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Dear Host Family Tyrell was born to Quinton and Rocheal Fortune on the 09th September 1994. I was a bouncing 4.4kg baby girl. Mom describes her journey in bringing me into this world as “An experience that she will never forget which was all worth it” the weight explains it all. I crept into my Dad’s heart the moment he laid his eyes on me. My chubby cheeks and Asian features defined me as the cutest bundle of joy they could ever have asked for. You might be wondering why the name “TYRELL TONI MICHEAL” and yet I’m a girl. Mom wanted a boy and always loved the name. I was lucky enough to be the unique child with the unique name. My schooling career started when I was 4 years old. My first teacher was no other than my Gran. This meant the rule on discipline was non-existent as the saying goes” Grandparents love their grandkids more than their own”. I loved school for all the experiences gained and friendships forged. My eagerness to assist the teachers created an environment where my leadership skills flourished and thus created a firm foundation for me to excel. Approaching my teenage years my role as a caregiver began to surface having to guide and protect my sibling Kyle which is 2 year’s my junior. Kyle and I were not fortunate enough in being transported home from school due to our parents’ demanding careers. This situation forced me to become more responsible and assume the role of the adult which my brother describes as “THE MOTHER” in me. Kyle describes me as “Awesome Flavourful and Weird”. Why weird “I LOVE KIDS” #shrugging shoulders with a smile. During my high school career I was sporty and friendly. I held no boundaries to my friendships which varied across all age groups. I was adored by many and a role model to others. Some described me as the following: • A fun outstanding individual • Not afraid to try anything new • Determined • Outspoken • An amazing friend • Know the difference between right and wrong • Has leadership skills • Loving and Caring • Down to earth • Loving nature • Big Sense of humour • I bring life into a room no matter how down I’m feeling. • Always putting someone’s feelings before my own • Sweetheart My parents have a circle of friends that is classified as family. We share many good and bad times together. During happiness and tears we are always seen united and always provide support. My Mom’s friends tend to fight for sleepovers. They tend to always say “You had her for many years Can we also have some of her”. Mom and Dad always feel proud that so many individuals admire the kids they have reared. At our age we are extremely matured beyond our years and responsible young adults. Many book me to drive the kids around babysit the kids and even just to spend time with them. I believe that I’m not your average teenage girl that sits around watching her favourite soapies shopping up a storm meeting guys or even buying the latest fashion items. I’m the kind of teenage girl that is selfless. I take many into consideration and put their needs first. This would appear boring to most my age however it’s quite demanding as I’m constantly surrounded by individuals that aspire to be like me. I do not value conflict this brings me down. I’m a truthful and honest person thus lies and deceit do not sit well with me. I believe in consistency as this determines your character. I’m extremely ambitious and become despondent if I do not accomplish a task. When my days are dark……TRUE friends are certainly not FEW. I love outdoors and what nature has to offer. I believe that kids should enjoy life by experiencing the finer things the world has to offer. I love playing games and dancing with kid as this allows them to freely express themselves. My hobbies include dancing baking playing and watching a variety of sport such as hockey swimming motorsport

and soccer. I also love music such as Rhythm and blues Motown classics Hip Hop Jazz and commercial house. Many say I should have been a professional dancer but my love for kids overpowers my love for music. So why do I want to Au pair? Kids are like a gift to me. Not everyone can get along with a child’s mind I believe I'm built for it. They intrigue me and give me an opportunity to build bonds with them. With all the skills I have with dancing Id rather spend all my time with children. I believe I’ve been brought onto this earth to look after the greatest gift of all Children. There is so much more I can say about Tyrell but I hope I’m successful enough in this application to be able to share much more of Tyrell with you. In light of the above I thank you for taking the time in reading my autobiography and hope to meet you and your family soon. Yours sincerely Tyrell Toni Michael Fortune

Tyrell F.  

Infant Qualified Au Pair from South Africa. Available for placement through Au Pair International.

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