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Dear family Hi, I'm Talita and live at home with my dear mother Karen Marie Kårbø. We live on the island called Askøy is right out one of Norway's finest city Bergen. Here I lived with my brother Peter and mother all my life and my father Lars parts of life. He died when I was 9 years old of cancer. My brother and I were adopted as 5 and 3 years old children to Norway. My parents traveled to Brazil and stayed down there for approx. 1 month. They fell in love with us and decided to adopt us and we were happy to call two "foreigners" people "mom" and "dad" Let me tell you about myself. My name is Talitha Anderen and I’m 23 years old. I would describe myself as a positive girl who likes to meet new people. I am independent and do a good job. I have been in different professions since I was 15 years old; there is everything from cleaner to kindergarten assistant and waitress. From all the bosses I've had, they said that I have good attitude to work, and that I am honest and friendly. I spend a lot of my spare time benign with my friends. I have many good friends and buddies and they all say that I am a sunbeam and full of energy. I would do a lot for my friends and I know they would the same for me. Friendship is one of the things I appreciate in my life after my family. For the moment I work as a assistant in children school, and at a home for handicapped children and young people. I also babysit for a boy who is 8 years now. I babysat since he was a baby. But I’m going to tell u more about some of my jobs after end now about my babysitting jobs. Here where I live knows everybody knows everybody. And it is always some children to play with. At a early age I started to look after children. I'm not sure my age but I think I was a round 6 years. When I called on the doors of those who had kids and asked if I could babysit them and they said yes. As I said we all knew each other. I took children who were younger than me out to play just as a 6 years old girl. I've looked after all of the children in my neighborhood I live in. But when I got older I did not babysit as much as I wanted. I babysit once a week or more for 1-2 families. One of them is an 8 year old boy named Hector. He is a typical boy who loves everything that boys do. I tend to take care of him in the evening. Know he is ha big boy so doesn’t want my help. But when he was little, I had to changing diaper, wash him, feed and play with him. I was there when he took his first steps, say the first words and be there when he got and lost the first teeth. And I have experienced that with many of the neighborhood kids, and it is very sad to see them so big now. But when I got older, I worked a lot so I didn’t have time to babysit kids. But I found out that I wanted to work with kids. I have working with kids since ca. 2006. I worked in daycare/kindergarten as an assistant. When I worked in daycare I worked mostly with the younger age group, there were 0-1 years old and the middle age group there were 3-4 years old. When I was with the smallest my tasks were: change diaper, feed them, prepare for them to sleep and play

inside and out. Sometimes we had sharing time with them where we sang or read stories. We have someone of the same tasks for the older kids. But first of all it was to get to know the children and teach them who I was. The kids had projects we had to help them, for example, to make Christmas decorations and other decorations. Sometimes we had ring dance with toys and singing. But mostly we were outside playing in all kind of weather. I also worked at a primary school. When I worked I was in 1, 2,3,4,5 class. I have been an assistant in classes and assisted the teacher. I was there to go around helping them with tasks they cannot understand or manage. I also was out supervision them in the recess, and then I go around to see if everything is fine. In partnership with the school, we have something called SFO (after-school program) where I worked too. Here I play more with the kids outside and inside. If they are inside, I can play with them, draw or play with toys. For about a year ago, I had dance classes with those who would, it was very popular. And at the end of the year, the kids show. I was also instructors at a training center here where I live. Then I had two courses, Funky Kidz and Zumba. Funk Kids is a dance program that allows kids to move around a little more than what they are accustomed to. I use fun games for warm-up, and then I teach them koreagrafi as they show up at the end of the course. This was very popular and parents love to see their children dance and play with me. I had 3 groups every Monday through 2 years. And it lasted 3 hours in total. The groups were divided into age groups 4-5, 6-8 and 9-10 and it was about 10-14 in each groups. Zumba I had for the grownups. I had approx. 23 hours a week. It was super fun and it works. The last job I will tell about have I learned much from those I work with and the people I work for. This is an home for disabled/handicap children and young people. It is a wonderful place to work and I learn something every day I work there. We have users who manage everything themselves and users who need help with everything. Some are going and someone sitting in a wheelchair. Tasks we have at work are different in who live there that week. With the wheelchair user, we must get them out of bed, it is everything from showering them to change diaper and put on clothes. We give them breakfast and send them to school. If the user is not going to school, we take it for walks in the neighborhood or we run trips with them to other places. Sometimes we are just home and have different activity. It is a little strange that I say what I say but many users are like newborn babies. By that I mean about how gently we do things for them or sit them in a chair. That we must help them to wash / bathe and help we give when we put on clothes. But all the practical thing we do for them I would do for a baby, but lucky so many of them express themselves better than a baby. Whether it is with this person body or a few sounds they can say or just with their eyes, we know understand what this person wants. I learned so much from this job, I cannot tell but it has really changed me.

Now you know a little about me and what I've worked on and why I like it. So my next step is to become an au pair, I know I we fit well to it. I have worked with children in Norway and cannot wait to come to another country and experience another cultural life. Hope you understand how what I think about the kids and how much I enjoy them. Hope you like what you've read and cannot wait to hear from you. Sincerely Talita Andersen

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Talita A. - Infant Qualified Au Pair from Norway!  

Talita is 23 years old with 5000 childcare hours, 1000 of which are from caring for children under 2 the age of 2. Talita gained her childca...

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