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Dear family, My

First I express to you my warm greetings. My name is Lizeth Paco Peralta but everybody calls me Liz, I´m 25 years old. I was born in Cochabamba, a valley located in the hearth of Bolivia and South America, now it's known as the heart of “Mother Earth”.


At the moment, I´m studying Linguistics Applied to Language Teaching at San Simon University. I like to do everything such as running especially in the mornings, reading, listening to music, cooking, traveling, knowing and meeting new people. I can define


myself as a lovely, responsible, honest and friendly person. My family is the treasure of my life, we enjoy having dinner together and going out on weekends, my father David (45) is a driver and my mother Maria (50) is a housewife. I have two younger brothers Danny David (23) who is studying biochemistry at the University, also he loves to go cycling and he spends his time painting; Brani (13) is a sweet boy, we call him Pipo , he is studying in high school, he loves to play soccer and he likes to spend time cycling, too. My younger sister Noelia (15) is studying in high school, she loves cooking, running and she likes to play basketball. We also have two dogs called: Jack and Lulu, they are part of my family. I regularly help my mother with cooking, housework chores, florist work and looking after our garden that has fruits plants and flowers. I love taking care of children, for this reason, let me start telling you my first experience; it was as a catechist, the second one was with my best friend´s niece and the last experience in a day care as a volunteer.


I was First Communion catechist in the parish "Nuestra Señora del Rosario" from Vinto. I was the teacher and responsible of four different groups (8-12 years old) for four years (2008- 2011). After mass, my group and I were beginning with the class, I talked them about the God´s word, used to prepare activities to have fun, I also played with them and we programmed tours with different groups of first communion to meet and interact.


The second experience was with my best friend´s niece Aylin (2 to 3 years old). She was a very fun-loving girl. I cooked for us, after dinner, she sometimes slept half an hour, and then she liked that I scratched her head. Also, we used to create games to play at home,


games like "learning the body parts", and we went out to walk to the park. Other times, she just wanted to be at home and watch cartoons that her parents bought. She grew up and says a few words and I helped her and it was interesting to have helped in that process. Finally, I was like volunteer in a day care “Centro Integral de Desarrollo Infantil Libertad”. It was one of the most motivating experiences I had, because I remembered the


years to help my mother raise my siblings. From Monday to Friday I took care of different


babies, I helped to feed them, to play with them, to put for a nap, also I helped some babies


to walk. In this nursery, I was also assisting children who needed tutoring; I helped them


with their homework, then they ate, played, sang and very seldom they watched television. E

This experience was very important to me as I learned much.


I feel very happy to know that I will be part of your family, as well as it will be a privilege for me, because I`m sure that I will learn a lot from your culture and you from mine. Also, your children will be treated as they were my siblings. I am a very loving and responsible person, I know preparing bottles, changing diapers, cooking some meals, bathing, playing,


a little gardening, and being with them will help me to be an excellent person and will give


me a new challenge in life.


After finishing the program, I will be back to my country in order to get a degree at the University, and then I want to have my family. So, until we´ll be together and you know me, I send many hugs and a sweet kiss to your baby. See you soon,




My family

Celebrating my mother´s birthday with my family and some friends. My sister Noelia danced a traditional dance celebrating the Anniversary of my country.

My siblings in my garden before practicing our sports.

I assist to Layonel with his homework.

I am feeding to Gabriela

I help Javier walking.

a with a milk bottle.

We sang a God song before finishing the class.

I was explaining to my students the ¨fifth sacrament¨.

I helped to Marcos with his doubts about Bible´s books.

Babisitting Aylin I and Aylin; she just got up, so I was combing her hair.

We went to park to play. I was pushing Aylin on a swing.

Going out of Aylin´s School.

MY FRIENDS My friend Amanda and I were eating Pizza.

My friend Amanda and I ready to drink a traditional Api with Pastel in Urcupi単a festivity. My friends and catechists ready to eat delicious Salte単as.

Lizeth P. - Infant Qualified Au Pair from Bolivia!  

Lizeth is 25 with 3200 hours of childcare experience. She has 960 hours from caring for children under the age of 2 which she gained from wo...

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