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Dear future host family! My name is Irina, and I am 22 years old. I'm from a small country called Moldova, in the Eastern Europe. My first language is Romanian, but I also speak English and Russian. I’m on my way to finish my masters in Molecular Biology this year. It’s a fascinating field of study, full of interesting facts that are discovered while we are trying to know each other. In addition, for my passion to studying and of course for my results, I was awarded in 2014 with the Merit scholarship for the best students of the country. I was born in a picturesque village called Mășcăuți. It has many beautiful sights. I have a lovely and very large family. Therefore, I will try to introduce it very briefly. My mother, Nadejda (54 y/o) is primary school teacher, and my stepfather, Constantin (60 y/o), is an gymnasium principal. Both my parents raised five children. Yes, I have four siblings, two brothers and two sisters and I am the fourth kid. My elder brother Eugen (34 y/o) is a builder. He is married and has three children: Victor (14 y/o), Daniel (12 y/o) and Maxim (4 y/o). My elder brother Gheorghe (32 y/o) is a decorator. He is married too, and has two kids: Octavian (8 y/o) and Bogdan (2 y/o). My elder sister, also called Nadejda (27 y/o) is a pharmacist. She has always been a great example for me. She works hard and always ready to help people. My younger sister, Olga (20 y/o) is a freshman engineer. At the moment, I live in a city called Chisinau. It’s the capital of the country, but at the most weekends we all gain together at the parent’s house in the village. As I left the parent’s house early to enter high school and then university, I learned to be independent and to manage all the situations I have to deal with. I passed my driver‘s license three years ago, in August 2013. Since then, I drive on weekends to the parents’ house on a total distance of 140 km (approx. 93 mile). I describe myself as a very kind, friendly and joyful person. I like interacting with people, and as others tell about me, I am very good listener. I am a reliable, open-minded and positive girl. In addition, I see myself as a quiet and patient person, I prefer to discuss calmly about dissensions what appears in our family, so they call

me the mediator. I like to spend my free time creating beautiful things, like decorative elements, jewelry, and sometimes even clothes. Likewise I like to travel and visit nature sights, especially mountains. I love children and their sincerity. Moreover, from my experience of taking care of my nephews and other children, I can say they love me too. ď Š I always manage to win their trust, and from this moment, we can be best friends. In all the time of caring for children, I was usually playing with them, taking them from kindergarten, feeding and sometimes bathing them. I was also organizing educational activities so they could learn interesting staffs about world (general knowledge), communication and behaving. Given that the kith I have known in the past years, trusted me, and admired my dedication to children, they have entrusted to take care of their children, too. Therefore, since I am student, I spend part of my free time with other three kids from different families: Gabriela (6 y/o), an enchanting little girl, whose smile and kindness is overwhelming, Valeriu (7 y/o), a very lovely and intelligent boy, and Catalina (5 y/o), a wisdom little girl with a strong personality. Moreover, I am already a godmother for two adorable little girls: Alina (3 y/o) and Gabriela (10 months). I spend time with them too, providing their parents a little help from time to time. I want to be an au pair in the USA because it is a big opportunity to discover the culture and people from the country of all possibilities, as Europeans call it. Also I would like to improve my English skills, because I started to learn English since 2009, and I am ashamed of not speaking it accurately. But mostly I want to experience being a part of an American family and taking care of American children. As you see, I have a lot of experience of interacting with children and caring for them, and I am looking forward to meeting you and your children. Hope we will have a wonderful year together. Thank you for reading my letter! Sincerely Yours, Irina

Hello , Dear future host family! That’s me, Irina, 22 y/o, and a little bit of my world.

My beloved nephews. They grew up so fast, I didn't even noticed! ď Š

Alina and I are getting to know each other ^_^

Having fun with Valeriu ď Š

With Gabriela. We are ready to party!

Gabriela and Catalina are happy to see me, and I feel the same way!

My dearest friends!