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Dear Host Family, My name is Mariana. I was born in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am 26 years old and this year I plucked up courage to enrol at this program. A month ago I used to live with my parents, my younger sister, my twin brothers and my beloved niece but I have recently moved alone to a flat near my parents’ house in Nueva Pompeya (neighbourhood located in the city of Buenos Aires) so this experience is new to me. My family is composed of 7 members, including me. My mother is called Sonia. She has recently turned 50 years old. She is a loving and caring mother. My father is Hugo. He is 51 and he is always giving us his best so as we can study and grow up comfortably. I am the eldest among my siblings and I was always in charge of my siblings whenever my parents were not at home. Mariel, my sister, is 23 years old and she has a two-year-old baby called Malvina. My twin brothers are Marcos and Sebastian. They are 17. They are still studying at high school and they play football professionally. When I was an 8-year-old child, I used to go to an Armenian primary school in which Armenian was the second language. Surprisingly enough, I did well in Armenian subjects. My first year at that primary school was crucial to my life for my mother realized I was good at learning languages. Due to this, she decided to send me to a school of English after primary school and I have been learning the language since then. At the age of 13, I started helping my neighbours to study English for high school. A few years later, I began teaching as a private teacher at home. Since I can remember I have always wanted to be a teacher, so as soon as I finished secondary school, I went to the teacher training college in Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado Técnico, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. In March 2014, I graduated from college as a teacher of English for kindergarten and primary schools. That year I began working in public schools but I had been working in private schools and schools of languages since I was 19 years old.

I love working with children, especially in preschool. Besides, I have always been an entertainer in my little cousins’ and niece’s birthdays. I cannot help feeling happy whenever I see a child’s smile. I enjoy playing with them! The last two years, I became an expert at being an auntie. Since my sister works in an office which belongs to the National Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, she has only two or three weeks of holidays, so as I have summer and winter holidays I spent most of them taking care of my niece and I loved it! She is the love of my life. Also, whenever I had free time I loved babysitting for my cousins’ and friends’ children! Some of the things I was in charge of were taking the children to bed, feeding them, changing diapers, bathing them, etc. For a change, last year I started a course in order to be a flight attendant which was something that I owed myself. I had subjects such as first aids and land and water survival which consists of being prepared when an emergency occurs either on land or on water. However, this year I got information about the au pair program and decided to apply for it as I always wished to live in an English speaking country and use the language that I have been studying for almost 18 years. Nevertheless, I will apply for a job as a flight attendant in two years’ time if life lets me. Being an au pair would fulfil all my goals. I would like to move to the US and work there in the expectation of improving my English, enrolling at a course of pedagogy or methodology, getting to know other cultural backgrounds, customs and traditions and meeting people from all over the world. As I said before, I always dreamt of living in another country and speak the language that I have been studying since I can remember. Since working with children has always been a pleasure to me, this is a great opportunity to become all my dreams true. I am eager to be your au pair and you will never regret choosing me! I can assure you of that!

Yours sincerely, Mariana

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