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Suen Brown

Dear Host Family, My name is Suen Samantha Brown a twenty five (25) year old virgonian Jamaican young lady who was born at the Black River General Hospital to Donna Blackwood and Samuel Brown. I grew up in an extended family nestled in the cool; calm district of White Hall in the community of Middle Quarters which is located in the parish of St. Elizabeth otherwise known as the breadbasket parish in Jamaica. Standing at a height of 5ft 6inch with a honey brown skin tone, small chocolate brown eyes with a honey blonde hair tone is a description of my physical appearance. I am a hardworking, honest, flexible, jovial, dedicated and reliable individual whose intention will have a positive impact on the growth and development of whomever I come in contact with. I am the first of six children for my father who is now deceased and the first of three for my mother. I grew in an extended family which included my maternal grandparents, mother and my two younger sisters; Alayah Williams and Alyecia Laing. I enjoy my childhood days and I have fun memories that I hold dear to my heart. My parents and grand-parents were disciplinarians and they instilled in me morals and values that have help to mold me into the person I am today. My education began from the tender age of three (3) year old at the Middle Quarters Early Childhood Institution located in the community I grew up in, there I spent three (3) years, I then attended the Middle Quarters All Age School, spent six (6) years and later matriculated to the prestigious Black River High School. Over the five (5) year period I spent there I completed my high school diploma where my emphasis was general subjects, science, business and hospitality with concentration in culinary arts. Due to the passion and inner drive that I have when it comes on to childcare and the joy I feel when taking care of children I went and did a certificate in Practical Nursing levels 1 and 2 with emphasis in geriatric and pediatric care through the National Vocational Qualification of Jamaica (NVQ-J). After completing this certification course I got a job at the Black River Health Centre where I not only work as a Dental Aid but also as a Medical Records Clerk. Being the hardworking and determine young lady I am I did not stop there and I see where I can also be instrumental in the growth and development of young minds; therefore, I got enrolled at the Bethlehem Moravian College where I am in the process of completing a diploma in primary education. I am delighted to participate in the Au Pair program as it is a great avenue for cultural experience and a medium to obtain further child care experience. I love children and I always have and inherent a passion especially when it comes on to caring for them. I would love to see your children grow and learn and would also like to play an integral part in helping them accomplish their goals. I am also looking forward for the opportunity of living with a family in a foreign country, meeting new people, making new friends and learning more about the American culture. In addition, it would also be a great

Suen Brown

experience for me to share my life and culture with your family. This invaluable experience can and will also assist in laying the foundation for my future career in health and education. Caring for children is something I enjoy and have great passion in doing, as ever since I was nine years old I have been caring for children with my first experience was taking care of my younger siblings Alyecia who is asthmatic and Alayah who is autistic and epileptic from birth to sixteen years old. Taking care of my siblings have indeed laid a strong foundation for my career in childcare as not only did I care for them physically, but also emotionally and spiritually and at no point in time did I let them feel less than an individual. I was also very instrumental in helping to build their self-esteem, self-confidence and high self-worth and today I see it being played out in their daily lives. Over the years my experience grew and I was entrusted to care for children both in formal and informal settings where I worked at a day-care centre for one year caring for children with disabilities ages six months to eleven years old and at an all age school with children ages seven to eight years old. Some of the activities when taking care of these children include but not limited to; changing diapers, bathing them, preparing meals, feeding them, dealing with tantrums, administer medication and involve them in age appropriate activities such as, art and craft which include painting, drawing, stenciling; outdoor games such as playing ring games, chiny skip, dandy shandy and hop scotch and also educational games such as teaching them how to do cross word puzzles and riddles. Caring for children has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience for me. When working with children it is important that a caregiver be patient, tolerant, loving, caring, flexible, hardworking, open-minded and honest in order to carry out this task effectively. I strongly believe that I have the potential to do this job well as not only do I possess the above qualities, but I can assure you that your children will be well taken care of and at no point in time will they ever feel neglected, abandoned or as though their rights are being infringed on. Some of the activities/ task that I will engage in while caring of your child/children will include but not limited to, washing and ironing their clothes for the week ahead; educate them about the importance eating healthy; social graces, excellent communication skills, potty training; tutoring; reading and why it is important and using philosophical quotations that are directed to reading and literacy. If you are looking for someone who will also be a positive role model for your child/children; I am that person. I shall be willing to attend an interview at a mutual convenient time, at which I will provide you with further information about myself, childcare experience, my back ground and why I am your ideal Au pair. Thank you for your time and consideration as I await your favorable response.

Sincerely Yours _______________ Ms. Suen Brown

I am Suen Samantha Brown

Philosophy: My work, my pride and my integrity are one in the same. They all work hand in hand.

Dante’ and I just posing for the camera.

Dante’ posing for the camera .Isn't he adorable? I love him so much.

Me, Alyecia, Alayah and our mom posing for the camera. Don’t we look lovely.

ME and Mommy posing for the camera

Alayah waving to the camera.

Marie and Jahnelle in the library.

Jada blowing kisses on her first birthday.

My friend Jessica and I coming from the park.

Dino jr. Playing with his toys.

Jerome and Jahnelle posing for the camera.

Marie, Jerome and Jahnelle making fuuny faces.

Me, Alyecia, Alayah and Kaylah posing for the camera .