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Dear Host Family Hello. My name is Yurika Konno. I’m 26. I live in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. I have 5 people in my family. Father, Mother, and two younger sisters. And I have a dog. I grew up as a first daughter of three siblings. One sister is 24. She is a care giver for old people. She works in a hospital. The other sister is 16. She is a high school student. She is studying English. My family likes singing. Sometimes we perform at church. We made a CD and gave it to our friends for Christmas present. That was my mother’s idea. We live in a duplex, so my grandparents live close. I love my grandmother the best in my family. We used to go shopping, go skiing, go getting haircut, go to hot springs. We went everywhere wherever we could together when I was a child. Even now, we sometimes go out together.

I like playing sports. My favorite sports are basketball, soccer, skiing and snowboarding. I belonged to the basketball club for 4 years from elementary school to junior high school. Also I like dancing. I go to dance school every week. I have learned dancing for about 8years. I’d like to be a better dancer. I need to practice more. Also I like listening to music, watching movies, singing, making handicrafts, shopping, etc.

I work in a nursery school. I love children. I have worked in childcare for 2 years and 9 month. I have taken care of children from 0 to 1 year old. At the nursery I worked for, we gave baby formula, changed diapers, sang songs or read books for them for infants, and we taught toddlers making crafts,

singing and dancing. I am in charge of the 0-2 year-old class now. Thought I am always busy, they make me feel happy and calm.

I am a responsible and patient person. My weak point may be I sometimes get indecisive. My friends say I am calm and unique. My family think of me as a cheerful girl.

Why do I want to be an aupair? Because I want to learn about American child raising and childcare. When I was a missionary, I made friends with American people. They were so bold and positive. I thought it was because the way the Americans raise children is very different from that in Japan. Then I got interested in American child raising!! And I want to communicate with people in English. Also, I thought that I would be able to have good experience for my future. I want to work at nursery school again. I want to be a better educator. I have experience in nursery school. We must teach everything to children. But we have to learn much more than children, because there is no same day for children. They change and evolve everyday.

As your aupair, I want to have a happy time with your children. I want to sing, read books, go for a walk, play…and do everything with them. I want to become an aupair who can show love to my host family and their children, using my expertise. I will support you as part of your family.

Thank you very much for reading and I am looking forward to meeting you!

Sincerely, Yurika


轡 ぬ

Yurika K.  

Infant Qualified Au Pair from Japan. Available for placement through Au Pair International. Yurika is 26 years of age with over 10,000 child...

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