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Dear Family, I am so happy for writing to you and tell you about my life. My name is Marsha Alejandra Rodríguez Ibáñez. I am 24 years old. I was born on september 11, 1990. I am studying at the University to be an accountant and also I am studying English. I come from Cochabamba – Bolivia. Cochabamba city is my hometown, it is an interesting place to visit, it is like traveling in time; it has colonial and modern buildings. The most interesting thing in Bolivia is the food, every region has a typical dish with different products and tastes. I have a small and cute family. My mother is a housewife and my father Works in a bakery. I have three older sisters but I haven´t got any brother. My oldest sister is Wilma, she has two kids; Magdiely who is 10 years old and Luis 7 years old, I love my nephews were born. Another sister is Sonia

and also I have taken care of them since they she is a chef so she cooks delicious, she has

taught me how to cook that is why I like so much cooking. And the last one is Eugenia she is 33 years old, she Works in an office she likes bakery too we both learned from my dad. I have a lot of hobbies one of them is listening to music in the evening when I am doing exercises, my favorite music is pop, it is what helps me to unwind. I also like doing sports like football, volleyball and swimming. I love to dance, cook, decorate and sing. I like people who have the same interests as I do, who make me laugh, or who like outdoor sports. I enjoy traveling, meeting new people and learning about new places. I really love taking care of children. On weekends I have an amazing opportunity to teach little kids in a church. I passed beautiful moments with them. We enjoy easily and we like to do a lot of activities like handcrafts with paper and colors, playing games in the backyard and learning about the Bible reading stories.

I have also taken care of a beautiful child; his name was Pablo. He was very calm and he loved to play and learn new things. My role was to hold him, bath him and change his diaper while his mother was in her work. He liked to listen to carefully when I read to him fairy tales and also he was learning how to give his first steps. Finally is Mateo

who is one year old. He is so little, he is like an angel.

I have to change his

diapers, giving his bath and making him to sleep. I am

spending a beautiful

time with him because he is learning how to eat, walk and

also he has already said his first Word that was “mama�, he wants to eat everything so I have to pay so much attention to him. We love to laugh together when I do some funny noises. I am so excited of becoming part of your family

and taking care of your

children. It is my dream to spend every possible moment with them and give them all the experience I have learned in my life. They will be like my siblings. I am an easygoing, patient and friendly person so I will love them. After finishing the program I will be back to my country to finish my studies and look for a good job where I can put in practice all I have learned. Then, I will get my own family. So, until we will be together and you´ll know me thoroughly, I send you this letter, a lot of hugs and kisses to you and your children. See you son and best wishes, Marsha Alejandra

Marsha Alejandra Rodríguez Ibáñez


This is my family, those are my three sisters, my mom and my dad

She is my Mom, she loves doing bakery.

He is my Dad and my nephew. This is me and my two nephews.

Marsha Alejandra Rodríguez Ibáñez

MY FRIENDS She is Alexis my Best Friend.

My friends and I after a presentación of a dance….





Marsha Alejandra Rodríguez Ibáñez


Those are the girls of the church they like to do many activities as drawing and painting some pictures.

This is an activity for Christmas.

Marsha Alejandra Rodríguez Ibáñez


Mateo is 11 months, he is learning many things.

Here is Mateo playing with his toys¡¡¡

Mateo and I in christmas….



was very little

Marsha Alejandra Rodríguez Ibáñez

PABLO This is Pablo¡¡¡¡ He is so beautiful…

We loved to go the park and played together, he also liked to go out in the car some times.

He is drinking some milk, he is so cute !!!