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Dear family My name is Nina, I'm from Slovenia, small country in Europe. I was born in kind, loving family in a big house on suburb. I have 9 years younger brother Timotej and I've always loved taking care of him. My family means a lot to me and I know that taking someone in home for taking care of kids and house is a big deal so I promise i'll do my best. I was born on 12.jun.1992, my mum (Darja, she is pre-school teacher now) was 24, dad (TomaŞ, he is expert in Krka d.o.o. now) was 30, we lived in a small house on suburb and when I was 2 we moved in big house also on suburb. When my mum ended maternity law, I've started going to kindergarten in nearest village Šmarjeta for 2 years, then my mum got job in nearest small city Novo mesto so I was going to kindergarten there. When I was 9 I got my baby brother Timotej, he was so loud!:) Sometimes I helped my mum with taking care of him. Now he is 11 and we are going to cinema together, swim in our pool or just talk. He's a great brother. In our family home we've never had a housekeeper or someone else, so i helped my mum with cleaning, doing laundry and cooking healthy. When I turned 18, I took summer job in kindergarten for 2 months. I really enjoyed this summer, kids can give you so much positive energy. I also worked 3 years as sport animator for kids and as 5 years as babysitter. When I was 7, I started going in primary school Center, also in Novo mesto (school program at that time in Slovenia dictated going to primary school with age 7, now it is 6) (we call primary school primary+secondary school because its in the same building). I think I was in 7th grade when I started practised LA and ST dances. When I was 14 I started going to high school Gimnazija Novo mesto, this were fun times! I still practised dances, and add acrobatic Rock'n'roll to my schedule. On friday nights me and my friends sometimes go to concert or dancing. Dancing professionally has been overwelming, I've never been chubby but I wasn't skinny neither. All the other dancers were so skinny so I wanted to be like them but I went too far. I've been diagnosed with anorexia, so my parents found help for me and we started treatment. After one year, I beat my disease. I wanted change so I finished my 4th grade of high school and did the matura exam in Maribor, on Druga Gimnazija. My dancer from Novo mesto stopped dancing so I found new one in Maribor. But me and my new dancer didn't go along so I finished dancing professionally and focused my energy on school. Sport is still part of my life, I love hiking, bicycling, swimming, running, going to fitness...I also like to eat healthy and fresh. I don't have any conciquences anymore, I am just more strong, mature, always thinking out of the box and enjoy in every day to its maximum. I finished school and started working as promoter plus learning languages (russian, french). One day I was talking with a friend who is working as an au pair and I was like hey, that is something for me! I love travelling, taking care for kids, I have experience and I want to practise my languages! Trough time idea of being au pair become a dream. Getting to know lots of new people, new country, live in big city‌ Me and my family travel a lot, we were in USA, Europe cities, Egipt, Cuba, Dubai etc, but I've always saw the city just as tourist. So here I am, typing dear family letter and hopeing that you will welcome me in your home. I'm active, reliable, playful, flexible, positive, outgoing, sensitive girl, I love bbqs, summer and

sport. I don't like grumpy ppl with negative energy because I am very positive girl, I always find bright side in any situation. I am happy and full of energy all the time, I cheer up everyone around me:) I make best of every moment of my life, I like trying new things and love challenges! I am playful but I also know when it is time to be a little bit strict because of children's health or something that isn't good for them. I would like to be like a big sister, hope they will come to me when they would like to talk, need a playmate, or just a hug.

Nina R.  

Infant Qualified Au Pair from Slovenia. Available for placement through Au Pair International!

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