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Dear Host Family, I’m Maddy and I’m 20 years old. I’m from Italy and I live in small town near Milan, called Pregnana Milanese. In this letter I will introduce myself, my life and why I choose to live this experience. I live with my family, which is composed by my parents: my dad Marco, 49 and he is an employee and my mom Francesca, 50 and she is a housewife. I also have three brothers: Andrea is 19, Giovanni is 10 and Paolo is 22 but he doesn’t live with us because he lives with his girlfriend. I have studied economics at the high school, and I worked as a babysitter for many months till I found a job as a receptionist in an office in March 2016 till July 2016. I am a quiet girl, which means I don’t like to fight or argue with people and if there is a problem I rather solve it talking; I’m reliable and I always help who is need. In my life I’ve always dreamed to go abroad and live in another country, learning new cultures and new languages, which is one of my biggest passion, in fact I’ve learned Spanish and English mostly by myself. In my free time I like to do all the things that a normal girl likes: go to shopping, watch TV series (which thank to them I’ve learned better English and Spanish), go out with my friends, especially with my best friend, Gerardine, who I know since I was young and she is my rock, she is always there everytime I’m in need, or simply to share every single moment of my life; but a passion that I have since I was young is the music: I love to sing and I’ve taken classes of it, and I can play some instruments as the violin (which I took classes for 4 years), the piano and the flute. I’ve always dealt with children since I was young, because I have a little brother that is 10 years younger than me, and I used to spend time with my friends’ siblings too. Recently I worked as a babysitter for a little girl, Rebecca, who is 5 years old, and last year I worked in a summer camp looking after many children day and night. I’ve decided to live this experience as an Au Pair girl because with this project I have the opportunity to live with a family from a different country and learn their culture, and this is a great way to try it doing a thing that I love: spending time with children. I don’t know what to expect from this experience because it will be all new for me, but I hope to find a family that makes me feel welcomed and as a second family. I hope that you’re gonna choose me because I’m sure we’re gonna share beautiful moments together and I promise you that if you choose me I won’t disappoint you and I’ll treat your children with all my love. Love, Maddy

This is me, Maddy

This is me with my little brother, Giovanni

With my friends during the Christmas Holiday: (from the left to the right) Gerardine, Me, Gabriele, Alain, my brother Paolo and Matteo.

She is Sephora, my best friend’s little sister

Me with some kids some years ago

Me with some kids some years ago

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