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Dear Family,

My name is Jennifer Jane, I am 24 years old (female). I currently live in Davao City, Philippines, where I am three years short of completing my studies in Information Technology at the University of Mindanao. I actually come from Malita, compared to Davao; Malita is a small town with approximately 120,000 inhabitants. I came from a family of 5: My parents, Ramon, my father is a self-employed steel fabricator and my mother Estrella, is working overseas in Moscow, Russia. I have a sister and a brother. My sister Monette is 21 years old and a single mother with a one year old son. My brother, Ramon is 12 years old and is presently studying in 5th grade. In about a year or two, I plan to pursue my studies. So, at the moment, I would like to take some time out of academics to have a different life experience, and to have time to calmly reflect on my future academic/professional orientation. To this end, I think spending a year abroad would be particularly interesting. My first language is of course Tagalog, but I am also fluent in English. I started learning English in primary school, and it was also the language of instruction in the secondary school I attended. I have in addition been taking courses taught in English at university. And having worked in a Call Center, wherein we cater American customers, I was also trained to speak English. I have an outmost desire to have firsthand experience of American life. Since America is considered as the most powerful country in the world, and considered as the Land of the Free, and the home of the Brave. I am particularly interested in experiencing family life in America, since it offers a cultural context that is undoubtedly different from mine. For this reason, I would very much like to find a nice family to live with and work for in America. When it comes to child care experience, I have looked after children in both formal and informal contexts. For two years, I worked as a nanny and housekeeper with a family in Malita, having two adorable children. Princess, then 7 years old, and Ayesha 4 years old. My responsibilities include making sure the kids have what they need, preparing Princess’s stuff for school, preparing meals and help her with her homework. With Ayesha, I made sure she eats on time, takes her vitamins, bathe her, put her to sleep and play with her, read her stories and accompany her to parks. On weekends, we usually go to the beach because the kids loved beaches. And of course, I also did the house chores. Then I also was a private tutor for a 5 year old boy named Kyle. I taught him to read, do the Math, and helped him with his school projects and homework. We also practiced playing badminton. When his parents were busy, I also took care of him, but not that often. And I also took care of Ken, a baby with Meningocele. He was physically incapable of walking and talking I had to carry him all the time. I took care of him for 1 year. The kid was adorable and smiles even though he doesn’t understand the things happening around him. Ken was allergic to dust. So we just played indoors whenever he’s in the mood. It was difficult at first because Ken wasn’t a normal child. However it was fulfilling in a sense because for me it was an opportunity worth taking.

I have helped my parents look after my brother and sister since birth. Although, my looking after them was restricted to my school vacations, as a teenager, I was nevertheless much more involved in caring for them on a daily basis. When it comes to leisure, I take pleasure in the simple things in life. I enjoy being outdoors, being with my friends, going for walks, visiting places I have not been to, and reading a good book. I also enjoy running and working out. I love to keep my body in shape. Did I already mention that I love to read and write? At my secondary school, I write a monthly article, for the students' magazine. I also serve as an editorial committee member for the magazine. As far as preferences are concerned, I am looking for a live-in arrangement with a host family that would be happy to have me stay with and work for them for at least a year. I would also prefer looking after children aged between 6 months to 14 years. Lastly, although I am quite flexible, I would prefer to have working hours that would allow me to attend my classes. I would be happy to have the opportunity to speak with you: to answer whatever questions you may have about me or my childcare experiences; to learn more about your family; your interests and to know more about what you expect from the au pair arrangement. Thank you very much for your interest in my application! I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Jennifer Jane