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Dear host family,

Hello! Thank you for reading my letter. I am Betty, and my Chinese name is Qian, being hospitality and easy to get along with. I grow up in a family full of love. Parents pay great attention to my development. They have cultivated my independence since I was a child. So they supported me completely without any hesitation when I decided to enrich my life experience abroad. Because they said it’s a good chance to improve myself. I am an enthusiastic and easygoing person. I like spending time with friends, such as hanging out or watching movies together. When I am alone, reading books and playing sports are my favorites. Library is a place I visit often. The environment is tranquil and I can easily concentrate on my study and reading. Besides, doing exercise makes me full of energy. I like playing table tennis and badminton. What’s more, I like to travel. When I was at school, I did some part time jobs like tutor to earn some pocket money on weekends, so that I can travel around during my vacation. During traveling, I can meet a lot of people. They are hospitality and would like to give me a hand when I am in need. Also, I can chat with them and get to know more about the world. Speaking of children, I admire their innocent. They are little angels bringing me smiles and happiness. I really like to stay with children. Their innocent smiles affect me a lot. I remember when my niece was born, I was so excited and I think she is so cute and so fragile. Putting her in my arms I was so careful in case hurting her. When she needed take shower, I did it with my brother in law. When my sister and brother in law are busy, I was in charge of changing diapers for her. I wanted to be in it taking care of her. When looking at her beautiful face, I would always be so happy. She is so adorable! I am the one who watches her grows up gradually. Now she is 4 years old, when I get home, I always take her out with me, tell her some ancient Chinese stories, teach her some simple math and some simple tongue twister. I really have a lot of fun staying with her. What’s more, when I am upset, I like to stay with children and talk to them why I am so frustrated. Though they cannot understand what I said, they are really good listeners and so sweet. That is why I visited children in an orphanage as a volunteer from” Women’s Group” which led by my foreign teacher. The orphanage is far away from the city, like living in an isolated island. The facilities there are poor. The teaching buildings are old, the gate gets rusty, the light in the classroom is gloomy. The principal there told us that some of children lost their parents, some of them are disabled by accidents, some of them have mental disease, etc. I feel pity for them. We bought them towels, soaps, toys and some food. There, we had many activities. We cooked together, made salad and dumplings, drew pictures on the stones, made paper cutting, folded papers and played hide-and-seek. One girl gave me deep impression. She is an orphan, and she was with me whole afternoon when we did all the activities.

She didn’t talk much. She is a brave girl and sometimes very mature. When playing the games, she fell down and got hurt. she stood up and said nothing instead of crying. And she was a good assistant when organizing the team. There are some kind of echo between us I guess. Maybe our characters are similar. That’s why we like each other. This experience was really unforgettable. Things we can do are limited, but the happiness we brought them is priceless and I would love to be a volunteer in my lifetime. Staying with children brings me happiness, so after finish the au pair year, I would love to work in a kindergarten. Now, I want to be a member of au pair because this is a good chance for me to know more about the world of children. I believe I can take good care of your children. I would love to know them more and accompany them on growing up happily and healthily. I am looking forward to being your family member and a new big sister of your children. Yours sincerely, Qian(Betty)

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