proceso de fusión impuesto a los trabajadores por la dirección burocrática de SEIU Internacional y Mike García en California, iniciado en 2008 y concluido en 2012, los locales 1877 y 24/7, fueron disueltos en lo que hoy se conoce como USWW (United Service Workers West). El local que aporto la mayoría de los miembros en este proceso de fusión fue el Local 1877 con 30.000 janitors, la gran mayoría de ellos trabajadores latinos inmigrantes indocumentados. El Local 24/7 y otros trabajadores de servicios en los aeropuertos, estadios y arenas aportaron otro significativo número completando un total de cerca de 40.000 miembros organizados bajo la sombrilla de USWW

USWW: Resultado de los Apetitos de la Burocracia Sindical Patronal La fusión de estos sindicatos, de cabo a rabo, fue una maniobra eminentemente burocrática de la dirección sindical. Para hacer aparecer la fusión como algo que tenía que ver con la unidad


de los trabajadores, los burócratas salieron a decir que un sindicato de 40.000 miembros tendría más poder para negociar los contratos colectivos. Pero USWW fue parte de un proceso de fusiones impuesta por la dirección de SEIU Internacional que perseguía satisfacer los intereses de los dirigentes sindicales privilegiados pero no de los trabajadores Estas fueron las medidas que implementaron : 1- Centralizar los dineros de las cuotas sindicales en la tesorería de la Internacional; 2- Tener más control sobre los miembros a través de la imposición de estatutos más antidemocráticos en los sindicatos fusionados; 3Fortalecer los lazos entre los dirigentes burocráticos de SEIU internacional y las regiones y estados ; 4- Fortalecer el poder de los presidentes sindicales para imponer las políticas de concertación con el gobierno y los patrones para marginar aún más a los trabajadores en la toma de decisiones en los sindicatos , y 5- Facilitar al partido demócrata el control político de la organización sindical. Por supuesto que estas fusiones emprendidas por la burocrática sindical han permitido al gobierno de Obama y a los patrones avanzar en sus planes de desempleo, austeridad y opresión y los trabajadores se encuentran en condiciones peores.

Los Trabajadores Necesitan Elevar Su Nivel de Lucha y de Conciencia El engaño que tendió la dirección sindical a los trabajadores haciéndoles creer que la fusión en USWW significaba unidad de los trabajadores para mejorar los contratos colectivos parece estar llegando a su fin. Los trabajadores están viendo que no hay unidad, no hay lucha contra los patrones y el gobierno y por el contrario las cosas vienen empeorando más y más para ellos. Como una respuesta a esta situación, los janitors han luchado pero ante las traiciones de los dirigentes la mayoría se desmoraliza y entonces se alejan del sindicato como una forma de repudiar a los dirigentes. Pero eso no arregla nada y por el contrario eso les conviene a los burócratas de la unión para

LA VOZ de los trabajadores

No. 14 Septiembre-Octubre 2013

sas corporaciones privadas ,que demócratas y republicanos representan en el gobierno y hay que oponerse a ella,y a toda la corrupción corporativa.

La relación imperialista con los países de origen de los inmigrantes La propuesta del gobierno ignora olímpicamente y a propósito, que es su política exterior la que esta creando migraciones masivas y que esa injerencia ilegal en los países subdesarrollados, continuara agudizando cada vez mas la crisis que es ya insoportable. Están por robar el petróleo en Mexico (entre tantas cosas) y están por implementar el control del transporte, aeropuertos, puertos, agua, salud y educación en El Salvador y Centroamerica por parte de corporaciones transnacionales. Es decir, de antemano el gobierno de Obama sabe que con la continuación de esa política exterior de injerencia ilegal, saqueo y privatizacion de recursos en nuestros países de origen ,el torrente de migración masiva se agudizara y por eso se esta preparando para endurecer las leyes migratorias y la militarización de la frontera. Es totalmente inaceptable que se trate de esa forma a cualquier ser humano,solo por el hecho de ser inmigrantes y querer trabajar, particularmente porque cuando las corporaciones multinacionales llegan a los países de origen de estos inmigrantes ,tienen todo tipo de privilegios,les dan terrenos con edificios para que instalen sus compañias ,viven en zonas privilegiadas del país , les proveen mano de obra barata , todo un ejercito de trabajadores con la garantía de no tener organización ni sindicato, además del derecho de abusar a los trabajadores y poder asi ahorrar gastos y aumentar sus ganancias. No pagan impuestos, no tienen ninguna obligación de invertir parte de sus ganancias en el país que están explotando, lo único que pagan es la mordida que dan a los gobiernos corruptos que les permiten hacer todo esto. Estos mismos gobiernos corruptos,persiguen,capturan torturan y matan a trabajadores, que cansados de tanto abuso y salarios de hambre , deciden organizarse y luchar , pero cuando se cansan o temen por su vida ,optan por emigrar. La otra parte mucho más obscura de la política exterior de los estados unidos ha consistido en la imposición de gobiernos corruptos , incapaces y sumisos a él , y estos fueron y siguen siendo incapaces de resolver las necesidades más urgentes de los pueblos . El gobierno con la CIA , el pentágono y diferentes tipos de organizaciones ha implementado golpes de estado a gobiernos que trataron de hacer algo diferente a lo impuesto por el amo imperialista. Los Estados Unidos de Norteamerica apoyo ,financio y dio todo tipo de apoyo a las dictaduras militares en toda Latinoamerica ,causando represión , desaparecidos , torturados , masacres y asesinatos e incluso vendieron a niños y niñas que los presos tuvieron en cautiverio. En un material separado a este sedaráa más detalle de toda esa política exterior que este país llevó a cabo contra todas estas naciones , violando la soberanía y los elementos humanos más fundamentales , por los cuales hoy señalamos que ante tal genocidio , los inmigrantes deben recibir todos los derechos plenos inmediatamente y sin ningún costo .

¿Que hacer ante el nuevo engaño demócrata /republicano? Si Obama tuviera un poco de dignidad, comenzaría por pedir disculpas a la comunidad inmigrante por haber reprimido mu-

INMIGRANTES cho más que el gobierno de Bush, ya que dichos ataques implican más cacería humana, más operativos sorpresa en lugares de trabajo y en viviendas,con un gran número de agentes y extrema violencia ,como si se tratara de terroristas,redadas en las cuales no sólo detuvieron a personas sin documentos,sino que detuvieron a todo aquel que ellos quisieran,incluyendo personas con su estatus legal resuelto.Tomando en cuenta esa realidad, hacemos un llamado a la comunidad inmigrante en particular y a la clase trabajadora en general a incrementar su nivel de organización independiente y de formación política,para poder mejor hacerle frente a la situación actual y la que esta por venir,en cuanto a política de migración se refiere,entre otras cosas, y como ver, entender y responder a la nueva propuesta de inmigración del gobierno,a pesar de no estar seguros si va a ser aprobada y cuando?. Los inmigrantes de estos días,son los esclavos modernos que los amos han mandado a traer a la fuerza y encadenados ,pero esta vez ,las cadenas no son de metal sino que están hechas de miseria , desempleo, humillación , represión y muerte, y tienen a los capataces demócratas y republicanos y en particular a obama ,para imponer todo tipo de maltrato y garantizar que los esclavos produzcan más para los amos corporativos multinacionales , que con sus millones ,domina a su antojo en este país como en otros países , y por eso hay que luchar , por eso hay que levantar nuestra voz y exigir que no sólo den derechos plenos ,sino que tienen que darlos inmediatamente ,sin costos y sin restricciones , porque se trata de seres humanos obligados a emigrar y lo minimo que deberia hacer el gobierno es recibirlos y garantizar todos sus derechos , eso es justo y humano.

¡!Exigimos al gobierno de los Estados Unidos!! 1. Derechos plenos ,inmediatos y sin costo para todos los inmigrantes , incluyendo los familiares ya deportados. 2. Una ley que promueva , explique y garantiza a nivel nacional el respeto y dignidad para todos los inmigrantes ,ni un solo ser humano es ilegal . 3. No mas redadas , no más persecución ,es el daño a todos , que el gobierno se disculpe públicamente por todas las atrocidades cometidas contra los inmigrantes. 4. Exigimos al gobierno priorizar soluciones reales a las necesidades humanas y no a las necesidades de los negocios corporativos , solución para : La educación, la salud , por mejores salarios , al problema de vivienda , respeto a todas las minorías , reforzar los derechos sindicales , alto a las guerras y solución inmediata a las demandas de los inmigrantes. • • • • •


LA VOZ de los trabajadores



No. 14 September-October

Reforma Migratoria:

¿Ayuda a los inmigrantes o un negocio más? por La Voz de los Trabajadores, Los Angeles


los cuales ,solo 4 a 5 millones se beneficiaron aproximadamente. na propuesta de reforma migratoria a recorrido en el senado, Lo que en realidad pasó ,fue que el gobierno disfrazo de nueva y ahora recorre por la cámara de representantes , dicha iniciativa ley de inmigración , la implementación de más leyes represivas, ha creado muchas ilusiones en la comunidad inmigrante, que ha más discriminación y ataques en contra de los inmigrantes, allí estado al mismo tiempo bajo el acecho de las redadas, depordieron origen a la prohibición de trabajo para quien no tuvietación y la discriminacion por todos estos años.Desafortunadara un permiso para trabajar, criminalizando así a quien llegara mente, quienes están proponiendo la reforma migratoria son los a trabajar a este país, que dicho sea de paso, se hace llamar ‘’ el mismos que han estado a la cabeza del gobierno, autorizando y país más libre y democrático del mundo’’.En ese sentido, hay dirigiendo la pesadilla que los inmigrantes han tenido que vivir que tener mucho cuidado para no caer en la trampa política que hasta el dia de hoy,en ese sentido, advertimos a la comunidad a demócratas y republicanos están haciendo en la nueva ley de mino hacerse falsas ilusiones de que estos mismos políticos, demógración. Hay que darse cuenta que existen más obstáculos que cratas y republicanos, puedan elaborar una reforma migratoria oportunidades para calificar , y que el sentimiento expresado en justa y humana ,porque tanto odio y desprecio no puede desesta ley ,es de odio y reproche y no se le da un contenido de jusaparecer asi nomas de la noche a la mañana. Toda esa maniobra ticia y humanismo. política se esta disfrazando de ‘’ reforma migratoria’’ para que la población caiga una vez mas en la trampa, y pretenden aprovecharse económicamente por 10 15 o 20 años de los que a pesar ¿A quien beneficia la ‘’nueva de todo logren calificar y que se supone podrían ser entre 4 o 5 reforma migratoria‘’? millones de personas , creando al mismo tiempo, división entre los inmigrantes. En realidad esta nueva propuesta de inmigración, es un plan para agudizar la represión ,para controlar más Hay que recordar siempre ,que cuando los demócratas y repuy legalizar la discriminación, y no es un ataque solamente conblicanos hablan de solucionar un problema determinado, están tra los inmigrantes ,sino también es un plan represivo contra el hablando en nombre de corporaciones privadas y buscan siempueblo estadunidense ,particularmente las minorías y la inmensa pre lo que a estas les beneficie, no hablan para nada de cómo en masa de trabajadores pobres. realidad ayudar a los que están siendo afectados, en este caso,los trabajadores inmigrantes. Al aumentar los fondos millonarios a fuerzas militares y militarizar la frontera,lo que se esta creando es ¡! 27 años después , seguimos la consolidación de la zona de guerra que ya existe y donde muchos inmigrantes son asesinados, es una nueva zona de guerra,ya estancados en el mismo punto!! en suelo estadunidense,se le dará mas fuerza a la mentalidad gorila prepotente que ha dañado bastante, y que podemos ver con el aumento de personas asesinadas por la policía , el sheriff y la patrulla fronteriza y la agudización del estado policial,que no solo es dirigido contra los inmigrantes,sino contra todo aquel que el gobierno considera un elemento político peligroso . Con esta propuesta de inmigración se está favoreciendo también a las corporaciones privadas carcelarias,de documentación y datos , como también a la industria de la defensa legal, como corporaciones de abogados y agencias de servicios legales , la industria de la construcción, la industria armamentista con los drones y otros equipos sofisticados de guerra y vigilancia. Claro que todo esto será posible con dinero que los contribuyentes aportaron con sus impuestos y una vez mas se le dará el uso inapropiado ,y será todo a favor de corporaciones privadas que tienen mucha influencia en el gobierno y por eso es una ley represiva contra todo el pueblo y no solo contra los inmigrantes ,es mas bien un plan represivo, disfrazado de reforma migratoria, y es la excusa disfrazada de reforma,para favorecer económicamente a diverCuando estos políticos se refieren al problema de los inmigrantes,nunca han sido honestos,siempre usan la mentira y el chantaje. Cuando los demócratas y republicanos impulsaron y aprobaron la ley de migración Simpson-Rodino en el 86. Lo hicieron obligadamente por las movilizaciones masivas que no solo exigían solución a los problemas de los inmigrantes, sino también ,se hermanaban y solidarizaban con la revolución centroamericana que estaba candente en esos años.Ademáss porque existía la posibilidad de que dicho proceso pudiera influenciar al pueblo mexicano que también enfrentaba su propia crisis ,por eso aprobaron la trampa migratoria para apaciguar y callar los animos. Lo que la comunidad migrante no logro ver en aquella propuesta de migración ,fue la trampa que por medio de esa ley ,se escondía para perjudicar y no solucionar en verdad los problemas de la inmensa mayoría de inmigrantes. La ley de migración simpson-rodino ,que fue una propuesta demócrata-republicana (como la de hoy ) fue presentada y aprobada supuestamente para solucionar la crisis migratoria de 20 millones de inmigrantes, de


LA VOZ de los trabajadores

No. 14 Septiembre-Octubre 2013

una mayor lucha por el aborto? El movimiento ha sido sacado de las calles y puesto detrás de las puertas oficiales,y la gente se encuentra bajo la ilusión de que los demócratas están a favor del aborto y los derechos de las mujeres. Mientras organizaciones como NARAL Pro-Choice America se encuentran luchando recientemente en las calles, ellos también encubren y lideran el apoyo a esos candidatos. Se han presentado muchos inconvenientes al tema del aborto y en las leyes de los derechos de la mujer, bajo la presidencia demócrata, con la mayoría de sus representantes en el Congreso, trabajando en conjunto con los republicanos. En las promesas de campaña de 1992, Clinton se comprometió a aprobar una Ley de Libertad de Elección, pero nunca la presentó al Congreso una vez que fue electo presidente. El congreso bajo la presidencia de Clinton firmó la Enmienda Hyde, una ley federal que prohíbe la ayuda de Medicaid para el aborto y muchos estados aprobaron la prohibición del "aborto de nacimiento parcial". Sin embargo, el apoyo a Clinton continuó. Hoy en Carolina del Norte, la esperanza al gobernador Pat McCrory (R) se ha roto, al firmar el proyecto de ley antiaborto . Durante su campaña de 2012, McCrory se comprometió a no aprobar ninguna restricción al aborto. En estos días, bajo el primer presidente demócrata negro, estamos viendo que los ataques a la mujer de la clase trabajadora y las mujeres pobres de color continúan con toda su fuerza. La muy necesitada destruccion de las ilusiones sobre los representantes están empezando a surgir. En todo el país las mujeres han salido a protestar contra los nuevos ataques al aborto, pero las mujeres de la clase obrera no se detienen allí, sino que también participan protestando en los ataques en contra de la clase trabajadora. En Carolina del Norte las manifestaciones en contra de la agenda del Partido Republicano, los ataques a los maestros y la educación, la legislación de identificación de votantes, etc. está ocurriendo todos los lunes. En la 11 ª semana de protestas, 100 personas, la mayoría mujeres, fueron arrestadas después de que la Cámara cuidadosamente reiniciara sigilosamente el nuevo ataque en contra del aborto. Después de tres meses de protestas y manifestaciones, han arrestado a más de 900 personas, pero esto no ha impedido a los miles de mujeres y hombres de inundar las calles en forma de protesta. Apoyamos a la gran cantidad de personas que salen a las calles a protestar para detener todos estos ataques en contra de las mujeres y de la clase trabajadora. Las mujeres necesitan organizarse de manera independiente de los partidos capitalistas que producen y defienden la explotación y la opresión.Las mujeres necesitan organizarse en líneas de clase , llevando su campaña por la igualdad de sus derechos siempre que sea posible a través de sus organizaciones de clase, como los sindicatos. Las mujeres de hoy en día deben ser parte del movimiento e incrementar la ola de lucha mucho más grande que en el pasado, este movimiento más amplio es el movimiento obrero independiente para la liberación de toda la clase explotada y oprimida. La Voz de los Trabajadores hace un llamado a todas las mujeres y hombres a organizarse en contra de los ataques del aborto y asimismo contra los ataques a la clase obrera. Además, apoyamos el derecho al aborto como parte de los elementos esenciales de la clase obrera que tanto mujeres como hombres deben asumir para liberar a las mujeres de esta opresión y explotación.Mientras las mujeres esten atadas a reproducir a la clase que es oprimida

MUJER y explotada, no habrá liberación de la mujer y de la clase obrera en su conjunto. Por eso hacemos un llamado a todos para luchar permanentemente en contra de la discriminación de la mujer, para que ella pueda reapropiarse de su cuerpo y que tenga todo el control de las decisiones sobre su vida reproductiva.

¿Por qué los socialistas defendemos el derecho al Aborto ? La criminalización del aborto es la enajenación de un derecho fundamental de las mujeres: el derecho a decidir sobre nuestros cuerpos y en el curso de nuestra vida. Y este derecho pertenece a las mujeres, no a sus maridos, a sus familias, a la Iglesia o el Estado. Las restricciones al aborto que todavía están en vigor en los EE.UU. son por lo tanto restricciones intolerables , a los derechos sociales de las mujeres. En este sentido, son una expresión de los esfuerzos de la sociedad de clases para socavar a las mujeres, basados ​​en la idea de que las mujeres no son capaces de decidir por sí mismas, lo que disminuye su confianza y libertad. Los argumentos de la derecha en contra del aborto, engañosamente enmarcan el problema como un tema de la "vida". los asi llamados ‘’pro vida ‘’ argumentan que un feto tiene el mismo derecho de un ser humano, y que el aborto es un acto criminal, un asesinato. Lo que ellos estan de hecho insinuando , es que un feto que no tiene conciencia de sí mismo, ni ninguna agencia, (un posible ser humano) tiene más derechos que la mujer (un ser humano real). Ellos usan este argumento para negar el derecho de la mujer a elegir ya sea tener al bebé o tener un aborto. Sin embargo, el feto es parte del cuerpo de la mujer, no podría vivir sin ella, por lo que no es una vida separada y sin embargo este podría negar la vida a la mujer. De hecho, lo que los fanáticos están haciendo no es defender la vida, sino limitar la libertad humana, más en particular la libertad de las mujeres , que es una parte esencial de la vida. Y también ponen en riesgo la vida material de la mujer : ya que para las mujeres pobres, el aborto puede salvarlas del aumento de la pobreza, y en caso de complicaciones médicas, se puede salvar de la muerte, y para las mujeres que han sido víctimas de violación o incesto, las puede salvar de una vida tormentosa insoportable. Las ideologías sexistas se propagan a través de diferentes instituciones (como la Iglesia Católica, los evangelistas, el Partido Republicano, etc.), exponiendo afirmaciones falsas acerca de la superioridad de los hombres sobre las mujeres, la obligación "natural" de las mujeres a procrear, el impulso "natural" de la mujer a la vida doméstica, etc. Todas estas son mentiras, ni la naturaleza, ni Dios ha escogido un "destino" diferente para las mujeres y todo lo que la ideología sexista hace es socavar a las mujeres, haciendo que la sociedad crea que son "inferiores " para que puedan ser más explotados y controladas políticamente. La Ideología sexista sólo beneficia a la clase dominante, el 1%, mientras perjudica a nuestra clase. Por eso como socialistas tenemos que explicar los argumentos engañosos en que se fundamentan, de donde vienen y lo que logran políticamente.

LA VOZ de los trabajadores


MUJER las mujeres en Chowchilla, forzaba a reclusas a practicarles una cirugía de ligadura de trompas. Se cree que el número puede exceder lo informado originalmente de 148 mujeres esterilizadas ilegalmente. El Dr. James Heinrich defendió las operaciones y la compensación, diciendo: "A lo largo de un período de 10 años, no es una gran cantidad de dinero comparado con lo que se ahorra cuando se paga beneficios sociales por estos hijos no deseados-ya que procrearon más." Pero las mujeres afectadas dicen que fueron coaccionadas. La esterilización selectiva coaccionada en Estados Unidos se remonta a la década de 1930, cuando se inició el programa se hacía generalmente en los hombres, mujeres, y niños con enfermedad mental y retraso y continuó en última instancia en ser un ataque contra los pobres, las mujeres trabajadoras y las mujeres de color, considerados "no aptos para procrear." Los Estados Unidos no sólo se ha centrado en las mujeres pobres de color en los EE.UU., sino que se han ampliado las prácticas eugenésicas de esterilización forzada selectiva en las mujeres, hombres y niños en los países pobres de todo el mundo

La situación de la Mujer bajo el capitalismo A primera vista, estos dos acontecimientos recientes parecen contradecirse entre sí, las restricciones sobre el aborto y la esterilización forzada en realidad son las dos caras de la misma moneda. No hay contradicción, las mujeres se ven socavados en su capacidad para tomar decisiones y tener un control absoluto de sus cuerpos. Sin embargo, a pesar de todos los logros alcanzados por la cruzada anti-aborto, la mayoría de las mujeres siguen apoyando la ley Roe vs Wade. Como revolucionarios estamos a la vanguardia de la lucha por los derechos de abortar como un derecho fundamental para todas las mujeres, un elemento necesario para su liberación. Primeramente , estos ataques no son sentidos por igual por todas las mujeres. La verdad es que las mujeres burguesas nunca han tenido ataques a su vida reproductiva tanto como las mujeres trabajadoras pobres . El 42% de las mujeres que solicitan un aborto están debajo del nivel de pobreza y el 57% pagan de su propio bolsillo, ya sea porque su plan de salud no lo cubre o porque quieren mantener el secreto de sus parejas. Y el procedimiento de aborto no es barato: en el 2009, el costo promedio fue de $ 470 para un aborto en el primer trimestre y $ 1,629 durante el segundo trimestre , esto suponiendo que todo sale bien, sin complicaciones o problemas médicos. Pero esta restricción económica actual no afecta a las mujeres que pertenecen al 1%. Ellas con seguridad nunca serán esterilizados ni van a tener nunca un problema con la asequibilidad y el acceso a los médicos que realizan abortos. Pero en segundo lugar entendemos también que las restricciones sobre el aborto no es lo único o un problema aislado, no son más que la punta del iceberg de la opresión de la mujer bajo el capitalismo. La opresión de la Mujer tiene sus raíces en el surgimiento de una sociedad de clases, así como todas las demás opresiones. Sin embargo, para las mujeres trabajadoras, la opresión comenzó por las prohibiciones o control de sus órganos reproductivos que


No. 14 September-October

reproducen a la clase obrera, el ejército de mano de obra que a su vez también se convierten simultáneamente en oprimidos y explotados de manera uniforme. Por eso, nosotros los socialistas, no separamos la liberación de las mujeres con la liberación de la clase obrera. Nosotros, hombres y mujeres debemos luchar por su liberación ya que lo entendemos como un esquema capitalista más grande. Concretamente, esto significa que cuando luchamos por el pleno derecho al aborto, sabemos que hay una desviación en el camino : Ya que las mujeres de la clase trabajadora, siendo las más discriminadas, también tendrán que continuar la lucha para su liberación completa de la carga total que el capitalismo pone sobre ellas: la doble jornada, la desigualdad salarial, el acoso y la discriminación en el trabajo, la ideología sexista etc., y tendrán que hacerlo al lado de sus hermanos de clase obrera , muchos de ellos también están luchando otras formas de opresión, ya que comparten el mismo interés de clase: el desmantelamiento del sistema capitalista.

Acceso sin costo al aborto cuando sea requerido y cuidado médico socializado. Porque nosotros defendemos el derecho al aborto desde el punto de vista de la clase obrera, no sólo es importante defender el "derecho a decidir" de las mujeres, para reforzar su autonomía como sujetos políticos, sino también las implementaciones concretas de estos derechos. Como hemos demostrado, que el acceso real al aborto es donde la discriminación aun existe , y cada vez es mayor. Debemos exigir el libre acceso al aborto a petición, sin asesoramiento obligatorio ni disuasivo , sin necesidad del consentimiento de los padres, sin período de espera obligatorio, etc. También debemos exigir que por ley todos los hospitales deberían estar obligados a realizar abortos si las mujeres así lo desean. Pero, la cuestión clave es la accesibilidad al aborto. En general debemos defender la libertad plena de reproducción. La lucha por la completa libertad al aborto es también inseparable del esfuerzo por la conquista del cuidado médico de salud universal gratuito y de calidad. De hecho, desde sus orígenes,el derecho al aborto en los EE.UU. ha estado ligado a cuestiones de salud. Cuatro años después del caso Roe vs Wade, el congresista republicano Henry Hyde propuso una enmienda para prohibir la financiación federal para el aborto (en particular a través de Medicaid). La enmienda fue aprobada por un Congreso controlado por los demócratas y firmada por el presidente demócrata Jimmy Carter. Y esta no ha sido derogada por la Ley de Obamacare. Sin un sistema de cuidado de salud gratuito y de calidad que ponga al centro de atención los derechos de reproducción, no habrá un derecho real del aborto en los EE.UU.. En el camino para ganar un cuidado de salud universal se encuentran muchas corporaciones multinacionales (compañías de seguros médicos, proveedores de salud privados, compañías farmacéuticas) y sus aliados en el Congreso. Las limitaciones estructurales de la Ley de Obamacare ya lo han demostrado.

Las mujeres no se pueden confiar en el sistema bipartidista para avanzar en sus derechos Un tercio de las mujeres en los Estados Unidos tendrá un aborto antes de los cuarenta. ¿Por qué es entonces que no se oye

LA VOZ de los trabajadores

No. 14 Septiembre-Octubre 2013


Un paso atrás en los derechos reproductivos de la mujer por la Comission de las mujeres de La Voz de l@s Trabajadores


pesar de la victoria de Roe vs Wade en 1973, el pleno control de las mujeres sobre sus cuerpos y sus vidas reproductivas, la razón del movimiento pro-aborto de la década de 1970, nunca fue completamente realizada. La implementación del veredicto ha sido dejada a los Estados, caso por caso, aunque estos estados han codificado y muchas veces limitado el acceso de las mujeres al aborto. Row vs Wade ha sido una ley federal desde 1973 y no ha sido derogada oficialmente. Sin embargo, ha sido la ilusión desde hace mucho tiempo que las mujeres han tenido el derecho a elegir ya que la ley ha sido aprobada,esta opción no ha sido una realidad para la mayoría de las mujeres, esta legalidad no garantiza la democracia, ya que siempre ha habido escaso acceso para las mujeres de la clase obrera. Mientras se calcula que una de cada tres mujeres tendrán un aborto en su vida, la restricción a este derecho fundamental sigue creciendo: desde determinados requerimientos hospitalarios, límites gestacionales y las restricciones a la financiación pública, hasta el establecimiento de un período de espera obligatorio (26 estados), el requisito de la consejería psicológica obligatoria (17 estados) o la autorización de los padres para los menores de edad (es el caso ahora en 46 estados) y sobre todo la negativa del procedimiento (en 46 estados un proveedor individual de salud puede negarse a practicar un aborto ). Hasta hoy, el 87% de los condados, donde el 35% de las mujeres viven, carecen de un proveedor de aborto!

Nuevos Ataques Al Aborto En los dos últimos años y en medio de esta crisis económica, los ataques a los derechos reproductivos de las mujeres se han disparado: en 2011, según el Instituto Guttmacher se aprobaron 92 restricciones legales, y en 2012, 19 estados aprobaron 43 nuevas restricciones .

Y, por desgracia, el 2013 sigue la misma ruta. En los últimos meses,se han producido ataques extremos que ya están en vigor en Arizona, Kansas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Mississippi, y Wisconsin. Los ataques incluyen restricciones sobre dónde y cuándo tomar "píldoras abortivas", ultrasonido obligatorio antes de recibir un aborto (que podría ser una forma de violación sexual aunque la violación aún no se ha definido adecuadamente), la información del padre del feto, prohibición del aborto después de 20 semanas, período de espera obligatorio, y la prohibición de los proveedores de aborto de dar una conferencia sobre los programas de educación sexual en las escuelas. A principios de julio, Texas aprobó la medida HB 2, que establece que el aborto sólo puede realizarse legalmente en centros quirúrgicos, incluyendo la píldora del aborto que las mujeres pueden tomar con seguridad en casa, y la prohibición de abortos después de 20 semanas, incluyendo los casos de violación e incesto. En Texas sólo 5 de las 42 clínicas de aborto cumplen con los requisitos de las normas del centro quirúrgico ambulatorio, poniendo a las mujeres que viven lejos de los hospitales fuera del alcance de los servicios necesarios. El Senado del estado de Carolina del Norte aprobó una disposición sin ningún conocimiento o audiencia pública. Al igual que las restricciones aprobadas en Texas, estas restricciones tienen por objeto el cierre de clínicas que ofrecen aborto, entre otros servicios de salud a las mujeres pobres. El ataque sorpresa sobre el aborto continúa en Carolina del Norte, donde la Cámara de representantes ha adjuntado un nuevo conjunto de restricciones contra el aborto con una ley de seguridad de motocicleta.

Dos caras de la misma moneda : No aptos para procrear ? En California, el Centro para el Periodismo de Investigación (CIR), dijo en julio que entre 2006 y 2010, la Institución de California para Mujeres en Corona y Prisión Estatal del Valle de

LA VOZ de los trabajadores


CONGRESO La mayoría de las direcciones sindicales están controladas por el Partido Demócrata.

Una frágil izquierda Hasta el momento, la mayoría de las organizaciones de izquierda no han sido capaces de hacer frente a esta situación. Tienen miedo que al oponerse directamente a Obama aumentaría su aislamiento. Ellos tienen problemas para luchar por el liderazgo de las huelgas contra la burocracia, y la mayoría de las veces se mantienen como espectadores que hacen principalmente propaganda. Muchos están sucumbiendo al oportunismo o al sectarismo.

¿Dónde se sitúa LA VOZ DE LOS TRABAJADORES ? El objetivo principal de la voz de los trabajadores es ayudar a los trabajadores entender que Obama no es un gobierno de la clase obrera, sino de los banqueros y las grandes empresas. Nos oponemos a la politica exterior imperialista de Obama , así como sus medidas de austeridad en el país, y luchamos para construir un movimiento de la clase obrera que sea independiente del gobierno. Defendemos la lucha democrática y sindicatos independientes que defienden los derechos de los trabajadores en lugar de venderlos. Creemos que es necesario que los sindicalistas, activistas progresistas y la izquierda en general rompan con el Partido Demócrata y los republicanos y construyan su propio partido obrero independiente. Proponemos una amplia unidad de acción con todos los grupos de izquierda dispuestos a luchar por los derechos de los trabajadores y contra los ataques del gobierno. Pero también queremos construir una organización de izquierda diferente, profundamente arraigada en la clase obrera y sus luchas.

¿Por qué unirse a una organización política? Muchos activistas están de acuerdo con la mayor parte de lo que decimos sobre el gobierno, los sindicatos y las luchas en las que debemos participar. Se unen a grupos de oposición, inmigrantes, mujeres, movimientos de negros o ambientalistas , y a coaliciones de todo tipo.

No. 14 September-October

La primera pregunta que cada trabajador y activista que lucha por sus derechos debe hacer a sí mismo es: ¿cuál es mi estrategia? Si su estrategia es poner fin a la explotación, la opresión, el sexismo, el racismo, la guerra y la destrucción del medio ambiente, la única manera de hacerlo es luchando contra el capitalismo en su conjunto. No hay manera de hacer eso dentro del capitalismo, porque el capitalismo no puede ser transformado en un sistema humanitario. Y entonces usted podría hacerse una segunda pregunta: si quiero luchar contra el capitalismo, qué tipo de organización necesito ? Y usted se enterará de que muchas organizaciones pueden parecer muy democráticas y plurales , pero son impotentes cuando se trata de la lucha de clases. Si quieres ayudar a dirigir a la clase obrera hacia su emancipación, necesitaras un partido revolucionario. Este es el tipo de organización que la voz de los trabajadores está dispuesto a construir : Un partido revolucionario, profundamente democrático en su funcionamiento interno, unido, y disciplinado en sus acciones.

Los principios aprobados en el congreso fundacional son: 1. La lucha por una revolución socialista contra el capitalismo, como la única manera de acabar con la explotación y la opresión; 2. La estrategia de la Movilizacion Permanente de la clase obrera como el objetivo de la revolución que queremos conseguir; 3. La lucha contra todas las formas de opresión,como el racismo, el sexismo y la xenophobia ; 4. La lucha contra el imperialismo, que es la dominación por los paises capitalistas avanzados y las multinacionales sobre el mundo entero ; 5. Internacionalismo - comprensión de la lucha obrera en todo el mundo como parte de la misma pelea contra el capitalismo y construir una organización socialista internacional, la Liga Internacional de los Trabajadores. 6. Por una Moral Revolucionaria, en oposición a la moral degenerada y corrupta implementada en el capitalismo. Si estás de acuerdo con estas ideas, acercate a conocernos mejor! Únete a LA VOZ DE LOS TRABAJADORES

Se hacen llamar de izquierda, progresistas, anti-capitalistas o socialistas. Pero la mayoría de las veces no quieren unirse a una organización política. Y cuando lo hacen, quieren que sea muy democrático, horizontal y no jerárquica, lo cual se interpreta en la práctica, como una organización multi-tendencia muy fluida.


LA VOZ de los trabajadores

No. 14 Septiembre-Octubre 2013


Congreso Fundacional: La voz de los trabajadores y los desafíos de la izquierda socialista en EE.UU. por Henry Melo - de la direccion nacional de La Voz De Los Trabajadores

El Congreso fundacional de la voz de los trabajadores, que se celebró 15 de junio y 16 de este año,establecio nuestra posición sobre los principales temas de la situación nacional , los principios políticos de nuestra organización y nuestra estructura interna


ara los socialistas, el reto más importante de la situación nacional es la manera de superar las ilusiones de los trabajadores de la administración Obama. Incluso después del desgaste natural de un primer período turbulento, Obama todavía goza de una gran popularidad. La mayoría de los trabajadores creen que Obama está haciendo lo mejor que puede para defender el papel de Estados Unidos en todo el mundo, recuperar la economía, crear empleos y mejorar los salarios. Esto es especialmente cierto si hablamos de los negros, latinos, LGBT y otras comunidades oprimidas.

Obama gobierna para los ricos La realidad, sin embargo, es muy diferente. Al hablar sobre el sueño americano, la recuperación económica, la atención de salud asequible, y otros temas populares, lo que Obama está haciendo es aumentar la explotación de los trabajadores y el pueblo, con el fin de asegurar una recuperación rentable para las empresas estadounidenses. Cada acto del gobierno es guiado hacia ese objetivo.

Una cara democrática falsa del imperialismo de EE.UU. en el mundo A nivel internacional, Obama habla de democracia, pero implementa un proyecto imperialista : imponiendo acuerdos con el FMI y un acuerdo de libre comercio en Europa,estableciendo y apoyando regímenes títeres en Irak y Afganistán ; financiando ejércitos asesinos en Egipto e Israel, todo para garantizar el control político y económico sobre regiones estratégicas.

En casa, Austeridad y reformas de doble filo Nacionalmente , Obama apuesta por la austeridad, la imposición de los recortes presupuestarios, reducción de personal, e incluso amenazan con cerrar las unidades de servicios públicos básicos, como el Community College de San Francisco, en California, y el Hospital Interfaith en Nueva York. En el sector privado, el gobierno empuja por contratos laborales concesionados , atacando los salarios, la salud y las pensiones de los trabajadores. Las reformas que parecen ser progresivas, como la inmigración, incluyen medidas reaccionarias tales como E-Verify, la vigilancia fronteriza, control de Visa, y los programas de trabajadores temporales, con el objetivo a largo plazo de volver a crear el infame programa "bracero" .

Lliderazgo Obrero Domésticado El liderazgo del movimiento obrero esta burocratizado y corrupto. Se acostumbró a recibir salarios inmoralmente elevados, extraidos de las cuotas de los trabajadores de base, cabildeando en lugar de luchar, y aceptando contratos concesionados en lugar de defender los derechos de los trabajadores.

LA VOZ de los trabajadores


Órgano de la sección simpatizante de la Liga Internacional de los Trabajadores (Cuarta Internacional) en Estados Unidos No. 14 Septiembre-Octubre 2013 / Email: / / / US$ 1 (colaboración )

¡Fuera Bashar Al Assad! ¡NO a la intervención imperialista! ¡Por el triunfo de la revolución siria! EN ESTE NÚMERO: Congreso Fundaciona de La Voz de l@s Trabajadores Un paso atrás en los derechos reproductivos de la mujer Reforma Migratoria: ¿Ayuda...un negocio más? Los Janitors y las Primeras Elecciones en SEIU-USWW ¡Fuera Bashar Al Assad! ¡NO a la intervención imperialista! 20

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LA VOZ de los trabajadores

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