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A lovely aupair; a good Chinese teacher; a responsible caregiver Hi dear Family,

It’s such a great pleasure to meet you! My name is Mengxue. You can call me Echo. I’m from China and very outgoing. I took part in various club activities when in school, including English club, literary club, and speech and singing competitions, etc. Actually I am a very active and interesting one, too. I’m confident to take care of Children for I have rich childcare experience. Since 2009, I have begun to help with caring for my relatives’ and neighbors’ kids in the summer and winter holiday and every weekend. Here, I’d like to share you two of those experiences. In the summer holiday of 2012, I helped my good neighbor Yingying Liu take care of her 18 months old baby Xiangxiang for the first time. I often fed him, taught him how to speak, and played with him. He had just learned how to walk at that time, and was very interested in it. So I took him to walk outdoors on my own every day. Sometimes I even went shopping with his whole family. We built a really sound relationship. The second one is about caring for a 4 years old girl, Weiwei. She is very active and like music very much. Every day she would ask me to search and play various songs though my phone, and then teach her how to sing and sing along with it. Besides, she is a beauty girl and likes beautiful hairstyles. So I often plait her hair into different kinds of braids. As for outdoor activities, I like swimming and hiking with her. We have a very wonderful time with each other. In college, I found a part-time job as a teacher, my students ranged from 6 to 16 years old. I like staying with kids, so I tried hard to get to the Liuyi Kindergarten as a student teacher. I learned a lot during this experience about how to get on well with children. Now I found that the au pair program is so suitable for me. I noticed that you are interested in culture exchange. I do love to bring you the best culture experience. I really hope to help you with the kids. I would take care of and teach them with love, but not just as a duty. If you are also interested in me, please be free to contact me. Best wishes, Mengxue