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Dear family: My name is Marisol Rodriguez Adrian I’m 23 years old and I live in Cochabamba-Bolivia, located in South America. I’m studying linguistics at San Simon University; I’m in my fourth year. I can describe myself as: a happy, active, flexible, creative, patient, affectionate, quiet person. In other way, I also know: to cook, to prepare brakfast, I like to play piano, I like listening to music, to sing, to go at the cinema, to ride bike, to ride hourse. In my free time I love going to the town square and I also enjoy swimming and I love to go at the church on sunday. I like to do differents sports with my friends, I like to play basketball, bolyball and succer then I like to dance with children. When I have saving Money I use to travel and know different places. I come from a family of 9 members: My father’s name is Lucio (48 years old), He is driver and my mother’s name is Gabriela (47 years old) she is CD’s seller. My two younger brothers are Limbert (16 years old) and Luis Gabriel (7 years old) they are studying at the school, I also have two younger sisters, who are Ana (21 years old) and Eva Yasel (8 years old), who go to the school too. Finally, I have my oldest brother Oscar (28 years old) who is married and my oldest sister Beatriz (25 years old) who is an accountant. We are a united and happy family. We use to go at the church on Sunday, each week-end we sometime Sunday go to eat pizza and then we go to different place for example sometimes we go to the swimming pool or to the park and other sometimes we go to visit to province’s Cochabamba . When I was a teenager I used to teach and to take care children from 5 to 10 years old in my church. It was my first experience; we used to sing, dance, play games, draw, paint, tell stories about the bible and GO to the park.

Also I helped to my parents to take care of my youngest silblings because my parents used to work all Day and in the evening they were with us. When I sarted to work as baby-sittes. My first experience was with JosÊ (4 years old) and to do handigrafts. I was as their oldest sister, I remembered that we used to have fun in their small pool playing with boat toys and learning to swim. They were so inteligent and easly they learn to swim with my help, also we used to play with chess and puzzles. My Second experience with child care was with Mathias (2 years old) and Dacne (11 month old), we used to play in the park and to ride the bike with Mathias, Dacne was a beautiful baby, I used to sing her and take for a little walk. I had the opportunity to help her to walk. Mathias loved to the little dog and I allways bathed it before Mathias played with the dog. Dacne liked to eat cereal with Milk and I used to make her to eat. My third experience was a beautiful baby Estefani (1 year old), I could work with her potty training. We used to blow up ballons for playing, she liked ballowns of differents colors. I remembered when she was sick and she cried I maked her smile doing funny dances. She also liked to eat vegetables soup and papo f strawberries, She was a sensitive little baby girl and I was affectionate with. I’m very happy for having all those experiences with children, Who I took care them. For me was a good experience because I learned alot and developed many skills and for have fun with children. That is why I am applying for being an aupair because I Love children and I enjoy spending time with them and I excited to take care of your children and be part o f your family, until we meet. I send you hugs and greeting to your family. Love, Marisol


This is when we were at home before going to walk

We enjoyed all together Christmas

My two sisters and I in the hill.

When I was in a ecology park.


They are JosĂŠ (4) and Diego (2). They are my first childcare experience I helped them with homework;I'm teaching the numbers.

I was reading them a story. fromtheBible

Sometimes after finishing the tasks we used to play soccer because, they liked it much.

I am teaching Diego to ride the bike.

THE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN: MATHIAS & DACNE I’m combing Dacne a new combed, because to the baby like it and to me too.

The two beautiful children are eating “Lacayote” jam; they like it so much.

Doing outdoor activities: Teaching Dacne how to ride her small motorcycle.

Mathias (2) and Dacne (11 months old). We are playing with toys. They are very happy.

We are ready to go for walk to the park.


She was so quiet while I was changing her diaper.

Here, I was giving her milk bottle

The pretty baby loves to play with teddy bears.

The beautiful baby and I were eating chicken.

I used to blow some balloons to play with them.


My friends and I went to the city of Sucre, a beautiful place of Bolivia. We traveled for a Linguistics Seminar. My friends and I sometimes go camping

After of our college classes, we usually walk and talk or we go to take coffee in the coffe shop.

Marisol R.  

Infant Qualified Au Pair from Bolivia. Available through Au Pair International.

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