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Rosa María Jiménez López Dear host family: My name is Rosa María and I am 25. I am cheerful, friendly, nice, active, responsible, honest and perseverant woman. Also, I am a person who cares about others, serious if I have to and someone who can be trusted. In my spare time, I like to be with my friends, practice some sport, go to the cinema and read. Besides that, I love acting and singing; for this reason I am in a small theater group and a gospel choir. My parents were born in the South of Spain, but they moved to the North when they were young. They met here and started living together in a town near to Barcelona. My sister and I were born and grew up here. In this area there are two official languages, that's why we are bilingual. Nowadays, I live with my parents and my dog in a house with garden in a residential area near the city. My sister lives with her partner few minutes from our home. In my family we always liked to keep in contact with each other. For this reason, we organize as many family meetings as we can where my uncles and grandparents come too. My parents, my sister and I have a good relationship. They have been the ones who have cared me, educated me and set the base of what I am today; I will always be grateful for this. Since I was very young, I dedicated myself to explain the things that my school classmates didn't understand, so when people started asking me what did I want to be when I grew up, it was very clear. I wanted to be a teacher. This idea became a goal, so I studied all that it was needed to go to college and do what excites me. I always liked children, so during my studying years, I tried to work in children related jobs. When I finished the degree, I started to work as a public school teacher, and I realized that I was right in choosing my profession. I always say that I am lucky to get up every day with enthusiasm to go to work, because I really like what I do and I consider that I am good at it. I have decided to leave to be a teacher for a while and become an Au Pair because I want to improve my English and live for a period of time in the US. It has been a difficult decision for me, so I decided to search for an option that allows me to stay in touch with kids. Besides this, I think that taking care of children and live daily with them will bring me a lot of things that I can use in my career. I consider that thanks to my academic formation, my personal and professional experiences with kids, and my passion towards them, I am the right person to be an Au Pair.

Yours faithfully, Rosa María.

Rosa María Jiménez López

This is me.

This is my family.

Enjoying the sun with my dog Honey.

These are some of my students.

Rosa María Jiménez López

This is my theater group.

Having a good time with my friends.

Ready to go rafting on the La Noguera Pallaresa river.

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