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Hello, Dear Host Family: Thank you for reading! My name is Laura and I’m 26 years old. I’m from Argentina, from a beautiful province, “Mendoza, the land of sun and good wine”. I grew up in a small village in the south of Mendoza, called Real del Padre until I started college and finally came to live to Mendoza city, where I still am living in a rent apartment with two more roomates. My large family consist of my parents Susana (56) and Gustavo (55) and my siblings Emiliano (25), Julia (23) and Facundo (21). They also live in apartments in different cities because of their college. In our parents house we have got a dog called Piki. We all in my family love to animals and pets, specially dogs. I had a great childhood and adolescense in Real del Padre. As a child I was terrific. I wanted to play all day until late and I was always inventing new games, like for example when I decided to make a movie with my sister, neighbours and cousins, in which I was the director and the rest were the actors, I invented the story and filmed it with my parent’s camera. Once I also made a wedding, with bride dress, car, husband, a nun who was my cousin instead of churchman, everything. I was creative and playful since child. I was always studious and responsible. I made Primary school and High school in my town, where I had good level, I was flagwoman in both. At the age of 8 I told my father that I wanted to learn English language, so I started to go to English classes to a particular Institute, and I finished my English studies at the age of 15. Also since I was 9 I started to dance ballet. I loved it (and I still love) dance. In my dance school I had the title of Professor of Classical Dance. In 2008, I moved to Mendoza city for go to college. I prepared myself in Fashion and Textile Design with a Degree in Design at Universidad de Mendoza. The same year that I moved, I started to go to theater classes, and I have never stoped. Is my best hobbie. I perfected in improvisational theater. Currently I’m part of a very big and important cast of improvisational theater in Argentina called Liga Mendocina de Improvisación. I graduated as Fashion and Textile Designer in 2011, and I finished my Degree in Design in 2013 with a final thesis in which I developed an interesting theme: Bionic applied to Cirque Du Soleil Costumes. I obtained a mention of Approved outstanding with broadcasting recommendation.

Since this moment I work as a wardrobe artist, designing and sewing costumes for actors and actresses from my city. I’ve made many costumes for different theater plays, dance, even for government publicity and more. The last summer I made my first fashion Spring Summer collection, under my own brand Fauno Vestuario which represent all I have made and designed. I have sewing abilities and consider myself like a creative person. Because of my closeness to the artistic areas I’ve always been related to that kind of activities: dance, theater, costumes, drawing, sewing. This years I started working in a Job Training Center for adults as a sewing teacher three days a week, and in a Special School for children with disabilities, where I teach to teenagers to make leathergoods two days a week. I also have made many and different jobs to help with rent or to travel somewhere, or to save money for something special. That was how I worked in different oportunities as a waitress, receptionist in two different hostels where I practiced a lot of English everyday, caring children in many oportunities, like a formal nanny, and also babysitting, and even as a seller in a shopping. I like to give the best of me in every job or activity, whatever, I always try to do my best. I consider myself like a responsable and reliable person. About my experience with children, well, I have enough. The first time I cared a child, Augusto of 6 years old in that moment, was not so good. He was a difficult kid. He couldn’t recognise rules or authority or someone who obey. Explaining him that it was not good to do some kind of things or that he shouldn’t do something had no any importance for him, he always did the opposite. Once, when we were going to play to the park and he let go of my hand and ran away toward the street, where any cars were coming. Fortunately nothing bad happened, but I scared so much and decided to quit that job, because it a situation that I couldn’t have control, and I didn’t wanted to bear the responsibility for the child was hurt while he was under my care. After that, a theater classmate, Walter, asked me to care his kids while he and his wife were working at the same time. The experience was totally different. They were two kids Eugenio (3) and Amador (8 in this moment). Their parents didn’t wanted them to watch so much TV , so the most of the time we spend playing hide and seek and running through all over the house, or having fun in a closer square. With them I learned to have fun with children, and I noticed that the way you conquer a kid is being sincere, being real, enjoying with them, playing really. Later, a friend of me called me and told that his boss Gustavo needed a nanny, so he gave him my telephone number. There I met to Joaquín, who was 5, and

María del Mar of 8. Two adorable redheads kids, really good childs. Their father is divorced, and the kids live one week with their mother and one week with their father. While they were with Gus who worked during the mornings I used to cared them. In our firsts days Joaco cried because he missed his parents and I was a stranger for him. With patience, I had to learn to calm him, I hugged him and tried to give him trust for not feel bad when his father wasn’t at home. Quickly we created a very nice bonding, he is very expressive and soon he could demostrate so much love to me. María del Mar, more seriously and more distrustful, a bit later and slowly started to closer to me. I noticed because she gave me drawings and crafts that she made and later she came to hug me and looked for me to play. I cared them during a year and a half, and we still have a very affective relationship, although I don’t see them so often. Also occasionally i had to care to Gustavo’s friend sons: Kiara (9)and Teo (1 and a half) we had so much fun in their jumping bed. With Teo was special because he was a baby with a movement disability in his right leg and arm, but the most of duties were the same that a normal baby. I’ve cared my cousin’s daughter, Valentina since she was a one year old baby, (now she is 3) , always that my cousin needed and I could, I have slept in the night with Valentina when my cousin went to a wedding, and I still care her occasionally. I’ve got some more little caring experiences during some hours to four grandchildren of the woman who I rented my apartment, that used to come to my home so many times just to be with me because I used to gave them paper and colours pencil to draw. And also caring my cousins Paula (12) and Federico(9). In short, I like children, and I’ve got something special with them, something like a connection. And I think that they feel a connection with me too. About the duties I’ve made are all you can imagine, except take kids in a car, because I don’t have a car: Since all kind of meals, clothing cares (wash, do the ironing and order), bathing, take and pick up from school, put bedroom and toys in order, fix clothes or toys, give medicines, comb them and remove lice, help with homework, take and pick up them from their extra school activities, make them sleep, go to play outdoor, changing a diaper, potty training with Valentina and more. In my home activities, I do everything at home. I like so much the order, i’m not a fanatic but I feel more comfortable in clean spaces. I can cook, it’s not my strongest ability but I do it everyday.

My expectations as an Au Pair are many. I am interested mainly in the oportunity of know, live and specially work in a country so different to mine like United Estates. I’ve always wanted to make a cultural Exchange but I had no the opportunity before, because I preferred to concentrate on my career. I’m interested to relate with family and children, and make new friends who with I can share my free time and have similar interests as mine. I want to share my culture, my traditional meals, customs with everyone, and at the same time, know about you and your likes and customs. I think it would be an enriching experience at all levels, not only to improve my English what can open doors to me in a future job, but also to open my mind and can be able to learn and develop another qualities. For me is very important that I would be going to work, no like a tourist. I want to work and earn money to can travel, know the country, or maybe to save some money to buy for example a cheap car in my back to Argentina. I think also that is great the opportunity of can study or prepare in any extra activity that interest me. I love it, because is a very complete program, which will help me to mature, grew as person, it will leave me to live in family again, create new bonding and especially to learn and share. My best wish is to create a good relationship with the family that I think is the basis of both emotional stability and employment in the USA. I’m not used to be a problematic person, neither bad humour and I think that this can help. I wait to live a good experience and that family feel happy with me and I with them. I’m willing to give love and to be patient and I would like to receive the same. I always try to act in this way: Treat others as you like others treat you. I hope to meet you soon! Laura



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