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Dear Host Family, I hope you enjoy reading my letter and knowing a bit more about me and my ambitions. I am so excited about the program and the fact that I will be getting to know you and your family soon. My name is Lara and I´m 20 years old. I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I live with my family: my mother, my father and my brother. My mother´s name is Karina and she is 46 years old, and my father´s name is Nestor and he is 50 years old. My little brother is called Joaquin and he is 12. My family is so big and I love them all! My mother has two siblings, (one brother and one sister) and my father has one brother, so I have a many uncles, aunts and cousins. I also have my two grandmothers and my grandfather. I love spending time with them and I have taken care of my cousins many times. In my free time I like meeting my grandmothers and my friends, watching movies, traveling, learning about other cultures and ways of life. Also I like meeting new people, talking and sharing experiences. What I also find really interesting is going out with my family and playing sports ( I love sports). Nowadays I am doing CrossFit, but I also enjoy running or riding bikes because I love outdoor sports as well. I really like languages and knowing about foreign cultures. When I have a free time I like travelling specially to the sea. I love the beach! I finished high school in 2013 and I have been studying Social Communication at university and English four times a week. . I speak Spanish and English and because of my job I am trying to learn Portuguese. I work in an International Company called “Accenture” and I am in Account Payable of Microsoft, so I am used to speaking English during the day. I keep in touch with people from different countries such as Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, the USA, Mexico and Trinidad and Tobago … I love it, because I am in touch with the world. I have had a driving license since 2015 and I practice with my dad in the weekends. I love travelling, so this year I decided to fulfill my dream of being an au pair, because I enjoy spending time with kids and I feel ready to do this program. I´m delighted to have the opportunity to improve my English, get to know about your lifestyle, your habits and your country and I really want to show you what my life is like and teach different things to your children! I got my first job with kids at the age of 16. I had to look after a baby, who is the son of my uncle´s friend. I looked after him in my free time when I finished my activities. My tasks were to prepare food for him, take the little boy to bed and play with him a few hours. This job was not very strenuous because he was a baby and he is a nice kid.

Then I got a paid job as a nanny from 2013 until this year. I spent my summer with the family. They hired me for a season and I stayed at their home to take care of their children during the summers. That was my greatest experience and the most beautiful, because we shared a lot of time, I used to live with them. We shared every summer, so we enjoyed ourselves, we had a nice relationship. When I started working there, the youngest boy was three years old, and the oldest 13. My tasks consisted in preparing them some food, bathe them, taking care of them in the pool, or when we went to the park, or somewhere else. When the parents arrived home I had time to do some things , but then I prepared them to sleep, sometimes I stayed up with the youngest , I really loved him. I have always liked to be surrounded by children, but it is not an easy task because children are full of energy and they are always eager to play and enjoy. That was my longest experience, so In 2015 I looked after the sister of one of my friends on weekends and some days of the week when she worked. I usually had dinner with the child, I helped her with the homework, played outdoors, cooked and bathed the girl, we danced and sang because I love art, and so does she. Being an au pair for me is more than taking care of children in another country. I think children are the future, and I want to help them so they can learn other things in the world. I'm excited about the idea of learning new things with you and growing on a personal level. I am sure that this experience will be very beneficial for both: for you and for me, because this experience will surely leave very important marks in my life because it is my dream come true, so I want to leave a beautiful mark on your life so we can remember the time we spent together. I know how important are the first years for children, so, I am willing to share our life, my thoughts, my emotions and my day to day with you, so that your children grow up with the idea that all dreams come be true if you have patience and willingness. I want to learn through their eyes and their stories and you learn from me. I am really happy to be doing this adventure and I'm sure we'll have a great time together. I think that the relationship between the host family and the au pair is very important because you trust me the most important thing of your lives: your children and I am prepared to assume that responsibility. I hope that I am the right person for you. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Lara.


I´m twenty years old

Nestor Karina Joaquín

My Family ! My family taught me to believe in my dreams …

My Friends!

My experience with children


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