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Dear Host Family My name is Tamar Shubashvili. I’m 23 years old from Republic of Georgia. To introduce myself I want to tell you shortly things about me, my family and the things I like to do in my life. After finishing school I enrolled in University of Tbilisi and have graduated and award bachelor of Economical Faculty. I’ve started to work in Air Cargo Terminal “Lasare” as export operator for 7 months and after couple month in the touristic agency as Assistant of Director, but it still was not the work what could bring joy in my life, and then in my luckily I received call from British Georgian Academy, where I recently sent my CV, and they invited me as a preschool teacher , where I work now with 3-4 year old kids. This work is like I already said to my friend, paid hobby, because I like children very much and while my studying in the University and also when I worked in AC terminal I worked as part-time nanny. What about my family. I have a big and noisy family with many relatives. I live with my parents , my 2 years older brother and my grandmother. My father is a masseur, my mother housewife and my brother works in Special State Protection Service. Free time I like to spend with my friends, reading books or ride on my bicycle. I also like to swim and we, often go to the Tbilisi Sea or to the swimming pools to cool off in hot summer. I want to take part in AU Pair program to improve and even hope to perfect my English , which will help me in my country and also to make my dream come true , which is to finish Masters in Switzerland. As much as I know it’s very important thing to have drive license in this program , so I have it since 2010 and also have a big experience in it . Thank you for your time . With respect Tamar Shubashvili