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Mellissa Richards

Dear Host Family, My name is Mellissa Richards. I was born in the parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica on July 28, 1990. I grew up in the parish of Clarendon where I currently reside with my mother and sister. I am the last child for my mother. I grew up mostly with my grandmother due to the fact that my mother had to attend college. While growing up with my grandmother she instilled core values and principles that up to this day I still hold dear. She is a true disciplinarian who firmly believes that a sound education and exemplary behaviour is the key to success but still allowing my sister and me ample time to play. As a child I was vibrant, active, spontaneous, sociable and adventurous. I loved to ride bikes, play ring games, colouring, arts and craft. I am also an outdoor person who enjoys nature walks. At age three I started kindergarten school where I enjoyed the tenure because it was fun. I attended May Pen Primary where I sat the GSAT exams. I attained a place at Edwin Allen High school where I successfully completed my studies of five years. My favourite subjects were Social Studies, English, Home Management, Food and Nutrition and Cosmetology. I was involved in 4H club, Wellness club and ISCF. I was also coordinator for the cheerleading squad of my sports team. Some of my favourite activities at school included Sports Day, Jamaica Day, Jeans Day, and Heroes Celebration. After graduation I attended Knox Community College for one year to further my studies. After attending Knox College I enrolled in a youth training camp for one month after which I was placed as an Early Childhood Teacher at the Bushy Park Gardens Basic School, where I was assigned to a class of about eighteen to twenty five students ranging from ages one to three. My daily duties consisted of preparing students for class time; I taught them number and letter operations. I let them do colouring, finger painting drawing which helped with the development of their motor skills. I enjoyed outdoor activities with them such as hide and seek, ring games and hopscotch. It was such a pleasure seeing their little faces lit up with excitement and enthusiasm when I took them outdoors. This experience helped me to be more patient, understanding, compassionate and devoted.

Mellissa Richards After leaving Bushy Park Basic I was entrusted with taking care of my baby cousin Chelsea who was three months at the time. Taking care of Chelsea was also fun in that, I would take her for nature walks, sing to her, play, watch education and age appropriate television series and movies with her, teach her age appropriate instructions so as to aid in her educational and personal development and growth as well as took care of her every needs; which included but were not limited to changing her diapers, bathing and feeding her. My time with Chelsea taught me so much about the needs and wants of a toddler. Coupled with my childcare experiences above and other childcare related experience I see where I can be the best fit to work with your family. I will ensure at all times that your child/children are well taken care of and they are loved, appreciated and respected and at no point in time will they ever feel neglected, abandoned or as though their rights are being infringed on. I consider myself to be a hardworking, patient, loving, flexible, well-mannered, respectful, jovial, honest and sincere individual, who you will have no regrets selecting to be your au pair, as at all times I will demonstrate the qualities and attributes of a big sister and positive role model to your child/children. I am also the holder of a valid driver’s license and someone who will not be afraid to drive in the US as an Au Pair. I haven’t had a car accident or even a speeding ticket as I believe in responsible driving. Once of my reasons for wanting to be an Au Pair in the US stems from the fact that I love children and I will be extremely grateful if afforded the opportunity to experience taking care of children in another country outside of my native, Jamaica; as well as live with a family outside of my own. I also want to experience what life is like in the US taking into consideration that I have never travelled before, so this will be a first for me. In addition, this program comes with an educational benefit which I believe will be very useful in helping me to reach one step closer to my goal of becoming an Early Childhood Educator. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my letter and I am looking forward to explain in greater why I am your ideal Au Pair. Have a wonderful day. Sincerely Yours, Mellissa Richards

Me, my mom and my sister

My mom and Grandmother Eloise May

my sister Tina and I

My mom and Stepfather Steve

Mom and I

my aunt and her baby

My cousins Cherise and Candace

These pictures reflect moments while taking care of Chelsea Barrett

These pictures were taken during my tenure as classroom teacher for Infant 1 at Bushy Park Basic School.

These pictures were taken during my tenure at Ashley Primary and Infant.