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Tina Stewart

Sept 01, 2013.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONERN Dear Host family, Hi, my name is Tina Stewart, a 23 year old jovial person who adores children. Though am not that photogenic, I love taking pictures of my favorite people, place and things. I’m a very direct person whose potential and capabilities has spoken for itself. I love to sing especially gospel- which is not quiet far-fetched seeing that I’ve been a Pentecostal Christian for the past 12years and going. I’m the 2nd child of 7children for both my parents; my role as an older sibling is always maintained in every way possible. Looking out for my younger siblings as well as being a good role model has always been attained, not forgetting the fact that I love and adore all my siblings and cousins who have grown up around me. As evidently been seen, my love for children developed at a very early age. Being the oldest girl child, my responsibilities extend far beyond being just a sister but for me it also means being a good listener and friend to all of my siblings. I also take great pride in rendering my assistance to them when needed. My mother (Opal Downer-Stewart) and my father (Luther Stewart) have been married for over15years but I have and still continue to make them proud in everything I do and say. This speaks to one of my qualities of being a good leader. Holding several leadership positions at church and school; I still continue to remain humble and respectful to those older and younger than myself since it was instilled in me. I am also an independent young lady, who stands for what I believe is right. Charisma, charm, grace, poise and self-discipline are some of my personal qualities. I’m a loving young person who values kindness, trust and honesty no matter what age or statue. As mentioned earlier, I have had experiences in child-caring/babysitting since I was in middle-school/primary both with my siblings as well as close family friends whose

Tina Stewart children are of varying age groups. As the years goes by my skills have improved tremendously. I have babysit children as young as a couple months old up to 18 years of age and this is done with utmost professionalism, care and patience. Due to the fact that did such a great job caring for the children entrusted in my care, I have been blessed to babysit some of them on several occasions and even years after. Working with children has led them to become very fond of me to the point where they call me Aunty Tina. I love children, and likewise children love being around me because I treat them not as mere kids but an individual who has a voice and opinions of their own and this helps foster the trust that I share with most if not all the children I have taken care of to this day. No matter how big they get, they love hanging out with me and always look forward to visit me even when they get way pass the age of needing a babysitter, and that’s one of the reasons why I love them all very dearly to my heart. While some may emulate me in becoming a responsible young adult some ask me advice on things they would not normally ask their parents- thus further strengthening our bonds. Notwithstanding the fact that I love to see them aim for their full potential I also take the time out to just hang out and play video games with them as well as outdoor games; things they enjoy doing as children to keep them active. Been a kid at heart, it is easy to get them involved into doing things; even helping out, I present it in such a way that is fun and requires cooperation and team work, this helps build their team spirits as well as competitive edge for which help them in their academic performances at school; which I also try to incorporate into game time and they do find it very fun and always wanting to play those particular games more than several times. And despite their age, every child can loves when you spend time with them teaching them new things or just playing and having fun. As I have said earlier, I love children, they make smile, laugh, and I just want to be around them, even though there arise tantrum times where they are irritable but I learn to be patient with them and help them understand what the problem is and how to stop it from affecting them. With that said, childcare doesn’t ever come without emergencies where an accident happened and the child gets injured, I have over years been able to handle situations like those and how to get help or prevent further injury to the child as I

Tina Stewart never like to see when a child cries. I put the needs of the child first, no matter what as I care about them as if they are my own siblings. With this said, I can’t wait to meet your child/children because I know we will get to grow very fond of each other, and like I mentioned I love children and I know that your children is no exception from being pretty amazing too. Hope to see pictures as well as talk to them in person. But until then can’t wait to meet you all, and certainly looking forward to meeting the entire family and the adorable child/children. Also, with a warm and sincere heart, I thank you and is looking forward to serving you and your family to the best of my ability. See you all soon and until then, I extend blessings over your family and your life.

Yours sincerely, Tina Stewart.

2013 Tina Stewart Photo Collage

Tina Stewart 8/25/2013

(right-to-left) back row: Tonian, Tanice, Patrine, Sheena; Jahdiel, Rihana, Jalon and Rajive. I took them to the beach on Sports day in Yallahs UPC (Summer2013)

My one day old nephew Shaquiel Joseph. I was a very excited aunt as he made me an aunt for the first time that I took over 20 pictures of him like this. (April 2013) Having a moment with one of the cool kids I babysit, Caswel Falconer Jr. took him to Niagara Falls (Canada 2012)

Jalon, one of my favorite kids who I have been babysitting ever since he was a baby he and his sister Jahdiel

Tina Stewart & her students from Sunday school Middleton Rd UPC.

Some more of Students from Sunday School. Tanice (14), Sachin (16) Shamoya 8, Kayalee 6 and Nickala 5 ( me taking the pic)

Jahdiel ( I caught off guard) at Sport day 2013.

My little brother's graduation: with me taking the pictures and my oldest sibling (Fabian) my mom (Opal) and my little brother (Bryan), being not so little anymore, lol. A picture of Usain Bolt one my little brother’s training clubs mates from Tracks and Record Jamaica. TOP PICTURE: Bryan and his best friends having a fun moment

Shamoya, Desmoy, Kayalee & Nickala