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Dear my future host family. Greetings from Japan. My name is Midori Sugita. I am 22 years old. I am very patient and cheerful. I live in Sagamihara in Kanagawa near Tokyo. I live in Sagamihara since I was born. Sagamihara is famous for JAXA Institute of Space Development. My family has five people: Father, Mother and two younger sisters, and 1 rabbit. My sisters are 20 years old and 14 years old. My two sisters play the piano, trombone and euphonium. We get along with each other well and often go shopping and lunch together. We sometimes play ensemble together. We are happy. We go on a trip to the sea and swimming pool as the family every summer. It is very fun. We like to swim, but my mother cannot swim. I am working at a kindergarten for 3 years now. I was in change of 3 years old 2 years old before, and this year I am teaching a class of 5 years old. I teach them writing Hiragana and painting and singing etc....It is hard every day, but I have pride in this work because it makes me happy to see growth of children. We are working hard practicing toward the graduation ceremony in March now. I can teach a lot of things to children. I want to give them a lot of memories of playing together before graduation. I was taking care of my friend’s baby when she was 1 year old. I played with her, fed her baby formula, changed diapers, etc. It made me happy when she suddenly started singing with me. I was impressed how much a baby grows every day. I was working for the after school childcare program when I was a student. I played with children and helped them do their homework. Thec children were 6-12 years old. I love music. I like to play the piano and saxophone. I have an alto saxophone. I often play with the wind orchestra. I have been playing with the band of the high school I graduated once a year. It is very exciting and fun. I play the piano every day at kindergarten. My favorite music is music from the movies of Studio Ghibli. Children in the class are also singing happily. Also, I like to go snowboarding in winter. I often went to the snowy mountains with my friends. And I like outdoors. I go mountain climbing and go to sea in the summer. I like to travel, too. I have

been to France, Guam, Saipan and South Korea. I like to meet with various people on the trip. I like to take pictures. I am excited now because I have never been to Mainland U.S. I want to be an au pair for two reasons. First, I want to live in U.S, and to learn English in everyday life. At first, I did not like to speak English, but now I want to study English every time I go on a trip. In the future, I want to use English for my work as a kindergarten teacher. Second, I want to know the child care of American family. I think there is a lot of difference between America and Japan. After I come back from the aupair program, I want to use my experience as an aupair at kindergarten in Japan. I think that it is not only fun, but I also hope to grow with the children. Other than homestay and work as an aupair, I would like to make American friends. I want to go on trips to various places in the U.S. and go out with my host family. I like watching baseball. I would like to watch sports! I want to participate in community events, or volunteer work. I want to enjoy life the U.S.

Thank you for reading my letter and hope to hear from you soon. All the best, Midori Sugita.


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